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After the first episode of Make A New Color, it couldn’t…. not be a huge hit on the internet


There was quite a response coming.


– ? Why is MNC interesting


└ You find a menu [1] interesting? I… respect your pig intelligence… 


└ No no, it’s the idol survival show on Mten


└ It’s a rookie girl group that Colors form though


It's not nim, its daeim [2]  


└ A new one again? Why won’t they just raise existing ones well ㅋㅋ


ㄹㅇ [3] ㅋㅋ Make our White Noise kids release a full-length album you colorful bastards [4]


– What’s this? How am I supposed to watch this, can someone spill it to me


└It’s first episode; calm down a bit


– Colorful bastards, are you crazy about money? Did it appear again?


– Ryu Bora is an idol now? Did she quit acting?


└ Yeah, but since when did she go to Colors


In the beginning, there was light... [5]


└This meme is fr a true enthusiast


└Do you make good grandma jokes…?


– Is MNC interesting? I won’t watch it if they try to provoke with a bunch of aggro again


└But you still love Colors, right?


└ The kids are innocent


└ They are innocent kids who are used to make money


└The logic is that you’re a sinner if you make money


– Kim Geum comes out, ok, but I’m not into idol rappers


└ Ah, Isn’t she the one who came out in Unpretty Money? I guess ended up being an idol after all


└It’s quite obvious ㅋㅋ. She was kicked out from there becase her lack of skill


└ becase x because o, if you want to reveal someone else, you have to spell correctly first…


└ Since earlier, you’ve been nitpicking about spelling and grammar, ㅋㅋ. I’m telling you to go your own way


– Oh, don’t try to make them act like a mentor to the kids again Mten

#Stop_Pushing_Burn Ash



└ 22


└ 33


ㅁㅊ [6] I’m running a business [7] in celebration of reaching 10,000 likes. A single bite of Burn Ash traii traii 


AhㅋㅋColorsahㅋㅋ(Openswallet)soyou’redebutinganewgirlgroup?(wavespanties)ahㅋㅋifIactlikethisagain,willIbespendingmoneycrazily?Ahㅋㅋ(Opensbankaccount) [8]


Color’s Audition Program Opening Song Concept Analysis.bunseok



Let’s take a look at Yun Cheong’s necklace and Yeon Juhong’s brooch.


You can see that it has golden wings.


In Greek and Roman mythology, a rainbow goddess named Iris has golden wings.


You can see from this that it’s the concept of the goddesses of the rainbow.


… (omitted)…


Therefore, you can expect that the name of the new girl group will be Still Blue.



– Everyone noticed, but you’re pretended to be sharp




…Well, the first episode ended with a small response.


The ratings are 1.23%.


It was a better start than I thought.


Of course, the Internet response was much hotter.


– But seriously, isn’t it a bit too much that Kim Ryeoyu is the judge’s niece?


└They should’ve honestly chosen someone else as the judge


└I don’t think it’s possible because Kim Mokyeong is the representative producer of Colors


└It’s such a big agency, but why is there only one producer?


– Isn’t it too obvious that they’re making her the center from the first song?




– The kids’ reactions are seriously strong, but it seems like there might be some favoritism going on


└You can feel it even through the broadcast, but it’s probably even more in real life.


└Gungye, take it easy ㅋㅋ


I borrowed a laptop on the second floor of the agency to monitor the responses, but I stopped.


What’s the point of looking at this, even if it’s something positive.


Since the mission is important right now.


I took out my handphone and saw the notification.


🗨️[What’s the first mission for ‘Make a New Color’?]🗨️


🗨️[‘Make a New Color’ or in short MNC’s fist mission is a hot topic. MNC’s first mission-]🗨️


“…is to do a cover of a sunbae’s group songs.”


The notification that informs me of the next mission.




There are four groups currently active in Colors.


Greyish, a girl group with 12 years of experience.


8th year boy group, All Colors.


6th year girl group White Noise.


Burn ash, a boy group in its second year.


All groups have strong personalities, but if there is one thing in common-


“…all of them are very successful idol groups.”


No matter which song you choose, if you don’t pull it off properly, you’ll get cursed at a lot.


Colors had a strong sense of pride in raising such a talented idol group.


Maybe that’s why, all the groups were fairly well-balanced and had good skills.


“I thought the first mission would be a group mission. It turns out to be a solo mission.”


It’s a cover song mission. It’s a long-standing theme in audition programs and survival programs.


The question is how to do it.


I read the article all the way through.


I was just wondering if there were any more clues.


Then, it stopped at one sentence.


[…Each trainee is assigned one of the members of the group they cover as a mentor.]




It was a sentence that made my spine very cold.


“If it’s like this, my choices are extremely reduced.”


First of all, avoid All Colors and Burn Ash.


There’s nothing good about being involved with a boy group even before debuting. Especially if it’s 1:1 it’s better not to get involved.


It’ll be a problem whether there’s chemistry or not.


“Then the choice is… Greyish or White Noise, yeah.”




I looked through the songs of the two groups.


Greyish has relatively many R&B vocal-oriented songs, while White Noise has many hip-hop-based performance-oriented songs.




What should I choose so that it becomes a rumor that I made a good choice?


For missions like this, it’s not an exaggeration to say that song selection is half the battle


Songs that are too famous are dangerous, it is easy to be compared because other idol seniors have already covered it.


But if you choose a song that’s too unfamiliar, it might be hard to get a good response.


Moderately refreshing yet something everyone can hum along to


It should be something that can make a strong impact.


“This isn’t easy.”


I was going through songs when I discovered a certain song, and I paused


“Ah, wait a minute.”


There was a song I didn’t think of.


Why didn’t I think of this earlier?


“…this is it.”


If it’s this… I think this will work!




The filming day came back.


It was the day of the long-awaited mission announcement.


Everyone was huddled together in the same practice room as last time.


All 12 trainees were watching PD Oh with nervousness.


Oh PD liked that kind of dynamic. A setup where he seemed like the one in power, even if he wasn’t.


You could tell from his expression that he was enjoying it. Disgusting


I knew it beforehand, but other trainees wouldn’t even dream of it.


“Now that everyone is here, I’ll announce the first mission!”


Producer Oh suddenly brought a big whiteboard.


The whiteboard was covered with paper.


It seemed like when you peel off the sticker on the paper, the mission is revealed; that kind of staging.


Just tell us all at once, seriously.


“The person who will take off the mission paper isss~”


Producer Oh looked around the trainees.


And he pointed out a trainee.


“Trainee Ryu Bora!”


Well, that wasn’t a surprising choice at all.


It’s Ryu Bora.


She was a trainee that I knew well. Not as Yun Cheong, but Baek Nokha.


She was that famous of a trainee.


…was a famous child actor, to be exact.


“Please open the mission paper”


Producer Oh said with a smile.


“Yes, then I will try to open it!”


Ryu Bora showed no particular signs of joy or nervousness.


She just stood in front of the mission paper with a tone that was very suitable for the broadcast.


As expected, I can see the experience of broadcasting.


I glanced at Ryu Bora.


If Seo Baek-young was Colors’ ace trainee, Ryu Bo-ra was Colors’ strong center candidate trainee.


In short, both of them are strong candidates for debut.


Firstly, Ryu Bora is


“The first mission is…!”




very much.


As a child actor, her features were very distinct and refreshing, and her overall proportions were just like a celebrity.


Among the trainees here, she definitely stands out with her exceptional visuals, so I’ve said it all, haven’t I?


“It’s a ‘Colors’ sunbae group song cover’!”


As soon as Ryu Bora finished reading the mission, a short sigh leaked out among the trainees.


Some trainees nodded as if they expected, but most seemed afraid.


Of course, Ryu Bora was very calm by herself.


That’s one of the reasons why Ryu Bora is famous.


“Wow, I’m already looking forward to it!”


a strong mentality.


Always smiling hard, keeping calm.


Her career in broadcasting has been shining since she was five years old.


Since childhood, Ryu Bora was known for never crying even once and for successfully handling all schedules.


The public loved a brilliant, deep-seated child.


So Ryu Bora was a promising child actress loved by all generations.


But when she suddenly joined Colors to become an idol, everyone was surprised.


PD Oh enjoyed the trainees’ reactions and intervened.


And then he began explaining the mission


  1. Any songs by an idol from Colors are possible.


  1. Members of the group selected as cover songs are designated as mentors. However, the members selected are random.


  1. You have to cover the entire song alone.


  1. It doesn’t matter if the songs overlap with other trainees. You can also discuss and coordinate to avoid overlaps.


  1. However, you must choose a song and announce it within the next hour.


Other rules were fine.


The problem is the last rule.


“Choose a song within an hour?”


Naturally, all the trainees panicked. Except for a few.


I looked at the trainees who weren’t surprised.


Seo Baekyoung,


Ryu Bora


And unexpectedly, Kim Ryeoyu.


Is she mentally stronger than I thought?


“Yup alright~ I’m going to time it exactly an hour from now on. Start!”


I hate you!


The trainees booed and immediately rushed to find the song.


If I don’t seem to be searching, it’ll seem a bit like that, so I pretended to search.


I think it’s been 20 minutes.


“Yun Cheong.”


Kim Ryeoyu called me.


What is it?




“What song are you going to sing?”


Oh, the exploration is about to begin.


Other trainees were also curious, I could see their ears standing up.


“I’m not sure, I haven’t gotten a clue yet. What about you, Ryeoyu?”


“I’ve decided.”


Surprisingly, Kim Ryeoyu went straight to the point without wasting any time on chit chat.


“White Noise sunbaenim [9] ’s <Make big noise>”


I resent it, but it’s a pretty good choice.


It is the debut song of White Noise and it’s a song characterized by tremendous determination and self-confidence.


And Kim Ryeoyu –


“Well, if you want to choose the song, you can do as you like. I don’t really care about it.”


I can see you thinking, ‘You may not be as good as me.’


That baseless confidence of hers is truly amazing.


“<Make big noise> is a good song. Way to go.”


I only answered that and turned my eyes again.


Let’s not fall for such shallow flattery.


Kim Ryeoyu’s eyes hardened coldly, probably not liking that I was ignoring her.


She was hiding it because it was in front of the camera, but everyone could feel it.


“…Baekyoung unnie. What are you doing?”


However, Kim Ryeoyu, without any hesitation, changed the subject instead of trying to find logic.


“I’m going to choose Greyish’s <White Night>.”


As expected, Seo Baekyoung is already prepared.


I nodded. It was a good choice. It suits her well.


Other trainees, perhaps still not grasping the situation, were scratching their heads.


Of course, as time passed, everyone chose songs one by one.


Most chose songs by White Noise or Greyish


Since covering songs from a girl group seems easier,


“…I’ll choose All Colors sunbaenim’s <DanDan>.”


Except the rapper Kim Geum and-


“I’ll choose Burn Ash sunbaenim’s <Midnight red>.”


The sub vocalist Heeyon.


Hmm. Burn Ash.


Well, Kim Geum’s choice is somewhat understandable, but… choosing Burn Ash seems like a slightly risky decision


Burn Ash was a boy group that just recently debuted.


They are also the most popular rising star these days.


Well, it’s none of my business.


“Well then, everyone has decided….”


Producer Oh was recording one by one, and he glanced at me.


Because I’m the only one who hasn’t said it yet.


But I waited patiently with determination.


Because, you see, my idea somewhat- 


“I’ll choose Purple Apple sunbaenim’s <forbidden>.”


had a unexpected aspect to it

  • 1. menu, in korean MNC is menucal but to make it make sense in english i shorten it as MNC
  • 2. i’m not sure how to TL this but basically -nim is a formal way to address someone but daeim is more casual
  • 3. fr
  • 4. they are mocking Colors’ (I think i forgot to explain on prev chapters)
  • 5. it’s referring to this meme but in korean
  • 6. crazy
  • 7. maybe it meant a giveaway??
  • 8. sorry for hurting your eyes…. that’s how the raw was, here is a spaced ver: AhㅋㅋColors ahㅋㅋ(Opens Wallet)so you’re debuting new girl group?(waves pant1es) ahㅋㅋ if I act like this again, will I be spending money crazily?Ahㅋㅋ (Open Bank Account)
  • 9. senior
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Thank you Rhavaniel for the coffee!! This is the extra chapter as promised~

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  1. This story is so refreshing~ I wonder how everything will turn out for Geum… choosing the new and popular boy group? And what is it with Ryeoyu? Did her uncle tell her the mission?

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. I think you got it switched! The one who chose Burn Ash was Heeyon, Geum chose a song from All Colors~

      1. I was re-reading and noticed your reply! Thank you for correcting me. I often get confused with characters ^^”