How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 19 - First Mission (2)

Author: Dawn

“It’s today.”

Marhan’s words brought back the silence once again.

Maybe because I had already calmed down, I wasn’t as startled as before. Though I was still puzzled.

“In the morning, warm up and pack your belongings lightly. We’ll leave right after lunch.”

As we prepared for our official mission, we all listened attentively. Not a single detail could be missed.

“Our target is Jose Demit’s gang. They are scum accused of fifteen murders and multiple cases of rape. They’re currently hiding in the Cayden Mountains.”

To think our first mission would involve such heinous criminals. It seemed like a deliberate choice.

Perhaps it was meant to make us accustomed to killing.

As spies, we had to act according to orders from above. We couldn’t have any aversion to any task.

Killing the bad guys and killing the less bad guys, something along those lines.

“Are there still rookies who feel reluctant about the mission?”

Just hearing the term “rookies” made it clear. It was a word Marhan rarely used.

It seemed like an intention to make us aware that the target was a bad guy and to stimulate our fighting spirit.

“No, sir!”

Denif shouted vigorously, and the effect was evident just from his spirited response.

My cheeks tingled slightly as if I was getting excited. Marhan’s tactics were working well.

“Don’t let your guard down. They may be scum who gnaw at our country, but their skills are not something you can underestimate.”

Marhan advised Denif. It was only natural for a joint mission.

Considering our skills, Denif and I, with a little exaggeration, could take on most adults with our eyes closed.

“Today is entirely your day. You have to prepare yourselves and complete the mission on your own.”

“Yes, sir!”

“After finishing lunch, gather at the training ground.”

Saying that, Marhan swiftly turned around.

When Marhan’s back was no longer visible, Denif let out a big breath and shouted.

“Finally! Our first mission!”

There was a hint of enthusiasm on his face that had been slightly roused by excitement. He seemed completely unaware of the tension.

Was this the infamous imperial terrorist Denif?

Orhen seemed a bit tense. Her face was stiffer than usual. Well, she was always an introverted kid.

I responded in a composed manner.

“Don’t get too carried away. You might make mistakes.”

“Mistakes? That’s not a word that suits me, Denif.”

Denif snorted and narrowed his eyes, casting a glance at me.

“I’m excited beyond words, but are you worried?”

Where did this petty provocation come from…

Sigh. I engraved patience in my mind. Maybe it was because I became a child, but occasionally my blood boils and now was one of those times.

“I’m not worried, but it is our first mission, and Marhan warned us not to underestimate the target, so we should stay alert.”

“I can handle it.”

Denif smirked.

“Don’t worry, little brother. Just trust your big brother. And if anything happens, we have our sister too.”

There he goes again with that “big brother” talk. He was just a kid.

I intentionally let out a heavy sigh and shook my head, and I caught a glimpse of Orhen nodding subtly.

Even you, Orhen…

I felt a slight sense of betrayal, but still, her expression seemed more relaxed than before. Did the tension dissipate?

Well, if teasing me helped her relax, then it was fine.

I decided to understand it generously with an adult’s mindset.

* * *

The mission was sudden, but the preparation wasn’t difficult.

Packing our belongings was something we learned during infiltration training. We gathered simple rations and the necessary items for the mission.

Afterward, we gathered at the rendezvous point and rode in a carriage, following Marhan.

It seemed that having 13-year-olds carrying weapons attracted attention.

Fortunately, the rain stopped in the middle, and we were able to reach the mountains by evening.

The carriage ride took about seven hours.

Marhan, who got off the carriage, handed us a map, saying it was our final mission briefing.

“The target is located here. There are five individuals. As I mentioned before, it’s all up to you now. I won’t interfere.”

Marhan emphasized it once again with a serious expression.

“Remember. I will be watching you from nearby, but I won’t interfere. Even if any of you die, it won’t matter.”


Although the mountains were quite large, we replied in hushed voices since we were on a mission.

The mission was entirely ours from start to finish. It offered a high level of autonomy, almost bewildering.

Having learned that preparation was always important, I thought there would be some detailed procedures…

But progress seemed faster than I had expected.

Perhaps it was the duke’s intention to foster our autonomy as much as he raised us.

He wouldn’t raise us merely as disposable tools.

Denif still seemed a bit excited. Marhan, who was watching us, added a few more words.

“Always think rationally. The first real combat tends to trigger excitement. Your blood rushes, and you only see what’s in front of you. But on the battlefield, think about the superior noble opponents who would easily massacre you and always maintain your composure.”

I engraved those words. It was a saying that you wouldn’t understand until you experienced it firsthand, where blood becomes life.

Always think rationally.

That aside, today was the day I saw Marhan talk the most.

His last piece of advice and his worries were quite apparent.

‘At first, I thought he was a cold and stern person, but he seems to have a soft side deep down.’

With those words, Marhan watched us from a distance.

After resolving dinner with ready-to-eat meals, we examined the map under camouflage, using a magic-powered flashlight to avoid drawing attention.

“Since there are five of them, I’ll take two, and Orhen can handle the other two.”

Denif spoke with a relaxed face. Neither Orhen nor I responded or paid any attention.


Well, that was just how he was.

To be honest, there was a high probability he would act like that on purpose. He was mischievous by nature.

He was definitely not someone with simple thoughts. When playing games, Denif was pure terror.

An Imperial terrorist.

Denif’s acts of terrorism caused significant damage to the Empire, and he had never been caught.

“Although there are five of them, we don’t know the arrangement. It might be better to go around the back of the mountain to observe and think.”

I pointed at the map as I spoke.

I wanted to gather more information by going behind the hideout. The map only showed the location.

“I think that should be fine.”

Orhen nodded her head, and Denif, next to her, suddenly mumbled with a serious expression.

“Hmm. But wouldn’t that take too long? I think we can go straight ahead.”

Hmm, really?

Maybe he genuinely lacked thinking skills. The Denif in the game had already matured.

The current Denif might be lacking in many aspects. He had great talent but wasn’t very thoughtful…

It grew as he grew up.

‘It could be possible that there was someone else playing a supporting role alongside Denif.’

I might have jumped to conclusions because of Denif in the game.

Based on what I’d learned here, it was hard to believe that one person caused all the terror.

Anyway, Denif spoke with a serious face, so I thought I should respond this time.

Actually, Denif’s words weren’t entirely wrong.

There was a high cliff behind the hiding place.

It took time to climb up and plan again from there, and it took time to go back down.

We also needed to consider the physical aspect of going back and forth.

However, preparation was crucial in a mission. You needed to be prepared to make a plan.

“This place is their hideout. We are newcomers, and it’s a familiar place to them. There’s a chance of traps. It’s better to turn back, check, and then proceed.”


“And we have fewer numbers. The optimal time is when they’re sleeping. It’s better to check than to wait while doing nothing anyway.”

“I think Carlyn’s right too.”

Orhen agreed with me. This was a big deal.

It was a majority decision, and Denif, who couldn’t argue with the fact that I wasn’t wrong, nodded.

“Well, let’s do that. I’m a straightforward person, but I can’t help it.”

“Let’s go up and plan the rest.”

I said that and folded the map. We removed the camouflage and rearranged our belongings.

Now it was time to climb the mountain.

Denif stood at the front. He had a sharp sense. The front of the formation was crucial.

Especially on a mountain path, he also took on the role of finding the way.

I didn’t mean just looking at the map, but I was referring to everything, including the path we would walk.

Even if we were the same age, our strides were different.

The front needed to find a path that could be climbed smoothly and consider the stride of the person behind.

That was how we maintain a consistent level of stamina in the group.

‘A kind of pacemaker.’

Orhen stood in the middle, and I stood at the back.

Orhen held the map and kept an eye on the surroundings, while I erased the traces.

As humans, no matter how careful we were, traces were bound to remain, but…

It was necessary to minimize what was noticeable.

For example, in places where you had to exert force to climb, footprints remain deep.

I would crush such places with my feet. Of course, I had Winds, so I could do it more smoothly.

‘Well, do I really need to go to this extent here?’

It was the first real mission. I needed to put everything I’d learned to use.

Marhan said that minor carelessness could cause big trouble.

Marhan’s presence wasn’t visible, but he must be watching us from somewhere.

Hmm. I was just walking, and my mind was filled with thoughts.

He said he wouldn’t help, but I wondered if he would if something happened.

…Will he help?

I have Mystic, and Denif and Orhen were not ordinary talents either.

But that didn’t mean I had no worries.

According to what Denif heard, there was a 15-year-old child who lost an arm during a mission and disappeared.

In the end, we had to resolve this among ourselves.

‘Actually, even if he helps, it would be the same.’

It would be difficult for him to block a flying sword right in front of us from a distance.

We could lose our lives just like the missing child.

Nevertheless, we climbed the mountain in silence. Since it was a real mission, Denif had a serious expression as well.

He didn’t forget to stop from time to time and check the map.

“Let’s stop for a moment and check the map again.”

It was already essential, but Denif, who had a bit of a poor sense of direction, checked it meticulously.

He was not stupid, but he tended to be absent-minded and reckless in some places.

And when it was a little past 10 o’clock, we arrived at the target location.

Through the binoculars, the hideout of those guys was clearly visible below the cliff.

I didn’t know if they were confident in their abilities or just careless, but they had even lit a fire.

There were three makeshift tents around the campfire.

‘One must be that Demit guy, and the other two are probably his subordinates, sharing the rest.’

Looking at their makeshift arrangement, it seemed more like a temporary shelter than a long-term residence.

After all, they were a group of criminals.


I scratched my neck. It seemed like there were too many flaws compared to what I had worried about.

Two of them were playing cards, while the other three were drinking by the campfire.

Although Marhan said there were five, I looked around a little more just in case, but I didn’t see any additional people.

No signs of reinforcements?

“They’re more….”

“They seem quite careless.”

Orhen picked up my muttered words. She also had a somewhat disappointed expression.

Denif gave a little teasing remark.

“See? What did I say? Looks like we can go straight ahead.”

Instead, Denif’s words actually reassured me.

I briefly thought we had wasted our efforts, but complacency was always forbidden.

The fact that they committed 15 murders and more than that number of rapes without being caught meant they had skills.

Their appearance might be a show of confidence. I raised my tension once again.

“Why don’t we just go down now and wipe them out?”

In the midst of that, the words that naturally came out were, of course, spoken by Denif.

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