How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 40 - The Ruins of Leocran (5)

Author: Dawn

As I emerged from the underground passage, I was greeted by a chaotic campsite. Traces of fierce combat were scattered all over.

I couldn’t help but be amazed. It wouldn’t have been easy to create this mess with only a few people in such a short time.

Amidst the heavy atmosphere, the agents lowered their heads with gloomy expressions.

Heide was the only one looking up at the sky with bloodshot eyes, seething with anger.

‘He’s good at acting, huh?’

It wasn’t easy to express such emotions, but even though I knew it was fake, it felt so real.

Amidst the silence, the slaves were watching discreetly. Theodore, who seemed embarrassed, approached with caution.

“W-what exactly happened here?”

“…You probably already know. The Iron Lions Mercenary Corps betrayed us.”

Heide’s voice was cold, but it seemed to barely contain his anger.

Of course, everyone present knew that Theodore’s question wasn’t seeking an answer. It was just indirect reproach. It was because of him that things turned out this way.

Theodore knew this too, so he slightly bowed his head.

After a brief silence, Heide let out a deep sigh and began speaking.

“While we were on guard duty, we spotted the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps approaching. They asked us to open the passage, but something felt off.”

Theodore nodded heavily. We encountered additional personnel in the underground passage.

“While trying to gather the guards to confront them, twenty-two more mercenaries arrived.”


“Yes. We tried to resist, but due to the three-fold difference in numbers, we started to fall back quickly. That’s why we had no choice but to use the bombs.”

“B-bombs? How did you get those?”

Heide looked at Theodore with pitying eyes.

“I received them as payment in lieu of the previous request. I kept them in reserve for emergencies.”

In truth, Theodore’s question wasn’t entirely unreasonable.

Bombs were so precious that most mercenary groups couldn’t afford to have them.

“During the process, our vice-leader and some members sacrificed themselves.”

Heide’s voice choked up, filled with both sorrow and anger.

Theodore closed his eyes tightly as he heard the brief summary of the situation.

“…I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I called those trash.”

Heide let out another deep sigh.

“It’s already happened; what can we do? It’s not like you’re the one who called them because you didn’t trust us. It’s just that those guys are trash.”

Even in the face of Heide’s words, Theodore couldn’t raise his head and only rolled his eyes.

Of course, it wasn’t a coincidence that he called them. He was the one who made the call.

“I-I can’t compensate for lives with money, but I’ll do whatever it takes to make amends.”

Heide stared silently at Theodore, and Theodore seemed even more perplexed.

His mind must be a mess right now.

If Heide lost his temper and raised his sword now, it could cost Theodore his life.

He must be experiencing a mix of relief, gratitude, and guilt, along with the anxiety that he could die again at any moment.

“Let’s get out of here for now. There might still be more members of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps around.”

“Y-yes, let’s do that.”

Theodore replied, his face suddenly brightening at Heide’s words.

“Tumak might be a bit dangerous, so let’s go by carriage.” 

Theodore quickly nodded, showing signs of urgency at the possibility of more enemies being present.

Just then, a faint rumbling was felt from underground. 

It seemed like the stone gate of the ruins was closing.

And then, with a deep rumble, the ground shook as the tunnel behind them collapsed.

Chills ran down my spine.

‘If we were a little late, we could have been trapped inside and died.’ 

However, there was no warning from Death Avoidance. 

It seemed more like a mystical effect of the ruins than an aftereffect of the explosion; after all, it was a place of “Healing.”

“Hurry, let’s move! Take only what you need.” 

Heide urged, and Theodore reluctantly agreed, still looking dazed.

In any case, my plan had been perfectly successful. 

Now Theodore would spread the notorious reputation of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps in the north. 

It didn’t matter that they were already a doomed bunch, what matters was that we were on the other side. 

In a place where many mercenaries have left for the West, the fame of Heide’s mercenary corps, which held off 52 mercenaries with just 14 members, would soar. 

We’d gather more mercenaries and deploy agents to bolster our forces.

Having gained Theodore’s trust, if he discovered another ruin, he would call upon us again.

Of course, that was just an additional gain.

* * *

Phiri recalled her conversation with Carlyn.

“What is the reason you’re thinking of?”

“The first reason is, as I mentioned before, that we can continue to use and benefit from Theodore.”


“It’s a secondary benefit, but it’s proven that he’s capable. Plus, if he discovers more ruins, he will commission us for the artifacts that come out of them. We can handle the transactions.”

Phiri raised her hand. 

“I understand what you’re saying, but it’s not easy to come across ruins.”

“That’s true. However, it’s about the possibility.” 

“Fine, let’s assume that’s true. Anyway, that’s not the most important thing.”

Phiri let out a small sigh and lit a cigarette. 

“The reason needs to be valid, or I might be very disappointed.”

“Of course. The second reason is that there’s no need to dismantle Heide’s Mercenary Corps. Instead, we should increase its size.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s expand the scale of the mercenary corps altogether.”

Phiri’s eyebrows furrowed.

Carlyn only smiled wryly. Impatience stirred inside Phiri. She wanted to hear more.

“Most of the mercenary corps has headed west. However, only we know that something is happening in the north.”


Phiri’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Whether it’s the Empire or other countries, or even the Devil Worshipper, something is being plotted for sure.”

It was a matter that their godfather, Haisen, the Chief of Intelligence, personally intervened in to grasp. 

They had to figure out what was going on and either stop it or use it to their advantage.

“By exposing the atrocities of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps and mixing our achievements, we can elevate Heide’s Mercenary Corps into a large-scale mercenary organization in the north.”

“Expanding our influence…”

“We’ve already cleared out the Kahalin branch. Even if Father decides to rebuild it, it will be a fresh start from the ground up. It won’t be easy at first.”

“And instead, using Heide’s Mercenary Corps, which has gained trust and reputation, as a bridge?”


Phiri silently smoked her cigarette, lost in thought. It was a brilliant plan without a doubt.

Mercenaries seek out reputable mercenary groups. 

By inserting agents among the new recruits, losing the Kahalin branch would become inconsequential.

Instead, they would wield even greater influence in the north than before.

A renowned mercenary group. They could move more freely, facing less suspicion compared to when they operated under the guise of the Merchant Guild.

Such a network of intelligence was priceless. It couldn’t be easily created just with money, no matter how much wealth they had.

“In this process, Theodore’s role is just a trumpet player. It would be even better if he discovers another ruin.” 

Carlyn asserted confidently.

Finally, after concluding her thoughts, Phiri nodded slowly, and a smile followed a beat later.

“Turning the opponent into villains, using and dismantling a mercenary corps for a greater plan.”


“Are you a genius by any chance?” 

Carlyn grinned back.

“Didn’t I tell you before? I’m smart.”

“Yeah, Father will be very pleased.”

Phiri knew he was clever, but she didn’t expect him to see so far into the future. She was impressed by Carlyn’s wisdom and felt grateful that he had come to the Empire.

And perhaps…

She even thought that Carlyn might become the next Chief of Intelligence, succeeding Haisen.

“Ms. Phiri.”

The agent’s question snapped Phiri out of her reverie. In the dark night, torches were visible in the distance. 

It was the group of Heide’s mercenaries and archaeologists.

“Shall we begin?”


Now, only additional steps remained in the plan. 

They would dress as Iron Lions Mercenary Corps members and pretend to search for their missing comrades to create a sense of urgency.

It wasn’t necessary, but it was crucial when considering the future. 

Fear and terror would soon evolve into dependence on Heide’s Mercenary Corps.

Phiri pulled the reins.

* * *

“We’ve taken care of the three scouts.” 

Heide said, and Theodore let out a sigh of relief. It had been a close call.

However, anxiety still lingered. 

Even though they had killed fifty of them, there were still nearly 150 members of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps left to deal with.

Theodore’s mind was filled with fearful imaginations.

“I-Is it alright to continue like this?”

“We can’t stay here for a camp. We should move again. Are you okay with that?”

“Of course! I’ll let them know to prepare for departure.” 

The slaves quickly packed up their belongings, and the journey resumed.

Inside the carriage, Theodore searched through his sleeves and took out a piece of parchment that he had found just fifteen minutes ago. 

It was the message he couldn’t read earlier due to the sudden appearance of the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps.

“What? This insane…!” 

Theodore exclaimed after reading the parchment.

[To the one who reached here, are you disappointed? It was just a little joke. Check behind the statue. -Leocran]

Theodore was filled with deep regret. Going back to the ruins now would be foolish, especially with the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps hot on their trail. 

Not to mention that he had personally witnessed the collapse of the tunnel.

Theodore’s anger toward the Iron Lions Mercenary Corps and Vegeon resurfaced once more.

He decided that he would return later when things were settled.

Unaware that something left by Leocran was with Carlyn, he was resolved to find it.

Meanwhile, Carlyn was grumbling to himself while standing on the outskirts.

‘Jeez, she could’ve gone a little easier on me.’

It was all supposed to be a pretense of fighting, but Phiri had attacked him with sincerity. He even got a few cuts on his arms.

Perhaps it was a senior’s way of teaching, but it felt excessive. 

It was a bit ridiculous for Carlyn, who had come up with the brilliant idea.

Of course, Phiri was simply trying to make Carlyn stronger.

He had the brains, he just needed the brawn.

After all, he was only sixteen years old and already quite strong, but Phiri believed that he needed further growth.

‘No one really cares about me…’

Carlyn pretended to go to the restroom and slipped away from the ranks, searching through his belongings.

There it was, a silver bracelet. It had ancient inscriptions on it, but it looked like an ordinary piece of jewelry.

‘Hmm, I don’t really sense any magic power from it.’

Since there were no in-game item descriptions popping up, he had no clue about its properties.

‘I wonder what I would feel if I put it on?’

With that thought, Carlyn put the bracelet on his left wrist.

The moment he did, the bracelet began to react strangely. No light emitted from it, but Carlyn could feel a tingling sensation on his wrist. 

The bracelet slowly melted and merged with his skin.

‘Wha-what is this?’

The metal bracelet had disappeared without a trace, leaving only ancient inscriptions on Carlyn’s wrist, as if it were a tattoo.

Carlyn couldn’t understand what it meant.

‘Is this some kind of Mystic?’

In a hurry, he checked his status window, but nothing had changed. It seemed that it wasn’t a Mystic effect.

He didn’t feel any increase in power or agility either.

‘Well, it can’t be something bad, right?’

After all, it came from a Mystic that granted healing, which was probably a good thing, even though he didn’t know what it meant exactly.

Carlyn assumed that the remaining ancient inscriptions on his wrist held the key to understanding it.

He decided that he would study ancient inscriptions soon. Asking Cedric or Theodore about it now would be crazy.

Then, a system message popped up. It was strange that there hadn’t been any updates about the mission despite his deep involvement in it.

Theodore might have gained confidence in them now.

With anticipation, he turned his gaze to the message. After reaching level 1, additional traits were given at every 5th level.

[You have gained Stratagem experience. Stratagem level 6 achieved. You have obtained the trait ‘Thorough Strategist.’]

[Stratagem level 6 achieved. You have obtained the trait ‘Brilliant Aspiring Spy.’]

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