How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 74 - Izell Lyurik (3)

Author: Dawn

The departure was scheduled for two weeks later. The gathering point was the Eden Plains in the western part of the Empire.

We were to gather our assigned troops and march from the capital to join forces with the troops of the supporting nobles.

During that time, I was quite anxious.

The Princess had sent a letter to Duchess Lyurik but there had been no response.

The letter had contained a message of gratitude for her potential support in the war against the West, whether positive or negative, it was a polite gesture to expect a reply.

‘It seems like she hasn’t made a decision yet.’

Duchess Lyurik wasn’t a rude person to the extent of leaving a refusal unanswered.

I hoped for a positive response, but I couldn’t be certain.

She hadn’t promised support from the beginning. Saying she would observe wasn’t necessarily a commitment to help.

The Princess seemed concerned these days because she understood the implications. However, she refrained from pressing the matter out of propriety.

Though the absence of Duchess Lyurik’s support wouldn’t prevent the war, it posed a significant obstacle.

The number of troops allocated by the Emperor was too few.

‘From our standpoint, it’s somewhat unreasonable.’

The Empire’s forces, including conscripted troops and mercenaries, amounted to about 300,000. The numbers had diminished due to the lack of major conflicts for some time.

On the other hand, the estimated forces in the west were around 170,000. Originally, the number might have been higher, but internal conflicts had reduced the count.

For this war, the Empire planned to deploy around 200,000 troops.

The Emperor declared that he would allocate 10,000 troops each to the Princes and Princess, and the rest would be provided by the supporting nobles.

Consequently, the First Prince would have 50,000 troops, the Second Prince 35,000, the Third Prince 25,000, and Erendil 13,000.

Even getting the 3,000 troops was a struggle. This was mainly due to the fickle nature of the supporting nobles.

The remaining forces and nobles not affiliated with factions would operate under Rudehrn.

Overall command was also vested in Rudehrn as the Supreme Commander. We would be under his leadership.

‘As for the results of the previous pacification campaign, we’ve decided to prioritize battle.’

In simple terms, it was the priority to determine where one would be placed during combat and what role they would take.

It would have been better if we had received more troops, but objectively, this was also quite a privilege.

We could choose better battlegrounds. That’s why both the Princess and I were waiting for communication from Duchess Lyurik.

No matter how much we thought, 13,000 troops wouldn’t suffice for a proper offensive.

Even if we had priority in combat, the number wasn’t sufficient to express our intention to participate first.

While the other princes were actively participating, we would be relegated to joining Rudehrn’s main force.

Obtaining the support of Duchess Lyurik would have considerable ramifications.

Setting aside the immediate implications of this war, it would alter our future actions.

‘There are quite a few nobles who follow Duchess Lyurik.’

It meant that they could significantly elevate the Princess’s position among the nobles.

There was a real possibility of aiming for the Emperor’s throne.

In reality, we could push for more troops if we forced the issue, but the budget wouldn’t align.

Moreover, it wasn’t wise to accept just any noble willing to join us.

As I awaited a response, which hadn’t arrived yet, I was separately summoned by the First Prince.

It was evening on a rest day. I arrived at an upscale restaurant with a guide. There were no outsiders present.

‘Two knight guards and two women.’

One was by the Prince’s side, pouring drinks while elegantly dressed.

The other was waiting in the restaurant corridor. He must have called me here. A wry smile formed on my lips.

“Have a seat.”

The Prince gestured to the guards with a polite greeting as they took their seats. As expected, another woman walked over.

I glanced briefly but didn’t pay much attention to her.

“I’m fine, thank you.”

My polite yet firm refusal cast a cold atmosphere. The guard’s gaze on me turned ominous.

Are you perhaps thinking that you can reject what he’s given? Maybe he was thinking like this.

Instead of my nonchalant self, the woman standing next to me seemed flustered. The woman on the opposite side rolled her eyes for no reason.


The Prince clicked his tongue.

“I mean to discuss business slowly.”

“I’d appreciate it if you could get to the point.”

The mood sank as I spoke. The guards’ stares felt menacing.

“You said the same thing last time. If I declined, you would immediately go to the Second Prince. You’re still quite audacious.”


When I didn’t respond, the Prince clicked his tongue in annoyance.

“Both of you, leave us.”

The two tense women stepped back a few paces. The Prince lifted the glass before him.

“To speak frankly. This war, make Erendil join under my command.”

Hmm. Ever since I proposed the deal to the Prince, this was an inevitable outcome. But I hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly.

In truth, this wasn’t good for the Prince either.

A shortsighted decision. Was it because I killed his close aide? Days with no hair on your head can be rather hectic. (+) [1]

“Since you’ve committed to aiding me, this shouldn’t be a big issue.”

“It’s not possible.”

The Prince furrowed his brows.

“Why? Your forces wouldn’t make a difference anyway. If it’s due to specialization, I can redistribute them.”

“It’s not because of that.”

“I can’t fathom the reason. Is Erendil suddenly vying for the Emperor’s throne?”

I almost burst into laughter.

“While I personally have three reasons I believe it’s not viable, I can’t say them outright.”

“You! How dare you…”

“Your Highness, I’m not your people, and such decisions should be made by the Princess.”

His eyes flashed with anger. His animosity toward me became evident. I calmly continued.

“Honestly, I don’t understand why Your Highness summoned me. I am a knight guard, neither more nor less.”

It wouldn’t bode well if I, who came from Haisen, appeared to control the Princess in front of others, especially the Princes.

Especially in the eyes of the Princes.

I should appear as an advisor who occasionally gives counsel while Her Highness made all decisions.

“You seem to doubt the words I spoke during the previous campaign. Back then, it was Her Highness’s intention. I merely offer advice.”

The Prince remained silent for a while. He just stared at me with trembling pupils.

I could see him barely managing to suppress his anger. He looked as if he wanted to kill me.

“Is that so? Then let’s go.”

After a brief silence, the Prince suddenly spoke. He stood up and urged me.

“What are you doing? Stand up. We’re going to Erendil to ask him directly.”

* * *

The prince walked confidently with his strides, seeming to believe in his own thoughts more than my words.

He was the one who judged that Erendil wasn’t aggressive.

He probably wanted to get a clear answer here, showing me Erendil’s perplexed expression.

However, I wasn’t worried. I trust Erendil.

When I started this game, I didn’t promise to make the princess an empress for no reason.

I merely changed the situation and provided timely advice. Erendil was a capable individual.

However, I didn’t particularly enjoy being in this situation, walking alongside the prince.

Even in the game, I rarely found favor with the three princes, and now this trash acts all presumptuous without knowing his place.


The prince clicked his tongue.

“What do you want? Stand up. We’re here to meet Erendil.”

“Yo-Your Highness.”

“I’ve come to see Erendil.”

The two bodyguards who had taken the morning shift looked at me with eyes that couldn’t comprehend why I was with the prince.

I shrugged. It was my feeble defense.

Soon, we were guided to the princess’s audience room. Erendil had a gaze similar to that of the bodyguard before.

Her slightly frowned expression seemed to be filled with some dissatisfaction, perhaps even misunderstanding.

“Join me under my command for this war.”

Erendil tilted her head, looking at me as if asking if it was my opinion.

I shook my head.

“With your forces, the only way is that for you to help me. Not only are the second and third princes hard to control, but it’s also difficult to build achievements with the limited number of troops you have.”

The prince tapped the table with his finger.

“Moreover, this is a war against outsiders, so we can’t attack each other. If we unite, we can gain achievements through priority. I will give you some concessions too.”

The prince spoke unilaterally. Given the age difference, he had a rather forceful manner.

Since the first prince was over thirty years old.

I conveyed my refusal with my gaze.

Absolutely not. If we were to come under the first prince’s command, there would be a high chance of our troops being used recklessly.

“Is that why you’ve come at this late hour?”

“Yes. I initially thought this guy was the one making all the decisions, but it’s apparently you. He says he’s only providing advice?”

“Schurtafen is right.”

Erendil supported my side, but the prince didn’t seem to acknowledge it.

“So, what’s your answer?”

“I will refuse.”

“Why? Was the promise to help me a lie?”


“Then why?”

The prince asked with a frustrated expression. Erendil, with a gentle face, lifted her teacup.

During their conversation, it had cooled down a bit.

“First, because there’s a high possibility that Brother will use my troops as a sacrificial pawn.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, Brother, but I don’t trust battle. Can you be confident that we’ll win in every battle and believe that we’ll secure victories?”

“What do you mean…”

“Dangerous but necessary battle. I’ll be in the lead during the battle where we need to retreat after falling into traps.”

The prince was about to say something, but the princess was faster.

“Could it be that Brother would stand in the front to save me? I can’t just leave the soldiers and run away; my life would also be in danger.”

There was no counterargument. Of course not. This was something that no one could refute.

The princess glanced at me discreetly. Since I couldn’t openly nod my head, I expressed my support through my gaze.

With an expressionless face, the princess continued speaking.

“Secondly, there’s nothing to gain from revealing our alliance.”

The voice that continued speaking had a bit more confidence, and it wasn’t just my imagination.

“Our alliance should appear as a temporary necessity under the surface.”

“Why does it have to be that way?”

“If the second and third princes form an alliance, can you handle it?”

“Of course. It should be sufficient. We carefully selected and assigned troops this time too.”

It wasn’t an inaccurate statement. They even filtered the number down to 50,000. The first prince was overwhelmingly dominant now.

“No, it’s not. It’s risky. What if Duchess Lyurik ends up supporting the second and third princes? What if you, Brother, make a major mistake?”

It was a good way to converse. By ending the sentence with a question, it forces him to think.

The prince was visibly disgruntled.

“The alliance between the second and third princes can’t be sustained.”

“Of course, I agree. However, dividing support between two factions is dangerous. Can you predict the actions of the nobles?”

First prince and princess, second prince and third prince.

To someone, the latter might seem more plausible. There was enough room for the nobles’ minds to waver.

And even if the thought itself was different, one could align with the second or third prince for personal gains.

With the intention of exploiting their future division.

“In the path where Brother becomes the emperor, I am a hidden card. And that card needs to be played when it’s crucial.”

She was doing well. Even though the details might be different, the reasons she mentioned were similar to what I had in mind.

“It’s you, Brother, not me, who needs to help me. Even if the nobles who might lean a little toward my side with the second and third princes could be advantageous.”

“What if you develop ambitions for the emperor’s throne?”

“Do you think that’s possible?”


At this point in time, the possibility of the princess becoming the emperor is close to zero, no matter how favorably you look at it.

In fact, even later on. Gender limits in this world were clear. Dukes might be uncertain, but there was not even a ruling queen.

Hence, the prince’s silence was essentially a positive response. The atmosphere had already moved past it.

“And finally, I cannot officially stand by Brother’s side until this dispute is resolved.”

“What does that mean?”

“During the banquet, Mother almost drank poison. Don’t you really know?”

When the princess looked at him with a disappointed gaze, the prince hurriedly shook his head.

“No, I know that. Wasn’t Father’s recent action an attempt to attack our maternal relatives?”

Of course, it was only natural for the prince’s side to reach the same conclusion.

“It seemed like a warning directed at me as well.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know Father’s personality? Those who don’t participate in war…”

“They shouldn’t have any gains.”

Erendil nodded. The prince’s face showed uncertainty. He was probably assessing whether the princess’s words were true.

“Father won’t stay still. If I, who formed an alliance with Brother, am eliminated, the second and third princes will gain more power.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll be satisfied with just one decent territory in the North. Benefits from taxes and conscription, freedom in marriage. That’s all I desire.”

During the lengthy discussion, the tea had already cooled down. The prince, seemingly forgetting his manners, emptied the teacup in one gulp and turned his gaze to me.

“…You’re right. I misjudged my younger sibling.”

I responded with a slight nod.

“I agree with part of what you said.”

The prince spoke with the intent of preserving his own pride.

“If you need anything, let me know. If there’s a way to keep the second and third princes in check, I’ll assist where I can.”

“Thank you.”

“However, make sure to keep your promise.”

“I hope Brother does the same.”

The prince alternated his gaze between me and the princess before leaving the room with a somewhat disappointed expression.

Around 10 seconds later, the princess, who had been still, took a deep breath and then exhaled shakily.

She must have been very tense. Our gazes met. Her teal eyes seemed unusually translucent today.

“You did well.”

“I know.”

I just needed your confirmation.

The princess murmured softly. I couldn’t hear it clearly, but I could sense it through the winds.

  • 1. TLN: This is often used as an expression to refer to being bald or lacking hair, which can symbolize vulnerability, weakness, or being exposed. The phrase implies that when you’re in a vulnerable or exposed situation, things can become chaotic or stressful. It’s a way of saying that challenging or difficult situations can make life busy or overwhelming.
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