How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 46 - Poison Blooming in the Flower (1)

Author: Dawn

One of the benefits of becoming an Inquisitor was gaining authority. 

Access to information was a crucial element that spies valued the most. 

In a short time, I had learned that understanding the situation was no longer as simple as gathering brief information.

I received all the necessary information about this mission, including the participating personnel. This time, the mission was not conducted by the Empire’s Intelligence Unit, but in support of the Haisen Intelligence Unit. 

In a way, it could be seen as handling a favor.

‘Supporting other Intelligence Units is generally avoided.’

You had to do what people you barely knew told you to do without taking any initiative. 

On the surface, it might not seem like a significant mission, but from my perspective, knowing the future, I had to be well-prepared.

Among the notable aspects, Denif’s participation in this mission stood out.

‘What is it?’

When Denif spotted me at the meeting place, his eyes seemed to say that. 

I also showed a slight expression of surprise, and Denif immediately whispered to the man next to him.

Probably something like, “It’s the person I know.”

The man held a position similar to Phiri’s and was one of the candidates for the next vice leader of the Haisen Intelligence Unit.

“Poison Blooming in the Flower. I came from Chenarus.”

I spoke the passphrase as required. I couldn’t help but feel that the operation’s code name was too straightforward.

The man nodded lightly, but he didn’t look pleased.

“Even if it’s a light request for support, they’re sending a newcomer alone? Seriously, are those Empire guys so busy these days that they just send anyone out?”

It was an open curse muttered out loud. I didn’t feel good about it, but hierarchy was a hierarchy.

I couldn’t openly voice my dissatisfaction. I showed a slightly displeased look.

I wasn’t sure if it was within the acceptable range, as the man didn’t say anything offensive to me directly. It was an inevitable situation.

Even though we were all part of Haisen, there was still a sense of competition among the Intelligence Units. 

The Chief of Intelligence also encouraged this spirit, in a positive way. That’s why we should never cause harm to each other.

It was also why there was an Inquisitor acting as an internal observer. After making that comment, the man patted my shoulder lightly.

“Never mind. It’s my bad. I apologize.”

“It’s okay.”

“I’m Timang. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Carlyn.”

Or he might use me as a means to express passive objections. Either way, I didn’t need to be aware of it.

In fact, I understood why Timang was annoyed.

“Did you rush here without getting any sleep?”

“No, I didn’t. My face just looks a little tired.”


Timang examined my face. He seemed to be sympathizing with my chronic fatigue.

It was probably because he assumed I was still acting like a new recruit after coming from the Empire.

“Well, okay. It’s not a big mission, so don’t worry too much. Just monitor one person, and that should be it. And chances are, there won’t be anything significant. There are four people, including you.”

I pretended to listen to the mission details for the first time, but that was the end of the conversation.

As expected, it was good to have information.

This mission involved monitoring a high-ranking noble of Haisen, and there was a slight suspicion that it could involve collaboration with the Empire. 

That was why the operation was codenamed “Poison Blooming in the Flower.”

My role was to support the monitoring and identify the person we were meeting.

That’s why a newcomer like me was causing irritation by coming. It was a hassle to have my face compared to others.

‘I hope to see some familiar faces.’

Since I came to the Empire, I had memorized the faces of the major nobles. They were spread throughout the Intelligence Unit, so it wasn’t too difficult to find them.

The problem was the other people.

There were so many important figures in the Empire, and not many agents would know all of them.

During the past two days, I tried to observe as much as I could. I had confidence, but it wasn’t perfect, and that was the problem.

Still, I had no burden in my heart. It wasn’t my fault. It was the fault of the leader who sent me.

Timang, perhaps sensing my worries, glanced at me.

“Can you confirm the faces of the target individuals you’re meeting?”

“I’ve familiarized myself with most of the people, but I’ll do my best.”


As he didn’t give any specific affirmation, Timang let out a faint sigh.

“You said they know each other, right?”


Denif answered. I was pleasantly surprised to see the look on his face, whether he knew the situation or not.

In that brief moment, I wondered if he had grown a little. He seemed a bit different.

It might be because of the disguise. I also tried to make myself look a little older.

“Denif, you should try a little harder.”


“Even if you’re a newcomer, being sent alone means your friend has been recognized for their abilities.”

Denif’s mouth slightly opened. There was a hint of resentment in his gaze.

Knowing Denif’s personality, I was somehow trying to provoke him. After all, he was my ‘senior’ here.

“We start in the evening, so quickly gather information and be back by 19:00. Take care of your meals as well.”


As Timang turned and took a step back, he suddenly turned around with an “Ah” sound. His gaze fell on Denif.

“We won’t fight here, right?”

“Don’t worry about that.”

Denif declared, but after a brief silence, Timang spoke again.

“…I mean it. I didn’t tell you to fight. It means to work harder, not to fight. Whether you go outside the city or to a quiet place in the outskirts, don’t do anything.”


Denif lowered his head with a sulky face. Did he really want to challenge him in a fight?

In any case, it seemed that this embodiment of ambition was still passionate about sparring even after joining the Haisen Intelligence Unit.

“Also, be cautious as there might be Imperial agents around.”

Timang’s final words weighed pretty heavily.

Afterward, we headed to a bustling restaurant connected to the market, practicing the spy’s adage of blending in with the crowd.

You had to assume that the eyes and ears of the Empire were everywhere in their territory. It was better to be in a busy place than a secluded one, where you were less likely to draw attention.

Denif followed me with a slightly excited expression until we reached the restaurant before he spoke.

“It’s really great to see you. I had no idea you’d be here.”

“Me neither.”

“Why does it feel like it’s been so long?”

Denif’s joy at seeing me felt forced.

“I think we’ve both been busy adapting. Have you been doing well?”

“I’m good, getting full recognition.”

As Denif said that, he glanced at me for no apparent reason. I was on a solo mission, so he shouldn’t be too familiar with my current activities.

“I heard you were ready to fight with anyone you saw over there.”

“…That wasn’t entirely true.”

I could tell by his uneasy glance that my assumption was correct.

Denif’s personality seems more suited for a mercenary, knight, or adventurer rather than a spy.

“What about you?”

“I’m just trying my best to adapt.”

“You got assigned a solo mission though.”

“I got separated temporarily because my senior got a solo mission. It’s more like I got stuck with the support duty.”

“I see.”

Denif nodded as if he understood. It was absurd to feel relieved about it.

My mouth itched to tell the truth, but as an adult, I restrained myself.

“How many missions have you done?”

“I think I’ve done six so far. Plus three smaller ones.”

Denif’s pupils slightly widened before returning to their usual size.

“Same here. I also did six.”

It was a lie, of course. I pretended not to notice and brushed it off. In fact, I was the strange one.

Perhaps it was due to the environment in the Empire or because Phiri was always busy seeking missions, but as a new recruit, I worked non-stop.

“What about the people you came with?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

Denif played it off with a dignified tone. I chuckled.

“I don’t care who they are. I’m not really curious since we’re probably all in a similar position.”

Timang would be a senior with some status, and the others would likely be ordinary agents.

Denif looked taken aback by my response.

“I haven’t seen the others before, and I can’t quite figure Timang out. It’s not like he treats me well or dislikes me.”

“So, he just focuses on the mission?”

It seemed like he was dutifully fulfilling the role of a strict senior.

“Yeah, exactly that.”

“That’s not a bad thing.”

“Is it?”

“It’s better than being overly affectionate or disliking you.”

Denif nodded as if he understood.

From what I saw, someone like Timang was just right for Denif. He was someone who could keep him in check and not let him stray too far.

“How long will you be here?”

Denif looked at me curiously as I asked.

“It should be fine. It’s not detailed information or anything. Don’t tell me you don’t know either?”

“No, I know a bit.”

Denif seemed slightly taken aback.

“It won’t be more than a week. It’ll be over soon, right?”

Well, we’d have to wait and see how things turned out.

* * *

Surveillance was simple. We formed teams of two and rotated in shifts.

I was paired with Timang, and Denif was with another agent named Foden.

Since Timang was in charge, I wondered if he wanted to make sure I was supported properly.

For four days, there were no significant signs. Our target, Count Aitami, seemed to be here to confirm a secret meeting.

Since the other side hadn’t arrived yet, they were probably just shopping or enjoying themselves at a fancy hotel.

‘Hmm, isn’t it time?’

One of the reasons I thought this mission would fail was that in the game, Count Aitami was in the Empire.

Depending on the timing, he was often associated with either the first prince or the second prince, as far as I remember.

In this case, he was in the Empire, meaning he was labeled a traitor after Haisen’s downfall.

However, since Haisen’s downfall happened a little later, there might be no gain in this mission.

Perhaps he had secretly made arrangements with the Empire after his children’s marriage.

I dismissed those thoughts and left the bathroom before going to bed.

‘I still have to brush my teeth before sleeping.’

Timang was already asleep, following the principle of sleeping when you can.

I lay down on the bed on the other side.

My physical fatigue wasn’t too high. Even with the two shifts, it meant we had 12 hours to rest.

Moreover, Timang and I worked from 6 AM to 6 PM, so our sleep patterns weren’t disrupted.

‘Not being able to train is a bit frustrating though.’

I fell asleep almost instantly. How many times did I toss and turn in the familiar nightmare?

I woke up with a strange sense of unease.


The Winds were sending signals to me. The atmosphere around me felt strange.

I focused and quickly realized that the rooftops of nearby buildings were unusual. I detected fast-moving figures.

There were seven of them nearby, approximately. I estimated there could be at least ten.

The fact that they were moving so conspicuously meant they were likely Empire troops.

However, they weren’t targeting us; their direction was different.

“Mr. Timang.”

In a low voice, Timang immediately opened his eyes.

Instead of asking what was going on, he silently approached the window and looked outside.

“Since when?”

“I just woke up too.”

Could it be that they were targeting Denif?

If that was the case, it was highly likely that the enemy was Empire soldiers. Timang didn’t look pleased, seemingly having the same thought.

“Get ready.”

Since we slept in our clothes, there wasn’t much to prepare.

I grabbed my sword from beside the bed and took out a mask from my pocket, wrapping it around my neck and covering my nose.

At that moment, a red flare flew up into the dark sky outside. It was quite far away.

Timang saw it too, and it wasn’t our signal flare.


“Why… the Temerzan bastards?”

Temerza was one of the two neighboring kingdoms adjacent to Haisen, with the other being Altrego, where Orhen was located.

The Empire and Temerza.

I realized that something unknown was happening here.

“What do we do?”

Timang bit his lip, a conflicted expression pointing outside the window.

We were left with only one option.

Escape or assess the situation.

The former was safer, but it came with a high chance of losing our comrades. The latter meant risking being noticed by the Empire’s watchful eyes.

Five seconds. It took Timang that much time to open his mouth.

“You get out of here. I’ll stay and assess the situation.”

Was he thinking about my well-being? It was ambiguous.

I had no choice but to present the contingency plan I had prepared in case I chose to escape.

Denif must survive, and if I were not here, Denif might have been resting in this place.

“No, I’ll stay with you.”


Timang glared at me with anger. Any hesitation was not allowed.

I calmly met his gaze.

“Timang Serka. 14 years of service. Transferred from Altrego to Haisen Intelligence Division seven years ago. A candidate for the next Haisen vice leader.”


Timang was taken aback, realizing that I was an Inquisitor. I signaled him to move quickly.

“The command remains with you. However, I’ll stay and assist.”

Time was running out.

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