How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 67 - Punitive Expedition (3)

Author: Dawn

There were a total of four casualties.

Two cavalry soldiers fell during the charge collision, and two soldiers were injured during the Combat.

None of the injuries were severe.

Since there were few surviving monsters by the time the cavalry charged, the battle was relatively easy.

However, the problem was the Third Prince, who was approaching relentlessly. Carlyn swiftly moved to the princess’s side.

“Your Highness.”

“I’m aware of the Third’s intentions. Do you have a separate plan?”


“Quickly tell me. How do you suggest we handle this?”

Carlyn whispered into the princess’s ear. The princess nodded with a determined face.

Under Emmet’s command, the soldiers reorganized their formation around the monsters.

The Third Prince fixed his gaze on Carlyn and Erendil. His expression didn’t seem pleased.

He didn’t like the outcome of their successful defense. The princess moved forward with Carlyn.

“Hey, why are you causing chaos by recklessly meddling with someone else’s prey?”

“I just came here and caught it.”

The princess retorted sternly. A brief pause. Carlyn waited for the moment when the Third Prince would open his mouth.

“Also, it seems like you intentionally led them over here.”

“Like that’s believable. It was the mages’ mistake. Seed! Didn’t I tell you to do it properly?”

“I apologize.”

The apologetic mage didn’t even raise his head. The Third Prince chuckled. It was a blatant mockery.

“Anyway, I want our prey back.”

“Huh, I caught it fair and square, so it’s mine. Besides, this place belongs to me from the start.”

“Why should it belong to you? You just happened to stumble into my prey. You snatched what I was hunting.”

“You’re like a thief.”

“Your arrogance is as ever. You’re still shameless, aiming for others’ possessions. You’re impossible to change. That’s why you can’t deceive me with your acts of innocence.”

The mention of the suspicion of the empress’s assassination and the claim to the emperor’s throne led the princess to clench her teeth discreetly.

In the first place, the conversation had no meaning, as it was carefully orchestrated.

“Father hasn’t set any rules. It means I can take it by force if I want to. Give it to me nicely.”

The tension grew within the heavy atmosphere. A chilling northern wind blew, causing the princess’s blonde hair to flutter.

Erendil smirked.

“Give it a try.”


“Haven’t you heard? I said, give it a try.”

The Third Prince couldn’t hide his surprise. He had assumed they would just make a threat to obtain supplies.

Though the princess appeared cold and distant, she had never defeated the princes before, making them believe she had no ambition for the emperor’s throne.

Since it wasn’t officially stated, the princes assumed the princess had no interest in the throne.

If they taunted her enough and gave her a fright, she would back down. That’s what the Third Prince wanted to see—her distorted face.

“However, I don’t care about the position you all desire. It means I have nothing to lose. Even if the monster hunt fails, it doesn’t matter. But you might not be okay.”


It was a cutting remark. As long as it didn’t involve killing kin, a power struggle was not a problem at all.

The emperor was a person who would say that the victim was stupid if they fell for it.

However, in a direct confrontation with equal forces, even with differences in quality, significant losses had to be endured.

The Third Prince’s side was also close to the collapse of their forces. As someone aiming for the emperor’s throne, avoiding such losses was essential.

From the very beginning, it was a pretense of underestimating the princess.

“You clearly dislike me for some reason, but go back and fight with your brothers.”


“I hope a similar situation doesn’t happen again. Even though you can’t ascend to the emperor’s throne, you might be able to pull someone down.”


“Couldn’t you understand? It means that if I provoke you, I will attack in any way I can.”

The Third Prince’s face turned red. Conversely, one knight who was behind him turned pale with contemplation.

He was the one who came up with the idea for this pursuit.

Although the Third Prince had accepted it, he was a Third Prince who did not admit his own mistakes. The immediate future appeared before him for a moment.

“…You’ve changed a lot.”

The Third Prince, who said so, glared at Carlyn. It was an interpretation of Carlyn’s whisper from earlier—a glimpse into Carlyn’s thoughts.

Carlyn didn’t avoid the intense gaze. Well, what could he do? Of course, it was just a thought he kept to herself.

“Watch and see. I won’t let you go easily.”

Carlyn barely suppressed a burst of laughter. It sounded too much like a third-rate villain’s line.

“Why let me go? You should have tried it out.”

The Third Prince, who opened his mouth thoughtlessly, became even more flustered and glared for a while before abruptly turning his body.

“…Let’s go.”

The ranks of the prince retreated. Carlyn approached the princess’s side.

“Well done.”

“It’s thanks to you.”

“No, it is Your Highness, Princess, decision.”

It wasn’t a wrong statement. There wasn’t much time, so Carlyn’s explanation was brief.

-We won’t endure greater losses through fighting.

The rest was the princess’s quick-witted response to the meaning of those words. She did better than Carlyn had imagined.

Erendil’s lips curved upward as if trying to hold back a smile.

As the returning princess came into view, the soldiers who had been waiting breathed sighs of relief.

Due to being in the middle, they couldn’t hear what was being said, but it seemed like they hadn’t lost their prey.

And those gazes turned back to Carlyn.

The looming monsters. Since most of them were predatory animals, the soldiers who had prepared for this charged situation felt their hearts pounding.

-We’re going to die here.

That was the foremost thought of the soldiers at the front. At that moment, when Carlyn rushed toward the monsters in a swift attack, he was the one leading the charge.

What about his powerlessness? Him alone, overturning the entire lineup of monsters, was truly magnificent.

They had known he had remarkable tracking skills when it came to monsters, but seeing him in full-fledged combat was a first.

In a way, it was similar to the placebo effect. In a psychologically unstable situation, his overwhelming might provided a sense of stability.

They looked at the approaching Carlyn with eyes full of admiration.

“You’ve all done well. Finish cleaning up.”


The response came a half-beat late, but the voices returning to Carlyn’s words were twice as loud as usual.

* * *

Of course, there were always spies between the princes and the princess. They act like they didn’t know while knowing.

It was meaningless anyway.

The First Prince had gained a clear advantage.

Originally, the level of the knights he received was different. There were only two Sword Master candidates.

Of course, there was an indescribable gap between a Sword Master and a ‘candidate’. They couldn’t be compared.

Nevertheless, having the title of ‘candidate’ implied exceptional swordsmanship.

Therefore, the First Prince was fully focused on suppressing the Second Prince for now.

We’d climbed up to the second place. As time passed, the fatigue and losses of combat in other factions increased.

‘Honestly, my contribution is significant.’

Unlike us, who were seeking the safest combat, the Third Prince charged headfirst with his reckless personality.

Perhaps losses had accumulated gradually. Like soldiers getting wet in a drizzle, their numbers had decreased.

Moreover, unlike at the beginning when prey was in sight just by moving roughly, the numbers now had considerably reduced.

Finding them had also been a task.

On our side, there was no worry.

Even if unfriendly knights conducted a rough search, I could still find them all.

If only the qualitative difference among the soldiers wasn’t there, we could have aimed for first place.

“This is amazing. I didn’t know we could do this much.”

The princess, having heard the report, looked at me with admiration. In fact, others had the same reaction.

These days, the way people looked at me had changed.

Emmet had been fine from the first day, but the attitudes toward me were not good at first.

However, once for rescuing the Empress and now for this punitive expedition, from soldiers to knights sent by other nobles, the way they spoke when talking had changed.

“I told you, didn’t I? There’s a higher possibility than you think, Your Highness.”

“But that’s something that needs further observation.”

Erendil looked at me with a firm expression, then sighed softly.

“…Still, it’s clear that your confidence is not unfounded.”

“Thank you.”

I wasn’t truly thankful, but this much was fine to say. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to have a conversation.

I couldn’t say I understood, as that wasn’t my position. When sharing opinions, just the truth would suffice.

“By the way, I hear you often spend time with the soldiers.”

“Oh, yes.”

Since I had learned some medical skills under the Duke, I used to take care of injured soldiers separately.

With a good reputation and being a commoner and former mercenary, it was easy to approach them. I was just curious about the reason for asking.

“Why do you…”

“Your words are coming out. Isn’t it because Princess’s bodyguards should keep their fitness?”

Erendil, who said that immediately continued.

“That is not my intention. Considering your position, I am saying this because I think your relationship with the other knights will also be important.”

Ah, I roughly understood what she meant.

I was aware of the inquisitive glances of the knights who saw me spending time with the soldiers.

“It’s fine. It’s an intentional action.”


“Yes. Since it’s come up, I would like to suggest that Your Highness also take care of the soldiers as much as possible within the appropriate boundaries.”

Seeing Erendil’s expression becoming serious, I calmly raised my luck.

“An excellent lord knows how to care for the lower ranks. Knights may gain the support of the nobles, but the trust of soldiers isn’t easily obtained.”

“That’s not a wrong statement.”

“Yes. Moreover, considering the traits of the soldiers here, the effect will be doubled.”

The veteran soldiers had disadvantages in combat, but they had a wide reach and a significant influence.

The returning soldiers would talk about me and the princess. We had to build up such rumors from now on.

“In case of a crisis, when you’re in danger, it’s important to have inspired soldiers. Even if it won’t be a big help, if you receive even a little assistance, we don’t know how things might turn out.”

For example, hinting in advance or pretending not to see even after discovering. There were various possibilities.

It was a kind of insurance obtained by extending one’s goodwill. The princess nodded her head slowly.

“Understood. I will give it a try.”

“You don’t need to force yourself to create it. Just asking if there’s any inconvenience or difficulty as you pass by is enough. We will consider it as a grace from Your Highness if we can handle it.”

“…I know that much.”

The princess retorted somewhat irritably. Just then, someone approached the tent. It was Emmet.

He had hurriedly run over, but now he calmly caught his breath before opening his mouth with a heavy expression.

“Your Highness, the Second Prince, and the Third Prince have met.”

Finally, the time had come. Erendil also looked at me.

“The time you mentioned would be now, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Are you really okay for me not to go with you?”

“It’s better for me to go alone quietly.”

Because of the presence of spies, I needed to move quietly to avoid attention. There was no one more suitable for that than me.

“Alright then. Go and come back.”

As Emmet and I withdrew, Erendil suddenly called out to me. After looking at me, Emmet left first.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

“…Are you doing okay?”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“You’re eighteen, right? Similar in age to me. I’m saying that the weight you’re carrying suddenly seems heavier.”

Well, it was a bit of an unexpected statement. But separately, the princess’s question wasn’t strange.

In reality, the tasks I was undertaking were quite challenging even for an eighteen-year-old.

Perhaps it felt a bit odd that a younger person was taking care of me.

“I’m doing what I want to do.”


Erendil fell silent, seemingly pondering over my words. In an instant, I could find the reason for this odd feeling.

“Perhaps, when I mentioned caring for the lower ranks…”


Erendil cut me off. Her gaze wavered slightly. It seemed to fit perfectly, no matter how you looked at it.

“I said it’s not like that.”

“I wasn’t implying anything…”

Erendil’s intense gaze made me hurriedly lower my head.

“Yes. I understand.”

Well, there was no need to delve into it. After all, she was trying to think for me in his own way, so I should consider it as her kindness.

After hesitating for a moment, Erendil gestured with her hand.

“Go and come back safely. Don’t get hurt. The First Prince isn’t an easy opponent.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

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