Author: Hayoung

It’s already been a week since this unknown thing happened.


After trading with a cotton ball, I opened my eyes and found myself in a shabby goshiwon [1]




Soon, a strange alarm goes off,



Congratulations! You have become ‘Yun Cheong’.


From now on, you have to save the destined to fail girl group, Still Blue!


This place, it’s a little different from your world.


To put it simply, it’s a parallel world.


Everything is the same as your world, but only one thing is different.


There has never been a person named ‘Baek Nokha’ in this world and she will never exist.



I could see a window in front of me that would only be seen in those games.



You entered the body of a person called ‘Yun Cheong’ 10 years ago based on your world.


And you have to do it to fulfill two wishes of ‘Yun Cheong’.


Yun Cheong’s first wish is –

To [Please debut in first place on the company’s debut survival program ‘Make a New Color’]







Putting aside the absurdity, I searched for the name ‘Yun Cheong’ in my memory.


“Yun Cheong, Yun Cheong….”


Oh, I remember.


Around the time I debuted, there was a debut survival program on a cable network.


A debut survival program conducted for the launch of a new girl group by ‘Colors’, one of Korea’s five largest agencies.


In the survival program, all female trainees from ‘Colors’ came out and competed for their debut.


Yun Cheong was one of the trainees who participated in the survival program.


I wasn’t able to watch the program properly because I was busy at the time, but… It was quite a topic, so I knew roughly what it was about


“But as far as I know, she debuted.”


…What is this wish?



[Please debut in first place on the company’s debut survival program ‘Make a New Color’]



You’re asking me to debut as No.1?


I frowned.


At that time, she debuted as… What was her rank?


The trainees whose debut was confirmed in the program debuted as a girl group called ‘Still Blue’ a year later.


There were a total of five people, right?


I saw them once because of our overlapping activities.


One of them sang well, so I thought she was the main vocalist.


“At the time, did she debut as 5th place? No, isn’t it a good thing to have just debuted? Do you have to be 1st place?”


I didn’t expect to get out of bed puzzled.






The handphone rang next to me.


But something was weird.


“This handphone… It’s my handphone.”


What the? Didn’t I get into someone else’s body?


But why is the handphone mine?


My handphone from 10 years ago, at that?


I can’t judge the situation and I can’t pick up my handphone because I’m scared,




The handphone rang louder.


When I had no choice but to lift the handphone, a notification appeared on the screen.


news alert [2] ?


🗨️ [Yun Cheong, selected as the last member of ‘Make a New Color’.] 🗨️


This….. It’s an article, from my world [3] .


I clicked on the article as if possessed.


📰 The fifth member of ‘Make a New Color’ has been confirmed.


Yun Cheong, a trainee who was embroiled in controversy over lack of confidence and lack of social skills throughout the program.


Yun Cheong was made the last member by the judges’ choice of ‘Color Choice,’ although she finished 12th, the lowest in the popularity vote.


Judge Do Heeyoung, a member of the 12-year-old girl group ‘Greyish’ and a senior member of the agency, cited the need for a main vocalist as the reason for choosing Yun Cheong. 📰




I was reading the article in a hurry, and I got another notification as if it had been waiting.


🗨️ [Yun Cheong, controversy over the last member selection?] 🗨️


“If it appears often, they say that it’s a controversy.”


I clicked on the article even though I was sick of it.


First, I had to know what the situation was.


📰 Kim Mokyeong, director of the agency ‘Colors,’ said, “The voice that can take the center of the group. It is like the last puzzle that can complete the talented part of Still Blue, which is still immature,” as a reason why he chose Yun Cheong as the final member.

However, netizens responded that these judges’ choices were a choice that ignored viewers’ opinions. 📰


That’s why you asked me to debut as No. 1.


…..She must’ve been upset, being someone in the center of this controversy.


Of course, every trainee dreams of debuting. It’s something to be thankful for just debuting.


But an upsetting thing is just upsetting.


She’s also human.


There are malicious comments even before your debut. How can you not be upset?


It must have felt like the whole world hated her.


“By the way, what the hell is this handphone?”


I unlocked my handphone and tried pressing this and that. But nothing worked.


The only thing that works is that you can open the news notification and…… contacts only.


“Why can I open the contact app all of a sudden?”


It was full of things I didn’t understand.


Fortunately, the news notification seemed to be able to be kept open after opening it once.


I wanted to open other news articles, but there was no internet connection at all.


What a selfish [4] handphone.


“Still, is this much something I should be grateful for?”


…Anyway, I guess… I have made a contract with a devil?


That cotton ball, is probably a devil, right?


Otherwise all this stuff doesn’t make sense.


“Yes. It’s better to be a real devil. That means it has the ability to make a wish come true.”


In the mirror on the desk, I saw Yun Cheong’s face, the face that had now become mine.


Right, I didn’t know because I had never seen it in detail before, but Yun Cheong was quite the pretty type.


Even in the entertainment industry, where there are so many beautiful people, this is enough to stand out at least once.


“I think she’s much more prettier than when I debuted.”


Well, originally ‘Baek Nokha’ wasn’t popular because she is pretty.


For an idol, she had a normal face.


Of course, if it’s my fans… they would tell me that I was the prettiest in the world, but….


That’s what I wanted to say to my fans.


When I just debuted, I had a feeling of being buried because of the styling, hair, and makeup that didn’t suit me.


Thanks to the styling that suits me and camera experience, I have improved a lot compared to before.


“Eum, if it’s this much, the original owner should have been popular though?”


She also has skills as a support.


If the agency was big, she would have been promoted in its own way.


Why… isn’t she popular?


By the time the doubts builds up,




I got another notification on my handphone.


🗨️ [Make A New Color Episode 1 Uploaded!] 🗨️


🗨️ [Would you like to watch it now?] 🗨️ 


…Did it read my mind?




“It’s no wonder she’s unpopular.”


I feel sorry for Yun Cheong, but this was the cold truth.


It was a conclusion I came to as soon as I watched the first episode.


In a short period of 55 minutes, Yun Cheong appeared for only about three minutes.


It’s not even a three minute one shot… A three minute long scene with other trainees.


And all I felt during those three minutes was frustration.


Yun Cheong, the owner of this body.




She doesn’t have any talent.


It’s a relief if you just don’t have talent but she has no manners, no sociality, and no sense of entertainment.


On stage and off stage, she was absolutely… a wooden stone.


Originally, chemistry with other trainees is important in survival programs like this, but Yun Cheong didn’t even have that.


No, she just didn’t say anything at all.


Even if someone talks to her, answers like, ‘Eu- Eung…’ was the only thing.


“This is why there’s no screen time and it’s not fun.”


And the scene set in the practice room was also disastrous.


She sings well, but her dance and expression are completely… It was catastrophic.


She couldn’t even match the movement line to the extent that she bumped into other trainees, is all I can say.


But I didn’t feel pitiful when looking at Yun Cheong.


Because I thought I knew what was wrong with Yun Cheong.


It’s a guess, but the ‘original’ Yun Cheong…


might have camera fright


 and stage fright as a bonus.




It’s been ten years.


The time I’ve been around in the entertainment industry.


Including the training period, it’s 20 years. I may not be the most knowledgeable person in the entertainment industry, but I wasn’t one to be ignored anywhere.


If you’re on this industry, you can see all sorts of people.


The types of people who survive are roughly as follows:


People with just extreme talent, people who make up for it with effort even if they don’t have a lot of talent, people who have a strong mentality and endure it for a long time, etc.


And the people who are hard to survive are as follows:


The one who makes trouble, the one who loses their original intentions, and… a soft-hearted person.


It’s a rough place.


Soft-hearted people can’t hold out in places like this. It’s not the fault of those who couldn’t hold out.


It’s the wrong place to change people to the point where they can’t stand it.


Anyway, Yun Cheong was the third type.


A person who is extremely soft-hearted.


Seeing her, I think she’s weak.


“…I’m glad you weren’t unpopular because of a personality problem.”


It’s hard to help if you’re that type.


Those who has a personality problem before debut is likely to have a personality controversy.


They can make their debut somehow.


What happens afterwards is the problem.


No matter how much you manage your image from the time your debut is confirmed, the past already exists.


If there is a controversy over personality or the past after debut, it cannot be settled.


Of course, it’s not a crime to just be soft-hearted and have no talent.


It’s an amazing thing to be mentally strong at this age.


She’s just 20 years old. She's a newborn [5] .


Well, I can solve this soft-hearted problem.


“I don’t know if I’m different.”


Mental and talent have reached a level.




[End of the tutorial!]


[Loading Tutorial Reward.…]


[~Memories of Yuncheng until she was 19~ has arrived!]


[Would you like to Confirm? (Yes/No)]


“…was it a tutorial so far?”


There are also rewards.


Those rewards….are the memory of this body.


There’s no reason to say no since I have to live with this body now.


I pressed ‘yes’.




I couldn’t open my mouth for a long time.

  • 1. A small room designed for students preparing to take exams, it has low rent.
  • 2. News alert/ alarm: it can be customized to notify you when an article using a keyword you set appears
  • 3. meaning, this article if from the future in ‘Yun Cheong’s’ world
  • 4. Selfish as just doing what it wants to do/ not cooperating
  • 5. 20 years old is the legal age at korea
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So the thing about the emojis in this chapter, in the raws they are actual pictures of chat bubbles or texts in boxes but honestly I don't think I can survive in the long run if I edit every image since there will be more pictures in latter chapters.... So please do make it do (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

I wanted to insert an illustration of MC in this chapter but the website has some problems I dont understand so I'll give you a link that directs u to the pic instead

(If you're really sus about random links then you can just wait for me being able to insert pics here in future chapters~)

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  1. Like trash pd become idol, game like interface, parallel word, both need to improve their soon to disband group, the only difference is Baek Nokha has never exist in the parallel world, while the trash pd still exist and only few can remember him, nokha return to past 10 years, while trash pd become 10 years younger. she see the block blob that gave her the chance while the trash pd never see who f*kn send him to parallel word.

    I like them both.