The Player Hides His Past Chapter 27 - Sure enough, you're the best

Author: LyraDhani

Hoyeol appeared in Yusra Islands!


The breaking news drew viewers to Park Hwigang’s broadcast.




Current number of viewers: 98,731




With so many eyes watching.


The chat window was also quickly pushed up.


– He’s wearing a suit today?? It’s always the same whether it’s cold or hotㅋㅋㅋ


– It’s not a concept. It’s real


– ㄹㅇ Rumor has it that his silver hair isn’t dyed, it’s his real hair


– What are you saying? That’s bullshit


– This is Homen we’re talking about


Viewers got excited just by his emergence alone.


Considering the number of viewers, Park Hwigang might get greedy for broadcasting.


However, Park Hwigang spoke clearly.


“The broadcast will always proceed in a way that doesn’t interfere with Hoyeol-nim. If you feel uncomfortable, please leave in advance. I am sorry.”




Park Hwigang bowed to the camera.


Anyone who saw it would think he had received etiquette training from Hoyeol.


However, this was Park Hwigang’s sincerity.


‘It’s not because of me that the broadcast turned successful.’


He was just lucky.


He just found out Hoyeol’s true value before anyone else.


Park Hwigang was clearly aware of that fact.


So he didn’t want to be a nuisance to Hoyeol.


“I have a weak presence. It’s weak enough that even if I step on a trap in a dangerous dungeon, there are times when it doesn’t activate.”


– ㄹㅇThat’s why I’m watching Hwigang’s broadcast


– ㅋㅋOther Nettubers are kind of disgusting~


– They don’t come here because they like it, it’s to collect money


– ㄹㅇㅋㅋ


As always.


There was no hesitation in Hoyeol’s move.


After defeating Count Ascura.


Hoyeol’s presence soared.


When Hoyeol appeared in Yusra Islands, it was only natural that the attention of the players would be drawn to him.


Among them, some people shot him a gaze that looked blatant even from a third party’s point of view.


“…His eyes are kind of fierce?”


Noticing that one thing, Park Hwigang halted.


His eyes caught a player staring at Hoyeol.


He thought those eyes looked unusual somehow.


– He’s a supernova


– It’s that trash Kinber


– Look at those twinkling eyesㄷㄷ


– It’s a blasphemy




A player who was rumored to be vicious among the supernovas.


A player who went into a rupture with a gang that disappeared and died.


Without evidence.


If there was evidence, he would be in jail by now.


That person was staring at Hoyeol.


“…But it’s not just Kinber?”


Famous players.


Even the ranked guilds.


For some reason, the gazes looking at Hoyeol were not good.


It’s like looking at a strong competitor?


– They don’t want to share the loot of the Yusra Islands


– They don’t want to run into himㅋㅋ


– I’m praying please don’t come our way


“…I’m nervous.”


Park Hwigang, who had nothing to do with that suppression, was also shrinking.


However, Hoyeol, the person involved, was fine.


No, more than fine.


That kind of gaze.


His eye level was different in the first place.


As if the gazes couldn’t reach him.


Hoyeol went straight to the palm forest.


And at present.




A raging storm of flames.


Hot firepower that could be felt from a distance.


Park Hwigang inadvertently spat out an exclamation.




When the wall rose in the palm grove.


He thought that Hoyeol’s unique battle had begun.


A clever battle based on alchemy, highly praised by all players and experts.


In practice, the effect seemed sufficient.


Because of the rapidly rising stone walls.


The Emerald Tiger looked panicking.


‘But what the hell is that firestorm…!’


Truly beyond imagination!


The response in the chat window was also explosive.


– ㅁㅊㅋㅋ He’s slowly bringing up his real skills


– No, he’s an alchemistㅋㅋㅋ


– ㄹㅇ How is he an alchemist? Even Flame Mage can’t do that.


Having just entered the Yusra Islands.


Hoyeol was already playing a big role.


A raging storm of flames.


How high is his mana?


“…Hee got the Emerald Tiger in one kill?”


Killing off a level 420 monster with one magic shot!


His level, class, and mana.


“…But his expression doesn’t change?”


Even the size of his vessel.


Anyway, the more Park Hwigang watched, the more he couldn’t guess anything.


At this moment, there was only one thing he could say.


“…Anyway, Ho-Homen!”




…I fell like I heard something I shouldn’t have.


But because of the loud noise.


Moreover, because of this personality that didn’t care about other people’s evaluations.


I checked the message nonchalantly.


[Your level has gone up.]


[Your level has gone up.]


[Your level has gone up.]…


I had raised a total of 12 levels.


Indeed, it was the experience point of a level 420 monster.


Besides, above all, this battle was not tedious.


‘I couldn’t have imagined it when I fought Count Ascura.’


In the past, when it was all about building a stone wall and breaking it down again.




Compared to the past, this was a real leap forward.


But I never expressed that feeling.




A short speech.


It wasn’t even directed at me, but at Marcelo.


Because he was the one who created this magic.


Just using the magic to this extent.


Isn’t it amazing? I thought.


I guess it’s not enough to satisfy this lofty pride.


On top of that.


‘It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the effect of Natural Enemy Relationship.’


The effect of the Natural Enemy Relationship was currently being applied to me.


What if the Natural Enemy Relationship didn’t activate?


A firestorm like that couldn’t have manifested.


To put it simply.


‘I still have a long way to go.’


That is why I am not satisfied.


Of course, I still had to take care of things.


Emerald Tiger, a monster of level 420.


From its appearance alone, it was unusual.


‘It’s shining like a real jewel…’


Wouldn’t it drop a pretty good item?


Well, didn’t they say this was a legendary treasure island?


The Yusra Islands!


My head was filled with dark desires.


But it would always remain as a thought.


Thanks to Grandfel’s setting of transcending material greed.


‘Well, I didn’t waver even in front of 100 billion.’


So, I casually acquired the loot.


[Pure Emerald Crystal]


[Grade: Unique]


[Restriction: None]


[Effect: Can be confirmed once you craft it]


[Description: An emerald crystal of the highest grade. It retains the pure nature of the emerald.]


It’s a unique material item?


‘It’s tricky…’


That’s because the value of material items used to be determined by the skill of the maker.


Even if they used the same unique material.


Depending on the skill of the creator, it could be a unique item or an item with more effects.


That’s why it was tricky.


Or so I would have thought.


Until I knew the Mage Tower.


Yes, I have a connection with the Mage Tower!


To be precise, I have a connection with the Chief Mage, Marcelo.


“Everything is part of the research.”


I had the audacity to say.


Well, I am not wrong, am I?


I had proved the power of the magic created by Marcelo through actual combat.


So I had every right to give a demand.


‘Wait a minute.’


The sudden rise in Mage Tower’s level.


The level restrictions on magic tools and items that they were willing to rent were all dizzying.


I felt like the day to use it would still be far away.


However, if I could make an equipment item that could be used right away with this emerald crystal…


‘It might be better to acquire material items instead.’


The happy thoughts ended there.


It was because someone talked to me.


“Thank you. You are Lee Hoyeol-ssi, aren’t you?”


Players who had been struggling with the Emerald Tiger.


They greeted me.


I nodded.


Did he feel encouraged by my reaction?


“Hey. You’re amazing, as expected. To be honest, I was still half-doubtful. I have to believe it now that I see the reward! The making of another star player just started in the mass media…”




The man who had been talking came to a conclusion.


“…So, the point is. Would you like to go with us? I am not saying that we’ll continue to be together in the future, only in the Yusura Islands. What do you think?”


My answer to that was straightforward.


“I refuse.”




Unnecessary doubt.


Envy and jealousy.


Lastly, the honorific that was sneakily dropped.


‘I think it’s mostly because of his informal way of speaking.’


Grandfell’s old-fashioned temperament, which valued formality, was talking.


“I am afraid I will have no business with you.”


In other words, I’ll never get involved with you.


Perhaps my words were quite firm.


The players no longer clung to me.


I walked away, leaving them behind.


– Investigate the great evil of the Yusra Islands. (In progress)


The quest was still in progress.








7th in the guild rankings.


At the same time, Second Sun, the best guild in the UK.


They tried to rebuild their shattered pride in the Yusra Islands.


Up to 3rd in the guild rankings.


There was Bohemian, the guild of the EU, and there was the Berserker Guild that was fiercely attacking from below.


“The raid of CountAscura was a humiliation to us. Compared to Berserk winning the first clear, we didn’t have any achievements to show.”


3rd in the player rankings.


Guild Master, Schraig.


He made a decision.


“The Yusra Islands are a good opportunity to redeem that humiliation.”


Second Sun divided the number of people.


They planned to divide the number of people and aim for as many achievements and trophies as possible.


But the plan went awry from the start.


It was because the monsters in the Yusura Islands were not as easy as expected.


“Shit. They’re already hard to deal with!”


Not only that. Even the competitors.


There was a lot they had to pay attention to.


In the end, Schraig had no choice but to admit it.


“I was too greedy. I’ll join them.”




2nd and 3rd place.


They were only one step apart.


Between them, there was a thick invisible wall.


Schraig intended to lead the main force and joined the other side.


“Are they near the palm forest?”


He got in contact right away.


– …Uh, Schraig.


What is it?


It wasn’t the usual manly and haughty voice.


The voice crawled in as if they had been intimidated.


Schraig asked just in case.


“Did anyone get hurt?”


Did they meet the Emerald Tiger?


If so, even if casualties occurred, it was understandable.


Wasn’t it a level-420 monster?


He had to hurry up and join them.


Schraig picked up his gear right away.


“I’ll join you. Wait. I’ll be right there.”


– …N-No! Don’t come!


“…What’s with you all of a sudden?”


– We’ll go there.


Seeing that they were joining him, it didn’t seem to be an emergency.


But joining this side didn’t mean anything.


“It will overlap with Union’s route. We’re joining….”


– No. Don’t. Crossing againts Union is better!


“…What do you mean?”


– It’s better to cross against the Union bastards than that monster!


“What do you mean by monster? Make your words understandable…”


– Lee Hoyeol!


…Lee Hoyeol?


Why suddenly bring up that name?


Schraig tilted his head and they continued to shout.


– That bastard, he’s much stronger than what people know of him!


Schraig was taken aback.


Stronger than what people know.


That didn’t make sense.


Didn’t people already treat Lee Hoyeol like a top ranker?


While he was at a loss for words, the call ended.


– Anyway, we’ll go there.


“…What do you mean?”




At that moment, the vibration rang again.


This time it was from Seoul.


From the guild member who participated in the Mage Tower’s regular conference.


As soon as Schraig connected the call.


His face crumpled again.


“…What, Lee Hoyeol again?”


Of course.


It didn’t take long for him to get serious.


“Not only he received a quest, but he also went up to the upper floor of the Mage Tower?!”


Does that make any sense?


Lee Hoyeol.


Much stronger than people know.


Somehow, he felt like he could understand that nonsense.




The goal of the quest had always been to investigate the great evil.


Let’s guess from that alone.


First of all, the great evil was currently not fully awakened.


‘I can feel that it’s crouching.’


The presence felt beneath my shoes.


It was an intuition that only a few demon hunters had.


Thanks to that, I was able to quickly grasp the intention of the quest.


‘Put the investigation aside.’


First of all, my first priority was to not wake up this great evil.


Of course, the conditions that would wake up the great evil.


They were hard to tell at the moment.


‘I don’t think the Akshan demon hunter would know.’


It was the only information I had right now.


Therefore, wouldn’t I have to progress with the quest by revealing the identity of the great evil through investigation and killing it without waking it up?


‘That would be the best.’


The moment I thought so.


A message popped up.


[The Yusra Islands begin to be stained with greed.]


[Collapse progress: 1/10]


…Collapse progress?


The message didn’t come to me alone.


The players panicked.


“Collapse progress?”


“There are no ruptures in the update history, though?!”


“A tenth? It’s not even in percentage?”


Unlike them, however, I didn’t panic.


“I see.”


Like a scattered puzzle.


I recalled something.

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