How to Survive as a Genius Spy in the Game Chapter 97 - Chenarus's Assassin (4)

Author: Dawn

“Was it you?”

Since it had become a topic, it was natural she knew. Rudehrn I met in the morning also started with that talk.

He said the commander was no simple opponent and the assassin must have extraordinary skill.

It wasn’t a wrong statement since I was the assassin. Except for telling me to be careful as well.

Anyway, I didn’t expect Erendil to suspect me. Since I didn’t show a different side from usual.

Was it because she could see the truth?

I briefly deliberated. I couldn’t lie to Erendil anyway. I should tell the truth.

“Yes, it was me.”

Erendil’s eyes rounded a bit but she didn’t look greatly surprised. It seemed she had expected it.

“How did you know?”

“I felt it was so. Outstanding might and able to use high-level magic. Or it could be mystic as well. You also happened to be off that day.”

That’s true as well. Rather, it might have been because it was Erendil that she immediately thought of me.

Since she knew I was a spy and had Mystic Power.

Ordinary people would have a hard time guessing me. Because of the might. Let alone magic.

Though I had learned basic magic, I had never used it.

“What was the reason? As far as you know they weren’t people from my brothers’ side.”

“It was for Your Highness and the empire, furthermore for this continent.”

I looked Erendil straight in the eye. So she could see the truth in my words.

Doubt was etched on that small, gentle face.

“You mustn’t speak of this to anyone. Not even the empress.”

“Not even Mother?”

“Haisen doesn’t know about this either.”

Perhaps not convinced, Erendil tilted her head.

“Did you act alone?”


I think I built up considerable trust after joining under Erendil through Haisen.

Now I felt I could tell Erendil some truth. I had to warn her since the empress had joined the devil worshippers.

“I don’t belong to Haisen, nor do I have such intentions in my heart. What I desire is for Your Highness the Princess to ascend to the position of Emperor.”

Erendil’s mouth widened in surprise. She seemed more astonished than when she heard the word “assassin.”

“I don’t understand.”


“Well, you’ve been like this from the first day. You said that, me becoming the Emperor is the path that saves more people, didn’t you?”


Erendil, who had regained her composure, looked into my eyes. It felt like she could read even the depths, probably because she could see the truth.

“The ones you killed were also for that reason, I suppose.”

“That’s correct.”

“Perhaps you know the future?”

The question wasn’t intended to be so sharp, but it came across that way. I could have answered that I couldn’t see the future if she had asked if I could see it.

“I cannot disclose that information.”

In fact, this statement might sound like I knew the future to Erendil. 

However, I had already made up my mind. In front of Erendil, who could see the truth, I couldn’t tell a lie, even if I couldn’t go into detail.

“There’s one thing bothering me. I wonder if the disaster Faorn mentioned at Tenorio is the same as the future you’re worried about.”

“… It is suspected.”


“The Nun’s words are something the founding Emperor heard, so I cannot be certain.”

Erendil sighed lightly, as if frustrated.

“There seems to be something. What exactly do you know? Have you met a Nun as well?”

Hmm. It was an unexpected excuse from Erendil’s words for a part I hadn’t thought about. 

I was already pondering how to extract information in some way, so it was an unexpected stroke of luck.

“Yes. I met a Nun a year ago.”

“Have you also heard about the prophecy?”

“Yes, Your Highness. There are currently devil worshippers on this continent.”

I affirmed Erendil’s words by expressing my agreement promptly. It seemed to be an unexpected statement, as Erendil expressed doubt.

“Devil worshippers?”

“They are those who worship the devils that the founding Emperor fought against and defeated.”

“I know that, but are there really people who believe in such impious and futile things?”

“There are, and their influence is not to be underestimated. Even before I met Your Highness under Haisen, I encountered them several times.”

I briefly explained the events in the northern and western regions and then mentioned that those I had killed were also devil worshippers.

Erendil seemed skeptical. It was indeed a surprising matter. Even though she could see the truth in my words, it was a situation not easily convincing.

“But even so, shouldn’t the Empire be aware of it?”

“It’s just my speculation, but it seems that those raised within the Imperial intelligence may have become uncontrollable.”


“Through this incident, I confirmed that they were also responsible for the bomb that detonated near Your Highness on the previous day.”

Erendil furrowed her brow.

“Is that true?”

“I heard it directly with my own ears.”

“Fine, I believe you. You don’t seem to be lying.”

Erendil nodded then gazed at the sky, lost in thought for a moment. I gave her some time to wait.

“Was what you heard from the Nun related to them?”

“It’s similar.”

“How odd. I only knew of the strange Nun people. It’s quite remarkable you and the founding emperor heard similar things.”

She had sufficient cause to think that way from how I intentionally led to misunderstanding.

“And both prophecies assume I become emperor.”

“Does it weigh on you?”

“To be honest, somewhat. I only thought to become emperor because I’m slightly better than my brothers.”

“I will support you by your side.”

“That helps a bit.”

Erendil smiled.

“While I did handle them, they were targeting you. Recruitment, attack, so be wary if someone makes strange remarks.”

“I understand.”

Erendil nodded then looked at me a bit oddly.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“I was surprised to actually hear it. I knew you were outstanding but to think you could kill so many in one night. It made me think there’s much I don’t know about you.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“No. You did it for me didn’t you.”

Thanks to built-up trust and the truth she saw in my words, Erendil accepted it more easily than I thought.

It was fortunate. Erendil picked up a sword.

“Let’s resume practice. If the break is too long it’ll seem odd. I’ve been feeling like I’m about to surpass a wall lately too.”

“I’ll do my utmost during lessons.”


“Things are fuckingly tangled.”

In a residence of the imperial capital Chenarus, a man muttered. He was Hepate, a special supervisor of the imperial intelligence service.

Despite sitting still, he felt encircled from all sides.

For an intelligence agent, information was the most important thing over all else. But it could also be dangerous.

He had just heard some information best not known.

“That lunatic.”

The intelligence leader of the north under the imperial intelligence service, Bellion, had caused a massive incident.

The devil worshippers were that incident.

If you trace the cause, the empire’s Chief of Intelligence was there.

But he had only ordered to create an external organization to bring turmoil to other nations.

When that external organization was caught, the goal was that nothing lead back to the empire from their mouths.

A group that didn’t know where their heads were as they acted under imperial orders. In other words, raising disposable pawns.

It was a method the imperial intelligence service had often utilized historically. But Bellion raised devil worshippers.

In not a very long time they had grown into quite a massive group.

‘Useless pissant. Devil worshippers? Crazy bastard.’

He didn’t even call them devil worshippers when reporting to the empire. Just said it was a new organization.

In truth, if it stopped there it wouldn’t have been a big issue. Just kill whoever holds the sword or axe right?

The problem was Bellion himself had become a devil worshipper. Now even his location was unknown.

They couldn’t even estimate how many had gone over in the imperial intelligence service.

Since Bellion was quite skilled in the intelligence service and had many subordinates.

What the empire’s Chief of Intelligence Duke Schweig had called Hepate in for today was to find solutions.

He did know the identity of the devil worshippers but had just found out they were created by a group he belonged to.

‘The old geezer’s guts must be churning too.’

Despite things tangled like a dog, Duke Schweig was refusing to reveal the facts.

Because his neck would be on the line if the emperor learned of this.

Like how he said he finally saw his long-awaited grandchild 3 years ago? The Duke greatly valued his current life.

It was maddening for Hepate.

He wanted to immediately run to the emperor and report but couldn’t.

Because Duke Schweig had surely attached people to monitor him. The path to the imperial palace was a path straight to death.

‘Worse is that damned old geezer acts all wise and sharp yet doesn’t even know his secretary is close to Bellion.’

On paper, the Chief of Intelligence’s secretary had no connection to Bellion but Hepate knew they were quite close.

It was because Bellion had saved that secretary’s life when he worked in special operations.

Could that secretary still be on the empire’s side? Assuming so was too optimistic.

Seeing he had obtained information, the secretary likely informed Bellion too.

‘No knowing when I’ll be stabbed in the back.’

Hepate had smoothly climbed relying on the Chief of Intelligence’s line. But the ship was already tilting.

Escape took intelligence.

Bellion and Hepate knew each other. He would guess Hepate wouldn’t remain under Duke Schweig.

He had to flee as quickly as possible.

But escaping alone was being complacent. The imperial intelligence service or devil worshippers would target him.

He had to rely on someone.

Hepate immediately thought of Haisen’s Chief of Intelligence Duke Brusek. That was the only way to live now.

‘Good I put it off.’

He still hadn’t received compensation after granting Duke Brusek’s request last time.

Entrusting himself should be sufficiently permitted. He was skilled after all.

Hepate promptly picked up his pen.

This contact wasn’t dangerous. Because there was a direct line connecting to Brusek Duke.

The issue was…

Whether Duke Brusek who had responded to his request would be faster than the devil worshippers.

A week passed. Carlyn took one day of rest out of the three off days then used the remaining two to kill Count Shivan among several others.

Though the wounds hadn’t completely healed it was enough. And for now, he decided to lay low.

While some still remained to be killed, if people died on each of his days off he would draw suspicion.

There were additional profits. At the same time as deciding the assassinations’ end, the system notified level up.

‘Stratagem lv10 unlocked the [Blade in Darkness] trait. Just one more for the additional moral trait?’

Every newspaper in the empire had only covered the assassin that week. The impact was immense.

It was because the dead included esteemed nobles, knights, and magnates.

All the notable figures of the capital trembled in fear before the assassin.

Because there was no connection between the dead.

If there was a common denominator like an event, group, or faction they supported it would be different.

With no commonality between the dead, they thought the assassin could come for them anytime.

Some hired knights and mercenaries while suddenly becoming philanthropists.

Of course, Carlyn paid it no mind.

‘There’s no use being stingy with information now.’

Instead, he made another decision.

Since the devil worshippers were moving swiftly and persistently, he would match them in response.

The day he decided that, Carlyn brought up something abruptly when reporting to Phiri.

-I heard all three princes aren’t the emperor’s children. It needs investigating.

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