The Player Hides His Past Chapter 24 - Let's raise an objection (2)

Author: LyraDhani

Marcelo doubted his ears.




The bigshot of Mage Tower, Chief Mage.


That position didn’t come easily.


It wasn’t a spot people could keep.


Of course, he had to have the ability.


To keep the influential position.


In other words, he had to show constant results.


‘You’re saying there’s a problem with my search process?’




Marcelo took great pride in his position as a chief mage.


But what?


There’s a superfluousness in his search process?


‘An adventurer, at that…?’


Moreover, the person who had made such a point was an adventurer.


Even the senior mages who desired his top position were keeping their mouths shut.


An adventurer ignorant of magic.


How could he present such a question?


Crystal Hall.




“With Marcelo’s personality, he won’t just sit still.”


“By the way, who the hell is that guy? I’ve never seen him before…?”


It was only natural for the audience to become noisy.


It was like throwing cold water on a great presentation out of nowhere.


Marcelo was going to explode.


Regardless of whether that person was a senior or a skilled mage, he would turn into a viper who spat out venomous words…


“…Can you tell me why you thought so?”


…Wait, what’s with that reply?


The audience was astonished.


They thought it was nonsense.


They thought it was just useless nitpicking.


They thought Marcelo would definitely explode.


That kind of reaction…


“…Was it a reasonable question?”


Suddenly, a small voice rang out.


Marcelo answered inwardly.


‘I have no choice but to admit it. There are superfluities.’


It was because of the gap.


Science of a completely different concept from magic.


By fusing those two concepts, a new magic was manifested.


The process was profoundly inefficient.


Even Marcelo had been hanging on for several months to manifest this insignificant sphere of flame.


In fact, Marcelo was still unconvinced.


‘This limit is unavoidable.’


But even if Marcelo had high pride.


He also had always been the mage of the Mage Tower.


Being criticized at the conference?


More than that kind of humiliation.


The exploration of magic, its essence, was the top priority.


That’s why.


Marcelo asked the man.


The audience’s attention was focused on the man.


The players who had been silently watching whispered.


“…Hey, wait, isn’t that Lee Hoyeol?”


“You just noticed? Is there any other silver-haired person with a concept like that?”


“See? I told you that he was in our field. But what kind of alchemist is he? Just looking at him, the nobility oozes from his body just like our mage class…”


“Well, let’s keep our manners during the conference.”




In front of that Hoyeol.


That word quickly shut up the players.


Of course, Jessie had been straightening her back, ignoring the words of the pointed hat who had been talking to her since earlier.


It was a very polite posture with both hands in the belly button.


The torrent of attention.


“…Wow. I would have felt nauseous.”


“If it were me, I would stutter. Seriously.”


“I just bit my tongue.”


In addition, each and every one of them was a great mage of the tower.


It might get intimidating.


There was no sign of tension in Hoyeol.


He remained seated in the crystal chair.


His straight posture unchanging.


Hoyeol answered.


“I also experienced that gap. Chief Mage Marcelo.”




No, the fact that he had felt the gap before.


How did he notice that?


At the bewildered Marcelo.


Words that sounded as though consoling him continued.


“But it’s all right.”






Soon, flames rose from Hoyeol’s palms.


The fire spun into a sphere of flame.


Looking just like Marcelo’s.




The sight shocked Crystal Hall.


Of course, Hoyeol, the person involved, finished his speech calmly.


“Using centrifugal force in the process of interference. The process was immature, but the result is not bad. It was a great presentation. Chief Mage Marcelo.”






A flame sphere rotated on the palm of my hand.


I swallowed a sigh.


…I could have used it like this.


It was just Ignition that I was reluctant to use because of its poor mana efficiency.


But when I added elementary school-level science, centrifugal force, its mana efficiency greatly increased.


As you can see, the ignition could be maintained for a long time with less mana!


‘I’m glad I came.’


It wasn’t just the flame sphere of the Chief Mage, Marcelo.


Every magic presented at the conference was great.


Of course, there was a lot of magic that couldn’t be expressed with my poor mana.


‘I’ve left it all in my head.’


I was confident that I would be able to manifest it immediately if my mana was assisted.


In that sense.


I couldn’t help but praise it in the end.


“It was a great presentation.”


More than anything, I felt a sense of camaraderie from Marcelo.


I, too, suffered from a sense of alienation.


Like science and magic.


Two completely different concepts.


To convert [skill] into 『magic』.


I still had vivid memories of staying up all night for a few days.


Yes, no matter how great the Chief Mage of the Mage Tower is, how many days he must have suffered?


I could tell by looking at that skinny face.


“L-Let’s take a break before resuming the conference!”


It was already break time.


I was still looking at the flame sphere in the palm of my hand.


‘Would I be able to maintain this mana efficiency even when I manifest it at a greater level?’


Then, wouldn’t the fight get a little less tedious?


As I was thinking that.


Someone approached me.


Skinny face…


No, it was Chief Mage Marcelo.


‘…What is it?’


I was startled inwardly.


It was because I was nervous inside.


After all, I just pointed out the result of his research.


At a great event called the regular conference, at that.


“Do you have a business with me, Chief Mage Marcelo?”


Of course, I couldn’t show it even if I wanted to.


This body.


What can I do when my mouth appears so arrogant?


However, what Marcelo said next was unexpected.


“Adventurer Lee Hoyeol-nim.”


Marcelo called me formally,


Then he politely asked.


“Can you join me in my research?”


At that moment, my vision flickered.


[Quest: Marcelo’s Research]


Mage of the Tower, Chief Mage Marcelo.


In order for him to reach an advanced level of magic.


He wants you to join.


– Accept Marcelo’s offer. (In progress)


…Magic alone isn’t enough, I also receive a quest?


I thought again.


I’m glad I attended the conference.




Yusra Islands.


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


A clear sky.


Blue sea.




That alone made their heart flutter as if they came here for a vacation.


“Unnie, don’t you feel like you were back in Arcana?”


“The time when I was full of dreams and hopes. I remember those moments~”


“If I knew this would happen, I would have brought a bikini.”


Legendary islands.


The scenery of the Yusra Islands was also legendary.


It was said that each and every Yusra Islands was incomparable to that of the world.


Indeed, the natural scenery was more beautiful than any resort.


“You already sound like wearing a bikini. It’s annoying. Shut up.”


Of course, for a berserker who knew nothing but fighting.


It was unreasonable to expect such emotions from Leonie.


At the sandy beach that shone brilliantly.


Leonie crouched on one leg and looked at the portal crookedly.


“There are so many of them. For real.”


The players?


It was natural that they flocked here.


What are the Yusra Islands like?


Treasure islands that everyone had been looking for since the days when Arcana was just a game.


They would want to find out the truth.


It wasn’t strange for guilds and players of this size to flock to the islands with anticipation.


“Yes, I am now on Yusra Islands.”


The reporters filming the Yusra Islands and the players were, of course, natural.


“I didn’t expect that.”


But she didn’t expect NPCs to flock here as well.


‘No, should I call them Arcanain now?’


Anyway, even those summoned from Arcana were flocking to Yusra Island.


Even if they weren’t interested in monsters or ruptures, they were probably interested in the treasure.


“Oh, my head hurts.”


She’s gotten another competitor…!


Leonie’s head was pounding.


Even if she looked around, there were great NPCs everywhere.


“The Knights of Lionheart. Shadow Mercenaries. What? The Explorers League too? Everyone’s just obsessed with treasures.”


If there was one good thing among these misfortunes.


It was the fact that the mages of the Mage Tower were consistent this time as well.


What kind of community is the Mage Tower?


Mage, a group where each force is beyond imagination.


In the past, there was even a saying that the order of Arcana would change if the Mage Tower moved.


The mages of the Mage Tower focused only on research.


There was even a joke that they did that for the sake of balance.




Besides, she couldn’t leave out the hundreds of monsters.


Above all, there was a high probability that Skal would appear in Yusra Islands this time.


1st in the rankings, Skal.


His unreasonable strength.


Leonie knew him well as a fellow ranker.


‘…Oh, one more person besides Skal.’


Lee Hoyeol.


She had no idea what to do with him.


Leonie sighed once more.


“But I’ll have to win something.”


Yeah, she probably wasn’t the only one worrying about the competition.


Around the portal.


Looking at the subtle air flowing between the players and the guilds, she could tell.


That they were keeping each other in check.


She couldn’t lose.


“…Unnie, why are you opening your eyes like that?”


“Those bastards are glaring like bitches.”


“Aren’t they just staring because unnie’s cute?”


“Cute my ass.”


The moment Leonie opened her eyes even more.




On her white wrist.


The smartwatch vibrated.


Leonie connected the call.


“Hn. Is the conference over already? You’re coming right away?”


Guild ranking.


20th, leveling up one level from 21st.


It wasn’t strange for the Berserker Guild to have guild members invited to the regular conference of the Mage Tower.


It wasn’t strange at all.


What was strange was what the guild members said.


“…What? Lee Hoyeol picked on the Chief Mage?!”


– U-Unnie! Seriously, refine your language! He didn’t pick on him, he was just asking a question.


“Same thing. So, is he doomed? Did he get cursed at?”


Yeah, no matter how great he was.


He had to think before you speak while considering the people around him.


Even more so, to the Chief Mage of the Mage Tower.


Leonie swallowed a giggle.


“I knew it from the moment he was being mean with food. I knew it.”


….This unnie is holding a grudge.


The guild members were momentarily at loss for words.


Leonie was astonished.


“W-What?! That person admitted it? The Chief Mage of the Mage Tower?”


The bastard accepted what he had pointed out?


It was completely unimaginable.


But the surprise was not over yet.


“Not only that, he even got a quest…?”


At that moment, Leonie imagined.




The monster carrying the Mage Tower on its back.


That terrible picture appearing in the Yusra Islands…!




Leonie had chills.


This was not the time to be like this!


She quickly hung up the phone and said.


“We are going fast. Everyone get ready!”


And the news of Hoyeol.


It wasn’t just Leonie.


“Hn. I’m listening.”


“…Lee Hoyeol?”


“As expected, he’s a mage, that bastard.”


Likewise, guild members who participated in the regular conference.


Having received the breaking news from them, people’s expressions began to change.


“…What? He got a quest from the Mage Tower?”


“Aren’t you mistaken? Is this information solid?!”


“They bowed their heads in front of him? Does that make sense…?”


“What should we do?”


Lee Hoyeol from Seoul.


Completely changing the atmosphere of the Yusra Islands.


In the middle of the Pacific.




Naturally, I accepted Marcelo’s request.


[You’ve met the conditions.]


[You will be rewarded.]


Whatever this was, it was a quest.


A quest that no one could do even if they wanted to.


It’s also a quest chain!


Plus, I thought the reward would be worth using if it was a quest from the Mage Tower.


Well, it would be advantageous if I could get at least one item related to mana regeneration.


‘By the way…’


Where am I being dragged to?


‘Where’s the reward?’


I followed Marcelo to the top of the tower.


The stairs alone were unusual.




When I stepped into the air, floating marbles supported my feet.


Is this an amusement ride?


Wow, I wouldn’t have been able to take a single step in the past.




“Thank you again for your cooperation.”


Wooden doors were floating in the air as well.


In front of an antique door.


Marcelo continued to talk to me.


“This is the laboratory that Adventurer Lee Hoyeol will use.”


No way, is this lab the first reward of the quest?


Marcelo added to me.


“If you need anything for research, please tell me.”


…This is truly an unconventional treatment.


How could I dare to expect anything?


I was probably the first player to be assigned a laboratory in the Mage Tower.


But casually.


Taking the excessive treatment for granted.


I answered.


“Then I’ll ask for the stuff I need right now.”


On the desk.


I scrawled out on parchment paper.




  1. Magic tools related to mana regeneration…




With great confidence.

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