The Player Hides His Past Chapter 23 - Let's raise an objection (1)

Author: LyraDhani

『From now on, in Mage Tower, the regular conference will resume.』


The symbol of Korea, Mage Tower.


Not only for using the portal.


I had decided I would stop by sometime.


The reason was simple.


‘It has 『magic』, not [skill].’


Like the portal.


There was magic that could properly make use of Grandfel’s talent.


But a regular conference.


10-year gap aside.


Right now, I was mainly using magic.


My class had always been demon hunter.


‘What is a regular conference?’


Naturally, it was about how the society of mages worked.


That information was bound to be lacking.


But it didn’t matter.


“I was just about to stop by, so that’s great.”


I was not the type of person who would hesitate to go anywhere else.


Even if that place was the strange Mage Tower.


Like a model on the runway.


I had a hunch that I could walk around confidently.


It was a regular conference.


I didn’t know what I could get from there, but I was sure there was nothing to lose.


『His innate magical talent is such that he can imitate most magic just by looking.』


Count Ascura.


4th in the rankings, Jessie Heinness.


Looking at the two of them, now I realized my own shortcomings.


I wasn’t in a position to discriminate between cold and hot rice [1] .


“I have to get ready.”


Starting from now.


So that it wouldn’t be strange when the regular conference started.


A personality that couldn’t live without formalities and procedures.


To me, being late was an unacceptable act.


I immediately started preparing to go to the tower.


Well, even if I call it preparation….




“Procrastinating is a bad habit.”


There’s nothing else to do besides washing the dishes.




Mage Tower.


Klee, a skilled mage, pressed down on her robe.


It was to hide her excited expression.


‘My heart is pounding…!’


After the Mage Tower was summoned to the world of adventurers.


They focused on figuring out the cause.


Thanks to this, the Mage Tower didn’t function properly.


In the meantime, the regular conference resumed.


It was a decision made by the central and superiors, so she, a mere skilled mage, couldn’t figure out the reason.


‘Did they find something? I’m looking forward to it.’


But she was also a mage of the tower.


Because the pure exploration for magic was the top priority.


She couldn’t help but look forward to the regular conference.


Klee’s role today was to be a guide for adventurers, to be exact, invited adventurers.


It wasn’t particularly difficult.


‘Because I know everyone enough to recognize them.’


It was Mage Tower’s regular meeting.


At the minimum, they had to be a skilled mage, and it was also a conference that could publish the results of research that had been thoroughly verified.


Of course, not everyone was invited.


“…But Mage Tower is crowded today.”


On the top of the stairway that was embroidered in the air.


Klee looked at the crowd in front of the portal.


The majority were adventurers.


She hated loud noise, but…


It was inevitable.


“After all, the Yusra Islands have been discovered.”


Yusra Islands.


The name used to appear several times in old magic books.


In the past, it used to be a very rich kingdom or something like that.


“I hope they can bring some good magic tools.”


Legendary treasure islands.


But it wasn’t the case for Klee, a mage of the Mage Tower.


It was natural for her interest to be directed at magic tools rather than gold and silver.


Anyway, it was time for the regular conference to begin.


“As expected, there’s nothing big to do.”


It’s all thanks to the hallucination magic, isn’t it?


Klee shrugged her shoulders.


Players couldn’t see her like this.


As she said, it was thanks to the hallucination magic applied to the Mage Tower on the day of the regular conference.


Regular conference of the Mage Tower.


The results announced were as good as their reputation.


Maintaining confidentiality was essential.


That’s why only invited people could attend the conference.


‘Because without an invitation, no one would easily notice these stairs and climb up.’


Of course, there were special rules for that.


If there was someone who could see through this hallucination magic.


It was the rule that they would be able to attend regular conferences without an invitation.


But isn’t it a rule that doesn’t exist?


‘It’s the Tower Lord’s hallucination magic!’


It didn’t make sense that someone who had reached that level wouldn’t be invited to the conference.


Klee’s shoulders straightened.


She felt like she had become a great mage…


“They can’t even hear my voice.”


She would take this opportunity to talk to herself.


Lonesome Mage Tower.


Sometimes she felt like she had a spider web in her mouth.


Tap tap–


At that moment.




The sounds of heels.


To be exact, it was the sound of heels climbing stairs.


Over the robe, Klee’s head tilted.


‘…All the invited adventurers have attended, right?’


Including Jessie Heinness.


The invited adventurers had been guided to the place where the conference was held.


Above all, Klee was certain of that because she was the guide.


So, who the hell is that guy?


‘…I might be able to tell by looking at his face.’


He might not be an adventurer.


Klee tilted the robe slightly and looked at the man.


Silver hair.


Black eyes.


And a long coat…?


No, just looking at the outfit, he was definitely an adventurer.


Klee, who had been relaxed, began to panic.


‘W-Was there a mistake?!’


Did she check the invitation list incorrectly?


Klee took the parchment paper out of her robe and checked.


“…No new adventurers have been added?”


Then who the hell is he…?


The man said to Klee.


“I want to attend the conference.”


“C-Could you show me your invitation?”


“Unfortunately, I don’t have that.”




Wait a minute, it didn’t make sense.


Climbing the stairs without an invitation and talking to her?


That was no different from saying that he had seen through hallucination magic!


Klee shook her head inwardly.


‘No matter how hard he tries, he couldn’t have accurately grasped what hallucination magic is.’


Yes, what the Tower Lord chanted…


“More importantly, it’s a great hallucination magic.”




Klee was shocked again.


Great hallucination magic.


Not only seeing through it, isn’t this man evaluating the Tower Lord’s hallucination magic?


“Well, it deserves praise.”


T-The Tower Lord deserves to be praised…?


‘Y-You must be kidding, right?’


Klee looked at the man who had come close to her.


A serious expressionless face.


A gaze that looked down on her, no, on everything.


From there, she was certain.


That it wasn’t a joke.


‘Among adventurers, there’s this kind of person?’


Why is this person now…?


An unexpected development.


Embarrassed, Klee’s eyes spun around.


But the job had to be done.


Klee managed to continue.


“…I will guide you to the venue according to the rules.”








As expected, is this the regular conference of the Mage Tower?


The entry process alone is no joke…!


I was in awe as I climbed the stairs.


‘Hallucination magic. But it’s not just a hallucination.’


Tap tap–


As you can see.


I was able to climb the stairs myself.


What a level of『magic』this is.


If it weren’t for the setting of Grandfel, the rare talent.


I would never have noticed it.


I could tell by the words that come out of my mouth.


“Well, it deserves praise.”


It was a great compliment.


Comparing it to Jessie’s [Divine Punishment] would be a pity for this staircase.


But it had always been a matter of mana.


I made a rough calculation in my head.


‘When my mana reaches 1,000…’


I might be able to use it the same way.


That’s right. As soon as I saw it.


Exploration, interference, manifestation.


I had an accurate grasp of the structure of this hallucination magic.


Of course, there was also the absurd premise of one thousand mana.


‘You’re saying I need to be at level 1,000, right?’


But I wasn’t discouraged at all.


Because the regular conference had just begun.


I followed after the robe, who had been flinching since earlier.


‘Maybe I can make up for my weakness at the conference.’


With such expectations.




Crystal Hall.


It was a space inside the tower where the regular conference was held.


It was hard to believe that such a vast size was inside the tower.


Floor, wall, ceiling.


Even the auditorium.


This space, where everything was made of crystals, seemed to further double the magical mystery.


But only for a day or two.


“…I’m bored.”


Jessie Heinness complained in a low voice.


Then her pointed hat moved up and down.


– Disciple, at least don’t doze off at the conference.


“…I’ll try. Hoaam–”


– At least hold on until Marcelo’s turn!


The nagging of the pointed hat teacher.


It wasn’t a day or two that this happened, so she couldn’t pretend to be nervous.


Jessie replied in a sleepy voice.


“Honestly, I am not sure.”


Magic was just a skill.


It was a skill that was activated by learning, consuming mana, and chanting.


But these people were saying exploration, interference, whatever.


Why are they explaining it in such difficult words?


“If it wasn’t for the quest, I would have skipped it.”


Although Jessie was called the mage of mages among the players.


Even for her, the level of the tower was too high to keep up with.


Just don’t intervene.


The level of Mage Tower and the mages of that Mage Tower was comparable to the level of Arcana’s strongest.


Jessie stretched out.


“Until Marcelo’s turn. That’s what you said, right?”




She knew who he was.


Jessie often visited the Mage Tower when carrying out the mage’s class quests.


Besides the Tower Lord and the elders.


Marcelo was the chief mage who was called the powerhouse of the Mage Tower.


“The real genius is not me, but that one.”




One of the numerous titles that referred to Jessie Heinness.


But Jessie didn’t like the nickname.


What did it mean to be a genius if she couldn’t properly understand a presentation at the conference?


Even though she opened up all sorts of skill books and magic books every day.


Acquiring unfamiliar knowledge was not easy.


– The concept is just different. One day you’ll understand.


The moment the pointed hat moved up and down and comforted her.


Marcelo’s long-awaited announcement finally began.


Long legs.


Dry face.


Cheekbones that stood out because of it.


The man in the center.


Of the Crystal Hall.


Marcelo began to share the results of his research.


“The Mage Tower was summoned to the world of adventurers for some reason. In fact, it’s not just the Magic Tower. This will be just the beginning. Worldview interference is happening even at this moment.”


Worldview interference.


That’s what the Mage Tower called the new update.


Jessie’s eyes sparkled as she listened silently.


“It will take a lot of time and concentration to find out the reason. However, the Mage Tower will not give up. I hope today’s announcement will be the signal for that.”


The title of the presentation is Convergence.


Its content was also shocking, matching the grand title.


“Science. It is a new concept that exists in the world of adventurers. I saw potential in that science. The possibility of further developing magic.”


She didn’t expect him to mention science.


Jessie was startled.


Isn’t magic and science incompatible?


She inadvertently had such prejudice.


In that sense, Marcelo was a genius from the beginning.


He was also an excellent presenter.




When the concept they knew came out, Jesse and the other players were attracted to the presentation.


“However, the approach to that convergence will have to be done cautiously. It is easy and difficult to harmonize two completely different concepts because you do not know what variables it will bring.”


Marcelo said so.


He manifested his magic.


A sphere of flames bloomed from his palm.


She could notice.


That it was an advanced magic that combined magic and science.


“Of course, I will have to seek cooperation from the adventurers in the process.”


At those words, the players became noisy.


“…What’s with that, isn’t that a quest?”


“Wow, it’s worth enduring the boredom. Seriously!”


“Quests are so precious these days!”


In spite of the small disturbance.


Marcelo continued.


“Then I’ll take one last question.”




Who would dare to ask a question?


Mages of the tower, players.


They had no questions for Marcelo.


Magic and science.


It was natural that there was a lack of understanding of these two completely different concepts…








Jessie doubted her eyes.


Someone had raised their hand.


Then that person said.


“May I bring up a question?”


The dignity that oozed out from that way of speaking.


It was an unforgettable voice for Jesse.


“Very Strange Magic…! No, Lee Hoyeol!”


Yes, the person that brought up the question was Lee Hoyeol.


Hoyeol and Marcelo’s gaze collided in the air.


When Marcelo nodded, Hoyeol asked.


“I think there is a superfluousness in your search process. What do you think, Chief Mage Marcelo?”




…Isn’t this more like an interrogation?


Toward the influential figure of the Chief Mage of the Mage Tower, at that.


The atmosphere froze in an instant.


By the way, for some reason.


Marcelo’s reaction was unusual.

  • 1. Discriminate between cold and hot rice = being picky
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