The Seed Thief Vol. 1 Chapter 4.1 - Where is the Seed (1)

Author: Gumi


Lulu sighed, resting her chin on the windowsill. Perched on the windowsill, was a crow pretending to groom its featherless wings. The skeletal crow’s wings were now attached evenly, just like before, thanks to Lulu having patiently picked up all the fallen bones and repaired them.

Beyond the window, she could see the scarecrow merrily hopping through the forest. The scarecrow, too, had been repaired and regained its former appearance. And there, meandering around, was the stone golem surveying the area. Everything seemed just like before, but…

Lulu stood up, stretched, then turned around to face the living room. She took back what she had said – it wasn’t unchanged from before. These days, Lulu felt like she was living in a different world every day.

The living room, spotlessly clean without a speck of dust, always felt unfamiliar. Rising from her seat, Lulu approached the wall – which had once held only a few crooked nails, was now filled to the brim with sturdy wooden shelves. On those shelves, the books that had been messily piled on the floor were now neatly inserted.

All of this, of course, was Ervandas’s doing. With hands behind her back, Lulu skimmed through the books Ervandas had organized. Suddenly, a loud noise came from the kitchen, Lulu hurried over and stood at the door, peering inside.


From inside came the sound of Ervandas coughing, followed by the noise of things moving and being put here and there.

“Er, do you need help?”

When Lulu cautiously stuck her head in and asked, a lightning-fast reply came from inside.

“Don’t come in! Don’t come even a little!”


“This will end faster if my master doesn’t come in. More importantly, what on earth is this? Why are these rotten vegetables, whose original forms are unknown, placed in this bowl? When was it brought here? It’s dried out so much that it doesn’t even have a single bug. And this rusted bowl is still being used? Throw out this bowl immediately. And as for this organizer…”

“I’m leaving! I said I’m leaving!”

Lulu covered her ears to block out the nagging that seemed like it would last for eternity. Even so, Lulu’s eyes were directed between Ervandas’s busy legs.

Each time Ervandas moved, its form was vaguely revealed between his thighs.


Lulu’s face turned serious. However, Ervandus was too astonished by the unidentified vegetable corpses piled up in the kitchen to notice her intense gaze.

“Why isn’t that standing again?”

Since the day bathing with Ervandas, Lulu had always been curious, ‘A fascinating thing that I don’t have. I liked it because it was big and had a beautiful color. But I never expected it to have such an amazing ability to grow by itself.’

‘I liked it.’

Lulu recalled the fleshy pillar moving wildly between her legs. It was a strange sensation indeed. Every time it grazed the gap between her legs, sparkled stars would burst before her eyes. Unintentionally, she tightened her hold around Er’s neck and let out strange sounds.

After the act was over, Lulu remained still, waiting for Er to move again. However, after a while, Er gently placed her down in the stream and walked away, his face filled with devastation as if the sky had collapsed.

Left alone in the stream, Lulu called out loudly to Ervandas, who had turned his back on her.

“You’re not doing it again?”


Lulu’s words brought Erbandas’s body to a sudden halt. Lulu shouted again.

“I liked it!”

She meant it sincerely. She enjoyed his soft yet firm body and the act of bathing him. What she enjoyed even more was when he suckled on her breasts.

It was fascinating. Lulu had never experienced such an electrifying sensation when she touched herself during bathing. But why did it happen that way when Ervandas touched her?

It wasn’t just her breasts. His thighs, where his big flesh rubbed against hers felt strange too. Due to the vigorous back-and-forth movement, her skin felt sore from the contact, and her inner thigh tensed. Yet, she also felt a tingling sensation in her stomach, as if it were tickled, and a subtle pull in her lower abdomen.

Although it was sore and exhausting, her mind filled with desire wanting more. However, she couldn’t do it alone. Lulu looked at Ervandas with expectant eyes. But he, without turning around, muttered to himself.

“Lead me… not into temptation…”

Then, he quickly walked toward home, though he did come back later to get his clothes.

That was how the incident at the creek came to an end.

“After that, he only focused on cleaning the house…”

Regardless, Lulu had no intention of sending Ervandas back till she extracted the human seed. So, she allowed him to freely roam within the forest as long as he didn’t run away. She thought he would hide somewhere and never come out, but at Lulu’s words, he suddenly raised his arm and began cleaning.

And so, a week had passed.

“What are you looking at?”

When did he stop cleaning? Ervandas shot a cold gaze at Lulu, who was staring intently at his crotch.

“It’s nothing! Keep cleaning!”

Lulu waved her hand and hurriedly returned to her room. Since Ervandas hadn’t started cleaning there yet, her room remained messy.


Collapsing onto the bed, Lulu sighed and rubbed her chest with her hands.


As expected, she didn’t feel the tingling sensation like that day. Touching her chest for a while, Lulu’s hand hesitated briefly, then moved downward, groping the cracks between her thighs.

“It was tingling here back then.”

Just thinking about that day made her breathless again. Then she felt her lower stomach clench. Overwhelmed by a sudden, unidentifiable desire, Lulu inserted her finger between the gaps. However, just like before, the electrifying sensation wasn’t like that day.

Soon losing interest, Lulu rolled on the bed and picked up a crumpled paper from the corner. It was a note about the human seed she had found in the rat hole.

“This is not the time.”

All the materials were ready, and Er, who would give her the human seed, was finally in her hands. So, she had to quickly get the human seed.

“But I don’t know…”

When she touched him that night and when they bathed together that day, Lulu had seen his genitals multiple times. But no matter how closely she examined them, she couldn’t see the place where the seed might be. Maybe it was inside the thick flesh pillar?

‘Should I rip it out?’

Lulu tilted her head, pondering whether to remove the fleshy layer from under Ervandas, ‘The plants in the forest, the seeds are designed to pop out easily. So forcibly tearing it off didn’t seem like the right approach.’

‘Then, what should I do…….’

I want to observe his bottom more closely. With that thought in mind, Lulu quickly sat up.

I want to see it.

Then, shall I take a look?


“Is it almost over?”

Ervandas looked at the mountains of trash and dishes neatly arranged in the corner of the kitchen. A sigh escaped his lips involuntarily. It seemed like a crumpling little house from the outside, but how could a week of cleaning only get the living room and kitchen done?!

“Perhaps it’s fortunate after all.”

At least he had something to occupy to distract himself from the current situation. So he could keep going and survive.

After coveting Lulu’s body and ejaculating beneath her, Ervandas lived half-conscious.

Since childhood, he had lived a life close to austere, and as he grew older, he became even more self-disciplined in all his actions. For Ervandas, the greatest pleasure in a week of training was the chicken dish on Sunday evenings.

The temple primarily adhered to a vegetarian diet, so the meat served weekly for the knights’ health gave them a taste of heaven. Salty, spicy, and sweet seasonings on the crispy skin. Furthermore, it had savory oil and tender flesh.

He had believed that there would be no greater pleasure than eating it. However, there was. And it was something he had spent his life avoiding.


He looked down in surprise at the sudden, heavy sensation below. His penis, without asking its owner’s will, silently rose on its own.

‘Am I really going crazy?’

He wondered why rationality still remained when it was like this. He’d rather be so insane that he couldn’t even think about it.

Ervandas pressed his hand against his penis firmly. The incident that he coveted Lulu a week ago kept replaying in his mind. It was the most horrible and humiliating day of his life, and he couldn’t understand why he kept thinking about it.

No, in fact, he had known it all along. And that was even more tormenting to him. He regretted that day.

It wasn’t regretting grabbing the female body and crudely thrusting his erect penis. It was regretting not being able to push his own into the soft crevice between the slick flesh.


A sigh of despair escaped once again.

“This must be… a curse…”

Otherwise, I can’t have this kind of untried craving.

‘I must break the curse.’

To escape and regain his previously clear mind, Ervandas imagined himself fleeing from this place and returning to the palace. There, he envisioned many women who still desired to possess him.

Noblewomen were more beautiful and refined than this forest witch. If he were to thrust his penis into them and succumb to desire, just as he had done to Lulu…


It should have been normal to feel aroused at the thought of a woman’s body. But as countless women appeared and vanished in his imagination, it was quiet down there.

‘How did this happen?’

For the past week, his bottom had been constantly rising without trying. So it should have swelled to the point of bursting at the thought of women in the palace. However, his member remained still, like frozen water.

“Is the curse broken?”

He recalled hearing an explanation about magic when he was in the temple. Curses were also a form of magic. And magic was not eternal.

The power eventually faded depending on the abilities and type of the spellcaster. Therefore, the curse afflicting him was also destined to disappear someday.

That day is now!

Ervandus tried to rise from his seat in an attempt to escape. But at that moment, someone seemed to grab his shoulder and press him down onto the chair.

‘It hasn’t been lifted.’

Then, only the curse of carnal desire has been lifted?

‘I’d be happy if it was.’

Ervandas breathed a sigh of relief as he gazed at the bottom. Suddenly, a memory from a week ago flashed through his mind.

Wet red hair. Red eyes stared straight at him. Slightly parted red lips. Amidst the vividly blooming colors, it was Lulu, entwined with him.


His penis lifted its head fiercely as if the previous calmness had all been a lie.

In his momentum, Ervandas forgot about his recent mistake and slammed his fist into it.


It was already a sensitive spot, but as he slammed with all his might, it couldn’t remain unharmed. In an instant, stars flashed before his eyes, accompanied by terrible pain. Ervandas hunched over, swallowing his agony.

But even in the midst of this terrible pain, the image of Lulu in his mind’s eyes was still there. That fact made him feel even more frustrated. How could he not erase that image, even in such a wretched situation?

“I would have been able to forget if it had happened just once.”

Ever since his disgraceful ejaculation by the stream, Lulu had coveted his body every night. More precisely, she’d fallen asleep in his arms every night. Last night was no exception.

After a long day of work and a shower, Ervandas finally closed his eyes on the cleaned floor. But soon, he heard her footsteps approaching slowly from the direction of Lulu’s room. Lulu must have thought she was careful and muffled the sound, but the creaking of the old wooden floor couldn’t be silenced. As a result, Ervandus easily detected her approach.

Suspecting she might do outrageous acts at such an ungodly hour, Ervandas pretended to be asleep and remained still. Then, Lulu stepped closer and lightly poked him to be sure he was asleep. She lifted his arms and slipped into his embrace.


Lulu’s body fit snugly into his embrace as if she was meant to be there from the beginning. While Lulu seemed to enjoy herself, Ervandus was tense down to the last strand of his hair, waiting for her next move.

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