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Yoo-ah, who entered the kindergarten after being seen off by Jeong-hye, took off his shoes and organized them. Then, a woman in a pink apron who appeared from somewhere greeted me.


“Your parents said you were sick, Yoo-ah! Are you all better now?”


“Yes. Hello, teacher.”




When Yoo-ah bowed his head and greeted her, the woman looked suspicious. This was also easy to read because it was already a look that he had seen for a week, but the appearance of Yoo-ah, who became more mature, seemed awkward.


However, it was not something that could solve the mystery, so Yoo-ah did not care. He put his shoes in the shoe rack and took out the slippers. It was a white slippers with a dog’s face covering the entire foot.


Yoo-ah put his foot roughly into the slippers. Soon after, it was worn in the right way by the woman who helped him wear it, saying that it was dangerous to wear it like that from behind.


‘I can wear it on my own….’


In other words, he can wear it properly, but he chose not to.


Yoo-ah wiggled his toes, which had already become stuffy. The fluffy slippers made his feet sweat. It was a choice that they couldn’t help but take into account because the children run around whenever they have time.


That doesn’t mean he’s going to run around. In any case, it was not a pleasant sensation for the soles of the feet to be damp with sweat. He didn’t think it would be very hygienic either.


Of course, it wasn’t Yoo-ah’s fault. This was Jeong-hye’s preference.


…that’s what happened.


“Don’t tell me I’m going to get athlete food….”




The woman murmured softly and asked behind his back. Yoo-ah shook his head, saying, “It’s nothing.” He just thought he should suggest Jeong-hye to change my slippers before summer comes.


“Yeah. Shall we go to the class with teacher now?”


Yoo-ah nodded. When he went up the stairs and opened the door that said ‘Classroom Sun’, the moment he stepped into the room, the children rushed and surrounded him together.


“Yoo-ah yah, are you okay now?”


“I heard Yoo-ah got luke, leuki, leukemia!”


“Fool, Isn’t leukemia cancer?”


“Wow, Yoo-ah, you are bald now? On my mom’s TV, I heard that people with cancer don’t have brains!”


“Leukemia has no brains, too! If you get caught, won’t everyone die?”


“Whaaaaaat. Are you going to die? Is he dead? Then is he a ghost?”


‘Auntie. What kind of drama did you watch?’


That’s why people tell you not to drink cold water in front of children [1] . Yoo-ah kicked his tongue with pity.


Plus. It’s true that people fighting cancer lose their hair due to strong drugs, but they haven’t lost their heads. I’m scared, so I want you to clarify the subject. People tend to die if they don’t.


By the way, how can the story be so misleading? Leukemia after only two days in the hospital. What do you mean cancer?


The rampant rumors made Yoo-ah dizzy.


Because they were children who did not even enter elementary school, it was very distracting. Perhaps because of the emergence of interesting stories, the unique noisy atmosphere was also at its peak.


Yoo-ah was asked if he really shaved his hair, and the child who pulled his bangs, shook her sleeves and begged him to lend her the cardigan because it was pretty, and then pushed his forehead to take his temperature. He smiled vainly at the child who was pushed by the children.


‘I was the most enthusiastic of them all until a week ago?’


That’s ridiculous. This is a dream.


Yoo-ah suddenly felt sorry for the teacher. A little, a lot. It’s because he remembered something like a week ago, even if it was in the past.


No matter how curious and active children are. Does it make sense that a single student, not even a teacher, gathered like this as if he had been waiting for a few days after missing kindergarten.


‘No, of course, it should be possible. But isn’t this a little too much?’


Then why are these kids holding on to Yoo-ah and not let him go. Yoo-ah thought, taking off the hands attached to him one by one.


“Who wants to go to the playground with me?”


“Yoo-ah. It’s time to read fairy tale books, so you can’t go out. Shall we go out after lunch in a little while?”


“But Yoo-ah wants to play now! Fairy tale books are boring. Teacher, please come with us and push the swing!”


“Swing? I want to go, too!”


“Me too!”


“I’m going to the slide!”


“Me too! Me too!”


“Guys. You can’t go out, you guys!”


The answer was simple. It was because Yoo-ah was a kindergarten activity leader.


“He’s… He looks so calm, but why… Why on earth…”


Yoo-ah was dragged to the playground and recalled the teacher’s face, who was facepalming herself, unable to speak.


To one’s heart’s.


The increase in the difficulty of the teacher’s workplace seemed to be a very, very large share of Yoo-ah.


This is going to be in the past tense.


Anyway, he’s the leader of activity because he likes to talk, and it was safe to say that he was actually the first one to come forward and cause trouble.


He plays well and takes away toys that your friend used to play with, runs away because the food is not good, or goes out to play in the playground secretly during nap time.


‘And children are apt to be instigated.’


Of course, the reason why Yoo-ah was able to easily incite children was not simply because he had a lot of accidents, but because he had a very smooth face among their peers. There was no inspiration now. Don’t kids these days say that it’s not about covering the face, but covering a part of the face?


In short, they were interested in his pretty face, and he was only often instigated because he had an accident.


The day he was discharged from the hospital. Yoo-ah found out by looking in the mirror on the porch. Bae Yoo-ah in this life was a completely different person; he just happens to have the same name as his previous life.


It’s only natural that he has been reincarnated. The large, neat eyes, thin, dark lips, and dark blue-colored straight hair were also very pretty. He’s not sure because he’s still young, but the word pretty rather than handsome was the right fit for Yoo-ah.


On top of that, he smiled well, ran around well, and showed that he grew up with a lot of love… He doesn’t know from the perspective of adults raising children, but from the perspective of children, it would have been great to play with them. Yoo-ah, who recalled his past life reflexively, shook his head. It was all in the past; it’s none of my business now.


Yoo-ah rubbed his forehead which was still tingling from the head-butt. As a bonus, he patted the shoulder of the child who he had crashed into earlier.


This time, Yoo-ah was definitely a victim, but he didn’t feel like crying because he headbutted a little kid when he hit his mental age as an adult… To be honest, he was guilty of committing a crime as he has dumped lots of work on to the teacher since the morning.


‘It’s not a bad idea to change my image and become a genius child.’


Isn’t it natural to grab the opportunity when it comes? At least Yoo-ah thought so. It was convenient to have a good image of an honor student from now on.


If you have a good image, you will be loved by your teacher, and if such a student has good grades, you will have a good life record. College is good if you have a good life record and good grades. It’s not necessarily like that, but if you have a good university, you’ll get a good job, and then you’ll get a high salary.


Although I couldn’t go to the university that I wanted in my previous life, my grades were not bad because I studied hard. If you lived as a quiet and good-natured child who studied in the neighborhood in moderation without revealing the bottom line, your life was as solid as ever.


‘I’m going to be landlord in this life.’


Yoo-ah, who boiled the kimchi soup to the sea off the East Sea and drank it in one shot, smiled with a friendly smile.


“Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot?”




“Do you want to do something fun with me? I learned something from my mom yesterday!”


Of course, it was a complete lie.


Yoo-ah dragged the tearful child by the arm. The other person’s intention was not considered at all, but it was successful because the tears of the child who had been coming to meet him right in front of his/her eyes stopped.


Yoo-ah dragged a toy box piled up with blocks in front of an unknown child. 


For a moment, other children were snooping around to see when it increased like this.


“What’s this?”


“Jenga. You take out the blocks one by one so that the tower doesn’t fall, and you put them on top of it, and the person who collapses loses.”


“Oh! I know this! I did it with my mom and dad!”


Then, a child who found an opportunity to intervene suddenly came forward and pretended not to know. In addition, when she expressed her intention to participate, other children who were watching around him also crept up.


“What’s that? Is it fun?”


“It’s fun. My dad lost and I went out with my mom that day!”


“Then what did your dad do?”


“Washing dishes! Laundry! Cleaning!”


“And you?”


“Kids’ cafe!”


Is this what the average kindergarten student like these days? Or are they just unique?


Yoo-ah was also seven years old, but he could not see the world from the perspective of a pure kindergarten student, perhaps because of his mental distance. Even if all this happened in a week, it all felt quite distant to Yoo-ah.


Like the teacher looking at the children from afar, Yoo-ah tried to continue.


“Who wants to join? Anyone?”


“I want to do it!”


“Can I just look around?”


“Sure. Don’t interrupt instead.”


“Okay! I’ll be really quiet!”


“I want to do it, too!”


In an instant, Yoo-ah scanned the crowd with his eyes around the crowded area.


‘One, two, three, …Eight, nine.’


…there are too many.


If we do this, it will collapse even before it’s your round. Yoo-ah, who measured the kindergarten students’ Jenga skills, shook his head.


“Guys. There are so many people. Shall we split in half?”


“What do you mean half?”


“Uh… there are nine of us now. But I thought the tower would collapse too soon to do it all together…. Let’s do it separately, five or four.”




“Then I’ll do it with Yoo-ah!”


“I’ll be with Geum-ja!”




“Do it with me! Me!”


‘Her name was Geum-ja.… How unique.’


Yoo-ah found out the name of the child he had soothed. Classroom Sun, which quickly became the bottom of the market, and the teacher, who began to look empty, were a bonus.


Yoo-ah managed to split the children into teams and form a tower. There was no need to build a tower, but when he left it to the children, it collapsed even before the fifth floor was built, so he just made it himself. It was right to be conscious of the teacher who was looking at this situation from afar.


“Oh! Go away!”


Yoo-ah was about to build a tower and decide the order by rock-paper-scissors, when there was a loud noise right next to him. Yoo-ah, who turned his head like other children while playing rock-paper-scissors to see what happened, found it.


“Su-yeok ah!”


“Woah, uwaaaaaaa!”


Fluffy and dreamy golden hair that looks as if your hand is going to sink in once you touch it.

  • 1. It’s an idiom that metaphorically indicates that children imitate what they see, so when children see them, they should not act or speak recklessly.
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