The Seed Thief Vol. 1 Chapter 3.7

Author: Gumi

‘My God. This is…’


In front of him, a woman’s flesh, dimly visible through the damp fabric, was swaying back and forth. It was, of course, Lulu’s chest. With each movement, the wet cloth clung to her bosom, repeatedly sticking and falling off, showcasing its motion.


Being commanded to stay still and continuously witnessing that sight, Ervandas felt like he had become the lowliest pervert in the world. Was that thin fabric cursed by some dark magic? The movements, teasingly revealing her chest yet withholding it, were threatening to blow his sanity to the farthest reaches of the sky.


Ervandas desperately scraped his remaining reason, pondering how to overcome this crisis. Soon, he noticed at least his mouth had yet been suppressed.




He called Lulu in an eerily low voice than usual, trying to hide his trembling. Even so, his mouth obediently uttered ‘Master’ instead of ‘You witch’ as it should have.


“What’s wrong? Did bubbles get into your eyes?”


“It’s not that…….”


He had to beg her to please come down his body because he could see her breasts. But he felt too ashamed to utter the word ‘breast.’ No, he had to somehow resolve this situation. Ervandas mustered up the courage to speak up, carefully choosing his words.


“Your clothes……are wet…….”


It’s visible, so please, move away. Just as Ervandas struggled to utter those difficult words, Lulu nodded understandingly.


“Okay, since they’re already wet, I should take them off.”




Ervandas’s jaw dropped at Lulu’s nonchalant reply. Why did she jump to that conclusion?


Lulu moved faster than his rationality could catch up. She quickly took off the thin nightgown she was wearing without hesitation. It was wet, just as Er said, so there was no point in wearing it.


As Lulu brazenly undressed, exposing her naked body under the sun, Ervandas felt his breath hitch in his throat.


Lulu had a slender, lean body overall. Outstretched limbs, an elongated, pale white neck, and prominent collarbones. However, amidst such a body, one aspect drew an entirely different, voluptuous curve.




A voice filled with pure admiration escaped his lips. The ample breasts, which seemed to overflow even if grasped by his large hands, were swaying within breathing distance.


Amidst her porcelain skin, the pink peak stood firmer than usual, perhaps due to the cold stream water.


Ervandas’s gaze fixated on that peak, unable to tear away. Water trickled down from Lulu’s hair, cascading along her collarbones, and tantalizingly pooled at the tip of the pink peak.




Ervandas swallowed hard at the droplet that threatened to fall, his mouth parched. Suddenly, unfamiliar craving tormented him. He felt like he needed to drink something immediately.


But he didn’t even glance at the clear water flowing beside him. What he wanted now was…….


“Then shall I wash again?”


Still unaware of his situation, Lulu reached for Ervandas’s hair again. The breasts were concealed by the thin fabric until a moment ago, were now exposed closer to his face.


A bit more. Just a little bit more. If he opened his mouth and extended his tongue, he would be within reach of the water he wanted to drink the most. His lips parted slightly, unaware of his own action.




Lulu’s body, moving on top of his thigh, slipped and stumbled again. If it had been a moment ago, Ervandas would have caught her immediately, but he was in a state where he had to stay still at Lulu’s command. So, Lulu, struggling on her own, instinctively clutched the only available anchor: his head.


As a result, Ervandas’s face pressed against Lulu’s breasts. What he had been gazing at entered through his slightly parted lips.


The moment the firm nipple touched the tip of his tongue – a tongue devoid of rational control, it hungrily savored her nipple. Ervandas didn’t even know what he was doing.


It was Lulu who panicked. When he grazed the tip of her breast, a tingling sensation shot through her from head to toe as if being struck by lightning, causing her vision to whiten and her body to weaken.


Surprised by the sensation she had never felt before, Lulu should have pushed him away, but instead, she hugged his head tighter. Ervandas unhesitatingly sucked in the flesh that pressed further into his mouth.




Lulu’s body trembled atop his body with each suck of stimulation.




Despite the intense, unfamiliar sensation that should have triggered caution, Lulu didn’t want to resist. All she wanted was for this peculiar tingling-tickling to continue. Following her instinct, she tightened her arms around him.


“Er, ah, huff! M-more…! Ahh!”


She couldn’t verbalize what she desired.




As if reading Lulu’s mind, Ervandas lifted the tip of his tongue and firmly pressed it against the tip of her nipple. It was exactly what Lulu wanted. She hoped he would continue stimulating the place where all her senses seemed to converge.


For a long time, his tongue lapped persistently at the soft flesh. The gliding motion of the moist skin intensified their ragged breaths. The two were completely absorbed in the act, unaware of their own actions.


Ervandas, licking Lulu’s nipple fervently, bit down on the swollen bud with his lips as if asking for more.




With a loud sound, Lulu’s waist jerked violently. The calm stream suddenly became turbulent, as if a downpour had started.


Every time he moved his mouth, Lulu expelled everything she felt. So Ervandas could tell. What he gave her was satisfaction.


He licked and sucked on the breast even more passionately. His instinct whispered, ‘Give greater satisfaction to the one who embraces you now.’


And to achieve that, he realized that relying solely on his mouth was no longer enough.


His penis, barely having forgotten last night’s shock, quickly hardened. The pale pink pillar, already heated within the cool water, slowly raised its head.


Such an occurrence had never been possible, nor should it have happened in his life.


“Ah, heok!”


A warm, large pillar thrust between Lulu’s spread legs. Her vagina, which she rarely touched with her own hands, was terribly weak against stimulation from another person.




Startled by the unexpected visitor, Lulu instinctively tried to close her legs. However, in that instant, Ervandas’s hands gripped both her thighs. He wouldn’t allow it.


Lulu had commanded him to stay still, so he couldn’t stop her movements until another command was given.


Their bodies entwined, gasping heavily. They didn’t even realize what was amiss.


His enraged penis relentlessly pounded against the entrance it should enter, begging for it to open. But the door was too narrow, and the intruder was too large.


They were both at their limit. Especially Ervandas, who was on the brink of madness. The engorged and painful member throbbed with an overwhelming surge of climax. He desperately pressed his penis against the unyielding entrance.


In that moment, his teeth bit down on Lulu’s nipple…




Startled, Lulu pulled her legs together, tightly squeezing his member between her thighs. The rigid penis pressed hard against her vagina, reaching its limit.






Their bodies shuddered together. At the same time, a whitish fluid shot out between Lulu’s thighs.




Lulu’s body, breathing hard as if she had been running for ages, collapsed onto Ervandas. When Ervandas grabbed Lulu, preventing her from falling into the stream, he realized his body was no longer bound by her command and could move as pleased. If that was the case, he should immediately push away this witch, who arbitrarily used him as a doormat…


But instead of pushing her away, he lifted his arms and pulled Lulu’s neck and waist closer. His arms tightly embraced her, not allowing even the smallest gap, filled with greed possess every bit of her.


His thick penis, which lost its strength after releasing its fullness, brushed the moist entrance where the semen stuck.


“Uh, umh…….”


Lulu whimpered in his arms as he poked her sensitized spot again. Her face was as red as her hair color, welled with tears.


Despite the expression, as if begging him to let go, Ervandas breathed heavily and tightened his grip.


‘Oh God.’


What on earth just happened?


A world he had never experienced before suddenly unfolded in front of him. The world turned white, and even a single strand of hair became hypersensitive. Just the mere act of breathing made him feel dizzy.


The approaching figure as if demanding to be devoured, was an irresistible temptation to him. And a moment ago, he had succumbed to that temptation. No matter how much he tried to deny it, sucking in the soft fruit that had entered his mouth was his own will.




The teachings of abstinence he had learned since childhood in the temple flashed through his mind. Worse, the high priest’s voice disappeared as Lulu’s breath touched his chest. A fiery desire surged from below once again.




No more. What had already happened was horrifying enough. Yet, why……


Ervandas eventually held his breath as he rubbed against the crack he couldn’t enter.


I wanted to do more. Even if you’re out of breath now.


Ervandas moved his hip slowly, feeling their pubic hairs entangled – just this was enough to intensify his arousal further. Beneath the exhausted Lulu, his renewed vigor released another hazy stream of semen, leaving behind marks of his possession.


In broad daylight, amidst the noise of birds chirping and the flowing stream, Lulu and Ervandas hugged each other for a long time.


Meanwhile, the human seed that Lulu desperately wanted had been swept away by the stream.

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    1. I think Er already lost his reason bit by bit in previous chapters. This is like an explosion 🤣

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