How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 94 - Chenarus's Assassin (1)

Author: Dawn

I’ve seen countless traitors in Valhǫll, so many it’s hard to count.

To live, to save family, for personal gain. The reasons were countless.

Well, I’ve even taken the devil worshippers’ side before. But that was simply because it was a game.

Anyway, I don’t target every traitor.

‘There would be too many to kill then.’

In some plays, one who was a sturdy ally became a formidable enemy in the next.

It’s better to make efforts to turn them into an ally.

There was also a slightly concerning part. My actions could cause someone unexpected to be recruited by the devil worshippers.

But it’s better to seize clear opportunities than worry over uncertainties.

That’s why I set conditions when choosing targets. After much thought, I came up with three conditions.

First, over 90% probability of having taken the devil worshippers’ side during Valhǫll.

Second, those who if they went over would be more annoying than any butterfly effects I might cause.

Third, including the above conditions, those currently in the imperial capital.

The first was a probability issue, those hard to recruit. The second targeted especially harmful people.

And lastly, the third was a limitation due to my range of activity. I couldn’t leave the capital even though surveillance had disappeared.

Due to these constraints, there weren’t actually that many I could immediately kill.

During the reasoning process, I added one more condition.

‘They can’t be under the imperial intelligence’s surveillance.’

The Imperial Intelligence has the best quality people on this continent.

Whether they created the devil worshippers in the empire or not, they would obviously be aware of their existence.

And they would be monitoring those colluding with them or at risk of doing so.

If there are elites from the imperial intelligence service, avoiding them is better than taking risks to assassinate them.

‘It’s too dangerous even with Winds.’

That’s also why it’s difficult to assassinate the princes and the princess. Elite intelligence agents are always near Erendil and the princes.

That’s why I targeted Totun instead of the prince in the subjugation war. Even if I succeeded in killing the prince, I might have been caught.

Anyway, I set primary targets first. One knight, one noble, one bishop. Three total.

Speed is life since I don’t know when surveillance will return.

‘It would be good to finish them all tonight.’

I couldn’t be certain. In fact, there was no guarantee all the assassinations would succeed either.

Preparation was the most important part of the assassination.

The targets’ schedules, usual routes, any distinctive habits, the scale of escorts, and others around them.

Even fully understanding all this, it’s difficult.

It meant this wasn’t a good situation for assassination. Because I had no plans for how to kill them or information either.

I could obtain information through Haisen but I couldn’t speak of this. I had to do it alone.


I was confident because I had the Winds Mystic. I could kill at least two of the three.

Evening at sunset. I sat at a cafe near Count Pueto’s mansion.

I placed a cup of coffee in front of me and unfolded a newspaper.

The street was busy with people. They were returning home with happy or gloomy expressions after finishing the day’s work.

No one among them looked my way. Though it had been a while, my disguise skills hadn’t deteriorated.

I focused on being ordinary. I took a sip of coffee and turned a page of the newspaper.

My senses were focused on the Winds.

‘There are various ways to kill.’

Like those who targeted me, I could stab them with a poisoned weapon while blending into the crowd.

Or infiltrate and deal with them at night.

But I wanted it to appear as accidental death or natural causes as much as possible, to avoid unnecessary suspicion.

I couldn’t be certain this disappearance of imperial surveillance was limited to me.

‘In the worst case, it may be an intentional test.’

Of course, considering the circumstances, the probability was high that something major happened due to the devil worshippers but…

If various events occur right after surveillance disappears, I would become a suspect again.

I was moving despite this so it had to appear as an accident or natural death at best.

In truth, it was the most difficult assassination method. But with Winds I had plenty of potential if the situation allowed it.

Count Pueto was acknowledged for his ability and held quite some influence in the imperial military.

He was bright when it came to cunning rather than might. As a commander, he led 50,000 or more troops against the devil worshippers.

Yet at some point, he goes over to their side.

He gave away all the imperial army’s movements, causing immense harm. My Winds reaches the count.

“Prepare to go out.”

“Where are you going?”

“San Marte.”

It was one of the finest restaurants in the imperial capital. I specifically targeted the dinner period but…

It felt a bit twisted. Should I have come 20 minutes earlier?

Though I had to come first in order, it would be better to come at night in this case.

When he’s sleeping I can just make it so he can’t breathe.

Suddenly a massive chandelier at the entrance of the count’s mansion was captured in the sensation of Winds.

My mind flashed regarding an unexpected place.

Exactly 10 minutes later, the count changed clothes and came downstairs. I calculated that movement.

At that precise moment, swish- my Winds cut the chandelier’s cord at the same time it bound the count’s body.

“Huh? What…”

Bang! A heavy impact and loud shattering sound reached me through the Winds. I confirmed the count had been crushed.

Screams rang out from inside the mansion.


From the start, things went well. It was a more perfect assassination than I expected.

The next target was Knight Levetto. He wasn’t actually that prominent currently.

He was part of the imperial knights but not a distinctive figure among them.

Levetto takes the devil’s side in order to become a Sword Master.

Even so, becoming a Sword Master isn’t easy. If so he might have just joined the devil worshippers’ side like dogs and cows.

The issue is he really becomes a Sword Master after accepting the devil’s power.

He was one of the difficult ones. A future Sword Master. Better to deal with him now.

11 pm at night. 5 hours had passed since killing Count Pueto. I hid in the shadow of an alley.

The guy was guzzling drinks in a bar.

‘How should I deal with this one?’

Still, he’s an imperial knight. Above average might. Killing him with Winds like Count Pueto would be hard.

It would be difficult to make it seem like an accident or natural cause for him.

In the end, is directly handling him best? He’s been drinking so the fight itself shouldn’t be too hard.

There would be talk of course but it’s worth the risk for the likes of him.

I should wait for him to head home.

While watching the guy and waiting, there was an oddly catching part in my mind.

It wasn’t a bad feeling. More like a lingering sense of some different method welling up.

I had plenty of time to think since I had to wait anyway. I deliberated for about 30 minutes.


And suddenly, an event from several years ago came to mind. When I made Mohen eat the salam mushroom.

I took out a dream of salsa from my clothes. Just in case I had brought various things but…

I would really use it. A person must be thorough in their preparations. I guided the powder with winds.

Passing through the alley, it finally lands on the guy’s drink through the gap in the bar’s window.

The dream of salsa that sends one into eternal sleep is an unendurable drug for those below Sword Master.

But it would become poisoning if he died immediately so I controlled the amount.

’30 minutes.’

With his body condition, it would bring an intense headache. My role came after that.

Once I confirmed he drank the drugged alcohol, I relaxed.

As expected, after 30 minutes passed the guy dropped his drink glass and staggered, body swaying.

“Damn it.”

“What’s wrong? Too drunk?”

“I can’t handle liquor today. Derek! You didn’t put anything in the alcohol right?”

“What are you saying, Sir! Today must just not be your day. Sir Bel is fine, isn’t he? I only brought out drinks.”

“Ugh… suddenly I’m so sleepy.”

“You have been drinking quite a bit today. And 4 bottles of Merin’s Night on top of that.”

Luckily he didn’t seem to feel anything was off. Even frequent drinkers have off days when alcohol doesn’t sit right.

“Sorry, but I have to go home.”

“It’s fine. Days like this happen. I collapsed first last time remember?”

Levetto got up from his seat but staggered and nearly fell. It was time for the drug to properly take effect.

He couldn’t take more than a few steps and had to grab the wall. A knight sitting next to him stood up.

“Levetto, it’s better you sleep here today. You don’t look well. Or should I take you home?”

Conveniently the knight next to him stepped in.

“No, thanks, Derek. Get me a room.”

It was a bar with lodging facilities. Levetto immediately went upstairs and lay down.

It didn’t even take 5 minutes for him to fall asleep.

Now was the time. I moved Winds. While controlling his breathing, another thought flashed.

I used Winds to bring up the food contents in his stomach outside his esophagus.

Death by suffocation from vomiting. Yes, that would be suitable. Much better than simply dying in his sleep.

It took 13 minutes until death. Both a short and long span of time.

Brain death from suffocation usually takes 5-6 minutes but he lasted quite a while as a trained knight.

And so the future Sword Master died. With vomit around his mouth.

A wretched death. I walked down the alley shrouded in shadow. Winds blew away any traces of me having been there.

Now one left.

The last target was a bishop venerating the Light God Lu Nuada.

Religion also existed on this continent. Though gods didn’t actually exist to use divine spells, religion was rare to be absent.

However, religion didn’t threaten the authority of the emperor and king to an extent. The founding emperor changed many things.

In the distant past, even kings justified their rule by religion, claiming gods had granted it, making religious authority immense.

Then the founding emperor who was said to be an Apostle sent by Lu Nuada, got a beating for it.

After that religion became quiet as a mouse but in time regained considerable influence.

For ordinary people living normal lives, nothing is easier to rely on than gods after all.

‘Rulers utilize it too.’

Religion was quite a convenient and beneficial tool for ruling the populace as an ideology.

Of course, the situation was a bit different from Earth.

How many could say gods don’t exist in a world where devils openly exist?

Looking at this continent’s history, only the founding emperor oppressed religion.

There was also magic and mystics here.

Those venerating the Light God Lu Nuada say magic and mystics were granted by god.

‘An environment inevitably giving rise to followers.’

Anyway, Bishop Yoroff would become the Grand Bishop in the future and take the devil worshippers’ side.

There were considerable believers of the Light God on the continent. This means influence is just as considerable.

Even when playing the game, Bishop Yoroff was the top priority to exterminate. Because of him, even religious civil war occurs.

An immense number of citizens also turned to the devil.


It wouldn’t be easy. He already had a high position as a bishop and resided in the temple.

It was filled with sacred knights. And quite skilled knights at that.

That’s also why I left him for last. I had to wait for a bold timing.

I checked the surroundings with Winds once more outside the temple.

There were no third-party existences that could hinder the assassination. I led the Winds that confirmed the exterior into the temple interior.

2 am at dawn. Though it was a bold timing he was conversing with someone in the reception hall. I didn’t like the look of it.

“It’s regrettable. It would have been a great help for the cause if the princess died too.”

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