How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 47 - Poison Blooming in the Flowers (2)

Author: Dawn

It was a night when the moonlight was unusually dim. Carlyn and Timang leaped across the rooftops of the dark city. 

As cautiously as possible.

They kept an eye on their rear in case there were additional reinforcements, and headed in the direction where the signal flare had exploded.

Although the red light that had glowed in the darkness had disappeared a long time ago, they still vividly remembered its location.

In the midst of their increasingly tense breathing, Timang struggled not to lose his calm, but it was not easy.

‘He’s an Inquisitor? Crazy.’

Even after being a spy for over ten years, he had not become an Inquisitor. He was only one of the candidates for vice leader.

That’s why the fact that a young recruit, who hadn’t even spent a few months, knew his background was a huge shock.

Refusing was impossible. As long as they weren’t in the same place, the Inquisitor’s words were absolute.

After all, an Inquisitor had the authority equivalent to the Chief of Intelligence.

On the day when an Inquisitor might die, the Chief of Intelligence personally assessed the situation.

‘This could be a big problem…’

Becoming an Inquisitor meant that he was undoubtedly capable in some aspect.

Although a faint sense of inferiority arose deep in his heart, he had no intention of denying it.

For some reason, this young recruit had been recognized for his abilities in certain aspects more than Timang himself.

However, that didn’t justify Carlyn’s reckless behavior in the current situation.

Carlyn seemed to be rushing without considering the danger just because his friend was in jeopardy.

He was a typical inexperienced rookie.

In the current situation, one should focus on conveying the minimum information, while the other should focus on gathering as much information as possible.

‘I’ve seen at least seven of them.’

They were presumed to be Imperial men. Considering the signal flare, there might be some Temerza people as well.

Even assuming the minimum, there were fourteen of them.

‘Damn… What the hell happened?’

Timang muttered inwardly. He hadn’t neglected the surrounding vigilance during the mission.

He couldn’t fathom where these previously unseen men had suddenly appeared from.

Right now, they were moving with the rookies in this chaotic situation.

One of them had to survive.

Timang resolved that if an unfortunate accident were to happen, he would survive even on his own.


Carlyn suddenly gave the signal to stop. He lowered his body and quickly scanned the surroundings.

What’s going on? There were no sensed individuals on his radar.

“Let’s take a detour. About 450 meters away, there are two on the rooftop of the red brick building.”

Only after hearing his words did Timang realize that there were enemies. It was another moment of astonishment.

How could he spot the enemies on such a night?

He couldn’t help but think that becoming an inquisitor was no joke.

Occasionally, geniuses would emerge who exceeded the standard, after all. Timang chewed on his lip.

‘Sixteen of them, huh.’

Though he had assessed it with Winds, it was still surprising.

Amidst the deepening sense of inferiority, he faced a dilemma. In any situation, wasn’t it crucial to ensure that the young recruit survived?

It wasn’t just a sense of duty as a Haisen spy; there was more to it.

Could he bear the wrath of the duke if he were to lose that child?

In any case, Timang wasn’t entirely wrong.

Carlyn felt nervous about Denif’s life and death.

Of course, there was no guarantee that Denif and Foden were involved in the current situation.

They might have sensed something was amiss and escaped.

However, the coincidence of their positions was too elaborate.

The location of the signal flare was near the residence of Count Aitami.

‘Stay alive.’

At this moment in the game, Denif’s survival wasn’t crucial. He also had to consider the possibility that things might have changed when he arrived.

If it were another agent instead of Carlyn, Denif might have been resting.

Given his talents and potential, Denif was an essential asset in opposing the devil worshipers.

Hadn’t they already built a rather positive relationship?

However, he wasn’t entirely consumed by worries like Timang. He was calculating things coldly.

First, observe the situation. Help if possible, retreat if not. It was a simple plan.

As the two of them had different thoughts, they were already getting closer to their destination.

Timang gave the signal to stop.

‘This is bad.’

The rooftops near Count Aitami’s residence were chaotic even from a distance.

A spy combat with over 40 people in total was taking place under the dark night.

It was unnecessary to question where all these people suddenly appeared from.

Timang focused on understanding the situation. However, the situation was hard to discern.

There were recognizable marks among their own, but the distance and darkness hindered recognition.

Whether they were Imperial or Temerza spies, their clothing was similar.

Carlyn solved this issue.

“Center to the left, rooftop. Allied combat in progress.”

Finding this out so quickly in this mess? Timang was more impressed than surprised.

Timang narrowed his eyes. However, before he could confirm the allies, another report came in.

“Foden with a deep wound on the side, Denif with a thigh injury on the left. Foden appears to be in danger.”

Despair filled Timang’s heart. Should they just run away like this?

At that moment, Carlyn drew his sword.

“There’s no time. Let’s move.”

He could read the internal conflict in Timang’s eyes. They didn’t have time to argue now.

Denif and Foden were under simultaneous attack from both Temerza and the Empire.

Despite rushing as fast as they could, they only found four bodies lying around.

Though the attackers must have sensed something strange, they must have attacked anyone they saw, considering them outsiders.

Denif was desperately protecting the fallen Foden.

They had to act quickly. And before the chaos subsided, they had to take them and retreat.

Carlyn made a quick decision as he leaped over one building. He could assess the situation afterward.

Timang followed, a beat behind.

‘Act quickly.’

Carlyn focused solely on Denif’s survival. The dim moonlight was actually a blessing now, as it would aid their escape.

Carlyn’s cape fluttered slightly as he dashed across the rooftops.

He concentrated on evading the approaching foes without engaging them. The distance narrowed.

‘What… What is this?’

Timang was taken aback by Carlyn’s speed. He was using his Mystic power to the maximum extent, which exceeded his imagination.

As Carlyn reached the edge of a rooftop, he threw his short sword.

At the same time, using Winds, he targeted four attackers aiming at Denif.

The sudden restraint of their movements caught the foes off guard.

Carlyn had refrained from direct use of his power until now, but there was no other choice.

He was going to kill them all, so it wouldn’t cause significant issues. Carlyn moved like a gust of wind.

Denif dealt with one whose body had stiffened, and Carlyn’s sharp short sword pierced the necks of the other two from behind.

The remaining one lost strength in his legs when Carlyn’s sword landed on him, and he fell.

Four more attackers rushed in from the surroundings due to the sudden appearance. Carlyn confirmed that Timang would handle them.

Carlyn took two steps forward, closing the gap. With a diagonal swing of his short sword, one more enemy fell.


Moonlight Technique.

Even on a cloudy night, Carlyn’s sword seemed to ripple with moonlight.

Carlyn turned his body, thrusting the sword into the back of the last foe.

The death throes of the man whose spine was pierced echoed in his ears. Denif and Carlyn locked eyes.


Unable to utter his name, Denif expressed his overwhelming emotions through his gaze. It was a silent cheer.

As Carlyn withdrew his sword, he scanned the surroundings.

“Are you alright?”

“It’s hard to move with all these injuries.”

“Apply pressure to stop the bleeding!”

Denif nodded and took out a hemostatic agent, quickly applying it to his thigh.

His thigh was soaked with blood, making it sticky. Senses, which had been forgotten due to tension, returned.

Timang asked Denif while dealing with the enemies.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know!”

From the beginning, Timang didn’t have high expectations. If they had known what would happen, they wouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place. Timang concluded that they had been caught up in this mess.

In fact, Haisen’s involvement was surprising to both Temerza and the Empire. The Empire had long-term plans to subjugate Count Aitami, which was why the secret negotiation took place.

However, Temerza saw it differently, suspecting an alliance between Haisen and the Empire, which was aimed at containing Temerza. 

This suspicion was fueled by recent conflicts between Temerza and the Empire, especially given the close proximity of Count Aitami to Temerza’s territory. 

So Temerza decided to kill Aitami to disrupt the alliance between Haisen and the Empire.

Haisen, who was secretly monitoring Temerza, rushed to stop them. In the midst of the fight to kill Aitami and save him, Haisen ended up being swarmed by the attackers.

Carlyn fought off the approaching enemies and signaled Timang to move. They needed to get away quickly.

If they stayed longer, the situation would only become more difficult.

“It seems like Foden…”


The moment Denif screamed, Carlyn understood the situation without even turning around.

The wound was too severe from the start. Foden realized that there was no escape and chose to take his own life.

“Damn it.”

Carlyn knew it would end up like this when he saw the situation. 

However, knowing something in your head didn’t mean it was easy to accept your actions. Even seasoned spies made mistakes in the face of loyalty.

Thus, while he appreciated the quick decision, Carlyn couldn’t help feeling regretful.

Timang only let out a short moan; that was all the mourning he could afford in his heart.

“We have to move.”

He said that, scanning the surroundings.

In this situation, Timang habitually thought that he was the only one capable of thinking clearly.

Unlike Denif, who was flustered, Carlyn’s face remained calm.

It was different. At the moment when the faint feeling of inferiority was changing into a posture of acceptance, Carlyn spoke first.

“Take care of Denif. I’ll clear the way.”

Carlyn said that he would entrust the command to himself.

Timang inwardly grumbled but nodded his head. Judging from Carlyn’s previous actions, it was reasonable to entrust Denif to him.

Besides, to calm down Denif, it was better for Timang to handle it instead of his friend.

Quickly, Timang supported Denif.

“Denif, we need to move. It’s an order.”


Fortunately, Denif quickly regained his senses. At that moment, Timang felt something surrounding them like Winds. His body felt lighter.

Could it be…?

Only then did he realize why Carlyn became an Inquisitor. Of course, it wasn’t just because of the use of Mystic powers. There was more to it.

“We’ll head to the first gathering point.”

It was the designated place where they agreed to meet in case of an unexpected situation. Timang nodded quickly.

In the midst of the chaotic battlefield, they came to rescue their comrades.

They succeeded with one, and failed with another, but even that was almost a miracle. But now, the real challenge began.

Suddenly appearing and killing nearly ten enemies, it was clear they wouldn’t be spared even if they were fighting among themselves.

Especially on Imperial territory.

How many agents would be coming this way? It was bound to be a tough fight.

‘Perhaps we may have to leave Denif behind.’

Timang thought this way. On the other hand, Carlyn didn’t have such worries in his mind.

He was focused on carving a path to safety. After that, they could think about what to do next.

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