How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 72 - Izell Lyurik (1)

Author: Dawn


The rough exhale I let out was vividly audible in my ears as my chest rose and fell heavily. My lungs pushed air out forcefully before settling back down.

My muscles were overloaded, and my limbs were trembling from the strain. It was the exact opposite situation from when I was training the princess. Now, I was the one seeking to learn.

Despite Rudehrn’s calm expression as he extended his sword, he was overwhelmingly dominant. There were no gaps in his stance.

Facing one of the ten or so Sword Masters on the continent firsthand, I understood why they were called Sword Masters. Even on a day when my condition was at its peak, I wouldn’t have stood a chance against him.

I even questioned if I could ever reach such a level.

The way to become a Sword Master was well-known. It wasn’t a matter of surpassing a wall with a single epiphany.

-When the swordsman completes something perfect, they surpass the wall and become a Sword Master.

In the game and now, that was the entirety of how to become a Sword Master. It was a common saying among all Sword Masters.

What that “something” was differed for each individual. It could be a single technique or their own unique swordsmanship. Some even reached it while refining their own swords.

Once becoming a Sword Masters, it was said they could manifest the aura of their sword and see the optimal moves in a battle instantly.

I didn’t know how that felt, though.


Anyway, that’s why I was giving it my all. Except for using the Mystic Winds, I employed all my magic power.

Even though I had duties as the princess’s bodyguard, I couldn’t miss this opportunity. And yet, Rudehrn effortlessly faced me.

It was frustrating, but at the same time, I was learning a lot. Every moment was an epiphany.

The angle of swinging the sword, the movement of the wrist when adjusting the grip, the position of the feet, and the rotation radius of the waist.

These were the movements of a Sword Master. I tried my best to remember every detail.

‘On a day like today, my condition should be at its best.’

Except for the training day at the duke’s mansion, my situation hadn’t been favorable. Although it was quite fitting to have only a couple of such days in a year, it was still disappointing.

In an instant, Rudehrn’s stance changed. He must have sensed my exhaustion. It was a signal that he would end it now.

A simple thrust. The Blue Sea came at me as a single point, but it felt like a rough wave crashing towards me.

I barely managed to deflect it with my sword. If my sword hadn’t been a renowned one, it would have snapped by now.

Rudehrn’s sword deflected strangely, and a moon appeared over the wave. He saw through my swordsmanship.

In an instant, his sword was right in front of my throat. Then the sword retreated. The sparring was over. I had just etched his sword path into my mind.

After giving me enough time, Rudehrn finally spoke.

“That was impressive swordsmanship. I’m not boasting, but it’s quite remarkable to be able to perform at that level in front of me.”

“Thank you.”

“Although it felt like your own unique swordsmanship, it was surprisingly stable. Did you have a mentor?”

“In my youth, I learned the basics in a mercenary group, and later, I learned on my own.”

It was true that I learned the basics from Marhan, but I had developed my swordsmanship further after mastering the Moonlight Technique.

Of course, I had a lot of help. Techniques from Boutreaux, the Duke, and Marhan had inspired me.

“Seems like luck is on your side. It’s not easy to join a mercenary group of that level.”

“I had good people around me.”

As I spoke nostalgically, Rudehrn patted my shoulder and changed the subject.

“It was a swordsmanship that suits you well. That’s not something that happens easily. It even matches well with the sword I chose.”

“I was surprised myself.”

Since Rudehrn gave me a sword named after the moon, considering I used the Moonlight Technique, he was a person I was grateful to.

“Well, I wanted to offer some advice, but hmm, you seem to be doing well on your own.”

“Just what you’ve shown me is enough.”

The sword’s path moved like drawing the moon at the end. That was Rudehrn’s lesson after seeing my swordsmanship.

I was genuinely thankful for that alone.

“If you continue like this, ten years? Well, that might be too soon. Within twenty years, you could become a Sword Master. Still, you’re younger than I am now.”

Rudehrn coughed awkwardly, his face slightly uncomfortable. It was a light jest, but it didn’t make me feel at ease.

In twenty years, the continent might have already fallen into ruin. Yet, with my current peak condition, could I extend it a bit further?

“Thank you.”

“Keep pushing forward. Well…”

Rudehrn concluded with those words and sighed as if he found it bothersome. What’s going on?

Following his gaze, Duchess Lyurik stood there.

…When did she arrive?

Since I was in front of the Sword Master, I hadn’t used the Winds and had all my attention focused on the sparring, so I hadn’t realized it.

* * *

“Duchess Lyurik.”

“Lord Rudehrn, it’s been a while.”

“About a year, I suppose?”

“Yes, probably around that time.”

Despite the difference in ranks, the duchess used polite language. While he was addressed as a Lord (+) [1]

It was a sign of respect for the Sword Master. Only the Emperor addressed Rudehrn with familiarity.

“Your sparring was truly admirable. Forgive my rudeness. I was looking for Lord Rudehrn and ended up inadvertently being captivated by the display.”

“I’m fine with it…”

Rudehrn cast a sidelong glance at Carlyn. He had always been cautious about not casually observing another person’s swordsmanship, whether they were mercenaries, knights, or nobles.

The duchess looked at Carlyn. She had been observing him since earlier. Her initial impression had been one of astonishment.

Not only did he possess exceptional looks, but he had also demonstrated an unthinkable level of skill.

Even though it had been a brief moment, there was a distinct depth to his swordsmanship. Considering his age, it was almost unbelievable.

The duchess wondered if Rudehrn had taken him as a disciple.

“I’m fine. Let me greet you belatedly as well. I am Knight Carl Schurtafen.”

“…Carl Schurtafen?”

She remembered that name from somewhere.

“I am an escort knight for Her Highness the Princess.”

“Ah, I saw it in the newspaper. You led your unit to charge against the monsters and protected the troops. It was a remarkable display of courage.”

So, he was that individual. The duchess looked at him with renewed astonishment. She hadn’t known he possessed such exceptional skills.

So, he had been brought by the Empress, and it seemed the Princess had acquired quite an outstanding individual. The duchess gave her positive evaluation.

“As a knight, it was my duty.”

“That’s not necessarily true. Nothing in this world is certain. It’s because of that uncertainty that we find nobility. You are worthy of respect.”

The Duchess, who had been speaking, let out a light chuckle.

“Actually, I might have exaggerated a bit. But seeing you today made me feel embarrassed about my narrow-mindedness. It was an impressive display of swordsmanship.”

“Thank you.”

Carlyn felt a bit flustered. He had been pondering how to approach this situation, but the other side had approached first.

Moreover, it was more swift and ideal than he had anticipated.

“Rudehrn, if it’s alright with you, could you spare me some time as well?”

“…Although today is a day of rest, if it’s the Duchess, then you’re welcome.”

Rudehrn answered with a smile, but from Carlyn’s perspective, he could sense his reluctance through his earlier sigh.

After all, it had been quite a while since he had requested this meeting.


In an instant, a thought crossed his mind.

On the day Duchess Lyurik arrived, Rudehrn had called him, and Duchess Lyurik had sought him out.

If coincidences kept piling up, suspicion was in order.

While Rudehrn did display signs of reluctance, there was also a possibility that he was acting.

‘Is this Emperor’s intention, or is it Rudehrn’s alone?’

It wasn’t the most likely conjecture, but it was still worth considering.

If that assumption were true, it could be seen that the Emperor or Rudehrn had some consideration for the Princess.

Perhaps due to the accomplishments of the subjugation battle, they wanted to give her at least a small chance.

Currently, the Princess was in a situation where, no matter how positively one looked at it, there was little chance of success. Of course, it could all be a misconception.

“However, wouldn’t it be better after you’ve had the audience with the Emperor?”

“Oh, yes. I can’t meet His Majesty with a body drenched in sweat. I was hasty.”

Duchess Lyurik, who had been wiping her sword, acquiesced.

“In that case, I’ll take my leave.”

Rudehrn bid his farewell and withdrew. It left Duchess Lyurik and Carlyn alone, coincidentally.

Whether his assumptions were true or not, Carlyn couldn’t afford to let this opportunity slip by.

“Duchess Lyurik, I have something to say.”

The Duchess looked at Carlyn with a very different atmosphere than when she faced Rudehrn.

A faint crease formed on her forehead as if she expected some sort of trouble.

“Are you trying to ask me to support Her Highness?”

“The intention is similar, but a bit different.”

“A bit different?”

“I’ve heard that your younger sibling is unwell.”

For a moment, it seemed as if flames ignited in Duchess Lyurik’s eyes. Veins surged on Duchess’ hand gripping the hilt of her sword.

“…Do you want to die? The title of the Princess’s personal guard holds no meaning in front of me.”

Though her voice was icy, Carlyn sensed the seething anger within it.

“There are ways to cure that illness.”

“Do you really want to die that badly?”

“I’m speaking in earnest.”

“Many insolent people have told me such things. And every one of them lost their heads.”

The duchess’ gritted her teeth.

“Even the envoys His Majesty sent said that if it’s not divine intervention, they can’t cure the illness. Or do you know the secrets of the gods?”

“I don’t know the secrets of the gods.”

Carlyn saw the duchess push her thumb against the crossguard. She seemed ready to draw her sword at any moment.

“But someone with Mystic that can heal knows.”


“I had a close encounter with someone during my mercenary days.”

Her mouth fell open as if she’d just taken a blow to the back of her head. The duchess’ astonished gaze wavered towards Carlyn.

There was one reason why Carlyn was so confident.

Because he had witnessed Mad Saint Cedric healing the duchess’ sibling multiple times in the game.

Mystic was something that had to be used. The Haisen Intelligence Agency had already grasped the details of Cedric’s Mystic and successfully incorporated him.

Of course, things were explained differently in the actual scenario, but in Cedric’s and the archaeologist’s perspectives, they had saved their lives, making incorporation an easy task.

On a separate note, Cedric hadn’t healed Carlyn. The “Worst Condition” wasn’t an illness.

“I swear that what I’m saying is the truth. If it’s a lie, you’re welcome to take my life.”

The Duchess, who had regained her composure, let out a chuckle.

“Even if what you’re saying is true, it’s obvious what you want in return. You’re probably asking me to support the Princess, aren’t you? I won’t accept.”

“It’s not about support.”

The reason Carlyn hadn’t approached the Duchess with the cure from Haisen was because of her character.

She was someone who would give her life for the Empire out of loyalty and honor.

In the game, even the devil worshippers who approached with the promise of healing were swiftly dealt with by the Duchess herself.

“I’m pleading with you to see it with your own eyes and then judge.”

Carlyn continued without pause.

“It’s known that you’re someone who dedicates herself only to the Empire. It’s an unpopular thing to say, but perhaps it’s because you haven’t given any thought to the princes and princesses that they’re not in your favor.”

“Hah, you certainly don’t hold back.”

Duchess Lyurik looked at Carlyn with a colder gaze.

Depending on her response, Carlyn’s words could become his vulnerability if he talked about them outside.

“The Princess has finally revealed her intention. Her Highness doesn’t want to walk this path. She’s risking everything solely for the sake of the Empire.”

Carlyn spoke, carefully observing the Duchess’s reaction.

“I’m not asking for your support because I’m confident that once you see it for yourself, your feelings will change.”

Silence hung for a moment. Carlyn used his magic, Winds, to scan his surroundings. He had little to worry about.

This space was only accessible to the Emperor and Sword Masters.

“…Hah, even so, you’re better than those who promise land and riches, and even the throne of the Empress.”

The Duchess let out a deep sigh and briefly looked up at the sky. It was a remarkably pleasant day.

“I’ll consider your proposal. But don’t expect much. There’s no guarantee that things will go as you wish.”

“Of course.”

“Is that all you desire?”

“I kindly request that you not mention to anyone the person I’m introducing. Even if it’s His Majesty the Emperor…”

The Duchess nodded.

“Like a god, huh? I hate the annoyance of having to conform. You’re asking for permission after doing as you please and then saying that.”

“It’s for similar reasons. Moreover, this person is of lower status, with much more grueling experiences. Even when you summon him, I ask that you do it discreetly through someone trustworthy.”

Introducing Cedric and conducting an induction were separate matters. They had to be handled with utmost certainty.

“Understood. You don’t need to worry about that.”


Sincerely, Carlyn wasn’t worried. She was someone who would sacrifice her life for honor.

She wouldn’t break her promise.

  • 1. TLN: Gyeong in Korean. which was typically for a Count/Lord, Rudehrn held the nominal rank of a “Count” due to his position.
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