How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 39 - The Ruins of Leocran (4)

Author: Dawn

Five pickaxes flew from different directions, cutting through the air in the stone chamber.

Their target was the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps.

Despite the unexpected ambush, only two mercenaries fell. But Carlyn felt more surprised than disappointed.

‘Two of them die over this?’

He had hoped to break their formation and create chaos. It was meant to be over, as the others were already complacent about the situation.

Among the three survivors, two dodged the attacks and only Vegeon drew his sword to parry the pickaxe.

It looked impressive, but Vegeon regretted not dodging it entirely.

The force behind the pickaxe was more powerful than he had imagined.

His fingertips and arm tingled, and he wanted to let go of the sword. But he couldn’t afford the luxury of catching his breath.

Carlyn was charging toward him.

‘You’re mine.’

In that fleeting moment, Carlyn’s dagger almost touched Vegeon’s chest.

He had thrown the pickaxe and then quickly shifted his grip to the dagger, allowing him to execute this maneuver.

Amidst it all, he didn’t forget to check Cedric’s safety.

As Vegeon’s chest was exposed due to blocking the pickaxe, Carlyn aimed his dagger at Vegeon’s abdomen. But Vegeon, with his years of experience, quickly made a decision.

It was too late to block; he had to evade. The middle-aged mercenary pivoted on his left foot, shifting his body to the side.

The dagger grazed the edge of his clothes. Carlyn extended his arm and struck to the right.


Vegeon managed to push the dagger away with his sword at the last moment. Clang! The sharp metallic sound echoed in the stone chamber.

Simultaneously, metal sounds erupted from all around them.

“What… what’s happening?”

The Iron Lions Mercenary Corps couldn’t hide their confusion as the situation unfolded differently from their expectations.

An inexperienced recruit was the first to lose his life.

At the opportune moment, two Haisen agents appeared from behind the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps.

There were only two of them.

Theodore, who had secretly hoped for reinforcements, closed his eyes in disappointment.

But this was Carlyn’s plan as well. It was all intended to create a dramatic scene.

Originally, Phiri was supposed to handle all the outside agents, but the number changed to seven.

‘It’s impossible for one ordinary mercenary to deal with 22 people alone.’

It was a moment when seven of our agents engaged in combat against twelve of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps in the narrow tunnel.

Theodore, Cedric, and the slaves froze at the resounding sounds of metal clashing from all directions.

It wasn’t the first time they encountered combat, but it was the shock of being in a seemingly inferior position and the betrayal that caught them off guard.

They were betrayed by their own friends whom they had brought along, adding to their panic.

The numerical disadvantage was something they could overcome immediately, but in their panicked state, Theodore couldn’t even give orders to the slaves for help.

‘Just keep it up like that.’

Carlyn found this situation rather satisfying.

The guilt of staying behind would be overshadowed by gratitude once the situation was resolved.

In truth, even with the numerical disadvantage, a fight between a large mercenary corps and state-trained spies took a different course.

It wasn’t a difficult battle.

Yet, the agents followed their orders, putting on an exaggerated display of fierce combat.

They intentionally suffered minor injuries, and Carlyn did the same.

Since the moment he blocked the pickaxe, Carlyn could roughly gauge Vegeon’s skill level.

He was beneath him.

Though he couldn’t handle over twenty mercenaries like the vice-leader Phiri, this much was enough for Carlyn.

‘Two more.’

Carlyn secretly signaled while dealing with Vegeon.

The Haisen agents noticed the signal and subtly stepped back, making room for them to engage with the remaining Iron Lions Mercenary Corps.

This was also part of the plan.

The youngest Carlyn’s struggle would appear more dramatic to the employer.


Cedric, who was watching the scene unfold, yelled in horror, gripping Theodore’s arm tightly.

Theodore also gulped nervously.

One against three. But one of them was a sixteen-year-old boy. Theodore widened his eyes.

Even such a young child was fighting as a contracted mercenary. He felt embarrassed about himself now.

“Me-Medhim! Nahaz! Come on, help them!”

Theodore belatedly ordered the slaves. However, the slaves only hesitated, holding their pickaxes.

They were afraid of death, and the chaotic situation made it difficult for them to intervene.

Carlyn showed a precarious appearance, but he confirmed the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps reinforcements approaching.

Now it was time to wrap things up.


Carlyn suddenly yelled out, transforming into an aggressive stance. The mercenaries who noticed the signal picked up their pace.

One by one, the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps mercenaries began to fall.

Carlyn instinctively bent her head forward and evaded a sword that came from behind.

Then, she rolled on the ground. The sword cut through the air above her.

It seemed like someone had eyes on their back.

In a perilous moment, Carlyn’s thrilling movements caught Theodore and Cedric off guard, leaving them with gaping mouths.

“Damn! When did these bastards…?”


Carlyn screamed suddenly, transforming into an aggressive stance. The mercenaries who noticed the signal also increased their speed.

One by one, Iron Lions Mercenary Corps mercenaries began to fall.

Carlyn instinctively bent his head forward and evaded a sword that came from behind.

Then, he rolled on the ground. The sword cut through the air above him.

It seemed like someone had eyes on their back.

In a perilous moment, Carlyn’s thrilling movements left Theodore and Cedric with gaping mouths.

“Damn! When are those bastards coming…?”


Vegeon’s scream, directed at someone unknown, was left unfinished.

While Carlyn rolled on the ground, he had stabbed the sword of a corpse into the mercenary behind him.

An opportunity arose amidst the astonishment.

Carlyn twisted his wrist to withdraw the sword diagonally while throwing his right-hand dagger.


The sound of the dagger piercing the skull of a mercenary in the back was eerie.

In an instant, only Vegeon remained, while the Haisen agents were all unharmed, and most of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps was down.


At that moment, the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps reinforcements rushed in. It was unfortunate for Vegeon.

Carlyn charged like lightning.

“Vegeon! What’s going on?”

The bewildered vice leader asked Vegeon, who couldn’t respond.

In the brief distraction, Carlyn sliced Vegeon’s hand, causing a piercing scream to echo in the chamber.


Vegeon’s grip on the sword loosened, and the weapon fell to the ground, trembling for a moment before coming to a stop.

Carlyn turned away, leaving Vegeon behind. It was enough for now.

He had promised Phiri to handle him properly, so he couldn’t just let him go easily.

Despite the gushing blood from his severed wrist, Vegeon wouldn’t die so easily. His body was trained with magic power.


The scout leader, now understanding the situation, couldn’t say a word and swallowed nervously.

It was strange that there were no guards to deal with, but that made them arrive faster.

However, they were caught in an ambush, and now they were the only ones left there. What on earth had happened?

The scout leader tried to remain calm.

‘Vegeon must have been deceived by those bastards. The Heide mercenaries are more skilled than I thought.’

Nevertheless, he wasn’t too concerned.

After all, the leader and 21 other comrades would be here soon.

Come to think of it, this might have been a stroke of luck.

Since it was a delicate situation, he only brought the comrades who were close to the leader. Still, the numbers were plenty.

During the altercation, 15 of them were reduced in number, which would make it easier for him to deal with them.

‘It’s a good situation.’

The room only contained seven people and the slaves. Even the mercenaries seemed to have injuries from the recent combat.

The scout leader unsheathed his sword.

“Daring to attack the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps… You will pay the price.”

Carlyn managed to suppress a laugh at the audacity of those who would steal from thieves.

Even though they were no match, the tension needed to be maintained.


Thump- Perhaps due to the thrill of the recent combat, even the slaves stood behind Carlyn.

* * *

Phiri and the agents were hidden near the campsite, observing the situation.

It had been a little while since they sent the scout leader. Soon, the reinforcements would arrive.

Not long after, twenty-two members of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps were seen riding toward them.

The bombs had been planted inside the camp. It wouldn’t be long before the situation was over.

And in seven seconds.

When the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps arrived near the tunnel, Phiri clenched her fist without saying a word.


It wasn’t a grand explosion, but it was enough to scatter the mercenaries on horseback.

At the same time, Phiri rushed forward like the wind.

With one strike, she decapitated the leader and disposed of nearly twenty mercenaries within twenty seconds.

“Hurry up.”

Immediately, the agents changed into Iron Lions Mercenary Corps attire and placed the corpses elsewhere before detonating the bombs.

Thump! The bodies were now unrecognizable, creating a scene of destruction for the Heide mercenaries.

‘This should be enough.’

Phiri thought as she approached Heide. One of the agents she had prearranged was by her side.

Phiri swiftly moved her sword, leaving wounds on Heide and the agent’s bodies.

Blood seeped through the dirtied clothes.

“The rest can be handled properly, right?”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

With a resolute expression, Heide nodded, and Phiri turned away.

“Let’s go.”

* * *

“When, when will the leader be…?”

The Iron Lions Mercenary Corps’ reinforcements searched only for their support and fell. The underground passage was being cleared.

Although the agents had many injuries, they weren’t severe, just for appearances.


At that moment, a massive rumbling erupted from above. It was the sound of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps’ main force breaking through.

A thick cloud of dust fell.

Everyone in the underground chamber was astonished. Carlyn and the agents acted the same.

Amidst the thick dust, Carlyn endured the discomfort and protected himself from the dust entering his nose.

“W-what’s happening up there?”

The trembling voice of Theodore broke the momentary silence. The agents gasped for breath as they replied.

“It seems like something is happening above. Those guys up there also mentioned something coming…”

“I guess we should go up to check.”


Once again, the ground shook, and a massive cloud of dust filled the tunnel.

“Mr. Theodore, is this tunnel collapsing?”

Cedric asked, making Theodore uneasy, and he quickly ordered the slaves to grab their boxes.

Carlyn took advantage of the distraction and grabbed Vegeon’s collar, who was lying injured. His face had turned pale due to the continued bleeding.

“What happened up there? Tell me the truth!”

“I-I don’t kn-know.”

Vegeon stuttered, appearing disoriented from the excessive loss of blood.


Once again, a deafening boom resounded, and more dirt fell than before. Theodore yelled.

“Q-quickly, grab the boxes!”

“Heide mercenaries! We’re upstairs!”

As everyone hurriedly moved, Carlyn still held Vegeon by the collar.

One of the agents tilted their head inwardly at his actions. It was an unexpected move, not part of their plan.

“Kael! We need to go too!”

“Yes! I’ll deal with this and catch up!”

Carlyn said this while pulling out a dagger stuck in the forehead of a dead mercenary.

Seeing his intent to confirm the kill, the last remaining agent turned and started running.

Carlyn plunged the dagger into Vegeon’s vital spot. Now, he would die slowly in agony.

Afterward, he quickly moved behind a statue.

When the chamber opened, Carlyn swiftly scanned the area with Winds.

At that moment, he noticed a very small space hidden behind the statue.

‘I didn’t expect Theodore to miss this.’

In the life-and-death situation, it was clear that he had overlooked it. It was an unexpected gain.

Just as Cedric, facing imminent death, was about to discover the item, Carlyn got hold of it.

Carlyn grinned a wicked smile.

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