The Seed Thief Vol. 1 Chapter 4.2

Author: Gumi

But that was it. Lulu, who had draped Ervandas’s arm over her shoulder like a blanket, soon let out a steady breath.

‘Are you sleeping?’

His body, which had been tense to the extreme, relaxed. He glanced at Lulu, wondering if she was pretending to sleep. But she was deeply asleep, even snoring softly.

He considered pushing her out of his arms but quickly dismissed the thought.

‘If she’s just sleeping without doing anything else, that’s better…….’

If he woke her up, she might do more than this. It was better to let her sleep peacefully and pass the time.

As Ervandas remained still, Lulu wriggled slightly, turned her body toward him, and hugged him, settling into a more comfortable sleeping position.

Ervandas gazed down at the red ball sleeping in his embrace with a complicated expression.

It seemed that the word ‘dirty’ had troubled her, as she diligently took a bath every day since. As a result, the small soap gradually diminished.

The soap was old, with little fragrance remaining. But when Lulu embraced him like this, a faint floral scent briefly lingered at the tip of his nose before fading.

Following the floral scent, there was a fragrance that dulled the senses a little more. At first, he thought it was the scent coming from the soap. Smelling it for the first time, he thought it was a pleasant smell, but soon realized the scent grew stronger whenever Lulu moved her body.

Initially, Ervandas casually sniffed the ends of Lulu’s hair, but the scent he sought wasn’t there. Then where was it coming from? Carefully moving his body to avoid waking Lulu, he realized the smell became even more pronounced around her neck and chest.

What he thought was the scent of soap turned out to be Lulu’s body odor. The moment Ervandas realized this fact, he felt disheartened. If he wanted to smell it more, he would have to bury his face in her chest. Just like he did that day.

As the thought crossed his mind, a weightiness settled below. Ervandas swallowed a groan and leaned his back against the wall. Perhaps feeling the chill as their bodies separated, Lulu once again pressed herself against him.

No matter how many times he moved his body, Lulu pursued him persistently. Ervandas eventually gave up and surrendered his body to Lulu. At that moment, the frown on Lulu’s face loosened, replaced by a faint smile.


At that smile, Ervandas unknowingly let out a laugh. But then realizing he had laughed while looking at Lulu, he hastily erased the smile that had formed on my lips.

‘But still…’

Though he knew it was a false image, her sleeping face was rather adorable. From her small, round, white forehead to her lashes that were fuller and longer than any doll’s, and even her plump red lips.


He groaned as he realized what a stupid idea he’d been thinking. He had a suspicion that this witch’s curse was the kind of magic that grew stronger over time.

But even if that were true, there was nothing he could do. All he could do was bask in her sweet scent and warm body, hiding his beastly desires.

Lulu continued to seek for Ervandas’s arms the next day and the day after. Ervandas willingly extended his arms from the start, as if letting her do as she pleased.

After a week, falling asleep together became a natural occurrence for both of them. Lulu nestled into his arms as if it had always been her place, and Ervandas extended his arm as if it belonged to her.

‘What the hell.’

Why has it become so natural?

Ervandas’s face contorted as he recalled the past week. It was strange. Something was definitely wrong, and it seemed to be going wrong on a whole other level.

On the first day, he prayed desperately, seeking to cleanse his tainted body and mind. But now, he no longer sought God beyond the habitual morning and evening prayers.

There was, of course, a reason. His days were consumed by frantic cleaning, leaving no time for anything else.

The house was dirty, and disgusting so. God had instructed him to cleanse not only his body and mind but also his surroundings. A clean environment fosters a healthy body, and a healthy body nurtures a healthy mind.

‘Because this place is tainted, my mind has also become contaminated.’

So, he believed that diligently cleaning was the first step in establishing a righteous heart and strengthening himself. However, no matter how clean he made the house, his mind kept wandering back to Lulu.

“Is this how corruption takes hold?”

Sweat dripped down his face. ‘What if I thoroughly cleaned the house and diligently prayed, yet become even more familiar with the witch? What if I committed another reckless act like by the stream and awakened even greater desires?…’

Suddenly, a surge of blood rushing downward startled Ervandas. He tightly gripped the mop handle.

‘Let’s just finish cleaning.’

Indeed, there was nothing better than cleaning to erase distracting thoughts.

There was another reason for cleaning diligently. As Ervandas organized Lulu’s living room, he could examine the books and objects that filled the house.

Despite his limited knowledge of magic, he could tell that the books within the house were not typical spellbooks. Furthermore, he discovered that some items he initially dismissed as mere junk held considerable value as magical artifacts.

‘Indeed, the witch’s abilities are remarkable.’

To the extent that she must be confined if we cannot become allies. The problem was that, even with the power of the palace mages, it would be impossible to restrain Lulu.

‘I must find her weaknesses while I’m trapped here.’

Ervandas was about to conclude his thoughts as the pain gradually faded.

“Er, what are you doing?”

Startled, Ervandas looked up at the sudden voice. Lulu, who appeared out of nowhere, was sitting in front of him, staring intently.

“I’m taking a brief rest. But what’s the matter? Since I’ve just finished cleaning up, please refrain from entering. It might become messy again.”

Seeing the meticulous use of honorific language, it was evident that the curse was still effective. However, there was a change. When he was first cursed, all he could do was show eyes full of hostility, but now he could utter unpleasant words quite well. It was clear that the magic was weakening.

“I don’t have any business in the kitchen. I’m here for Er, but…… Does it hurt there?”

Resting her chin on both hands, Lulu looked at Ervandas and pointed below him with her finger.

Lulu was sincerely concerned.

‘He mustn’t get hurt.’

The seeds must be in there, so she would be sad if they were injured or became unattainable. Of course, she could send Er back and get another human man, but it would be bothersome, and above all, Lulu now really wanted to obtain his seed.

“Did you get hurt badly? Are you alright?”

“No, I’m not hurt… What, what are you doing!”

“What am I doing? Just checking if you’re hurt.”

“Please, remove your hand!”

Ervandas, unable to resist, once again felt like fainting at Lulu’s hand as she confidently explored his private area.

“Huh? It’s getting bigger again.”

Ignoring Ervandas’ cries, Lulu playfully stroked his penis with her hands, moving up and down in a teasing motion.

‘It seems perfectly fine.’

His member quickly swelled up, just like before. No, it seemed to grow even faster than last time. Finding his reaction amusing, Lulu exerted a slight pressure.


Ervandas shuddered, gripping the armrest of the chair.

‘It was the same last time.’

When Lulu pulled Ervandas’ head toward her at the stream and rubbed their bodies against each other, Ervandas wore a similar expression to now. His eyes, once filled with hostility, became cloudy, and his face turned red. Every muscle in his body tensed up and hardened. As he exhaled irregular breaths, Lulu somehow felt a heat rising at the nape of her neck.

“Er, stay still.”

Lulu commanded him again. Upon her command, blue veins appeared on the back of his hand gripping the armrest of the chair.

“P-Please… don’t do this. Please…”

Ervandas spoke in a pained voice.

Lulu’s face froze upon hearing his voice. What was wrong? Was he really in pain? If so, that was a big deal. Without hesitation, Lulu pulled down his pants.

“I told you not to do it! What kind of absurdity are you trying now?”

However, unlike before, Ervandas was not passively submitting. He desperately shook his body, resisting Lulu’s attempt to pull down his bottoms.

“Stay still! I said stay still!”

As he struggled furiously against the immobilization, Lulu ordered again. Before he could protest, she yanked his pants down.


In that moment, a pure exclamation escaped. Despite Lulu only pulling it down a little, his member sprung up as if unable to bear it, revealing itself.

She grabbed his knees and spread them apart, sitting between them.

“Seeing it like this, it’s really big.”


Ervandas could not reply. His soul was already half-dead with shame.

Ever since he’d stayed in this house, he’d told himself numerous times.  It was clear that the witch would continue to ravish his body here. So, he had prepared himself mentally for such circumstances, promising to handle it confidently when the time came.

Yet, all of his resolutions vanished without a trace at the mere touch of Lulu’s hand.

As Ervandas’s mind was once again becoming tattered, Lulu grabbed the trembling pillar before her with both hands, it stiffened even more.

Holding onto the pillar that continued to rise, Lulu examined it.


Where could the seed be? No, before that, what does it even look like?

Lulu slowly lowered her hand holding the pillar down. It looked slightly rough and less pretty due to the protruding veins, but it was not ugly.

“It doesn’t look hurt.”

But why was Ervandas crouching over it? Anyway, there were no scratches or cut wounds, and it moved vigorously. Lulu moved her small hand up and down the pillar, as if delighted.

“Ah, haa…!”

Ervandas suddenly jerked his upper body. His protruding nipples twitched and the tendons in his neck became prominent. The muscles in his shoulders and chest tightened as if eagerly anticipating what happened below.

“I didn’t grip it hard!”

Fearing she had grabbed Ervandas’s penis too forcefully, Lulu quickly let go. As she did, Ervandas lowered his head, and exhaled heavily, looking at Lulu with resentful eyes.


Seeing that gaze, Lulu swallowed dryly. She didn’t come here seeking Ervandas’s resentment, but to look for the seed. Although she knew he wouldn’t approve, she thought that if she gently explored, he might understand. However, as she observed his gaze upon her, something crossed her mind.

Long ago, Lulu had encountered a little wolf separated from its mother. Since it wasn’t a common sight, Lulu had offered a leg of the pigeon she had caught for herself to the wolf cub. The starving wolf greedily devoured it, leaving no flesh on the bone, and then looked at Lulu. His eyes were pleading for more.

Now, Ervandas’s eyes mirrored that same gaze—the gaze of fervent desire.

‘Can I do more?’

Lulu hesitated for a moment, then realized that Er was no longer rebelling. Of course, it was because she had ordered him to. But if he truly despised it, he would have at least protested with his free mouth.

Instead of screaming, Ervandas was silently staring at Lulu while exhaling rough breaths. Just like when she had embraced him at the stream, her chest tingled, and her face flushed warm as if she had caught a cold. Consequently, Lulu unconsciously avoided his gaze and fell silent.

Her heart pounded rapidly and her fingertips grew numb. The strange feeling she’d had since the first time she saw him when she thought he was incredibly beautiful and wanted to bring him home with her, hadn’t gone away. Instead, it only grew stronger every time she looked at him.

Lulu reached for him again. Before she knew it, the tip of his penis was wet with clear fluid. At first, she thought Er had peed, but then she realized it was something else. Even if he had, so what?

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