The Player Hides His Past Chapter 15 - One More Whale in the Whale Fight (3)

Author: LyraDhani

There were a lot of gods in the world of Arcana.


And there was a religion that served those gods.


If there were gods, there were also demons who opposes them.


In those religions, there were priests who confronted the demons.


‘In other words, exorcist priest.’


Of course, I even dig into religion and other classes.


It’s not that I was interested in Arcana’s worldview.


It just brought back memories I had forgotten about. Because like everything else, this was the line that I was tired of listening to while doing the demon hunter quests.


– Exorcist priests’ exorcism ritual only drives out demons. It can’t be a fundamental solution. We are not like them. Because we tear the demons to death.


…No, I mean, it looked really cool back then.


– When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you. Even if you fall into evil and become a demon. We just hunt demons. Because that’s the path of the demon hunters.


But after growing up, I realized that there was no show crazier than this.


Not to mention the labor laws.


It’s a job that gave away your human rights, isn’t it?


‘Especially for a teenager, a middle school second-year student who doesn’t know anything.’


Good job, Akshan!


It was too late to blame others for my dark history.


– The difference is most clearly displayed in the exorcism ritual.




In addition to the Natural Enemy Relationship, demon hunters only have two unique skills.


I opened the skill window to confirm the difference.




Exorcism: Invites the demon to the ritual.




I’d only used it once since I became a player.


In the battle with the imp that possessed Nam Cheolmin.


It only got half the effect.


No, even worse than that.


‘Only the most basic effects were activated.’


It didn’t damage the person possessed.


An effect that directly inflicted damage on the possessing demon.


It was unavoidable.


I didn’t have the offerings needed for the exorcism.


– The demon hunter’s exorcism has different offerings. Other religions require pure unstained offerings to borrow the power of the gods…


In the first place, demon hunters didn’t serve gods or anything like that.


If they really existed.


There would be no demons in the world.


That’s what the demon hunters thought.


– Remember. Our offerings are anything that is infused with evil.


Yes, anything infused with evil.


I had seen the offering when I performed an exorcism while carrying a quest in the past.


That item was the demon’s item.


The thing that the players considered a simple lottery item.


I looked at the necklace.


Looking at it, it’s like a person’s heart.


‘…I want to draw the lot, too.’


Well, It’s like that feeling?


The feeling that you’re going to be chosen.


Above all, it could be a necklace or jewelry.


First of all, it was definitely a rare item. If there was at least one mana regeneration option… Wouldn’t my worries regarding mana efficiency would be alleviated a bit? I wanted that.


But it was a losing lottery whether I won or not.


I know this was a useless expectation.


『For Grandfel Claudie Arpheus Romeo, wealth is fleeting.』


I couldn’t do something like that.


Because I knew it very well.


Through my experience.


Furthermore, I learned that the demon’s item was the exorcism’s offering.


『No demon’s temptation, deceit, or trial can damage Grandfel’s lofty pride.』


“This, too, is a trivial temptation.”


Saying so, I gave up my lingering feelings for it.


But I felt no regret.


Aside from Grandfel’s lofty personality,


When I think about it… It’s nothing to be regretful for.


‘…Wait, if I use an offering for the exorcism.’


Wouldn’t the effect of the exorcism work properly?


I recalled the effect of the exorcism I had seen in the past quests.


‘…If the effect can pass through intact.’


…Perhaps it’s possible?


Of course, that didn’t mean I could hunt Count Ascura.


I was just level 91.


Thinking I could catch a level 430 monster would be arrogant. When I said it was possible, I was referring to the quest.


– Hunt the vampires. (In progress) ▲


  • Let them know that the hunt has begun. (In progress)


  • Let them feel the fear of being hunted. (In progress)


Class quests, not regular quests.


Instead of hunting them.


Wouldn’t it be possible to make them feel the fear of being hunted?


Anyway, it’s something you’ll find out if you try.


Tap tap–


Anyway, this happened because I overcame the demon’s temptation.


I walked at a more imposing pace.


My steps soon stopped.


…What’s so great about that?




It was the moment he entered the main street that he felt it.


It must have been a busy street before it fell into ruin.


But there was not a shadow in sight on that wide street.


‘Something is weird.’


Nam Taemin’s intuition warned.


The current situation was strange.


Yeah, judging it coldly, something felt different.


‘The number of monsters is too small.’


[Count’s Estate].


The number of monsters that they had killed since entering the rupture was less than ten.


Did the Inazuma guys steal them? Unfortunately, the situation over there wasn’t much different.


“I’ve looked around and it’s the same.”


Reveling themselves.


A guild member appeared and reported to Nam Taemin.


“Looking at the terrain, all roads lead to one in the central square. If we keep going like this, we’ll run into Inazuma at the central square. So I’ll join you too.”


Indeed, it was just like he said.


Entering the central square, he saw Inazuma.


Hisagi looked in his direction and spoke.


“This is a boring peaceful resolution. Don’t you think so?”


Hisagi Kazuma.


If there were snake people in the world, they would look just like him. That was how similar he was to a snake.


His smile was like a snake flicking its tongue.


Nam Taemin frowned.


“We’re not close enough to exchange greetings, are we?”


“What a sad thing to say.”


“Let’s stop there. it’s annoying now. You too. Inazuma too.”


Nam Taemin didn’t like Hisagi.


When he was defeated by him, when he defeated him.


Hisagi was always smiling. Creepily like he did now.


But it was also a thing of the past.


Now, him, Gaon.


Hisagi and Inazuma were no longer his business.


“What do you mean annoying? Koreans are too straightforward. It hurt me. Enough to make me want to return this pain.”


Nam Taemin smiled.


“Hn. If you have the ability to return it, you may do so.”


The provocation angered Inazuma’s guild members.


“That bastard…!”


At that moment, a voice came from Nam Taemin’s ear.


Stupid. Idiot. [1]


For such angry voices, these people were very loud.


When he turned up the volume of his earphones, he heard Nam Cheolmin’s voice.


– Ah, can you hear me now?


“I can hear you. I turned up the volume.”


– I’m glad you can hear me. Did you have to say that just now?


“Hyung, there is such a thing as momentum in ruptures. I shouldn’t get pushed back.”


– Yeah? Well, if you say so, then…


Nam Cheolmin added.


– I think it’s better to get along with him right now.


“What does that mean?”


– I got information about Shining and Union.


“…What? Are they faster than we are?”


– Well, it can’t be helped. They’re different from us who are quibbling around. Because you’re in the middle of a game of chicken where emotions take precedence. Anyway, thanks to that, I figured out the pattern.


I figured out the pattern.


Those words relieved him.


“Really? Hyung, it’s good to have you as an analyst.”


– It’s a little tricky to put into words. I’ll talk while looking at the transmission screen. But, where are you now? There is nothing to see around. You haven’t seen any trees?


“Here? It seems to be a central square. Many crossroads all lead here.”


– What?


At his words, Nam Cheolmin said urgently.


– Get out of the central square right now. Hurry up!




He didn’t know the reason.


If Nam Cheolmin said so, it was best to follow.


By the way, perhaps because of the war of nerves with Hisagi.


He was a beat late.


Clip clop–!


The sound of horses’ hooves echoed through the square.


The roar startled everyone.


“…What is this?”


“W-Wait! The ground is vibrating!”


“The enemy is coming! Get the location!”




Nam Taemin quickly posed for battle.


His class was barbarian.


He raised a sword bigger than most adult men.


– Damn it, it can’t be helped. You just have to endure the first collision.


“Are these knights?”


– Right, level 350. Knights of Count Ascura.


Clip clop–!


Sure enough, they were knights.


Appearing on horseback.


Their levels were also a problem, but the bigger problem was the cavalry.


Nam Cheolmin was also aware of that fact.


– Even if you put a tanker in front of you, you’ll get fatally wounded. Because the tanker line of the Union couldn’t completely block the rush. They had to fight in the narrowest space…




In such a wide area, the destructive power of the cavalry doubled.


There was another problem.




“Say it. I am listening.”


“Is this a three-way attack? Cavalrymen are charging from three directions except for the south where we came from!!”


Three way?


In that case, it was difficult to put forward a front line for sacrifice.


But the situation was the same for Inazuma.


Hisagi told Nam Taemin.


“I don’t like it, but it can’t be helped. I will leave your back.”


…Leave Nam Taemin’s back?


This shameless bastard.


Nam Taemin wanted to strike back, but Nam Cheolmin stopped him.


– I understand how you feel, but it can’t be helped. Right now, we have no choice but to leave each other’s backs. If we take the east, Inazuma takes the west, what’s left is the north? Damn it. We need to avoid the scuffle…


Yeah, they should avoid the scuffle as much as possible.


11th in player rankings.


Nam Taemin’s level was 368, higher than that of Count Ascura’s knight, but there were far more guild members who didn’t have that. If a scuffle occurred, that gap would definitely lead to great damage.


“…It”s my mistake.”


It had felt weird.


When his intuition told him that.


He shouldn’t have naively entered the square.


No, if he hadn’t had a useless war of nerves with Hisagi…


But the water was already spilled.


“I’ll take care of the north.”


Nam Taemin’s eyes began to burn.


More intensely, barbarously.


Barbarian’s unique skill was activated.




Enrage: Greatly increases attack power and becomes insensitive to damage.




– …Are you crazy? You’re going to take the north alone?


He must be crazy.


But the had to take responsibility for his mistakes.


The moment Nam Taemin made up his mind.


The knights of Count Ascura finally appeared.


Clip clop–!


Cavalry coming in from three directions.


The dignified feeling was truly dreary.


Blood-red eyes.


As if expressing a thirst for blood.


Rough breath.


If it wasn’t for Enrage, he definitely would have shrunk away.


But he was prepared.


The moment he held the sword firmly.






A tremendous noise!


It was different from the sound of horses’ hooves.


If the horse’s hooves made the ground tremble.


This one was so powerful that it felt like the ground was turning upside down.




He’d definitely heard of this noise.


Nam Taemin and Hisagi.


The two men paused at the same time.


The moment that hesitation turned to astonishment.




The shaking ground began to rise.


Like a big wall.


The stone wall that suddenly soared up.


It perfectly countered the rush of the knights.


“W-What’s this all of a sudden?”


“…There’s a player in Gaon who can use this magic?”


“No way, could Inazuma do this?”


In the middle of the commotion.


Tap tap–


Suddenly, a clear sound of shoes ran through the square.


Nam Taemin inadvertently turned his head toward the sound.


There was a man wearing a long black coat.


So be it.


He could hear Nam Cheolmin’s voice, more flustered than ever.


– W-Wait! That face…? It’s him. What’s this? N-No way, did he summon that stone wall?! No, wait a second. Is that possible? No, it doesn’t make sense!




I built a wall.


It would be sad to dismiss it as mere 『magic』.


‘It is the so-called law of action and reaction.’


The basic physical knowledge I had learned in school.


In other words, it was a wall that I gathered desperately and built as a foundation.


Yeah, as you can see, I am going all out every moment.


To not sink.


In other words, I am struggling to do my best.


[‘Stun’ occurs to the Knight of Count Ascura.]


[‘Stun’ occurs to the Knight of Count Ascura.]


[‘Stun’ occurs to the Knight of Count Ascura.]…

  • 1. The original words are ‘Bakayaru. Konoyaru.’ It’s Japanese swear words.
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