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Although we set out late, there was no urgent need to chase down the Western forces. The destination was obvious.


It was a massive castle situated at a juncture that led into the western region beyond the national borders.

Hurheet Castle, which was built in the distant past when the West was strong, remained intact to this day.

From the natural moat formed by a river to the magic-receptive walls, it was a fortress optimized for defense.

‘It won’t be easy.’

On average, besieging a castle required three times the number of defenders. However, for Hurheet, seven times that was necessary. History indicated this fact.

Two hundred years ago, the Empire successfully captured Hurheet Castle, but the losses were too great to progress further. Of course, it was possible that the commander’s skills weren’t up to par back then, but one thing was certain—it wasn’t an easy place to conquer.

Moreover, the current disparity in forces was around 25,000. Penetrating Hurheet conventionally was challenging.

‘Considering that the Western forces are determined to defend, it won’t be easy.’

Because of this, the command center seemed quite busy during our journey. I suspected they were requesting reinforcements. The Empire should have some minimum forces, and they could gather a few tens of thousands more. However, even if they did, the difference wouldn’t be significant. It wouldn’t be a matter of tens of thousands.

After a long march, we established our camp near Hurheet Castle. Rudehrn immediately summoned the commanders.

“This siege will be more challenging than any before.”

It was a statement everyone had guessed, but when it came from a Sword Master, it carried weight.

“We haven’t decided on the siege method yet. If anyone has a good strategy, please share.”

After a moment of thought, the Second Prince asked.

“Can you break through the castle gate, Commander? Can’t we just go straight in?”

As the prince suggested, Rudehrn was capable of breaking down the castle gate with just one sword. That’s why he was a Sword Master. However, Rudehrn’s expression wasn’t favorable.

“I can break through the castle gate, but Hurheet is not an easy target. We would suffer significant losses.”

However, Rudehrn was right, it wasn’t the best strategy.

The weakest point of a castle was often its gate, so it was constructed with the expectation that it might be breached from the outset.

Given that there were no restrictions on speaking in this gathering, even the nobles and knights seemed to be pondering.

“Attacking one side of the castle wall with explosives…”

“It’s best not to have high expectations. The magical defenses of Hurheet Castle are quite strong.”

This was noted in historical records as well. Ancient magic combined with modern magic in the construction of the castle.

Simply detonating explosives wouldn’t create a breach. It might work with a massive amount, but it was uncertain.

“Should we consider using spies?”

“It’s just opening the gate. I can do that myself.”

“How about using internal spies to spread disease or poison?”

“Poison might work, but I’m not sure how effective it would be. It might be better to have spies gather internal information rather than taking the risk.”

“Then what about launching explosives from our side…”

It was a method of dispersing artificially created diseases or poisons onto mud or corpses.

Thinking ahead, it wasn’t a good idea. As expected, Rudehrn shook his head.

“Spreading disease is not feasible. We have to break through the castle gate and find King Rohalak. We can’t infect our allies with diseases.”

One of the barons spoke up in response to Rudehrn. He was a mage.

“I can create healing potions. It might take some time, but with the necessary ingredients, we can proceed safely.”

“Well, that’s not a bad idea. Let’s request support for that. If we don’t have a plan before the ingredients arrive, we’ll consider it.”

“Is there any additional support available?”


The nobles didn’t seem pleased. Neither of these methods seemed feasible, and with no additional support, they were left without solutions.

Facing Hurheet Castle’s walls, they would likely be feeling quite helpless. The adjutant standing by chimed in.

“Sir, perhaps we should consider a prolonged siege. That might be our only option. Supplies in the west will run low sooner or later.”

“That seems to be the case.”

Rudehrn nodded. Since the two of them had likely already discussed this matter, it wasn’t the moment to show their deliberation.

If a good idea emerged in the meantime, it could be adopted.

“We can continue using the trebuchets to exert psychological pressure and establish solid checkpoints to cut off their supplies. That should work.”

Our forces had a supply route at the rear and given that the Western forces’ situation had changed, their internal state would likely be chaotic. Time was on our side.

If we didn’t rashly attack, victory was inevitable.

“Shall we then surround the castle?”

“No. If our forces are scattered, the enemy will attack and harass us. Cutting off supplies is sufficient.”

“Then I will rearrange the cavalry into a separate unit.”

As detailed discussions continued, Rudehrn looked at me and asked.

“Do you have any unique tactics?”

It was a sudden spotlight on me. The gaze of the nobles turned toward me. Expectant eyes were on me.

Due to my past achievements, perhaps. It was the destiny of those who were acknowledged. If I didn’t provide input here, disappointment might arise.

“Suggesting surrender might also be a viable option.”

“But the enemy won’t accept that, will they?”

“Those who surrender could be guaranteed their lives and offered separate rewards.”

The adjutant next to Rudehrn caught on and his eyes gleamed.

“If we calmly retreat as you suggest, as time goes on, they will come to realize their lack of advantage.”


“Yes. Given that Hurheet has been unconquerable for centuries, morale is sure to plummet. While not immediately, we can even anticipate internal betrayals.”

“That sounds good. If things go well, we might be able to take the castle without much trouble.”

Rudehrn smiled. Other nobles nodded in agreement. For now, it was approved.

Just then, pitter-patter—the sound of raindrops falling on the tent was heard.

“Geez, it’s starting.”

“What do you mean? What’s starting?”

“The rainy season in the west. It’s going to rain for the next three weeks.”

It was a conversation among the nobles.

Suddenly, something flashed through my mind. Maybe this siege could be resolved more easily than I thought.

“What about installing a dam upstream?”

“A dam?”

At the unexpected suggestion, Rudehrn raised an eyebrow.

“Hurheet’s water trench is a natural trench formed along the river. And the rainy season is starting now.”


Rudehrn, who had a sense of what was being discussed, widened his eyes.

“Are you suggesting engineering work?”

“Breaking through the castle walls entirely is uncertain, but wouldn’t it be possible if we use both explosives and magic before breaking the dam?”

“Indeed. If we’re short on power, I can use my sword as well.”

The adjutant beside Rudehrn expressed a minor concern.

“Problems could arise.”

“Yes. If we can’t breach the castle walls, there’s a higher risk of an outbreak of disease within.”

Even if we couldn’t breach the walls, water that had flowed in would accumulate within the castle, mixed with sewage, creating an unsanitary situation.

It was one of the problems that arose when water was directed during a siege.

“If you’re not sure, we don’t have to do it. The dam itself would suffice to drain the water from the trench.”

Hurheet’s water trench was one of the biggest hurdles during the siege. Whether we manipulated water or not, reducing the amount of water inside would be enough.

“Because it’s the rainy season, there will be water in the trench anyway, so the enemy won’t easily realize that we’re building a dam.”

“True, there aren’t many obstacles. By the time they realize, it will be too late.”

“The events on the Epyder Plain weren’t a coincidence. It was an outstanding strategy.”

Rudehrn acknowledged, and the adjutant nodded in agreement.

“Truly remarkable.”

“Her Highness the Princess is blessed with talented people.”

The nobles’ voices of admiration could be heard. Their eyes were filled with wonder.

Well, while the idea of manipulating water came to me first and the later part was thought out, it was still good to have something positive.

“That’s right. Let’s start with the dam first.”

The soldiers would probably have a hard time, but it would be much better than besieging Hurheet Castle conventionally.

My eyes met with Duchess Lyurik’s. She nodded with a firm gaze. It meant “well done.”

Next were Erendil and Emmet standing beside me. Both of them smiled with round eyes.

As the meeting concluded, the nobles surrounded Erendil.

“Your Highness, you have truly a wise knight. He’s also Your Highness’s good fortune.”

* * *

It had been 18 days of continuous heavy rain. The soggy ground squelched with every step.

Regardless of the progress of our plans, morale wasn’t great.

There were many setbacks. The humidity was one of them, not to mention the inability to do laundry in such an environment.

Due to the dampness, it was common for inflammation to develop on the soldiers’ feet.

While the high-ranking nobles could call on mages to address this, the soldiers had no such option.

It wasn’t favorable for me either. Because of my sight, I couldn’t block the rain with my Winds, making the environment less comfortable.

‘But it’s almost over.’

The construction of the dam was conducted by the main force.

With the soldiers and mages in tow, it was built in just three days. It was an incredible speed.

As we continued to check, a considerable amount of water had accumulated. Unlike predictions, the reduction in the trench water was noticeable.

The Western forces might have realized the situation, but they couldn’t do anything. We had completely blocked their path upstream.

Gradually, but surely, as the amount of rain diminished, the Imperial Army was now preparing for the attack.

Rudehrn decided on a water assault.

With ample water accumulated and the land becoming sludgy, the judgment was that, in addition to the explosives, there was sufficient capability to breach the castle walls.

And while the possibility of an outbreak of disease was present, it was better to conclude quickly than to delay further.

For the next four days, the rain continued. Discussions were held about the exact timing of the attack.

Opinions were divided between waiting for the enemy to weaken after water manipulation and launching an attack simultaneously with the breach of the walls.

Rudehrn chose the latter.

Thus, on a rainless night, we decided to launch the attack the following dawn as the dam was destroyed.

“Prepare as planned for the next few days. Everyone, get ready.”

Taking advantage of the darkness, Rudehrn and the cavalry mages advanced toward the castle walls facing the river.

Attacking the walls took precedence.

At the appointed time, soldiers who had approached beyond the receded trench laid the bombs.

Kwaaang! Successive explosions shook the ground. The only source of light in the dawn was the magic attached to the castle walls.

And hidden within those explosions, those who had moved upstream would have broken the dam.

Mages poured magic onto the walls, where the bombs had done their work.

The explosions of blue walls of defense and flying fireballs were visually magnificent.

Before the Western forces could respond to the surprise attack at dawn, the soldiers and mages retreated swiftly.

In the darkness, only Rudehrn remained.

And so, for ten minutes.

Kugugugung— the ground shook as if there had been an earthquake. It was the tremendous rush of water pouring down from upstream.

Despite retreating considerably to prepare for possible danger, there was a significant sense of unrest among the soldiers.

What would be the mood among the Western forces?

‘Well, they might not have panicked.’

The method I had thought of. How many casualties would it result in? I couldn’t know. In the darkness, there was light.

It was Rudehrn’s sword.

The black blade. A streak of blue light illuminated the dawn. It was a beautifully pure swordsmanship.

Just looking at it gave me a feeling of soaring inspiration.

For a moment, the wave-like blade surged forth, accompanied by the rushing water, and engulfed Hurheet.

Kwaaang! Almost simultaneously, the wave-like blade and the torrent of water struck the castle walls.

The Sword Master’s timing was impeccable. At the initial collision, the castle walls appeared unscathed.

However, beyond the trench, the torrent of water that surged over the seawall.

Not even five seconds passed before one side of the castle walls collapsed, tumbling down. The gate went with it.

Through the enormous breach in the wall, water surged fiercely.

Drawing my sword while atop a horse, I faced the soldiers in front of me. With determined eyes, they gazed back at me.

The overwhelming destruction and the heightened atmosphere compelled me to raise my voice.

“Advance, all troops! Prepare to march!”

It wouldn’t take long for the water to drain.

Now it was time to launch an attack on the chaotic Hurheet, which had been submerged in water.

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