How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 36 - Ruins of Leocran (1)

Author: Dawn

Intelligence organizations often disguise themselves as mercenaries. 

It provided them the advantage of having the freedom to move without arousing suspicion wherever they went. 

Additionally, mercenaries had access to information that could only be obtained within their world. 

For mercenaries, combat, and war mean money. 

Like merchants attracted to the scent of money, mercenaries were drawn to conflicts and disputes. 

Both aspects were beneficial for intelligence organizations agents to utilize.

Even the allies’ agents in Tumak were posing as a small mercenary group. 

They were currently tasked with exploring the ruins and providing support and protection for the mission. 

Therefore, it was not we who discovered the ruins. 

Our mission was to handle the employer and ensure the safe extraction of whatever was found within the ruins.

Phiri and I played the roles of members and vice-leader, respectively, joining the team after completing different tasks.

The Haisen’s Imperial Intelligence Agency leader had delegated full authority to Phiri.

‘Just investigate the ruins and proceed if the conditions are favorable, or leave it alone if they aren’t.’

This small mercenary group had undergone verification of their abilities and gained a considerable amount of trust, making them suitable for the exploration mission. 

These mercenaries could be used for other tasks as well, so we were advised to consider that while acting.

In this situation, there was nothing I could do. 

There was no reason to object. Even if it made me uncomfortable, I had no choice. The moment I became a spy, I abandoned all hesitation.

If they wanted to criticize me, let them. I must accept it. It was not like I hadn’t done dirty work before.

Anyway, I had no idea what was related to these ruins. It was due to the employer not providing any information.

Mercenary leader, Heide, said that we should be cautious of archaeologists in the area. 

It was not uncommon for mercenaries to turn against their employers and become thieves.

After hearing a brief explanation of the situation, we proceeded to examine the site.

* * *

The scene was filled with dust and dirt, as they were excavating the underground for the ruins.

Four agents were helping with the exploration support as part of their mission.

‘Considering the workforce of four slave laborers, there must be around fifteen workers in total.’

I sighed inwardly.

I, too, was assigned to help with the exploration starting tomorrow, thanks to my Mystic ability to perceive the internal structure and situations in real-time through “Winds.” 

Since someone else had eyes, I couldn’t just use Winds to inspect the place cleanly. I had to get my hands and body dirty.

Now was the time to avoid it. I followed behind Heide, pushing the dust away with winds.

After a brief examination, it didn’t seem like they were randomly digging. There appeared to be some direction to their efforts.

From a distance, I spotted a middle-aged archaeologist giving instructions. 

He wore the typical explorer’s hat and vest, with a backpack on his back.

At a glance, it was evident that he was different from the slave workers in terms of attire. Beside him was a boy who looked about thirteen years old.

‘Seems like he’s not a slave.’

Judging by Earth’s standards, he had a coffee-colored skin tone, typical of the Western natives.

Strangely enough, he wasn’t dressed in slave laborer attire, but rather, he wore clothes similar to those of an archaeologist.

Usually, western natives do not venture outside their tribes.

Heide whispered.

Therefore, those found within the empire were more likely to be slaves. It was a rare sight.

“He’s an assistant brought along by the archaeologist. It seems like he’s being raised as his successor.” 

As we got closer, the archaeologist, who was giving orders to the slave laborers, noticed us too. He looked at us curiously and approached. His stance was guarded, just like Heide mentioned. It didn’t seem like he wanted to reveal that Heide had penetrated deep into their ranks.

And then, I felt a sense of strangeness.

After a brief contemplation, I realized what it was. He didn’t appear impatient. 

Neither did the employer nor the slave workers.

“Mr. Heide, what brings you here?”

“A few days ago, I mentioned that additional personnel would be arriving, and I’m currently giving a briefing on the situation.”

“I see. Is this child also…?”

“Yes, he’s Kael, a young one we’re raising. He may look young, but his skills are impressive.”

“Hmm, I see. He may look young, but considering it’s Mr. Heide’s word…”

While the archaeologist and Heid were engaged in their work-related conversation, I pondered the reason for my uneasiness. 

Amidst various thoughts swirling in my mind, I felt a gaze on me.

The petite child was looking at me curiously. 

He seemed around sixteen, just like me, and I wondered if he was also a mercenary like others of our age.

‘There’s something vaguely familiar about him.’

Have I seen him before while playing games? 

I searched my memory but couldn’t recall anything specific. It could just be a false impression or my memory being hazy.

I should try to get acquainted with him. 

He was the successor to the archaeologist, and if I handled it well, I might gain valuable information about the ruins.

When our eyes met, I smiled at him, and he responded with a shy smile in return.

It was a good start.

“Then, please feel free to explore.”

After parting ways with the archaeologist and returning to the barracks, Phiri asked, 

“Did you notice anything unusual?”

“No. The slaves didn’t seem to behave strangely.”

Phiri nodded, as if she expected that answer, and took a puff of her cigarette.

Amidst the silence, I pondered the reason for my uneasiness.

“However… I felt like the archaeologist was deliberately stalling.”

“Go on.”

“He didn’t seem anxious. He’s spending his money on this project, and most people would want to find things quickly. The slaves didn’t seem overly burdened either.”

“Well, he might just be a nice person.”

I had considered that possibility, but something didn’t sit right with me.

If I had to put it into words, it was my intuition.

“He could have called in a third party to keep an eye on us.”

“Is it just a hunch?”

Phiri’s question was sharp.


“Heide said he’s been monitoring us since the contract, so do you think our surveillance has been compromised?”

“No, it’s unlikely, but the possibility exists. Since the opponent is an archaeologist, and they might have hired him even before the contract.”

Phiri slightly opened her mouth.

“Archaeologists don’t come cheap, right? Since two mercenary groups might be a burden, it’s possible they called us at different times for surveillance purposes.”

Phiri nodded in agreement, 

“Yeah, that could be it. Kid, you’re sharp.”

“I had a hunch, and then I found reasons.”

“True, intuition is the most crucial element in this line of work. Let’s see if your gut feeling is right.”

Phiri looked satisfied and patted my shoulder. It felt good to have accomplished something.

All of this would be reflected in how they assess me later.

I needed to steadily build up points so that when I said something unbelievable, they would seriously consider it.

* * *

The first thing a spy should do when starting a mission was to gather information. 

That included mingling with the slaves, workers, and archaeologists during meals and work to build familiarity. 

Of course, our own agents here were doing the same and reporting through those interactions.

Although the archaeologist kept a distance, limiting our gains, for now, the only thing I could do was to get closer to the child.

As I wandered around the camp, I spotted the child reading a book near a bonfire outside the archaeologist’s quarters. 

I deliberately moved conspicuously, drawing attention as I moved to a quiet spot outside the camp and drew my sword.

As the bright moonlight reflected off the blade about ten times, as expected, the child approached me.



“You’re Kael, right? Are you training?”

I smiled playfully and nodded my head.

The young boy seemed outgoing, surrounded mostly by slaves. 

Judging from his earlier laughter, I assumed he would be open to conversation.

In a situation where we wouldn’t often meet someone our age, he might be happy to find someone similar in age.

“Am I bothering you?”

“No, it’s fine. In real battles, there can be even more hectic situations. Talking while fighting is part of training.”

“Wow, you’re amazing.”

I purposefully didn’t approach him immediately to make him feel a bit curious about me.

After observing my sword for a moment, the boy finally spoke.

“But Kael, how old are you?”

“Me? I’m sixteen.”

“As I thought, you’re older. I’m fourteen.”

“You’re younger.”

I smiled slightly, and the boy frowned as if displeased.

“What? We’re almost the same age.”

I chuckled inwardly, wondering how old he thought I was. I didn’t laugh out loud.

“Oh, and Medhim said friends are two years apart in age.”


“The bald man who works here.”

He seemed like one of the slaves.

I thought it was time to tease him again. I admitted that it wasn’t a lie, and he brightened up.

“But you seem to be really good at fighting, big brother [1] . I’ve never seen such a young mercenary like this.”

“Really? There are some, but not many.”

“I mean, they may call themself a mercenary, but they’re just doing all kinds of odd jobs. You’re a real mercenary who takes on missions with another person.”

That wasn’t a false statement. This era was closer to combat than learning. Many aspire to become mercenaries. 

As long as they had the skills, even nobles could become mercenaries.

Among those who chased such futile dreams, you could still find children like him.

But usually, they end up being used and abandoned.

How many real mercenaries are there among them?

While pretending to be knowledgeable, they would just carry me around like a porter or a servant.

To stand out, I needed to align myself with their preferences, making me an excellent free laborer for them.

Instead of telling him about this cruel reality, I spoke with a boastful tone.

“Well, I am quite good at fighting.”


“But I also do a lot of menial work. I’m better than them, but still.”

Whispering as if sharing a secret, the boy smiled and nodded.

“I knew there was something tired in your face.”

It was just chronic fatigue, but I forced a wry smile.

“But what are you looking for here? All I heard was that you’re here for ruins.”

The boy slightly pulled back his upper body, revealing his psychological resistance through his actions.

Did I act a bit rashly?

“Mr. Theodore asked me not to say anything….”

At times like this, it’s best to take a step back.

“Well, I guess there’s no other choice. But can you let me know later if you find any clues about the ruins?”


I returned to focusing on my swordsmanship without saying anything further. The boy, who had been keeping silent, seemed hesitant to speak.

It seemed like he lacked experience in making friends.

“…If I tell you, you must never tell anyone else. Can you promise that?”

“Of course. My word is as heavy as lead. I tell all the members in the mercenary group here, even the leader’s secrets.”

The boy’s uncertain expression brightened up upon hearing my response.

“To be honest, I don’t know for sure.”

“Oh, come on, what is it?”

“But Mr. Theodore and I have been constantly chasing traces of Leokren. It’s probably a ruin related to Leocran.”


He was one of the closest friends of the founding emperor and the chief physician, known for his healing Mystic.

That was valuable information. Phiri would be quite pleased to hear about it.

Leocran, a friend of the founding emperor. There must be many valuable things inside the ruins.

While I was lost in my thoughts, the kid seemed to interpret my silence as ignorance and confidently spoke up.

“Leocran is….”

“Oh, I know. He’s a friend of the founding emperor.”

“Huh? You know about him?”

“I’ve studied a bit.”

The kid looked surprised for a moment, then he seemed a bit uneasy. His pupils shook slightly.

“You must not tell anyone!”

“Of course! Don’t worry.”

Wait a minute.

In the game, there was another person who possessed Mystic, aside from the founding emperor’s friend.

Could it be…?

“By any chance, what’s your name?”

“Me? I’m Cedric, huh?”

At that moment, the kid jumped to his feet, furious.

“I’ll go first! Let’s talk later!”

In a hurry, the boy ran towards the campsite. Beyond his figure, I caught a glimpse of the archaeologist.

He looked restless, trying to search for the kid. 

The archaeologist looked at me and the child as he approached, then he began to say something.

Even from a distance, it looked like a scolding.

However, I had no time to worry about that.

Cedric. The mad saint Cedric? It wasn’t just a random feeling. I must have seen him in the game.

‘Why didn’t I think of this before?’

The boy’s young age had thrown me off at first. But considering his age and skin color, it made sense.

Moreover, although he had one missing eye, the mad saint Cedric also had the Mystic of “Healing.”

‘He used to hate mercenaries.’

Memories from three years ago began to resurface, a bit hazy but still clear enough.

It seemed that something significant had happened to him during his time here.

His hatred for mercenaries and acquiring the mystic of “Healing.”

Even the nickname “Mad Saint” seemed to have some connection to our mercenary group.

But the mystery remained. If Phiri had come here, then Cedric couldn’t have survived.

Hmm, maybe some butterfly effect occurred because of me.

It was also possible that another agent came here in Phiri’s place.

In any case, I wondered what had happened at this ruin.

As I raised my sword, the moonlight reflected on the blade, giving it a weighty presence.

  • 1. TLN: Hyung
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