The Player Hides His Past Chapter 9 - Unfortunately, (1)

Author: LyraDhani

I could guess why.


‘As expected… [Skill] and 『Magic』 are different.’


When I did the Ignition, I felt that something was out of place.


Although there were differences in the learning process, in the end, Ignition was a skill.


In other words, once I manifested it, it should be generated in the skill list.


However, my skill list was still short.




Natural Enemy Relationship


Silver Mastery


Shooting Mastery


Simultaneous Fire




It was the same when other magic was manifested.


The experience and the current experience.


From there, I came up with a hypothesis.


[Skill] and 『Magic』 were completely different concepts.


It made sense when I put those two on different categories.


‘How much time and effort does it take to activate just one fire magic?’


I don’t know exactly…


I could tell that it didn’t fit the setting.


I could manifest magic right away just by looking at it.


The setting of Grandfel, the second flaw.


I opened my mouth.


“Indeed, it’s worth it.”


This time it wasn’t a defense mechanism.


[Skill] and 『Magic』that were completely different.


However, seeing and understanding the skill as magic, it was worthwhile going through that much trouble.


I was trying to do something I couldn’t do, so my head was about to crack!


‘…But didn’t I succeed in converting the skill into magic and manifesting it?’


In that sense, the setting of being the greatest genius in the history of the Claudie family seemed to have been overwritten on me.


I looked at the portal.


Indeed, it was different from when I watched the skill on Nettube.


I didn’t even need a pen and paper.


The process of 『exploration』 and 『interference』 was depicted in my head.


『Portal』, a magic that was incomparably at a higher level than that of Ignition.


I felt as if I could really unleash that high-level magic.


Of course, it took a lot of mana to manifest.


I couldn’t even try it right now.


But knowing that fact was enough.


I shifted my gaze and looked around at the panoramic view of the Mage Tower.


There must be a lot of things to visit in the future here.


In my mind, I wanted to grab a passing mage NPC and asked.


Show me your magic


Not the difficult ones, start with low-level magic step by step.


Of course, the high-nosed residents of the Mage Tower wouldn’t listen to my request.


Besides, I knew that this wasn’t the time.


– Hunt the vampires. (In progress) ▲


  • Let them know that the hunt has begun. (In progress)


“I don’t need any teaching.”


…In addition, this noble pride won’t allow actions such as making a request.


If it was an order though, it might be different.


Seriously, it was a tiring personality.


I soon walked through the portal.


Tap tap–


With the most arrogant step.










…It’s friggin cold as expected.


If I have the mind to pack tea bags, I should have packed a hot pack as well!


It was so cold that it made me want to cross my arms and even stomp my feet.


But this body didn’t ask for anything.


There was no way I could do something so demeaning.


I walked with legs that felt like they would tremble at any moment.


The view changed and what I saw was a dense forest.


A large crowd was already gathering there.


“Yes! I am now in front of the new rupture, Russia.”


Media reporters.


“Now, hyung-nims will go into the rupture you want. How many times?”


Nettuber players.


“How’s the situation? Is it fine? Yeah, the video’s working fine.”


Even guilds that set up camp outside.


Indeed, you could see at first glance that interests were pouring into the ruptures of Count Ascura.


For now, most of them were competitors.


Anyway, my quest goal was to hunt vampires.


Crawling guilds and competition between players.


Frankly speaking, it would be impossible to topple Count Ascura before them.


Not only the number of people, but their levels were also incomparable.


But I was full of confidence.


I hope this confidence is well-founded…


I hoped and stepped into a nearby rift.


“Hey, wait a minute.”




“Excuse me! Let’s keep our business ethics.”


A man stopped me.


A man with an impressive round face.


The man was holding a tripod with a camera attached to it in his hand.


He was a Nettuber.


The man looked me up and down.


“There’s no way I can forget this atmosphere… Are you new? Your concept is fresh. Well, is your concept a salaryman in the rupture? Anyway. I’m going to review this rupture, so check out the other ruptures. Shoo shoo.”


A new Nettuber with a salaryman concept.


It’s hard to refute him?


My outfit must have looked that way too.


First of all, I didn’t look like a player who had come to attack the ruptures.


But look at me properly.


Am I holding a camera like you?


Even if I wanted to answer like that, I couldn’t.


“Get out of my way.”


“W-What did you say?!”


“Now I have no patience left.”


A voice colder than the cold wind of Russia.


It was my expression of ‘It’s too cold, I can’t stand it’.


It was the kindest way to express it.


“H-Hyung-nims, you saw that right? Newcomers are so mean these days. It’s no joke! Yes? Looking at my face, it was absolutely my fault? No, noonim! If noonim says so…”


I left the flustered man behind and stood in front of the rupture.


[Territory’s Outskirt]


[Recommended level: Lv.240~270]


[Collapse progress: 9.7%]


My current level was 67.


About 200 levels below the recommended level.


In the face of such ruptures, I only had one thought.


I might be able to avoid this cold if I go inside the rupture…




32nd in the guild rankings, Berserker.


The Guild Master, Leonie Bellucci, crumpled her white forehead.


“Fuck, what’s with this, seriously?”


Leonie was currently at level 348.


She was a ranker in the top 100 player rankings.


Leoni had a lot of experience to match her position.


However, this rupture was different from before.


Really, it was a piece of shit.


Leonie wielded her double sword.




She obviously had cut its leg.


The red-eyed wolf didn’t stop at all.


“You asshole!”




Sword attacks constantly pouring from the double sword!


Soon the wolf fell.


It was only natural.


[Blood-stained wolf: Lv.230]


100 levels of difference.


A level 230 monster wouldn’t be able to handle her attack power.


Leonie checked the system message.


She definitely had knocked it down, and she definitely got the experience.


But, what’s this uncomfortable feeling?


“…Guys. Is it just me?”


Leonie’s expression was serious.


But even that serious face didn’t match the current background.


A cutie figure who could pull off even a random scarlet short haircut.


A slender build.


Who can tell just by looking at this appearance?


She was a berserker, Master of the Berserker Guild.


“What are you saying now?”


“Are you pretending to be sharp again?”


“I’m really not afraid at all.”


So the guild members smiled happily.


It was partly because her face was cute.


It was also because Leonie’s intuition was not very good even if she pretended to be sharp.


Of course, this warm atmosphere didn’t always last long.


“No, fuck. Don’t you feel freaking uncomfortable?”


The moment she opened her mouth, anyone else in the world would sober up like this.


It wasn’t a joke, it was a shocking twist to see every day.


The guild members sighed.


“…Yeah, this is our unnie.”


“But what is it that made me comfortable? Is it because attacking them is too easy?”


“The shitty intuition is getting jammed.”


Bump– Leonie raised her fist.


“No, of course, it’s easy! Dude! What are our levels?”


“Unnie. Even if you can’t watch what you say, let’s not get into the habit of using hand gestures.”


“Get rid of the nagging. No, have you ever seen a mob like this?!”




Leonie kicked the wolf sprawling on the floor.


“It didn’t show any sign of pain at all until they die.”


“Well, isn’t it because it’s a demon?”


“Hiss. Is it our first time catching a demon? Haven’t you heard an imp scream?”


…Wait, now that she said it, it was true.


The top 30 members of the Berserker Guild, including Leonie.


They entered the rupture [Territory’s Outskirt] and continued hunting for about three hours.


In the process, they had killed dozens of blood-stained beasts and blood-stained bandits…


“…Did you guys ever hear them screaming or whining?”


Looking back, they really hadn’t heard anything like that.


Leonie shrugged when the guild members didn’t reply.


“I don’t feel good about it. There’s something wrong with these guys.”


“So what is that something?”


“No, fuck. How should I know?”


“Unnie, now that you say it, it’s definitely strange… But I think it’s not anything special? What’s more certain is that you caught them and received experience points.”


“I am right. I have intuition, you know?”


The guild ranking was always 30th.


The reason why they were on the verge of going up and down?


In their guild, the dignity of the Master had fallen to the ground.


“What do you really see me as…”


The moment Leonie was about to get angry.


In a forest far away.


– Y-Yip!


She heard a sound like that.




It was faint but it sounded like the whining of a beast.


In an instant, gazes poured into Leonie.


“…Hey, what’s with the gazes that say ‘I knew it?!’


How many players have entered the rupture?


It could be the sound they make…


– A-Auuu!!


However, the pathetic howling continued to drive a wedge.


Now, instead of gazes, words came out.


“I knew it.”


“As expected of our unnie.”


“Sigh. What else would you get wrong?”


Why is it whining and howling?


It was half indignation and half curiosity.


Leoni led the guild members to where the sound came from.


“Wouldn’t it be better to join them anyway? At any rate, we are in a position to attack the rupture together.”


In fact, the [Territory’s Outskirt] was a rupture that was no different from a warm-up.


Even if demon-type monsters appeared, the guilds that participated in this raid would be able to clear it without difficulty.


The competition began after clearing all outer ruptures.


From the rupture [Count’s Estate].


“…What kind of bastard are they?”


What made those taciturn bastards howl in terror?


Leonie singled out several potential candidates.


‘First of all, Shining and Gaon are out. We’re avoiding them.’


Ranked first and fifth.


If they compete with those two guilds, wouldn’t they just become the shrimps bouncing in the tails of the whales?


Taking that into account, Berserker Guild entered a rupture far away from them.


Then there weren’t many candidates left.


“At first glance, Second Sun, or Bohemian. It must be one of the two.”


But like she said.


Leonie had a bad feeling.




There was no guild at the place they arrived at after following the cries.


There was only one man there.


However, just like Leonie, the man’s appearance didn’t match the background.


He was wearing a suit and shoes.


But most of all.


There was a teacup in the hand of that man.




Rising steam.


A teacup that looked warm.


But strangely enough.


The man’s appearance didn’t look unnatural at all.


Although it didn’t match the background.


The man was emanating a relaxed atmosphere.


He looked as though he was enjoying tea time.




“…What’s that lunatic doing?”


Leonie swallowed dryly at the foreign scenery.


The man said to Leonie.




In a most determined voice.


“I have no tea for you.”








So warm.


It was getting a little chilly now.


Now that I knew the importance of tea time.


I couldn’t help but cherish the green tea bag in my inner pocket.






Even if you pretend to be thirsty, I have nothing to give you.


– Hunt the vampires. (In progress) ▲


  • Let them know that the hunt has begun. (Successful) 


  • Let them feel the fear of being hunted. (In progress)
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