How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 18 - First Mission (1)

Author: Dawn

Some raindrops falling from the serene gray sky deviated from their formation as the wind shook them, tapping on the window.

Thump, thud—those stray raindrops drummed against the window.

I sighed softly as I looked out the window. Waking up earlier than usual was due to the rain. The incessant sound of raindrops kept me from falling back asleep.

‘Should I sleep a little longer?’

It was a fleeting thought, but I checked the time and shook my head. I was already awake and sitting up in bed.

Besides, I had gotten up because this rain was the first I had ever witnessed in this place I had been for the past five months.

‘It still has its charm.’

Perhaps it felt familiar because I was accustomed to rain in the city?

Seeing the rain after a long time in the early dawn evoked a pleasant emotion and made me quite sentimental.

Maybe it was because I had stepped away from modern civilization that I felt this way.

In this place, without smartphones or computers, the only thing I could do in my spare time was enjoy the scenery.

‘No, wait.’

A shiver ran down my spine for a moment. It wasn’t the time to appreciate the charm.

I couldn’t afford to take a break just because it was raining. Training on the muddy ground while getting wet?

I’d rather die.

Of course, I didn’t really consider dying, but sighing with a hint of frustration was only natural.

Even with the mystic power of Winds, there were limits to blocking rain and mud. It would be fine when I stayed still, but as soon as I moved and lost concentration even slightly, I would be drenched by the rain.

‘I’ll have to wash up after every meal.’

It was a sudden thought, but realistically impossible.

Today seemed like a day that would be mentally challenging rather than physically demanding.

I stretched and settled in my spot, preparing for the training of the Moonlight Technique.

Closing my eyes and focusing, the sound of rain gradually faded away.


A meditative state enveloped my consciousness. A crescent moon radiated light and greeted me. I slowly manipulated the magic power.

By now, the process had become quite familiar.

In fact, unlike physical training, practicing the Moonlight Technique was something I quite enjoyed.

It wasn’t particularly difficult, and focusing on the magic power gave me a sense of clarity in my mind.

‘It’s perfect for thinking.’

The old saying that time was the best remedy couldn’t be more true. Even Worst Condition had become something I had adapted to.

It wasn’t solved by drinking decoctions or tea.

It was just that this state had become the default feeling if you could call it that.

It was like how fitness enthusiasts always lived with muscle soreness.

Still, the decoction and tea given by the doctor did have some effect.

It slightly improved my abilities from the usual half-strength.

It wasn’t a significant difference.

If I had to put it into numbers, it would be around 52%, but it was not an exact figure. It was just my subjective perception.

Even so, if I went a day without consuming them, I would revert back to my original state, so I had to take them regularly.

‘Well, it’s not a big deal.’

It was much better than not eating at all. Simply put, I could grow 2% more each day.

If it accumulated, it would be tremendous.


I let out a deep sigh and gathered my magic power. The breathing of the Moonlight Technique, the inner radiance, had become stronger than before.

I still hadn’t reached the level of a 2-star.

Feeling the exhilaration brought by the magic power, I stood up from my spot.

Although the cafeteria wasn’t open for another ten hours, I had the intention to go out early.

I had learned that thorough preparation was crucial during my time here. I needed to become more proficient in controlling Winds.

Blocking dirt and blocking rain might be somewhat different.

* * *


Denif and Orhen entered the cafeteria around the time I had roughly finished my meal.

Seeing their appearance, I involuntarily opened my mouth in surprise.

While Orhen calmly folded her umbrella, Denif was completely drenched.

Water was dripping from his hair.

‘Wait, did he purposely get himself soaked like this?’

It was obvious. Although it was raining heavily, the main cafeteria and the annex weren’t that far apart.

There was no way he could get that wet.

“What? You’ve finished already?”

Denif plopped down in front of me and shook himself, causing water to spray in all directions.

Since I had a feeling something like this might happen, I immediately used the Winds to shield myself.

Orhen, with a stern expression, glanced at the chair that was splashed by the raindrops and then came to sit next to me.

Hmm, it was the first time Orhen had sat next to me.

Observing Denif using his hand to wring out his wet hair, I understood the reason.

This time, I extended the shield of Winds to Orhen as well.


Orhen said that and pushed Denif away.

“I think you need to practice some manners, Denif.”

“Why again?”

Denif shrugged his shoulders. Instead of the softly sighing Orhen, I interjected.

“Water is splashing everywhere.”

“It’s going to get soaked anyway. By the way, you woke up earlier than usual today, didn’t you?”

Denif replied indifferently, diverting the topic.

In the past, I would have been dumbfounded and left speechless by his attitude, but now I was quite used to it.

I wasn’t the type to easily take things to heart.

“It’s because of the rain.”

“Are you an old man? Are your joints hurting or something?”

“You have a way with words.”

As he teased me, Denif chuckled and grumbled. He was definitely a mischievous and crazy guy.

The kids’ food arrived, and I divided the special bread into three pieces.

I took a bite and divided the rest in half.

Ever since the incident in the past, the days when bread was served had become somewhat of a tradition.

‘I was going to eat it as is.’

But on another bread day, with Orhen continuously monitoring me, I had no choice but to share it.

I split it in half to stop Denif from teasing me about whether I liked Orhen.

At first, he refused, saying, “Big brother can’t take his younger brother’s portion,” now he accepted it without a fuss.

I did feel a slight regret, but I wasn’t particularly greedy when it came to food.

However, since then, the sound of him saying “hyung/bro” had decreased, and I was quite satisfied with that.

Perhaps he got tired of teasing me.

And well…

To be honest, being able to become friends with them just by sharing a piece of bread was quite cost-effective.

I didn’t know what would happen in the future, but Denif was an imperial terrorist.

There was nothing to lose by getting closer to him.

‘Orhen is the same.’

From the beginning, going through all this hardship and training was also to help the princess in the future.

If I couldn’t stop the devil worshipers, the continent would be in ruins.

During the process of stopping them, the entire continent could turn into a battlefield.

To act according to my own will, I needed to gain the duke’s trust and the same went for his godchildren.

I handed the bread to the kids who were gleaming with anticipation like little puppies and then turned my gaze out the window.

The rain was still pouring heavily.

“What are you looking at like that?”

“I feel like I haven’t seen rain in a long time.”

“It’s the rainy season soon.”

“Rainy season?”

“It means the time when it rains a lot.”

It wasn’t that I was unaware of what was the rainy season. Perhaps he misunderstood the question.
Instead of correcting him, I shifted my gaze to the decoction. It was served every morning and evening.


One disappointing thing was how bitter it tasted. It was supposed to be a tonic-like thing that other kids were also taken, but I particularly felt a strong bitter taste.

‘Oddly strong.’

Denif used to tease me, saying it was because I had a baby’s taste buds, but now I couldn’t refute the fact.


When Denif tried to tease me again, I quickly composed myself.

“Uh-huh. Didn’t I share the bread with you today?”

“Tsk, I know.”

Denif finished his food.

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