How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 69 - Punitive Expedition (5)

Author: Dawn

Carlyn, dressed in his attire, furrowed his brows. The imperial soldier uniform had been prepared the previous evening.

In the northern region, the frosty morning dew still clung, bringing a chilly and uncomfortable dampness against his skin. The nauseating smell was no different.

Carlyn held his breath to avoid the stench and neatly laid the sword given to him by the emperor beside him.

Named “Moonlight,” the sword was conspicuous when used at night. Even on a night with minimal moonlight, it stood out.

Now he had only a regular longsword, a short sword, and a dagger. Just in case, he also had a smoke bomb.

With a sharp inhale, Carlyn tapped the ground.


As it was guessed that the second and third princes would move past midnight, the first prince and the princess began their movements around 9 o’clock.

Since the scouts had been dealt with, there were no precautions to take.

In terms of timing, the princess would soon reach the third prince’s camp. It would likely be the same for the first prince.

Carlyn increased his speed a bit more. In the lightless night, the wind stirred. It was a wind at gale-like speed.

And so, when Carlyn arrived, the first prince was already in the midst of attacking the second prince.

‘Am I slightly late?’

Carlyn checked the time and tilted his head. The first prince had moved faster than expected. It was natural to feel uneasy about the possibility of information leaking when attacking.

Fires began to break out in various corners of the outer tents. Amidst the chaos mixed with screams, the clashing of metal was countless.

Since the outside was dark, Carlyn’s entry was not a problem. He approached using the Winds to sense movement.

Carlyn focused on his target.

Two Swordmaster candidates and one of the prince’s attendants.

The one in the front would actually become a Swordmaster in the future. He was the first prince’s right arm, making him a difficult opponent.

He was the one who needed to be dealt with first among the two knights.

The first prince and the two knights were on the front lines. The attendant was staying in a safe position at the rear.

‘Let’s take care of the back.’

Carlyn made a decision. Although there was chaos, it wasn’t yet the right time to aim for the front.

The attendant was also a prime target. He played the role of the prince’s brain. He was the one who would receive the title of duke in the future.

Due to the fires everywhere, the field was now illuminated with shades of crimson.

As it was a surprise attack, most of the fallen soldiers on the ground belonged to the second prince.

Identification was possible due to the clothes tied around the helmets of the first prince’s soldiers.

Carlyn surveyed the battlefield using the Winds. The mounted attendants were gradually advancing along the front lines.

Beside them was one of the prince’s bodyguards. His status might be good, but he wasn’t worth worrying about.

Carlyn pulled a spear from a fallen soldier’s hand. He slowly moved behind the tent, walking in the corners of her field of vision.

This was a fight that aimed for an instant. A calculated distance. Carlyn held the spear and waited. The attendant was getting closer.


Carlyn pulled his right arm, holding the spear, backward. The muscles expanded and contracted, his fingertips scraped the shaft.

With a thrust, he also tapped the ground. Sense replaced the wind.

The space between the two tents was hardly wide enough for a person to pass, but it posed no problem.

Assisted by the Winds, the spear was hidden in that confined space, tearing through the air with explosive speed. Yet, it remained soundless.

When Carlyn’s foot touched the ground, the spear was already beyond the gap between the tents.

The bodyguard realized the danger a bit too late. The spear had already pierced the future duke.


“Sir Missen!”

The remaining inertia of the lodged spear caused it to vibrate harshly. The weakened body collapsed to the side.

A shout burst out a beat later. Carlyn didn’t look back and kept running.

Passing four tents, the soldiers of the second prince came into view. Distinguishing friend from foe was no longer relevant.

Amidst the chaotic mass of soldiers, Carlyn approached his target.

“Hey! Who are you! Where are you from!”

The call to him reached his ears, but he ignored it and continued.

Perhaps they had received orders not to chase after him. No one pursued him again. Just as he slipped behind a tent, four soldiers of the first prince appeared.

He drew his sword. One by one with a single strike each. It took less than 2 seconds to dispatch them all.

Carlyn quickly changed his helmet and turned toward the corner again.

Now the soldiers of the second prince were swarming in. The decision to engage alone, a normal but misguided judgment.

After dealing with the soldiers, Carlyn ran towards the first prince as if being chased.

A soldier suddenly lunged at Carlyn, aiming to thrust his spear.

“What, what’s this?”

“Damn it! I got lost!”

“You scared me!”

The soldiers’ gazes brushed past him, but no one looked deeply into the darkness of the battlefield.

Despite the fires lighting up the surroundings, it wasn’t easy to see faces within helmets. Carlyn asked.

“Sir Varner! Do you know where Sir Varner is?”

“I don’t know! Deal with these guys first!”

Carlyn shouted the name of the first prince’s white horseman and pretended to look for someone again.

Now he was close to the Swordmaster candidates.

Carlyn focused on the Winds. Nobody should be watching him. Seven seconds passed like that.

When everyone’s attention wasn’t on him, Carlyn quickly drew the short sword from his right forearm.

Swish— He threw it with a snap of his wrist, soundlessly. The Winds compensated for the lack of strength.

If he was in a more advanced state, he wouldn’t even need to move his wrist; he could control it with the wind alone.

It was possible even now, but it wasn’t up to the level that would reach the future Swordmaster knight.

The short sword cut through the air.

It passed between a soldier’s abdomen and arm, grazing someone’s back.

Once again, there was no sound to indicate the wind’s parting. When the knight abruptly turned his head, it was already too late.

The soundless short sword that came from the allied side was unpredictable to the knight.

The short sword pierced through the knight’s plate armor and embedded into his arm. A sting. That was the end of it.

Momentary virtue.

As befitting its name, it would take just 30 seconds to lead to death. Carlyn counted the seconds as he distanced himself.

When Carlyn slashed the soldiers of the second prince who approached, the knight who pulled out the short sword realized it was poisoned.

He hesitated, holding the sword. 

‘It’s too late.’

To survive, he should have immediately cut off the arm hit by the short sword. In an instant of hesitation, his life was forfeited.

The knight shouted, looking back.


It was a call for reinforcements. He took a step back. The knight’s strength faded from his legs, and he collapsed.

Thud—kneeling first, then collapsing like a stone. It was a pitiful death for the future Swordmaster.

The astonished soldiers called out the knight’s name. Carlyn calmly found his next target.

‘One down.’

However, the sound of calling for reinforcements was too loud. Another target became aware of the situation.

The first prince was hurrying over.

Carlyn abandoned any lingering thoughts. This was enough. No more greed. Keeping his identity concealed was the most important thing.

This should suffice.

Carlyn engaged briefly with the second prince’s soldiers, then slipped away, stealing a glance to make sure no one was noticing him.

With the battlefield being cleared up, he needed to move quickly.

* * *

The battle came to an end like that. The third prince was unable to move, and the second prince suffered the ruthless retaliation of the enraged first prince.

The first prince, who had lost his right arm, went beyond his original intentions and killed both the knights and aides of the second prince.

Nevertheless, the second prince, being of royal blood, was spared his life. Carlyn found it a bit amusing.

Assassination without being discovered was possible, but outright killing was not.

In any case, the order remained the same. First prince, princess, third prince, second prince. Just preserving the order of the princess was fortunate enough.

Additionally, their morale was boosted by conserving their forces.

The attacked second prince suffered the greatest losses, followed by the first prince. The third prince also lost a considerable number of soldiers due to his reckless hunting.

Only the princess managed to maintain her forces almost perfectly. Carlyn considered this operation a success.

‘It went well. We gained unexpected rewards too.’

Such talk would spread among the soldiers. That they wouldn’t die under the princess.

Of course, there was still much more to accumulate, but the beginning was satisfactory.

“Comrades, it was a short time, but you did well beyond my expectations. Since His Majesty the Emperor promised a vacation, now return to comfortable places and rest.”

These were the words the princess, who had arrived at the palace, addressed the soldiers.

Though brief, the hundreds of soldiers in front of the armored princess were visibly moved.

Old or too young, those who weren’t in the best condition themselves were likely quite concerned for the soldiers as well.

Yet, most of them had returned unharmed.

Carlyn followed the princess, walking without hesitation. It was time to meet the Emperor.

Gathered in a room where the princes and princess were present, the Emperor let out a deep sigh in the midst of the silence.

“It’s disappointing.”

The princes were alert. They all knew this wasn’t disappointment in their sibling rivalry.

The second prince lost, the third prince was overshadowed by the princess, and the first prince lost a recognized knight. They each had different thoughts.


“Yes, Father.”

“Of course, you achieved good results with your full force. But the greater the strength you used, the more you suffered. And even then, you intend to command the empire’s army?”

The Emperor was already aware of his children’s strengths and the situation. There were hounds of the Empire there as well.

The prince who had somewhat anticipated this lowered his head.

“No excuse, Father.”

“Totun was poisoned?”


The first prince who answered gave the second prince a hostile look. The second prince responded with a curse hidden in his eyes, full of indignation.

The second prince might not understand the language, but it was not a bad thing for him either.

“An error in a favorable situation. A cornered rat will bite a cat.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

“Of course, Totun’s issue, who succumbed to the poison due to his ability, is a problem. But managing the subordinates is also your responsibility.”

The Emperor, finished speaking, turned his gaze directly to the second prince with an uncomfortable expression.



The voice of the second prince trembled in his response.

“Foolishness. Didn’t you anticipate that?”

“I apologize.”

The second prince barely managed to hold back from saying he didn’t expect the first prince to join hands with the princess.

She was the daughter of the woman accused of poisoning their mother. This was not sibling rivalry, but betrayal.

“But! We didn’t do anything to Totun!”


Tsk, the Emperor clicked his tongue loudly enough to be heard.

Losing the most soldiers and knights, and even having their provisions stolen, the disgraceful second prince couldn’t continue his words.



“Are you a knight?”


The Emperor’s gaze was sharp.

“I asked if you were a knight.”


“Yet you were engrossed in the combat before you? Impulsiveness is the root of all evil. War requires a long-term perspective.”


The voice of the third prince, answering, trembled thinly. He seemed to be barely containing his resentment.

The Emperor thumped the desk with his fist.

“The loss of forces is greater than expected. Is it because you can’t command, or because you’re inadequate?”

The Emperor looked around the room. The faces of everyone were caught off guard at the word “inadequate.”

“The army is not yours yet. They are mine.”


“No, if you considered them your own, you wouldn’t have done that. Even if you were told to wage war among yourselves using those forces, would you have used them like that? You treated them as others’, using them recklessly.”

The wrinkled Emperor showed the size of his anger with his gaze. The three princes remained silent.

Only then did the Emperor look at Erendil.

“In that aspect, Fourth, you were the best. Even if the results were slightly lacking, you managed to bring everyone back intact. Knowing how to think ahead is important.”

Though the second place was lacking, in the Emperor’s eyes, apart from the first place, the rest were all the same.

Erendil slightly lowered his head.

“Thank you.”

“Yes. Have your thoughts changed?”

The princess locked eyes with the first prince. A message passed between them.


The eyes of the second and third princes filled with astonishment. Faces that seemed to say, ‘Daring to aim for our positions.’

It was only by restraining their anger that they held their positions. Their angry eyes conveyed their feelings. The Emperor continued speaking with a composed face.

“Well thought.”

The expressions of the second and third princes turned even more unpleasant with the praise. Only the first prince remained composed.

Since there was already a promise.

The Emperor looked at the guards standing behind his children. However, his expression remained unchanged.

“You’ve gone through a lot, carrying these inadequate ones around.”

All the knights bowed their heads. It was praise, but it was also criticism that they didn’t support well.

The Emperor sighed and turned his head.

“Now go away. You’re a disgrace to look at.”

The audience stood up from their seats. Erendil was the first to bid farewell and left the room.

The gazes of the second and third princes. It was clear that trouble would arise if they left late.

Until they arrived in front of the princess’s chambers, no one spoke. Still, the atmosphere was fine. She was the only one who received praise.

“Your Highness, you’ve endured much until now. Now, please rest.”

The princess, who nodded slightly, looked at Carlyn.

“Schurtafen, come in for a moment. Shall we have some tea?”


Emmet looked at Carlyn and the princess who entered together with a worried expression.

In reality, they were discussing matters, but to the middle-aged knight, it looked different.

Young and beautiful men and women having private conversations were common. It didn’t seem like this in the beginning.

Emmet pondered whether he should talk to Carlyn separately but thought it might not be a bad idea after all.

In the past ten years, this was the first time the princess had gotten so close to someone, and Carlyn, who Emmet had been observing all this time, wasn’t someone who would behave sternly.

Emmet decided he should talk to Carlyn separately, no matter what.

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