How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 68 - Punitive Expedition (4)

Author: Dawn

A moonless night. The vast plains were covered with patches of snow. Breath dissipates into the darkness.

Riding a horse was too conspicuous, so I had no choice.

I could sense the spies that each prince had planted through my sense. There was no chance of being caught.

As soon as I left the base, I used Winds to block all the sounds I made.

I considered telling the spy on the First Prince’s side, but I shook my head. The meeting had to proceed as covertly as possible.

I ignored them and passed by. The First Prince was the farthest away, so I had to move diligently.

Using full power in Winds. The speed was beyond imagination. Faster than riding a horse.

After a while, I arrived at the First Prince’s camp without catching anyone’s attention.

Tents spread out.

The guards surrounding the area, as befitting the First Prince’s camp, were fully armed and vigilant, but entering wasn’t difficult.

‘Going straight to him is a bit much.’

There were procedures even for something like this. It was fortunate that the First Prince hadn’t drawn his sword.

There was a considerable chance that it could get noisy.

It took about five minutes to find the separated escort knights. They seemed to be resting or sleeping.

-So, what’s the better way to do this?

-The best is to observe the situation. Unless they’re crazy, they won’t target us.

It seemed like the First Prince had heard the news as well, as his close aides were holding a meeting. It wasn’t bad.

In fact, I would have been worried if they hadn’t.

I surveyed the surroundings and moved. I slipped in through the gaps in the tent that shook due to the winds like water flowing.

I sensed that the person inside had woken up. Their senses were sharp. I took a step closer and raised my hands above his shoulders.

“Sir Kank.”

The knight, as I spoke, drew the sword placed beside the bed and rose. The cold blade touched my throat in an instant.

“Who’s there?”

“Carl Schurtafen.”

“Carl Schurtafen? The princess’s?”


In the darkness, the knight squinted his eyes. We had met a few times before. He seemed to recognize my face, but he didn’t lower his blade. His deer-like eyes observed me.

“…What brings you here like a thief?”

“I’ve come to convey the intentions of the princess to His Highness the First Prince.”

“Why didn’t you come directly?”

“To avoid being conspicuous.”

The knight stared at me in silence for a moment. The blade’s edge that was just touching me was sharp enough not to cut.

Even a slight movement would result in a cut. Kank sheathed his sword.

“Wait. I will inform His Highness.”

“Thank you.”

About five minutes later, I could tell that the message had been delivered. The knight instructed the guards to step back.

Soon, the knight returned and lowered his voice.

“Follow me quietly.”

Since the distance wasn’t too far, it didn’t take long. His aides had been alerted, so the First Prince was alone inside the tent.

Inside the tent, the red light from the flames cast a crimson hue. Beneath the fallen auburn hair, the gaze of the prince looking at me was sharp.

“I, Knight Carl Schurtafen, am here to meet His Highness the Prince.”

“Let’s keep it brief. Why have you come?”

“Her Highness the Princess has no interest in the Emperor’s throne.”

“I’m already aware of that.”

“However, she doesn’t wish to suffer any disadvantages in the process.”

A hint of suspicion flashed in the prince’s eyes.

“You heard about the meeting between the Second and Third Princes. They met discreetly, but it seems Erendil isn’t pleased.”

It was thanks to my assertion. I had warned them from the palace. The guard knights were taking turns as spies.

They would move carefully too since their opponent would.

All of it fell within the scope of my predictions.

I had envisioned the possible outcomes, but I also anticipated the First Prince’s superiority and the alliances.

My suggestion was to join forces with the First Prince.

Even if the Second and Third Princes joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to touch the First Prince. There were only two Sword Master candidates.

They had to guard each other’s backs, so targeting an easier princess made sense.

It was a significant risk to go alone, so forming an alliance was the strategy.

“So, your intention is for me to protect her?”

The prince spoke with a dismissive tone.

“No. Her Highness the Princess wishes to join hands.”

“Well, I don’t know if I’ll gain anything from joining hands.”

“If you remain still, the Second Prince will gain the upper hand in this battle.”

“Impossible. I believe in the ambition and greed of my brothers. Even if the two of them take something from you, they’ll never concede.”

That wasn’t a wrong statement. I thought the same way. Unless we allocate our resources to one person, turning the tide would be impossible.

“And I could handle the Second and Third Princes who attacked you. Do you think I’d simply stand by?”

The prince provocatively asked.

“Well, considering the difference in power, I understand. It’s a bit disappointing for me though.”

“No. If Your Highness refuses or if I don’t return, the princess will take her resources and go to the Second Prince.”


That’s why my proposal was a scheme for the princess to take on the position of a kingmaker.

Well, in this case, was it an Emperor Maker?

Apart from one’s intentions, participating in the competition meant the princess could now overwhelmingly influence someone.

The hatred toward the princess from those individuals would never merge with their desire. Their sentiment toward her was not one of goodwill either.

‘It’s not bad for the princess either.’

If things went well, two out of the three would sort themselves out. The stronger one would remain…

But I could handle that level. The prince laughed dryly.

“Are you trying to threaten me?”

“Normally, someone who has nothing to lose can be quite frightening. Her Highness the Princess can do whatever is necessary.”

“Well, even if I join hands with the Third Prince, that will be enough.”

“But it will become more troublesome, won’t it?”

The prince crossed his legs. I quickly continued.

“It’s not something that would harm Your Highness. But, if Your Highness takes the princess’s hand, it would create a more comfortable path for Your Highness to ascend the throne.”

“Alright. Let’s suppose that’s the case. In that situation, will the amicable relationship you mentioned continue until I become Emperor?”

“That depends on Your Highness, the Prince. If Your Highness secures the upper hand, couldn’t you treat us differently?”

“Are you suspecting me now?”

“It’s not my opinion.”

It was a part where I had to mention using something when necessary and moving on unsympathetically, just like the situation of ‘killing the dog after hunting’.”

The prince chuckled bitterly. The First Prince was clever. He didn’t show anger or agitation for no reason.

“Sure. What does Erendil desire?”

“She mentioned that having suitable territory and position in the far north would be sufficient.”

“Not a bad idea. She’s not a foolish child, after all. Alright, I understand. I’ll make it so.”

The prince tapped his fingers lightly on his armrest.

“For now, it’s difficult, so I’ll announce it later. Will that be sufficient?”

“Thank you.”

Given his current status as a prince, he couldn’t openly declare territory and position.

I nodded respectfully.

“When do you think the second and third princes will move?”

“They will wait until Your Highness cannot respond effectively, so it will be the last day.”

The prince nodded satisfactorily with a contented expression.

“I will take charge of the second prince.”

His words had a subtly aggressive tone.

“…Do we really need to engage in a fight?”

In response to my question, the prince smirked.

“When an opportunity arises, you mustn’t let it slip away. Those who need to be killed should be killed.”

This was somewhat expected as well. Cruelty was one of the first prince’s virtues, after all.

My attempt to dissuade him was aimed at conveying our peaceful intentions.

I, too, was prepared to join the war. I agreed with the first prince’s thoughts. It would be easier moving forward if we killed those who needed to be killed.

“As you wish. We will keep the third prince in check.”

“Is that your plan?”

His sudden question caught me off guard.

“No. I merely conveyed the intentions of Her Highness the Princess.”

“Don’t try to deceive me with lies. Erendil may not be foolish, but she wouldn’t become this aggressive.”

It was a skeptical tone. I didn’t respond further. Well, Erendil wasn’t aggressive.

The prince burst into laughter.

“You mentioned your name is Carl Schurtafen, right? Don’t you plan to come under my command?”

“I apologize.”

“You don’t even think about it.”

The prince seemed to find the situation amusing.

“Go ahead.”

He didn’t press the matter any further. Rather than reading my mind, he probably just planted the seed of temptation.

“Just know this, though. The door is open for you. I’ll be waiting.”

“I shall take my leave then.”

* * *

“How did it go?”

“The prince agreed.”

“That’s a relief.”

“He seems to be indicating an intention to attack the second prince. It seems he wants to restrain him properly this time.”

Originally, it wasn’t something that could be done without considering the third prince. Erendil, who heard the details from Carlyn, was the key figure.

“Remarkable. Everything is going as you anticipated.”

“No, it was a thought that anyone could have.”

“Well, when the situation calls for it, such thoughts might come naturally, but didn’t you start thinking ahead even back in the palace? You glimpsed into the future in that short span.”

Erendil was sincerely impressed. It was her first time encountering a spy agency agent.

Despite his young age, his time spent in Haisen wasn’t in vain. Both his physical prowess and intelligence exceeded expectations.

“Were there any other conversations?”

“Ah, he told me to become his person.”

“…The first prince?”

The princess furrowed her brow. She looked quite displeased.

“Yes, that’s right. For now, I declined, but there seems to be potential for future use. I was thinking of entering and uncovering the first prince’s plans…”

“Don’t do it.”

She spoke firmly.

“Wouldn’t they suspect something on their end as well? It’s a bit ambiguous. And even if not, you have enough to worry about.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

Considering the risks and efforts involved, it wasn’t necessarily advantageous.

Erendil narrowed her eyes.

“But why didn’t you mention it earlier?”

“Ah, I didn’t think it was particularly important. Since I had no intention of going anyway, I mentioned the possibility to Your Highness when the topic came up.”

“…I see. Well done.”

“Your Highness, there’s something I would like to request.”

Carlyn, gauging the princess’s mood, began to speak.


“Could I move separately on that day?”

“Do you have another plan?”

“As the first prince restrains the second prince, I also intend to restrain the first prince. It’s not suitable for me to just stand still even if I borrow the first prince’s hand immediately.”

There was no way around it. When the opportunity presented itself, action had to be taken.

“…Are you sure?”

“Yes. If I pretend it’s a regular guarding duty, that should be sufficient.”

As time passed, there were many instances where knights and cavalry moved alone in search of monsters.

Carlyn had been doing so from the beginning. Suspicion might arise, but it wasn’t a critical level of danger.

“Or perhaps it would be sufficient to investigate the situation on the first prince’s side. That might be better.”

“Do as you think best. Just don’t get hurt under any circumstances.”

“Yes. I’ll keep that in mind.”

There were four days left. The princes would move three days from now. Carlyn had to prepare as well.

The targets were two knights under the first prince and one attendant.

The latter was an easy target, but the former posed a challenge. There were two Swordmaster candidates.

One might be feasible, but two seemed uncertain. Since he hadn’t fought them before.

‘For now, let’s make capturing one of them the goal.’

And three days later, in the evening. The sky was cloudy, and the moonlight was faint on this day. Even the exhalations weren’t clearly visible.

Carlyn stationed his horse in an uninhabited area and changed into different clothes. From now on, the true beginning of the battle was underway.

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