How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 38 - The Ruins of Leocran (3)

Author: Dawn

For three days, there was no significant progress. If the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps had been involved from the beginning, we might have found the ruins earlier.

Since they weren’t hired, they had no interest in guarding or laboring.

I wished we had discovered it sooner, especially because the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps had been openly disregarding us and causing trouble.

There was a clear distinction between large and small mercenary groups. I had heard of the friction, but it seemed a bit excessive. It was as if they were just itching for a fight.

‘They’re probably going to kill everyone, so there’s no need to worry.’

I even thought that they were a bunch of weaklings. They didn’t even bother to hide their true colors before striking.

Although there was a difference between what I could endure and what annoyed me, I could still remain calm because I knew I had time for revenge.

“Oh, that bastard is coming over here again.”

Following Phiri’s cold remark, I saw Theodore and Vegeon with playful smiles on their faces.

My appetite vanished at the sight.

“Just bear with it.”

“He’s giving me dirty looks from day one. I feel like plucking him out.”

I knew that nothing would happen, but I sympathized with Phiri’s anger.

His ominous gaze indicated that he wanted to try something with the beautiful woman in the small mercenary group.

“Tsk, are you eating stew again?”

Seeing Vegeon’s pitiful expression, I felt nauseated.

The usually smooth-talking Phiri laughed mischievously.


“What do you say? Why don’t you come over and eat with us? We’re planning to grill meat today.”

“It’s alright.”

“Don’t decline. I have something important to tell you. Hmm? It’ll be great if you join the large mercenary group, right?”

“No, thank you. I have to go on guard duty immediately.”

Vegeon didn’t give up even after Phiri’s polite refusal.

“How about dinner tonight then? I’ll talk to Heide about it.”

Vegeon’s snake-like eyes scanned Phiri. Ugh, he was being unbearable today.

Only after hearing Phiri’s response, saying she would think about it if Heide agreed, did Vegeon finally leave.

Watching his retreating figure, Phiri muttered seriously.

“Should I just go in? I could kill that bastard quickly and then deal with the rest outside, couldn’t I?”

This didn’t seem like a joke. I involuntarily coughed.

“I will handle it thoroughly.”

I meant it.

I didn’t like those kinds of people either. Useless bastards causing trouble.

Especially when it was the vice leader, Phiri, who was being targeted.

Phiri blinked after hearing my words, and her characteristic mischievous glint appeared.

“Really? Our little brother, worrying about his big sister?”


Phiri’s pupils widened slightly before drawing a crescent shape. Was this her first time being treated like a big sister?

“Yeah. I’ll trust our little brother.”

And so, the time for revenge came faster than expected.

The ruins were discovered after the lunch break, about two hours and twenty minutes had passed.

* * *

Clang, clang-

While digging with the pickaxe, I felt a slight tremor in the ground from a distance.

It felt different from usual. I was certain that we had found the ruins.

“Found it!”

“It’s the third tunnel!”

As expected, the shouts of the workers echoed through the tunnel. People became busy.

At the spot where I rushed to, the archaeologist and Vegeon were standing in front of a three-meter-tall stone gate.

Unlike Heide, who was overseeing guard duty outside, Vegeon had been following the archaeologist all the time.

I quickly assessed the situation.

Including myself, we had five from our side, seven from the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps, and eleven slaves. There was quite a difference in numbers.

Nothing would happen immediately. The Iron Lions Mercenary Corps would probably come down from above.

‘As expected.’

One of the Iron Lions mercenaries at the back discreetly slipped away.

Our agents didn’t bother to move. They would probably be watching from above.

I turned my gaze toward the stone gate. Nine stone disks the size of fists, arranged like buttons, were protruding.

They resembled a constellation because there were small grooves connecting the disks like threads.

But it was a constellation I had never seen before.

“Can we enter?”

Vegeon’s voice was sharp, but Theodore, with a delighted expression, didn’t notice.

“Don’t worry. We just needed to find it.”

When the archaeologist snapped his fingers, one of the slave workers brought a chair used for resting.

Theodore took a deep breath and climbed onto the chair, raising his right hand slowly.

“Theodore! Wait, is that safe?”

Vegeon was startled and intervened. It was due to the legend of many traps in such ruins.

Even I, knowing that, remained tense.

The archaeologist sent an assured look and pointed to the stone disks, and Cedric looked at him.

“Cedric, what do you think this is?”

Cedric remained silent for a moment before hurriedly opening his mouth as Theodore was about to express disappointment.

“Oh! It’s the Gemini constellation.”

“Yeah, that’s right. You found the connecting link.”

“No, I should have thought of it sooner.”

The Gemini constellation?

I had never heard of it before. I couldn’t understand the conversation between the two.

Well, they were talking about constellations related to archaeology.

It was probably some constellation that existed long ago but had disappeared now.

“Then how do you think we should open it?”

Vegeon, who was far away from the conversation, sighed deeply, looking as if he was about to suffocate.

He looked frustrated.

There was no answer to his question, and since the moment he found the ruins, he had been playing master.

Frankly, I felt the same.

The tension tightened like a wind spell, and unnecessary actions seemed counterproductive since the combat was coming up soon.

I took a deep breath to calm my mind.

To move like the winds, one needed to maintain composure and wait for the right moment.

“According to the ancient texts, it starts from here…”

Cedric pointed to the stone disks one by one with his finger. Judging from Theodore’s expression, I could tell he had the right answer.

“That’s right. Do you want to try opening it?”

“Is that okay?”

“Of course.”

With great excitement before a significant discovery, Theodore lifted Cedric onto the chair.

Then he turned toward us.

“We’re going to open the door now. Those feeling uneasy can step back a bit.”

Upon hearing that, everyone took a few steps back, except Cedric and the child.

I did the same. There was no need to appear bold in this situation.

“Let me introduce you. This is the ruins of Leocran, a friend of the founding emperor. No, to be precise, it’s the ruins Leocran had discovered.”

What? The ruins that Leocran had discovered?

Cedric seemed to have misunderstood. But it was precisely at this moment that the possibility of a Mystic being present in this place increased.

Both Leocran, who possessed the healing mystic, and Cedric had entered these ruins, which meant they had a chance to acquire mystics.

However, the chances of stealing the Mystic were slim.

‘Mystics don’t transfer through material objects but rather seep into a person.’

Though not much was known about Mystics, this was one certainty.

If I looked at it closely, the ruins might have chosen Cedric.

Not that I was particularly greedy. I hadn’t seen anyone in the game with two Mystics.

On the other hand, Vegeon’s face was twisted. It must have been something Theodore had mentioned.

The ruins had already been discovered.

From Vegeon’s perspective, his plan to find the ruins had failed.

Well, Vegeon wasn’t the only one disappointed. Most of us, including our agents, had disappointed expressions.

The tense atmosphere was slightly relaxed.

“Judging by your expressions, it seems like you’re all quite disappointed.”

Among them, Theodore was the only one with a bright smile.

“But don’t worry. According to Leocran’s journal that I acquired, he mentioned that he filled the place where he found the treasure with another treasure as a reward.”

The tension rose again. Theodore smiled and clapped his hands together.

“It’s alright. Now, let’s open it.”


Cedric nodded and placed his hand on the stone disks with a slightly tense face.

Click, click…

And when Cedric pressed the eleventh disk, a massive vibration shook the place.

At that moment, I could feel an unfamiliar energy. Cedric’s face seemed to twitch slightly.

Perhaps, did the Mystic just transfer?

Before I could think further, the stone gate began to open.

* * *

When the stone gate opened underground, on the surface, one of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps mercenaries fell to the ground, spilling blood.

After informing the rest of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps, he shot an arrow toward his comrades outside.

The Iron Lions Mercenary Corps vanguard was not far away. Since they were all riding horses, they would arrive quickly.

Phiri, with her sword ready, looked back at the agents.

Except for the five who entered the underground, there were nine others.

Normally, they would have been scattered near the camp for surveillance, but they had agreed to gather here.

From a distance, the signal was sent up again.

It was the signal sent by the vanguard of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps to the main force. Phiri knew that the time had come.

“Team 1, stay hidden and be ready to detonate. Team 2, let’s go in.”


* * *

Meanwhile, inside the opened underground chamber, everyone couldn’t hide their surprise.

Inside the chamber, which was about 20 pyeong (around 66 square meters) in size, there was only a wooden box placed in front of the statue.

The walls were filled with unknown symbols, which were intriguing, but that was all there was.

“W-what is this…?”

Even Theodore couldn’t find the words for this unexpected situation.

He stood still for about ten seconds, and then hurriedly came to his senses and ran towards the wooden box.


Theodore let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, the wooden box was filled with gold and jewels.

His expression brightened slightly.

However, it was not the amount of treasure he had hoped for, given the expectations of exploring the ruins of Leocran, who was a friend of the founding emperor.

According to the journal, Leocran had filled the place where he found the treasure with another treasure as a reward.

Theodore had imagined a room filled with a vast amount of gold.


At that moment, Theodore noticed the corner of a piece of parchment sticking out between the gold coins.

It was undoubtedly written in an ancient language.

Theodore pretended to rummage through the gold coins and quickly slipped the parchment into his sleeve.

He was bending over, so no one could see the situation, but Carlyn was using Winds to observe what was happening.

He noticed and moved closer to Cedric.

It was to protect Cedric, who had the mystic, in case any trouble occurred.

The child had been standing still since the gate opened.

“Why are you like that?”

“Oh, uh?”

“Just standing there.”

“I-I was just surprised.”

Carlyn didn’t pretend to know about the mystic. It was better to help without knowing. No reason to reveal anything.

“Theodore, is this all?”

Vegeon asked, checking the time with a stopwatch. He was calculating the arrival of reinforcements.

Theodore, now aware of Vegeon’s rather icy tone, raised his head slightly.

“T-there might be a secret chamber, so we need to search further.”

“That’s right. With Leocran’s name mentioned, it would be disappointing if this is all there is. Though it’s not a small amount.”

“Haha… There must be more.”

Theodore stumbled over his words, and Vegeon just smirked.

“Why do you always raise our expectations like that?”

Vegeon was feeling mixed emotions.

He felt relieved that they had found anything at all, but at the same time, there was some disappointment as he had raised his expectations even if it was just a little.

Theodore also sensed the chilly atmosphere and subtly moved back.

“Vegeon! We’re here!”

Just then, the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps rushed in from behind. They were the ones who had been waiting above.

Carlyn had already expected them to come this far.

“Why did you bother coming down here?”

“We were curious when we heard about the discovery of the ruins. Hehe.”

Everyone present could sense the malicious undertones in their conversation.

The Iron Lions Mercenary Corps formed a line, blocking the entrance to the underground tunnel as if they were encircling it.

Vegeon disdainfully snapped his fingers.

“Theodore, find something? Keep searching, there might be more to find.”

“Ah, y-yes.”

Theodore nodded and sent a desperate look to our agents.

He was asking for help.

Our mercenaries just pretended to be tense, their faces showing no emotion.

“Co-Come over here.”

Theodore called the slaves and started examining various things, but it was obvious he was just trying to buy time.

Vegeon checked the time again and shrugged.

“Well, they should have arrived by now, right?”

“Yes. That’s enough time. They should be coming through the tunnel right now.”

Theodore, who had been touching the awkward walls, swallowed nervously. Vegeon yawned, looking bored.

“Is there anything else to find?”

“Well, uh, it seems this is the end.”

“But why do you keep stalling, it’s annoying.”

Carlyn positioned his left hand on his dagger and tightly gripped the pickaxe with his right hand.

Since they were underground, they couldn’t carry swords. The other agents were in the same situation.

Carlyn whispered to Cedric.

“When I shout, hide behind the slaves right away.”

Since he used Winds, there was no chance of anyone else overhearing.

Carlyn confirmed that Cedric slightly nodded in response.

A tense silence hung in the air. The tension was palpable.

Then, through the Winds, Carlyn sensed the sound of the Haisen agents rushing through the tunnel.

Carlyn calmly calculated the distance.

27 seconds until they arrived.

“Enough now. You all know what we’re here for. Heide Mercenary Corps… If you just stay still, I’ll spare your lives. What do you say?”

It was clear that they intended to kill everyone. Carlyn grinned at their brazen faces.

15 seconds until they arrived.


Carlyn drew his dagger with his left hand and hurled the pickaxe.

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