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Theodore traveled with the Heide Mercenary Corps for a while. After arriving at the camp and finishing the maintenance of the caravan, he wanted an escort to his mansion.

Thanks to the incident we staged, we received not only the original payment but also a considerable amount of gold coins and gems. 

It was quite a satisfying amount.

Theodore even promised that he would hire us if he ever needed help.

During this journey, I also built my relationships with the members of the mercenary corps and got closer to Cedric.

It wasn’t that difficult, especially since I had already gained their favor during the fight inside the ruins.

They were truly impressed, and both Theodore and the slaves seemed to like me.

It was only natural to receive such a reaction when a 16-year-old defeated three mercenaries.

For now, I decided to leave Cedric alone. Although he possessed Mystics, there was no room for further intervention.

What mattered was that no matter when or where we met, I would become friendly with Cedric.

‘Even if I were exposed as a spy, it wouldn’t change the fact that I saved him.’

Afterward, I separated from the mercenary corps and moved with Phiri, completing two simple tasks: stealing documents and assassination. 

I did both, while Phiri supervised on the side, satisfied with my calm and composed performance.

In the first place, these tasks weren’t that difficult. 

Perhaps Phiri wanted to observe my methods of handling things from up close.

It was a shame that I hadn’t heard about the change in our situation, which involved us substituting for the events in Tumak. 

But I didn’t ask about it separately.

‘If it was essential information to me, she would have told me.’

Spies had intrinsic access to information that allowed them to assess their position. 

The higher they climbed, the more information they obtained and the more responsibilities they took on.

It must have been a task that required my immediate attention, and I assumed it was proceeding well. 

The Chief of Intelligence would probably see it as a good idea, and he must be preparing to expand the mercenary corps. 

I couldn’t be sure, but his evaluation of me must be favorable.

In any case, it was a very satisfying mission. I killed two birds with one stone, or rather, many birds. 

I saved Cedric and increased the likelihood of him becoming an ally, and now we could also exert pressure on the devil worshipers in the north.

Since the duke had personally intervened, the leader of Haisen’s imperial intelligence unit wouldn’t be able to take action unnecessarily.

‘He will be keeping an eye on me.’

The same applied to the traits I obtained.

With just this one mission, I acquired two traits: Thorough Strategist and Brilliant Aspiring Spy.

Thorough Strategist granted additional experience when succeeding in Stratagem and decreased the chance of being doubted during Stratagem, making my arguments more persuasive. 

Against an ordinary person, they might not even have half-hearted doubts about my grandiose claims.

Brilliant Aspiring Spy was solely a trait for growth. 

There was no additional experience, but it helped in the process of observing, learning, and acquiring within a certain period. 

It naturally triggered the desire in those around me to teach me something.

‘Indeed, the higher my Stratagem level goes, the better the traits become.’

Compared to the small increase in experience in the past, it was truly a qualitative leap.

Come to think of it, when I first came here and chose Stratagem, I regretted it a lot.

Under the Chief of Intelligence, whom I coincidentally encountered, I was growing in ways that I couldn’t even imagine when playing the game.

The same applied to my martial prowess as well.

‘In the game, I’ve never had such a good start.’ 

But now I was starting to wonder if it would have been best to choose the Stratagem values.

If I had chosen a different one, there might not have been limits to how I could use my information.

I’d already utilized the information I know several times. If I established myself and rose even higher…

It would mean that I could use that information to my advantage, no matter where or when multiple events occur.

“What are you thinking?”

I snapped out of my shallow contemplation at Phiri’s question.

“It’s nothing important.”

“Tsk. If it was the vice-leader who asked, you should answer.”

“I was just wondering why we’re going to Lagritte for a mission.”

When we completed the two missions, Phiri simply told me to follow her without giving any further explanations.

It felt a bit strange.

She used to tell me where and what kind of mission we were going on, but this time, she said it was a secret.

I thought there must be something to it.

“Hmm, what could it be?”

Phiri playfully smiled, but I couldn’t trust that face.

As the vice leader, she was at least a couple of levels above me in acting skills.

‘Did the Chief of Intelligence perhaps discover a connection between the leader and the devil worshipers?’

I had that thought at first, but the possibility was slim.

Finding the link between the leader, and the devil worshipers in such a short time was impossible. 

They were not that careless.

All I could know was the destination confirmed by Dokdo’s law.


Surrounded by a dormant volcano, it was a large city known for its hot springs and served as a vacation spot for nobles.

“Are we here to capture a noble?”

The only thing that came to mind after knowing the destination was that.

However, Phiri just smiled at my words.


* * *

In the game, Lagritte was beautiful, just as I had seen before.

The low buildings harmonized with the mountains, giving a clear and expansive view.

The streets were also clean, and there were more nobles and wealthy people here than commoners.

Phiri was neatly arranging her short hair with a dagger in a narrow alley next to the central square.

My hair, which had reached down to my shoulder blades, instantly turned into a short cut.

After completing the previous mission, I had also dyed my hair, so it would be hard for others to recognize me as the same person.

It was something spies often did. I had also slightly changed my hairstyle.

“Now, isn’t it time to tell me why we’re here?”

Phiri, smoking a cigarette and stretching leisurely, smiled mischievously.

“Why? Are you very curious?”

“Well, not that much…”

“Just say it’s because you’re curious. It’s not fun if you take it too seriously.”

“Yes, I am very curious.”

Answering in a soulless tone, I saw Phiri let out a sigh and shake her head.

Honestly, it was a bit of an incomprehensible aspect.

In usual conversations, she would burst into laughter at any given remark and always find amusement in strange places.

“Why don’t you relax a bit? You’re not here on a mission. You’re here to have fun.”


“Aren’t you on vacation? You know what I mean?”

“Is there such a thing for agents?”

I had never heard of agents taking vacations. 

They usually rest according to their own circumstances. 

Of course, it was impossible during missions. 

They utilized their free time before or after missions.

But usually, it was difficult to do so.

“If you’ve had a tough job, you should rest, right?”

“No. As far as I know, agents don’t have separate vacations.”

“Those are just for the junior agents. They’re allowed to rest on their own anyway, so what’s the problem?”

With such a confident demeanor, I had nothing to say. Well, it was a vertical structure, so it was natural.

With a confident face, Phiri asked.

“So you’re saying you’ve seen me take even a little leisure time?”


I had never witnessed Phiri behaving that way. 

When we moved, Phiri calculated the distances and moved with precision. 

We didn’t waste time in unnecessary places. At most, she snacked a bit, but that was as far as it went.

Phiri, looking at me, suddenly winked.

“It’s actually a reward. You did something big this time.”

“Oh, you mean the mercenary corps matter?”

“Yeah, Father said to take a break.”

Well, that made sense.

Actually, I hadn’t expected it to be a break. We had been on the move for almost a week.

I would prefer to rest during that time rather than unnecessary travel due to fatigue.

“Don’t overthink it. Just rest well. The hot springs here are great. Perfect for relieving fatigue.”

I was curious about Lagritte’s hot springs too. Even on Earth, I had never been to a hot spring.

I had only been to regular bathhouses.

Moreover, in the game, taking a dip in the Lagritte hot springs provided buffs.

There might be something special about it.

“And this vacation is not the only reward he gives to me.”

“I guess so. I will also take a break.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

Huh? It seemed like Phiri was saying that, in addition to the vacation, there were other rewards for me.

“What do you mean?”

“This gets you excited, doesn’t it? Your eyes are gleaming.”

“Me? That’s impossible.”

It seemed like I showed some emotion. I tried to deny it, but Phiri burst out laughing.

“Then what reward do I get?”

“You’ll skip the probation period and be promoted directly to an Inquisitor!”


“Why? Not happy about it?”

“N-no. I’m just surprised. I’m grateful.”

Though the term Inquisitor was used to mean a heretical interrogator, in Haisen’s intelligence agency, it referred to agents directly under the Chief of Intelligence. 

These were a select few, granting them considerable authority.

When assigned to a mission, they were usually designated as the ones in charge, but if not, they became secret evaluators. 

If they felt that the mission was going awry, they could assume the role of the ones in charge.

Agents knew about the existence of Inquisitors, but they didn’t know who the actual Inquisitors were.

“Father was very impressed with this operation. Normally, even if you’re a regular agent, it takes at least three years after the probation period.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. I was the first to be promoted to Inquisitor in just three years. Congratulations. You broke the record as the youngest Inquisitor, and it hasn’t even been two months.”

I had a hunch that I had scored well, but I didn’t expect it to be that good, so I was genuinely surprised.

“Well, even from my perspective, it was quite remarkable. Just when our influence was fading in the north, you turned the tide.”

Phiri leaned forward, raising her face in front of me.

“Don’t tell anyone about this. Not even your friends.”

“Denif and Orhen, you mean?”

“That’s right. Them too.”

“It’s hard to meet them anyway, so why bother.”

If Denif heard this, he would have been so envious that he might have spontaneously combusted. I stifled a laugh inwardly.

“Anyway, you won’t be put in charge right away.”

“That’s right. I suppose it’s because of my age.”

“But you’re still an Inquisitor.”

Phiri grinned meaningfully.

“And being an Inquisitor comes with rewards.”

“What are those rewards? Like a badge or something?”

“Go and find out for yourself. We’re here now, after all.”

Phiri said that and came to a stop. Before us was a jewelry shop, displaying processed gemstones, brooches, and accessories. 

Through the glass, I could see noblewomen browsing inside.

Anyway, this place seemed to be related to our intelligence agency as well.

‘Hmm, it’s probably not a gem they will give me.’

I wondered if it might be proof of being an Inquisitor, but I wasn’t sure. I had never heard of such a thing before.

Now that I thought about it, how did they recognize an Inquisitor at the scene of an operation?

“Have a relaxing time.”

I wanted to ask, but the guard opened the door for us first. Ding— a small piece of paper hanging on the door shook gently.

The gazes inside the shop momentarily lingered on us and then averted. A slightly displeased atmosphere lingered around us as if they were trying not to underestimate each other.

I was aware of the subtle competition that took place in such places among noblewomen, trying not to be looked down upon by others.

Furthermore, Phiri was quite attractive. She whispered to me.

“You already know you’re good-looking. Everyone seems to notice you.”

“I think they saw you, Vice-leader.”

With an obvious flattery, Phiri smirked and walked forward. 

A staff member standing at the counter approached us slightly.

“How may I assist you?”

“We’re here to see the owner.”

“Oh, you’re the ones they mentioned. Please come inside.”

We entered through the back door behind the counter. As we descended the stairs, a workshop in the basement appeared. 

There was no one there.

Phiri walked as if she was familiar with the place and pressed a hidden button on the table.

After a short moment, the floor suddenly shook slightly, and dust flew up as a hidden door in the floor opened upwards.

“Vice-leader, you came sooner than expected.”

“Well, I’m diligent, you know. Where’s Lesmi? Did she go somewhere, leaving you alone down here?”

“I’m not sure. She didn’t say anything. I thought she called for you.”

“This girl, she can be quite unreliable.”

As they exchanged banter, I still couldn’t hide my astonishment.

But I couldn’t help it. A dwarf, something rarely seen even in the game, was right in front of my eyes.

The dwarf looked at me, their eyes glimmering.

“This is the one? The one you said needs custom gear?”

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