How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 76 - Counterattack (1)

Author: Dawn

Duchess Lyurik brought twenty thousand troops. Now our side had twenty-five thousand, the same as the third prince’s forces.

Although it was half of the first prince’s troops and only about ten thousand less than the second prince’s, it should suffice.

The important thing was that we could confidently participate in combat, where strategies were employed.

As well as the resourcefulness of Duchess Lyurik.

I didn’t know how the war between the Western region and the Empire unfolded. We were still at the starting point of the game.

While preparing for war, I studied various books, but as someone without experience, I had my limits.

Duchess Lyurik was a fairly decent character in the game. She would be assisting Emmet in the strategic aspect.

Amidst the rapid march, Erendil gestured to call me over.

“What were you about to say earlier?”

Did I have something to say? As I groped my memory, the princess opened her mouth again.

“It’s about the reason. I followed your advice, but I’m curious about the reason you thought that way. It was your intuition.”


I understood immediately what she meant. Not hearing the reason had surprised me a bit too.

Perhaps she wanted to show me her trust. It was her own intuition, after all.

“If we don’t have the Duchess’s help, we won’t achieve much in combat. It might sound like flattery, but it’s natural for your prestige to be diminished after the war if you don’t perform well.”

Erendil listened in silence.

“While it might be futile for Your Highness to have waited for the Duchess, it’s also true that there wouldn’t be a significant difference in the end.”

“So you suggested waiting for a similar outcome.”


Either way, if the duchess hadn’t arrived, the situation would probably not be mentioned before or after the war.

Erendil tilted her head.

“I’m questioning whether there was a need to wait at all. If the Duchess was slightly late, wouldn’t it have been better for us to leave with the main forces?”

Explaining directly was slightly complicated due to several reasons. I chose my words calmly.

“We also had to consider the situation if the Duchess didn’t come. It could have created unnecessary burdens.”

“Are you saying that even without a reply, you burdened them by waiting for the Duchess?”


“Couldn’t it be seen as somewhat foolish? Saying that she was watching over me.”

It wasn’t an incorrect statement, but since the person in question was Duchess Lyurik, there was no chance of that.

She was a person who valued honor.

“She is not that type of person. Since she understands our circumstances, she probably sees Your Highness’s eagerness for Duchess’s arrival.”


Erendil’s expression was not easily convinced. Well, it was a part that could be interpreted in various ways, so there was no helping it.

That’s just what I thought.

“Also, when we waited for the Duchess, I thought we could make a good impression.”

“Yes. The Duchess had a surprised face.”

“Lastly, I also considered that this might have been Duchess Lyurik’s test.”

“A test?”

The princess looked puzzled.

“If it truly was a test, rather than her own intuition, she might have wanted to see what choice Your Highness would make in a situation where she wasn’t offering support.”

A princess without troops.

Just as the first prince had imposed on her, there were ways to attach herself to someone and manage even a small bit of specialization.

In fact, it wasn’t a bad idea if we could make myself a discardable pawn for the troops.

Even so, since I could manage some specialization, I wanted to do that.

In other words, it was speculation about whether the princess was trying to see what choice she would make in the face of impatience.

Perhaps, had that choice been made, the duchess might have joined the main force, rather than Erendil.

“Right. It’s possible that was his intention.”

Erendil seemed slightly displeased as she listened to the continuing explanation. She understood.

It wasn’t about watching over, but rather about testing.

“I should definitely inquire about the reason for her lateness.”

She was already here to help, so was there really a need for that? Well, I almost stopped myself from saying that.

Erendil wasn’t foolish either, so through this conversation, she might actually view the Duchess in a more positive light.

Just the fact that I guessed what I heard from our conversation a moment ago was enough.

Marching forward at a swift pace. There was no more conversation.

Fortunately, we were able to join the main forces before dinner.

Our forces had doubled. The gazes of those looking at us were all filled with astonishment.


The amazed eyes of the princes were quite amusing.

There was even a hint of an inferiority complex in their eyes, knowing that Duchess Lyurik, who had rejected their proposal, had come under the princess’s command.

Erendil walked with her usual composed demeanor. Only Rudehrn welcomed the duchess with a somewhat complicated expression.

Seeing that, I was confident that my assumption had been correct. There must have been pressure from the emperor.

“Duchess, you’ve finally arrived.”

“Yes. I believe waiting behind is not in my nature.”

“Welcome. Are you joining under the princess’s command?”

“Yes. She granted her permission.”

With a nod, Rudehrn looked at the princess as if he had just realized something. A surprise was evident.

It was a positive sign. It would be a good thing if I could win Rudehrn’s favor. I smiled inwardly.

* * *

“Do you knights also enjoy this kind of thing?”

“Well, I used to do it often during my mercenary days.”

The soldiers’ morale was good. The Duchess’ joining had played a significant role. Their attitude toward me was also positive.

Thanks to the previous subjugation battle, my image was quite favorable among the empire’s soldiers.

“Sir Carl Schurtafen, the princess is calling for you.”

It was a call from the princess that I received while inspecting the troops after the meal. While moving, I came face to face with Duchess Lyurik.

She seemed to have received a similar summons from Erendil as well. Our eyes met briefly, and I slightly inclined my head.

“Thank you for coming.”

“Didn’t I promise to watch over? I need to be close to do that.”

The Duchess gave a faint smile.

“In fact, I’m the one who’s grateful. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my healthy younger brother…”

“I’m glad.”

The conversation ended there since we had met in front of the barracks. Erendil was alone inside.

After exchanging greetings, Erendil got straight to the point.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Can I hear about the reasons for the delayed response?”

“Of course.”

I had been watching closely, but the Duchess’ expression showed no signs of change.

“Because when His Majesty gave me the freedom to choose, it seemed like he was implying not to participate. So, I pondered which side would be more advantageous for the empire.”

“Are you talking about the soldiers who will perish in the war and the Empire’s gains if you, Duchess, don’t participate?”

I was a bit worried, but thankfully, Erendil saw through that concern.

“Yes, I had deep thoughts about it. Since His Majesty also granted me something… well…”

Was there something separate? Anyway, it was probably just following his intentions.

“But the soldiers are also part of the empire. Even a modest force like mine would be better on the battlefield.”

“I understand. You need not apologize to me in the future.”

“Thank you.”

The Duchess bowed her head briefly and asked the princess.

“May I inquire why Your Highness waited for me?”

“As I mentioned before, I just had a feeling that Duchess would come.”

The Duchess was momentarily speechless. She seemed surprised. She probably hadn’t thought there could be any reason for it.

Erendil chuckled softly.

“And Schurtafen said something similar.”

“Carl Schurtafen?”


“Is that really the reason?”

“Well, at least it was like that.”

The princess shrugged her shoulders.

“But Schurtafen must have had a reason for it. I said I would wait because I trusted Schurtafen.”

“And the reason… can you tell me what it is?”

“He said there’s nothing to lose.”

I couldn’t help but be taken aback. Erendil was relaying exactly what I had said, without any omission.

She could have paraphrased it to make it seem like she had thought of it, but she conveyed it exactly as I had said it.

Throughout the conversation, the Duchess kept stealing glances at me. She didn’t seem annoyed; rather, she appeared intrigued.

“How about that? Quite a wise knight, isn’t he?”

“Yes, when we talked before, I got that impression as well. Although his age doesn’t make that believable.”

Receiving praise face-to-face, I just lowered my gaze. Lyurik chuckled.

“Furthermore, I also knew that Your Highness is wise.”


“It was a modest thing to say. Even if there’s advice, not many would behave like you in such a situation. The actions taken by the princes were something they would never do.”

“I’m not sure about the wisdom, but I do agree with your thoughts on my brothers. They would have done nothing but express their displeasure.”

“Your Highness, who recognizes wisdom, is also wise. A wise person tends to stay under the wing of another wise person.”

The princess extended her hand as if to imply to stop the flattery. I actually thought the situation had turned out quite well.

By stating the fact that I had spoken, the princess seemed to appear as a good person in the end.

Duchess Lyurik cast a glance at me. A positive gaze. I nodded slightly.

“That’s settled then. Let’s go into more specific details. Schurtafen.”


I stepped outside the barracks and called for Emmet and the two escort knights. There would be discussions about the battlefield plans.

As the two forces would merge, it was an essential process. The matter of command was also part of it.

Since the princess wasn’t familiar with warfare, practical matters needed to be handled on our side. The same went for the princes.

“About 170,000 versus 210,000. While we have more in numbers, the difference isn’t that significant. This won’t be an easy fight.”

Duchess Lyurik began with a brief introduction.

“I’m curious how you knights think we should approach the Combat.”

The question was directed at Erendil’s escort knights. I had been waiting for this, so I was able to answer promptly.

“We should target the core.”

There must have been a reason why the empire didn’t commit its entire military strength to this war.

My speculation was that it was to prevent potential uprisings within the empire and the dual loyalty of the opposing forces.

“The enemy currently consists of the most seasoned soldiers on the continent, but they lack a well-structured army.”

The situation in the west, where Rohalak was unifying the territories, involved various kingdoms’ forces mixing.

Even one-sidedly unified armies. The concern in the West was the potential division that could erupt at any time.

“By striking at their core and toppling their command immediately, they will lose control and become disorganized.”

While Rohalak’s unification of the West was one-sided, his defeat on the battlefield was like this.

The area had been composed of petty kingdoms for centuries. Those willing to risk their lives in a losing battle weren’t that numerous.

In contrast, the empire excelled in that aspect. It provided the utmost care for its soldiers.

The empire was unique on the continent in providing a secure life even for the families of soldiers who died in the war.

The empire’s soldiers weren’t fiercely loyal for no reason.

“True. For someone without prior war experience, that was a good idea.”

The Duchess and Emmet looked at me with slightly surprised eyes. At that moment, I sensed turmoil through the Winds.

Someone who was gasping for breath had asked about the commander’s whereabouts and then ran toward Rudehrn.

The area around Rudehrn was a place where the Winds didn’t reach.

What could be happening? Not knowing Rudehrn’s location meant that the person was an outsider.

Could it be that the West had launched an attack first? That was the only idea that came to mind.

There must have been an agreed-upon date… It was clear that something unusual had occurred.

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