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Author: 서리박쥐 Editor: Flo

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*Gong: Ha Su-yeok (Louis Creuse) – A 3rd-generation red panda hybrid residing in Germany. He came to Korea with his parents in a pack, but because of his exotic looks and somewhat poor Korean pronunciation, he doesn’t get along well with his peers. He was a little intimidated by this. In the meantime, he discovers Yoo-ah, who strangely treats him softly, and tries to befriend him. On the other hand, he resents Yoo-ah who runs away as if he is almost caught, but for some reason he does not hate him.


*Shou: Bae Yoo-ah – Snow Leopard Hybrid. After having fun at the playground of the kindergarden, he came across Su-yeok, a foreign kid of his age, and remembered his previous life. However, even if he was reincarnated in a novel, he has no desire to be involved. In order to keep a calm and normal daily life, he tries not to get involved with the main shou, but it is not easy because the main shou keeps getting stepped on.


*Read this at this time: When you want to see a talkative and funny cute love comedy of kindergarteners who will revitalize your tiring daily life.


*Sympathetic text: Nevertheless, it is probably a very small and trivial opportunity to overcome and take a step forward.


*Background/field: Modern, Fantasy, Hybrid


*Work keywords: Childhood friends, Friends to Lovers, First love, Salvation, Reunion, Academy/Campus drama, Comic/gagmool, Sweet shou, Slice of Life, Healing, Growth, Calm Shou , Jealousy, Dimension shift/soul change, Regression, Past life/reincarnation


#Red Panda Gong, Beauty Gong, Unrequited Gong, Large Puppy-like Gong, Emotional Gong, Sweet Gong, Pushover Gong, Soonjeonggong, Dedicated Gong, Elementary School Student, Love Ball, Cute Gong, Innocent Gong


#Snow Leopord Shou, Beauty Shou, Kind Shou, Tidy Shou, Hurt Shou, Regretful Shou, Dedicated Shou, Pure Shou


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    1. Aww this comment just made my day! Thank you!
      I hope I don’t disappoint! 💖💖💖

  1. Pretty weird to use ‘shou’. I think that using ‘su’ would be better. From the title I thought that it would be a Chinese novel but it’s Korean.

  2. I’m having high expectations already!!!! Thanks for translating! Mhwaaaa 😗😚