The Seed Thief Vol. 1 Chapter 4.8

Author: Gumi

But, has it…been growing?

Looking at the size of his penis hesitantly, Lulu shook her head and pushed Er’s waist to the side with her hand. His body once again lay in a position facing the sky. He was always neat and proper in every aspect. Yet, his lower region seemed strangely different, even to Lulu, who didn’t know much about it.

His sleeping face was serene, but the member trembling and twitching underneath seemed like the raised head of a venomous snake. Lulu swallowed dryly with nervousness.

Bare in the moonlit, his thing still looked impressive and beautiful, even in the darkness. However…

‘It grew this much?’

It seemed much bigger when washing his body by the stream and compared to the size she had glimpsed on his pants earlier. Lulu thought of the mushrooms popping up in the forest after rainfall. In just a short while, the small mushrooms had sprouted noticeably.

Somehow, they looked similar.

Lost in her thoughts for a moment, Lulu cautiously reached out and carefully grasped the erect pillar with both hands.


The lying Ervandas trembled, yet he still didn’t open his eyes. Now, Lulu had no more hesitation.

Quickly. Firmly.

With only those two words in her mind, Lulu moved her hand. The thick and long shaft was smooth, warm, and hard. Lulu shuddered at the unfamiliar sensation, but she never let go.

How long had she moved her hands? Clear fluid oozed from the tip of his penis. Seeing that, Lulu murmured.

“Did you cum?”


As if in response to those words, Ervandas’ body jerked violently. Lulu examined his wet penis. At first, she thought he had spat out the human seed, but unlike the village man’s turbidity, his was still clear in color.

‘I guess I need to do more.’

Lulu tightened her grip on the shaft and moved her hand even faster. It was so large that she couldn’t grasp it with one hand. Only by using both hands could she properly rub from the tip to the base.

Her hands were clumsy at first, slipping and missing, but after a few tries, she got the hang of it and moved smoothly. Squelch, squelch, squelch. Her slender, elongated fingers gripped the dripping pillar and released it. Then, she wrapped her hand around the tip and slowly glided downward.

As she touched and explored, Lulu could tell which parts of his shaft made Er tremble and emit moans. Her fingers grazed and teased the particularly sensitive areas, causing him to squirm.

His penis twitched and quivered again and again in Lulu’s hand.


After a while, Lulu felt her hand stiffen.

‘Why isn’t he cumming?’

The village men had shaken it a few times and released his seed. However, no matter how much Lulu held and shook Ervandas’, he wouldn’t spit out his seed. Lulu, who had been tormenting him for a while, felt her hand starting to ache.

And there was something that made Lulu even more anxious. Ervandas’ sleeping face had turned as red as an autumn apple. Moreover, his body flinched and moaned more often.

It was only a matter of time before he woke up.

Lulu tried to finish quickly as soon as possible. After all, this was stealing!

‘He has finished cleaning my room already.’

She had thought it would take him a long time because it was the most chaotic place in the house. But Ervandas, seeming eager to finish, neatly organized Lulu’s room within two days.

Now, there was nothing left to clean in this house, and the spell was almost unraveling. Lulu instinctively felt that today was her last given opportunity.

So, she had to steal the seed today…

Then, she recalled what the village man had said. The words she had half-heartedly overheard as she rushed to go see Er.

“If you use your mouth, it will be faster…”

He definitely had said that. Lulu tightly griped Ervandas’ with both hands.

‘Let’s give it a try.’

She would never be able to do it with the village man. It was small, ugly, and dirty, something she couldn’t bear to look at, let alone put in her mouth. But if it was Er’s, she felt she could do as much as she pleased.

Lulu’s heart pounded even louder as she resolved to use her mouth. Loud enough to fear it might wake Er up.

‘It’s probably a bad thing to do.’


Lulu wanted Er’s seed.

Her red lips slightly parted, moving forward. As her white teeth seemed to come into contact with the wriggling tip, her plump red lips gently enveloped the head.

A strange taste lingered. It was both sour and salty. And as Lulu wrapped her tongue around his shaft to swallow it even deeper…

“What are you doing?!”

Ervandas, whom she thought was asleep, suddenly jolted up and immediately pushed Lulu’s head away.

The small body, unprepared for his sudden rise, was pushed to the ground by a rough hand.

‘I got caught!’

Lulu couldn’t manage to stand up due to being caught, more than the impact of collapsing on the floor.

Oh, no. I got caught. How?

Wasn’t he bound with magic?

As Lulu remained crouched in her confusion, Ervandas hastily pulled up his pants and swiftly grabbed Lulu, lifting her.

“I’m sorry. But why in the world were you… below… Oh, no, why were you… in your mouth… Did you use magic on me? I felt like something was binding my body… No, that’s not important right now…”

Seemingly as flustered as Lulu, Ervandas stammered his words, repeatedly running his hand through his hair or wiping his face, not looking properly at Lulu.

Tears welled up in Lulu’s eyes as she looked at him.

“I’m sorry…”

“For what…”

“For trying to steal the seed without Er’s knowledge…….”

Soon, bead-like tears rolled down her cheeks, and fell onto the blanket. She had to speak honestly and apologize for how things turned out, so Lulu said it all.

“Because I like Er… I wanted to create a Homunculus that resembled Er. That’s why I need the human seed that Er possesses… But I won’t do it anymore. I won’t steal it.”


Ervandas, holding his thing, quietly listened to Lulu’s tearful confession. Seeing his silence, Lulu felt even more heartbroken and continued to shed tears.

‘He doesn’t believe me.’

She didn’t want to do anything Er disliked. He probably suspected that she was still after the seed. If so, she needed to dispel those doubts once and for all.

“Instead of Er… I’ll take the village man’s seed!”

In that instant, Ervandas grasped Lulu’s arms tightly.

“What did you say?”

“I’m serious. Now I know what is the human seed and how to extract it.”

“You didn’t know!”

“I was taught.”

“Taught? By whom? Who taught you such a thing!”

Caught off guard by Ervandas’ unexpected rage, Lulu stuttered.

“W-Well, the man from the village told me.”

At that moment, Ervandas’ eyes narrowed, gleaming with a deep blue hue. His eyes, which always sparkled in the dark, now shone more vividly than ever but with a frighteningly cold glow.

Taken aback by this ominous sight, Lulu continued her explanation in a trembling voice.

“I-I’m just going to take that person’s seed…”

“So, are you saying that if I don’t give it to you, you’ll go to someone else?”

It was strange. Ervandas’ voice seemed to exude the icy coldness of winter. Otherwise, how could her spine feel so cold?

Moreover, his voice somehow sounded angry.

Ervandas brought his face close to Lulu’s and spoke through gritted teeth.

“I thought you were being picky and chose, but it seems I was wrong.”

No! I diligently chose and deliberately tried to get Er’s!

But despite the desperate thoughts, Lulu couldn’t utter a word.

“I will give it to you.”


“I said I will give you mine.”

After saying that, Ervandas pushed Lulu onto the blanket. His large body climbed on top of her, covering her body. As Lulu struggled to catch her breath under the weight of a huge beast, Ervandas raised his hand and caressed her cheek.

“Promise me in return.”


“To receive only my seed. If you do…”

Lowering his head, Ervandas whispered into Lulu’s stiffened ear.

“For the rest of your life, whenever you desire, I will shower you abundantly without any shortage.”

He continued whispering.

“If you want, right here, right now.”

It was a low and rough voice that Lulu had never heard before. Ervandas’s unfamiliar menace caused Lulu’s body to tremble.

Normally, she would have asked where it hurt. But the current Ervandas stared at her intently as if he could devour her at any moment.


Lulu instinctively felt the danger in his gaze and retreated. However, before she knew it, Ervandas’s hand reached out and grabbed her wrist. His thick and long fingers held her firmly but not painfully. Lulu found herself trapped in Ervandas’s arms.

His firm, muscular arm slipped between Lulu’s armpits, pulling her waist against him. Her body, already in Ervandas’s arms, pressed closer to his.

Beneath the thin fabric of their summer nightwear, their bodies, filled with tension, sensed the palpable anticipation that lingered between them.

It was a familiar summer night, the same arms she had always fallen asleep in, yet at this moment, the air carried a strange heat she’d never felt before.

“You always want me.”

Ervandas raised his hand and trailed his fingers down the curve of Lulu’s lower back.


Lulu’s body twitched at the indescribable tickling sensation.

“Just a moment ago, you were about to swallow this whole.”

Ervandas’ ‘this’ brushed against her underneath. The blunt, still-damp tip glided over the gap in the thin fabric. The moment she felt the sogginess, Lulu tried to wriggle out of his embrace. But as if anticipating that, Ervandas exerted more strength in the arms that held Lulu.

“But why are you retreating when I said I would give it to you?”

Yes, you’re right.

Lulu almost nodded to his whispered words. She couldn’t understand why she felt the urge to escape when she should be happy with being embraced and having what she desired.

Ervandas’s hand grabbed Lulu’s chin and turned her face towards him as she kept avoiding his gaze. The act was not harsh, but she could feel the sternness that conveyed an unmistakable message: no other actions would be permitted.

His blue eyes, which she had always thought carried a cold, serene light like a calm night, stared intently at Lulu.

‘How could I…’

Did I think those eyes were cold?

Lulu saw flickering flames beyond Ervandas’s blue eyes. A sentence from the grimoire flashed through her mind: the hottest fire is blue.

“You don’t need me?”

Still gripping her chin, Ervandas lowly asked in a soothing voice. Lulu shook her head.

Contrary to his outward smile, Ervandas’s insides were twisted with turmoil. He knew this fact better than anyone else.

Right now, he couldn’t fathom his own actions.

When he heard that she would seek the seed from someone else, it felt like someone had set fire to his mind.

Like a fire on a dry field in spring, it initially slowly tightened around his heart. But the moment he saw Lulu, who always approached him shamelessly, now trying to retreat, the flames erupted fiercely.

Lulu declared that she would no longer desire him.

It was a good thing for him. Wasn’t she the woman who had been clinging to him and delving into his embrace every night, demanding affection without shame?

If she decided to leave on her own, he should have encouraged her to do so, avoiding further sullying his body and mind. But why on earth…

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My laptop was broken because of an accident so I couldn't make any update for all of my projects. I'm very sorry and thank you for your patience!

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