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Yeah. He thought he felt sorry for him.




Bae Yoo-ah.


To whom?


To the main shou.




Bae Yoo-ah was in shock.


“What had I just thought?”


Yoo-ah quickly returned to his seat and sat down. It seemed that Yoo-ah had a bad influence. Who is feeling sorry for who? That was the main issue.


As this world is a bloody BL novel, it is no exaggeration to say that everything in the world goes for that one child.


The world is going to lose. What if it’s a little hard?


Until the first snow. It was months ahead at best. If he holds out until then, the main shou will meet the main gong. Everything was going to go according to the plot. 


Sooner or later, he’ll be the happiest man in the world.


If Yoo-ah was the main shou, what about the malice that is not like the malice of little kids?


It was nothing. I’m thankful for this kind of hardship. Rather, I could have been hunched over, giving thanks for this ordeal. Of course, it was a story that was established under the assumption that the mentality of an adult was assumed.


“…..Ah. What I just said was a slip of the tongue.”


“……? What are you doing without eating?”


A child who was looking at Yoo-ah’s japchae asked, wondering. Yoo-ah shook his head.


‘If it’s a BL novel… It’s not good to be the main character. With a guy, huh? Wait, what? That’s it!’


Yoo-ah was straight. Rubbing lips with the different XY chromosome was originally an act for breeding species, but doing it with the same chromosome is pointless, that… Anyway, he couldn’t do that.


He didn’t even think of anyone to give him rice cake [1] , but Yoo-ah, who wrote a crazy drama with delusions in his brain, shook his head.


How fortunate and grateful that the reincarnated body is not the main shou’s. As expected, the world was beautiful.


Yoo-ah lifted the spoon with a lightened body and mind. As a result of checking with a sidelong glance, the main shou was eating with a spoon that Yoo-ah secretly asked the teacher for.


I did everything I could. Even if I can’t hang out with him or talk with him, can’t I just take care of him like this? Then it’s good that the main shou is less difficult. It’s good for Yoo-ah to relieve his guilty conscience.


What’s good for the goose is good for the gander [2] . Ditching and catching the crawfish. It’s worth killing two birds with one stone.’


As expected, Yoo-ah decided to think as he liked it. Life was at one’s beck and call.


“Who wants to go to the playground-!”


“I’m not going.”




“You’re going to take the swing again!”


“…I’m not?!”


“What do you mean no! Last time, all the other kids rode down ten times, but you were the only one who kept on riding because you counted the wrong number!”


“I really don’t do that anymore? Then I can ask the others to count for me!”


“Oh, I don’t like it! We’re going to go up and play Jenga with Yoo-ah. I couldn’t finish it earlier.”


I wonder if I’ve just emptied a third of the food tray. The children, who were continuing to eat while Yoo-ah was away, were arguing after finishing their meal first.


Go to the playground or play Jenga.


Although he had never expressed his intention to participate, it was questionable why Yoo-ah was stuck in the Jenga pot.


It was time for Yoo-ah, with an ominous hunch, to move.


“Yoo-ah yah! You are going to the playground with me, right?”




“See! Yoo-ah is going, too!”


“I haven’t finished eating yet,”


“What? You said you were going to play Jenga with us!”


“No, I…”


“Play Jenga with us!”








…Do as you please.


Yoo-ah was caught between four or five children holding a tray and shook around. His chest was soaked with squid and radish soup. Yoo-ah, who had finally escaped from the children without enduring the moderately warm and damp touch, said.


“Then let’s play in the playground and go in and finish Jenga.”


“What? Why?”


“I have to dry my wet cardigan.”


Yoo-ah said while taking off his white cardigan. Nevertheless, with a still dissatisfied expression, Yoo-ah took off the green onion ingredients from the cardigan and pretended to wipe the soup with a tissue.


“…I see.”


“But you really have to play Jenga with us!”


The children, who had nothing left to say, had to put out their mouths and nod their heads.


Eventually, Yoo-ah, who couldn’t even eat half of the rice, came out to the playground with his hungry stomach. Obviously, Yoo-ah was also a kindergarten student, so he couldn’t figure out why he was acting as a babysitter. Where and what is the teacher doing?


Yoo-ah, who turned his head toward the principal’s office and the teachers’ offices, soon nodded with conviction. The teacher was writing something hard on a portable chair in a place where the children could see it. When she had finished writing it down, she reached over the open window and brought in another pile of notebooks in the office.


That is perhaps, an attendance book. She looked very busy every lunch break. Moreover, today was noisy from the morning, so he didn’t remember seeing the teacher go out of the classroom. The circumstances seemed to be behind on the job. 


Before the day ends, the teacher has to stamp each of them, fill out a notice, and then hand it out to the children again….


Yoo-ah decided to just finish being a babysitter.


Even while writing something hard and stamping, she turned her head every 10 seconds to check the playground. The teacher’s neck seemed really busy, and it seemed to be dizzy.




The sun was hotter than he thought when he came out. While searching for the right place, Yoo-ah found a large tree nearby and ran quickly.




Yoo-ah sat with his back against a tree, spreading his white cardigan right next to it in the sunny grass.


There’s no blind spot in the playground. The shade was cool, too. The cardigan seemed to dry well because of the scorching sun right next to it.


“That’s enough….”


“Yoo-ah yah, please count our swings.”


“…Can’t you guys count?!”


“It’s not fair enough-!”


“Then I’ll just count you from here-! … And it’s equity-!”


That’s pretty bad—normal bad. Yoo-ah, who quietly downgraded the evaluation of the position, began to count inside.


One, two, three… Oh, I did something else; yeah, five,


“Yoo-ah yah! Have you gone over 10 yet?”


“…Not yet-!”


Six, seven.




This was never a scam.




Did the children sitting on the swing change about five times? Yoo-ah touched the cardigan spread out next to him. It was well dried without any dampness. It was not a different colored soup, so even though the cardigan was white, it was not very noticeable. I think there’s a level of doubt if you have to find it hard right next to you.


Yoo-ah gathered the children with the cardigan. It was going to be naptime soon.


“We must go in now. It’s time for a nap.”


“What? But jenga…”


“Bae Yoo-ah lied again!”


“Yoo-ah don’t even take a nap much anyway. Can’t you just keep playing with us?”


In the process of explaining this, the time to play Jenga unintentionally disappeared, so Yo-ah had to complain.


“No, I can’t. I’m tired today, too, so I’m going to take a nap.”


“But you promised!”


“….Then I’ll play Jenga twice tomorrow.”


Fortunately, I was able to enter kindergarten only after successfully reaching an amicable agreement to finish tomorrow.


“It’s still broad daylight, and I’m already tired….”


Yoo-ah, who was confident that he could sleep in 30 seconds if he lay down like this, opened Classroom Sun’s half-door. The blankets were already all laid down, and some were already lying down.


Yoo-ah dragged the blanket through the classroom towards the place with the least sunlight, and roughly went under the blanket. He had to put on the cardigan again, but now even that was annoying. Yoo-ah decided to use the cardigan as a pillow with a moderate amount of clump. Yoo-ah hated the low pillow.


‘And kindergarten pillows are low.’


Because it was white, at first glance, Yoo-ah lying down on the pillow-looking cardigan looked as if he had covered the blanket right under his nose. Perhaps because the teacher warned the children, there was not enough noise to bother him.


Yoo-ah blinked his half-closed eyes.




Yoo-ah thought as he fell asleep, despite trying not to do so.


‘Squid….smells like squid….’








And when he woke up, it was like this.


Yoo-ah looked at the whining main shou who was hugging his waist, with absurd eyes. He didn’t know why he was doing this here, leaving his blanket alone.


‘Isn’t he disappointed because I didn’t help him earlier?’


Yoo-ah, who recalled the main shou struggling to pick up the japchae with his clumsy chopsticks, crumpled his forehead. This dude definitely cried then.


Don’t 50,000 tablets run out if you squeeze the juice because you are usually shunned like that?


In fact, he found a fork-integrated spoon used by children in their 5 and a half years and even delivered it to the teacher himself, but the main shou didn’t know that. He must be believing that the teacher brought it to you, but why is he still like this? 


Yoo-ah was drowned in his own thoughts.


‘Come to think of it, I cried because the other kids refused when they were asked to play with him earlier. And then he got dumped for continuing to pounce on me.’


It was during kindergarten two weeks ago on Friday when Yoo-ah met the main shou and became aware of his previous life. He was sick for the weekend, and he was discharged from the hospital last Monday, rested for a week, and came back today… If there is nothing special, it would be last Monday when the main shou entered kindergarten.


What if the main shou continued to approach other children for a week without Yoo-ah?


“Did I…..ruin it?”


This meant that this situation had been like this for at least a week.


Yoo-ah, who woke up suddenly and realized that he had to go through this unanswered tag for another week, screamed.


I’d rather be taking care of him secretly, like I did before. There is also a limit to just pushing him away when I keep hitting it. Or, if the main shou grabs Yoo-ah’s trouser leg and cries back, can I be coldly cursed to turn it off right away?


‘Have I turned crazy? He’s seven years old.’


No matter how much Yoo-ah is a social worker who has changed his conscience, he has not changed his humanity. I mean, I haven’t gotten to that point yet.


‘No, no… Is there a law that says I have to play with him because he’s clinging to my pants?’


No. In the first place, there was a slim chance that the main shou would grab Yoo-ah’s pants and hang on. If so, it would have been enough to coax it out. Isn’t it all about cursing and blocking friendship applications?


Yoo-ah, who somehow drew a hopeful conclusion, vowed. Avoid it as much as possible. And if he says, let’s be friends directly, refuse because I’m moderately complacent.


Even if the opponent is a pure, tender-hearted seven-year-old who is hurt by being run over and rejected.


‘I am a genius. I am a genius. I’m a genius. What kind of human waste… What? No. I am a genius. A genius….’


Please, really.


  • 1. Giving rice cakes/making rice cakes is a bit of a synonym for having sex.
  • 2. It means a mutually beneficial relationship, a win-win situation. The direct korean translation of this is, “I like my sister and my brother-in-law.”
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