The Player Hides His Past Chapter 8 - It's simple

Author: LyraDhani

The player community was in an uproar.


– Is the update real? ㄹㅇThe balance has changed


– It’s not just the balance, do you think we’ll be screwed too??


– AhㅋㅋHow can we catch Count Ascura, is Raymond crazy?ㅋㅋ


No, you didn’t even have to go into the community.


The news also endlessly continued to talk about the new update.


“AAU has revealed that Count Ascura is a vampire, that is to say, a demon-type monster.”


“Even large guilds are showing reluctance. You can’t rush into a rupture where the danger is obvious.”


I checked the update late.


And I was astonished.


‘…What, level 430?!’


Level 430 is higher than the current no. 1 ranking, isn’t it?


I wanted to take back what I said about them being an inferior race.


As if that wasn’t enough, they were demons.


Among the players, the demons were tricky monsters to deal with.


In order to safely attack the demons.


It was a kind of common sense that you had to be at least 10 levels ahead of them.




‘Is the update aiming for this?’


It can’t be helped they all react like that!


Now I understood the uproar all over the world.


It was obvious that they would lose money, so it was natural for large guilds to react passively.


But the rupture would collapse while they looked at each other like that.


Then the gates of hell would open.


Of course, I was fully aware.




Natural Enemy Relationship: Fighting power increases dramatically when fighting demons.




Natural Enemy Relationship.


The effect of the demon hunter’s class skill was greater than I thought.


But wasn’t the imp only at level 200?


Hunting Count Ascura, whose level surpassed that, was unimaginable.


But it was just the conclusion I, Lee Hoyeol, came to.


At this moment, my heart was beating normally.


Yes, it was a heartbeat that said it didn’t matter what kind of demon it was.


『No demon’s temptation, deceit, or trial can damage Grandfel’s lofty pride.』


Imp or vampire.


Furthermore, even in front of the demon king.


This arrogant pride would never be dampened.


It was literally live-by-how-you-look-and-die-with-how-you-look, a setting that hastened death.


Of course, I had no intention of dying in pursuit of style.


As fine and long as possible.


It was the life I wanted.


‘No, wait a minute.’


But at this moment, I thought I could do it.


Yeah, I said that.


A twinkling quest window.


– Hunt the vampires. (In progress) ▲


  • Let them know that the hunt has begun. (In progress)


Looking at the goal of the quest brought back memories of the past.


The demon hunter’s demon hunting methods.


I remembered it again.


Thanks to that, I was convinced.


‘If I follow the quest like I did back then..’


Maybe I could really hunt vampires.


That kind of conviction.


In an instant, a flower garden was drawn in my head.


How much experience I would gain by defeating Count Ascura?


Wouldn’t it give me a good item?


Ah, let’s not forget the class quest rewards.


But there wasn’t any single movement in the corners of my mouth.


Even the splendid flower garden I imagined was inferior to the family garden that Grandfel had seen when passing by.


To put it simply, it was all very natural.


Meaning it was just what I deserved.


– The location of the new rift is up!!! They say it’s Russia?!!


I spoke in a cold voice.


“Taking your cumbersome hide-and-seek into account, I’ll punish you more severely.”




The Mage Tower.


Its interior was so mysterious that it was difficult to describe.


“Crazy. Isn’t this different from what it looks like?!”


A vast interior, as if other laws of physics were being applied.


Countless books adorned the interior.


Among them, the great spectacle was the ‘portal’ shining in the center.


“Russia. It has no Mage Tower. Just imagining it is terrible.”


“As expected, Master’s judgment was correct. It’s fortunate that we quickly settled down in Korea. Well, look at Japanese or Chinese guilds. After being stubborn for no reason, they’re going to Russia by plane.”


“Even if they get off the plane, they still have a problem. I heard it takes about five hours by car from the airport.”


The portal.


Large teleportation magic.


As you could see from its effect, it belonged to high-ranking magic.


Among the players, there were only a handful of players who could use the portal.


Of course, it was impossible to compare the portals of the players to those of the Mage Tower.


“When will I ever use magic like this?”


“I don’t think it’ll possible even if you reach max level.”


“…Max level? Is there a max level in Arcana?”


“Nope. So it’ll be impossible for the rest of your life.”


“Hey, you’re the one who said it.”


The players’ portals were not a means of transportation, but an emergency escape.


This was because the mana consumed to maintain the portal was no joke.


“When will we ever be able to ride the portal like this?”


The portal provided by Mage Tower was originally not available for free.


However, just as the world had changed, the Tower also changed.


A large crowd gathered around the portal.


Above all, it was ‘Gaon’ that received the most attention.


“Has Gaon discovered the strategy to attack Count Ascura?”


“Why did you decide to go on an expedition before other guilds?”


“Even if Gaon fails to attack, there are opinions that the information obtained through you should be shared with other guilds. What do you think?”


5th in the world.


The best guild in Korea, Gaon.


The guild master, Nam Taemin, answered a flood of questions.


“Unfortunately, we have no strategy. Since when have we challenged the rupture by weighing on the strategies… Why did I decide to go on an expedition before other guilds? Of course, to stay ahead of the competition.”


Nam Taemin’s words were full of confidence, befitting his position.


“And what? Sharing raid information to other guilds if we fail? I’m sorry, but that won’t happen. It’s for the sake of the peace of mankind, but what can I say? If you twist it, I’d like to tell you to challenge the rupture yourself like us. That’s for real peace. Isn’t that right?”


Even the reporters that had flocked to the scene were stunned.


However, contrary to such a dignified attitude, Nam Taemin’s stomach was burning.


Gaon bet a lot on this expedition.


‘We have to produce results.’


Because of Mage Tower, large guilds from around the world flowed into Korea.


It might be a good thing for the government and the people.


It wasn’t for Gaon.


It was because their position in Korea was decreasing day by day.


Gaon’s move was also influenced by other guilds.


The reporters were buzzing.


“…Huh? Wait, isn’t that Shining Guild?”


The no.1 in the world.


Shining, the best guild both in name and reality.


They appeared in the Mage Tower with an expedition.


“Yes, you should come out like that.”


Shining moved.


Other guilds would definitely follow suit.


The reporters who had been driven by Nam Taemin moved to Shining.


Only then did Nam Cheolmin approach and tap his younger brother on the shoulder.


“There’s no need to rush. It’s going to be a long battle anyway.”


“I know. I’m just a little motivated.”


“Anyway, this is dynamic from the first day of work. For me too.”


“Hyung, I think it just burst out.”


Nam Cheolmin participated in the expedition as an analyst for the Gaon Guild.


He didn’t expect to participate in such a grand attack from the beginning…


Still, he was faithful to his work as an analyst.


Being a parachute was fine.


Nobody said he was a broken parachute.


“I finished briefing the guild members.”




“Yes, this new rupture has a very unique layout.”


Nam Cheolmin took out a tablet PC.


There were three circles overlapped.


Nam Cheolmin pointed to the outermost circle with his finger.


“This is the outer rupture of the estate. I didn’t draw it in circles to make it look good, but hundreds of ruptures were really  found in round shapes.”


“… Hundreds? Wait, then what about the inner circle?”


“That’s the rupture in the Count’s territory. It’s a little smaller in size. That number is about 30.”


“Then, the innermost circle must be the Count’s Citadel.”


Nam Cheolmin nodded.


“Yes, Count Ascura is in the innermost rupture of the Citadel.”


“Wait, how come it looks like a real castle…?”


“Yes. That’s why I had this thought.”






Nam Cheolmin touched the tablet.


Moving on to the next screen, a medieval castle appeared.


“If the rift collapses, I wonder if Count Ascura’s castle will really be summoned.”


“…Hyung, isn’t that too far-fetched?”


“In a situation where the Mage Tower was also created. Why is it impossible?”




Nam Taemin couldn’t answer back.


Because what his brother said wasn’t wrong.


But what was certain was that the rupture was collapsing.


If Count Ascura’s castle really got summoned…


“…Isn’t there a possibility that there will be a siege?”


“Yes, I’m worried about that, too.”


“This is crazy. Aren’t we on the verge of death?!”


In Arcana, the defense side had an overwhelming advantage in siege warfare.


In this case, the defense side was, of course, Count Ascura.


Nam Taemin was certain.


“When that time comes, it will really be impossible to attack.”


Nam Cheolmin answered with a shrug.


The brothers were silent for a moment.


Nam Taemin opened his mouth first.


“I just have to do my best.”


“Good idea.”


“Hyung, do it with enthusiasm.”


“It’s because the first job is too heavy.”


Nam Cheolmin also had something to say.


“I am just going to do my best to recruit a rookie right now. I’m adjusting the contract again, and I’m writing a text message again politely. Because of the sudden update…”


Of course, the rookie Nam Cheolmin was talking about was Hoyeol.


In fact, even at this moment, Nam Cheolmin was concerned about Hoyeol.


The same was true of Nam Taemin.


“Hmph. Each player is precious in this attack.”


“That’s why I told you to raise the ratio!”


“Hyung it’s 9.5 to 0.5. And we get 0.5! There’s no higher rate. We’ll buy him a house, buy him a car. We will also support his activity expenses. If the ratio is like that, it will take more than 10 years to collect…”


“Ah, whatever. It’s your fault.”


They quarreled a little.


“Anyway, let’s get ready.”


The time had finally come to enter the portal.


After saying that, Nam Taemin tilted his head.


“…What’s this, are you prepared?”


“The analyst has nothing to prepare.”


“No, hyung, don’t you smoke?”


“Ah, smoke?”


Nam Cheolmin smiled brightly.


“I quit. I can’t get my hands on it because my worries are gone.”




I opened the closet.


The location of the new rupture was Russia.


Currently, the average temperature in Russia was approximately 2 degrees Celsius.


It was appropriate to choose thick clothes.


But I was dressed in a suit.


This might also be due to the setting of being unable to live without formality and dignity.


Let’s get used to it. I had no choice but to get used to it.


But I was glad.


A few jackets were quite thick.


I checked my reflection in the mirror.


As if I had silver hair from birth.


There was no trace of black left in my hair.


My face changed, too.


My facial features couldn’t be changed like my hair could, but maybe it was because my eyes changed.


I could feel that the atmosphere on my face was different from before.


My body became stronger as I repeated the training quest.


The sufficient suit fit as if it was tailored.


Thanks to the noble taste, I strictly followed my diet.


Noticeable muscle growth was a given.


I looked at myself in the mirror and said.


“It’s me.”


Yeah, I know this changed figure is me, too.


It wasn’t anyone else’s appearance.


Because this was the dark history of me, Lee Hoyeol.


Knowing that fact, there was no hesitation in my actions.


The preparations were done.


I am going to Russia.


To do so, I headed to the Mage Tower.


…Wait a minute.


“I almost forgot.”


I was about to put on my shoes and leave the front door, but I stopped.


I opened the cupboard and packed a handful of barley green tea bags.


I put it in my jacket pocket.


…Yes, the person who’s unable to live without tea time is me.


Of course, it wasn’t possible to brew green tea with just tea bags.


But it didn’t matter.


I was able to 『explore』 and 『interfere』 and 『manifest』.


Yes, in other words, I had succeeded in manifesting 『magic』.


I looked at the teacup on the table and spoke,


“I don’t need a teacup either.”


A stack of paper piling up next to the teacup was the evidence.








I arrived at the tower.


I looked at the brilliantly shining portal.




‘Portal’, a high-ranking magic that could only be used by a handful of players.


It was also a portal manifested by the NPCs of the tower, which were comparable to the archmages.


By the way.


‘How come?’


In my eyes, that high-ranking magic,


It looked simpler than the ‘Ignition’ I saw on Nettube.

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