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When Yoo-ah was frustrated with thoughts in his head, the main shou began to toss and turn as if he were about to wake up.




The thief is waking up. Although he was not a thief, prelexed Yoo-ah was surprised and reacted.




Yoo-ah hits his own forehead at the sound that’s very familiar. Pat Pat. He had forgotten because he’d had a hectic day as much as the heroine of a soap opera whose birth secrets were revealed, but it was only 3 p.m. It hasn’t even been a full day yet.


Therefore, this means that it’s already the second time that Yoo-ah’s ears and tail have popped out today.


Yoo-ah wanted to put these damn tails and ears in before the other children woke up and became noisy. With how desperate he was, it would not surprise anyone that it would not be long before he became human garbage.


“Did I get jinxed today? Why is everything I do such a mess today?”


Yoo-ah, who unconsciously made a loud noise, blocked his mouth. The main shou was still hugging Yoo-ah’s waist. Yoo-ah, who could not sit properly or lie back, pressed his ears in an awkward position.


‘Go in. Go in…’




‘Please go in, sir. Would you mind going in? Plz….’


Wrong. Yoo-ah covered his face with his palm.


Maybe it’s because the posture was as vicious as if he was stopped in the middle while doing sit-ups. Or is it because the short arm around Yoo-ah’s waist was tense for a moment. He couldn’t calm down at all.


‘I think I can put this arm away somehow.’ Yoo-ah carefully grasped the main shou’s forearm.




And then I woke him up.


The main shou seems to be a light sleeper. I wasn’t really curious.


The main shou, who buried his face around Yoo-ah’s waist in his sleep and rubbed his face, came to his senses only after Yoo-ah shook in surprise.


“……! Wheik!”


“…When I woke up… your arm.”


[So, sorry!]


What is he saying?


I don’t think it’s English, so it must be German. Yoo-ah, who did not know German, nodded, thinking that it would be like an apology in context. The foreign languages that Yoo-ah could speak were English and Chinese. Other than that, Arigato Sumimaseng Soodeska Bonjour Mademoiselle.


The main shou loosened his arms with a white pale look as if he had encountered a mysterious man in the middle of the night.


‘He’s the one who hugged me, but why is he more surprised?’


Yoo-ah pressed his ears with a bored expression. He was surprised, but it was the same principle that if he was surprised by the side, he would be calmer.


Yoo-ah looked at the white tail on his thigh. He thought he couldn’t see it, but it must have been stuck in the main shou’s arms. With how hard he was hugging him, the middle of his rich fur was flat dead. It was ridiculous, as if only that part of the hair had been pushed back.


When the main shou, who confirmed the scenario, became more pale, Yoo-ah shook his head. He meant to say he doesn’t care. The main shou’s face was so pale that he almost looked like a wax figure.


Of course, it’s rude to hug someone in their sleep, but… It was Yoo-ah who had his tail out, so it wasn’t the main shou’s fault. The situation was different from Yoo-ah grabbing the main water’s tail earlier.


‘If I have to say so, both are my fault. It was 100:0 before, but now it’s 90:10….’


Yoo-ah, who succeeded in handling his ears and tail without difficulty after finding his composure, breathed a sigh of relief. Soon after, the teacher came in and started waking the children. It was a close call.


Yoo-ah, who squinted at the fluorescent light that was suddenly turned on, yawned droopingly. The moment he relaxed, a yawn came out.






“Is Yoo-ah up? Shall we organize our blankets for snacks now?”


Fingers entered Yoo-ah’s yawning mouth. When he closed his mouth reflexively and bit his finger, the teacher smiled lightly and stroked his head.


Yoo-ah, who nodded, opened his mouth.


Spit. The taste in his mouth was salty. He smothered his lips. It wasn’t that he wanted to eat the teacher’s finger. Although he’s a hybrid, he’s not that close to an animal.


It was just that he had ears and tails and good body vision and hearing. It varies from species to species, but at least, it was like that for Yoo-ah.


So, the reason Yoo-ah smacked his lips was because he was just hungry.


‘Come to think of it, I didn’t eat much for lunch earlier.’


Yoo-ah was essentially a good eater. When others ate one bowl, he ate two bowls alone, which was about a bowl of rice for an adult woman. It was clear that he ate a lot for a kindergarten student.


Nevertheless, the reason he didn’t gain weight was because he was born with a constitution, and crucially, he was moving more than he ate.


“Are you starving the child?”


“Oh, mother! Yoo-ah eats as much as I do. I don’t starve him!”


“If not, why are you so angry?”


Even though he eats like that, he still looks skinny. Yoo-ah, who remembered that Jeong-hye was criticized when his maternal grandmother came home one day, thought that good was good.


At least the current Yoo-ah didn’t like to move as much as he did then. The amount of food was the same, but since the amount of activity decreased, the weight naturally increased.


Yoo-ah looked down at his arms and came to his senses at the teacher’s voice.


“Our kids in Classroom Sun! If you’re done organizing your blankets, shall we have some snacks?”


Hungry Yoo-ah quickly organized the blanket and ran away. Rather than the word “organize”, the expression “shove” seemed more appropriate. It was the most kindergarten-like moment since he remembered his previous life.


“Ah. This is Yoo-ah’s. We’re going to enjoy this and then go home. You can wait until then, right?”




Yoo-ah answered, taking the snack given by the teacher.


Choco pie and milk pack.


It was a combination that somehow reminded me of prison, but it didn’t matter anyway. Yoo-ah took a bite of the choco pie, which was the size of his hand.


“….. sweet.”


Yoo-ah felt the sweetness spreading in his mouth and drank with a straw in the milk pack. Sweet chocolate-stained bread and soft marshmallows became moist with white milk.


It was a very moving experience. Maybe it’s because he’s switched to a sweet taste. He’d never thought choco-pie was so delicious in his previous life, but Yoo-ah finished it all, thinking that it was urgent to reevaluate it.


He actually said ‘Do you want to eat’ in broken Korean so I wanted to make the tone similar.




Hey, they say spring potatoes are delicious.


Yoo-ah, who recalled a famous line from a novel, looked at the hand that was extended to him. Like how he had expected, it was the main shou.


Yoo-ah shook his head. It won’t be long until he goes home anyway. He would have dinner, so he doesn’t have to eat more snacks now.


Moreover, if you’re determined to avoid the main shou, why would you steal the kid’s snot-stained choco pie?


‘It’s really… my personality is such trash.’


Yoo-ah looked away.


“No. It’s alright, you eat.”


“But… The tail….”


Ah. It must have been consolation money for the tail accident, which opened a highway in the middle, not a bribe to get close.


Even so, isn’t it too much to eat? Yoo-ah refused.


“It’s really alright. You eat it.”


“Yoo-ah yah! Mom is here! Shall we go home together?”




At the right time, Jeong-hye came to pick up Yoo-ah. She must have known that nothing was going on because she didn’t hear anything from the teacher, but she was still worried. With about 20 minutes to go before the kindergarten was over, Yoo-ah became the first child to return home.


Yoo-ah swung around and bounced out.


The main shou had a description that his parents were busy with work and always remained in kindergarten until the end. Then maybe the main shou’s return time after 6 p.m. was about an hour and a half from now on.


“My son. Was kindergarten fun? Are you sick?”


‘Well….. It’s none of my business.’


Yoo-ah nodded as he jumped into Jeong-hye’s arms with her arms open. Jeong-hye held Yoo-ah in her arms and received the school bag from the teacher.


No matter how young you are, you will enter elementary school soon. He thought it would be heavy to hold such a child and carry a bag, so he asked her to put him down, but Jeong-hye shook her head. The reason was that she had to hug a lot before he grew up.


“You won’t hug mom when you grow up, will you?”


“I’m not coming to adolescence….”


“Really? Mom will be recording this.”


Yoo-ah was sincere, but of course Jeong-hye didn’t take it seriously. He was only seven years old after all.


Nevertheless, the playful voice was friendly. Anyone could tell that she loved her young son. The shy affection was not so bad, so Yoo-ah just put his arm around Jeong-hye’s neck.


Yoo-ah stretched her neck out over Jeong-hye’s head. From the second floor of the kindergarten building where he looked up casually. He made eye contact with the main shou.


YooA still looked at the Choco pie in the hands of the main shou. Because he was holding it without eating it, the chocolate coating melted on the outside and was sticky on the main shou’s hands. The child’s body temperature is warm, so it will melt even more.


Yoo-ah stared at Jeong-hye’s shaky legs from her waist. He is so small now, but one day, this body would grow to easily exceed Jeong-hye’s height.


‘Until then, I will study steadily and enter a good university.’


If that’s the case, he wanted to work as a tutor. He wanted to get good grades and get a job at once. After saving money steadily for several years, it will be called a stock.


Although this is a world without SamX, LX, and BX coins, Yoo-ah had the knowledge of the original world.


How can the world be only calm when the main shou and the main gong are in love with each other. Yoo-ah recalled a series of company names that soared or plunged due to the love between the two. As long as he makes good use of this… A small building? Even if he buys a penthouse in Hannam-dong, he will have money left.


‘You can’t cut in on the original world to do that.’


Yoo-ah liked this place.


There were good parents and a good teacher. Time passes by quickly when they are together, but there are also good friends.


So he hopes they don’t get involved in the original as much as possible. Because he wants to protect them. Isn’t it natural to pray for the happiness of the person you love?


Actually, Yoo-ah didn’t care about the penthouse in Hannam-dong, a small building, he just wanted to live happily. Money or social status were like an accessory to it. That’s not such a big wish.




So this was inevitable.


Yoo-ah buried his face in the back of Jeong-hye’s neck.


Really, I want to be happy. It was just that wish.

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