The Seed Thief Vol. 1 Chapter 4.9

Author: Gumi

Ervandas’s gaze fell upon the radiant red hair and eyes that refused to hide their hue, even in the depths of the night.

It was too late.

Ervandas realized. Though everything seemed fine, this crimson hue had devoured him alive from the moment they first met.

The warmth that wasn’t unpleasant when he first opened his eyes, the moments when their bodies clung together by the riverside, the nights when he lifted his arms to welcome her into his embrace, who crouched like a small creature with a smile.

He was already devoured at every instant.

He was barely holding on In the space where the flames had engulfed him.

The form remains the same, but it is nothing like the archetype it was before the fire consumed it.

The shape remained intact, but its essence had become entirely different from its original state before being engulfed by the flames.

It would crumble into pieces at the slightest provocation.

Yet a small blow had just turned him into ashes.

A woman was clinging to him, yearning to possess a being resembling him.

A greedy, shameless woman he would have never allowed near him before. She deserved punishment for her laziness, untidiness, and blatant demands. But now, with his essence burnt to a crisp, everything about her seemed endearing.

“If you want, I’ll give it to you right now. A lot of it.”

The cunning tongue moved smoothly, gently licking Lulu’s wounded heart.

Without knowing what the one comforting her was thinking, Lulu, as always, sincerely hugged his neck and answered.


It was a short answer, but it was enough to shatter the remnants of his sanity.

With permission granted, Lulu’s body slumped onto the blanket. Before she could regain her senses, Ervandas’s body rose over hers. Feeling the weight and solidity engulfing her entire being, Lulu swallowed a dry gulp.

She felt like a small animal caught by a feral predator.

The hand held her chin and caressed her cheek, then slid urgently downward, slipping inside Lulu’s thin top.

Tickled by the movement of his palm across her stomach, Lulu squirmed to get away from him, but Ervandas’s hand effortlessly ignored her resistance, sliding upward along her body.


His hand grabbed her breast, a voluptuous line even on her lean body. His fingers, calloused from wielding a sword, lightly brushed her tense nipple.

Already throbbing with sensitivity, the stimulation made it even harder. Ervandas, as if he were a scholar discovering something new, persistently tormented the tip of her breast.

“Erv, sto…stop…”

Unsure of what to do, Lulu’s body twisted in a bewildering mix of tingling sensations with every brush of his hand.

As if to tell Ervandas to stop, her flailing hands reached out and grabbed his hand that slid under her clothes. He smirked in return and gave the hand resting on her chest even more strength.


A rough moan escaped from Lulu’s lip as he clenched the plumpness in his hand tightly. Startled, Lulu tried to pull his hand away from her chest. But her attempts only resulted in his hands slipping away.

Ervandas applied even more force with his hand. The movements of his hand beneath her clothes were outrageously lewd.

The softness and fullness filling his hand gave him unparalleled satisfaction. He could live this way for the rest of his life if you asked him to. No, he would gladly oblige.

Suddenly, the teaching of the temple flashed through his mind. The repeated admonition to abstain from the pleasures of the flesh.

At that time, he had taken it to heart without question.

But he should have given it some thought. How great could the pleasure be that the temple against so vigilantly? What may have caused people who used to live in the gods’ embrace to decide to leave the temple on their own?

Then, he could have prepared himself to embrace this overwhelming desire that consumed him.

However, he was thrown into the pleasure unprepared. It was like being thrown into the sea without knowing how to swim. The difference was that he was greedy enough to swallow the vastness that washed over him.

As he greedily touched Lulu’s body, Ervandas understood why the temple had said such things.

Every place his hand grasped softly yielded as if it clung to his touch. With just a single touch, as potent as a deadly elixir, Lulu seized his sanity and cast him into a bottomless void.


When reason was paralyzed, the instinct that had been crouching deep within awakened rapidly grew in size, whether intentional or not.

He removed his hand from Lulu’s chest.

“Ah, uh….”

Tears welled up in the corners of Lulu’s eyes as if her chest had been squeezed to the point of numbness. It hurt. But it wasn’t just pain. There was also a spark of pleasure that made the rough touch bearable.

So when Ervandas withdrew his hand, the feeling of regret outweighed the relief that it was over.

It was just fleeting. Withdrawing his hand, he snatched Lulu’s clothing by the collar and tugged them up. In a position akin to lying down and shouting “Hurrah,” her thin nightgown was instantly stripped off and flung to one side.

The impact was so strong that the fluttering cloth struck the wall with a loud thud.

Ervandas then slipped his arm beneath Lulu’s slender waist and, with a slight lift, effortlessly removed her undergarments.


Wearing clothes was one of the few basic things that Lulu knew. Of course, she didn’t mind being naked, but she knew that being undressed by someone else was a different matter.

As Lulu squirmed in surprise, Ervandas flipped her over and pressed his hands against her waist.


Her skin erupted in goosebumps at the touch of his hand. Lulu flailed her limbs, not knowing what to do. But that didn’t stop Ervandas.

Awkwardly yet swiftly, he stripped away the remaining shreds of Lulu’s clothing.


He let out a brief sound of disbelief as he removed her underwear. It was because Lulu was bare underneath her short bottoms.

Due to her squirming, her pale buttocks were exposed under the moonlight, trembling. When Ervandas caught a glimpse of the red hair between her legs, his throat tightened.

Oh, God.

Calling in his mind the existence that should not witness such a sight, he now looked down at his lower body, which was throbbing with pain. He could see his penis, so erect t that it might burst.

‘To put it there…’

Ervandas recalled the secret garden he’d seen earlier. A velvety red pubic hair covered the most intimate crack in existence. The evident fluid flowing from it moistened and glistened between her legs.

Just the thought alone made his body tremble. A thrilling sensation ran down his spine.

Without a lifetime of training in self-restraint, he would have cummed at the mere thought of it.

Fortunately, the seed he had promised to Lulu remained within him. But at this rate, it seemed inevitable that he would spill everything before giving it to her. As evidence, his underwear was already damp, soaked with the fluid that trickled down from the tip.

Ervandas wondered why the temple forbade such carnal union.

Why? Just why?

Just by touching, it felt this good. Wouldn’t it be even better to enter inside? Why forbid it, when he could then offer even deeper prayers of gratitude to the deity who had created such feelings and stimuli?

Ervandas was ablaze with belated curiosity. The instinctual question within him couldn’t be answered alone. It required enlightenment that could only be obtained in the presence of others.


He called out the name of the one he desired.

No one else. Only she, who knew neither gods nor sins, could lead him into the forbidden realm.


While Ervandas was pushing the god within him, Lulu struggled fiercely under his grasp.

He suddenly made her lie facedown and pressed down hard, immobilizing her. What did this have to do with giving the seed?

Lulu felt frustrated. It wasn’t just because he didn’t immediately give her the seed. Since the moment he grabbed her breast, the spreading sensation had stopped, and she was disappointed.

‘Just a little more.’

She wanted to feel more. Lulu moved her body, resenting his hand that had suddenly moved away. In doing so, her hardened nipple brushed against the disheveled fabric folds. Though it wasn’t as satisfying as what Ervandas had done, it somewhat relieved her disappointment.

Lulu unconsciously rubbed her breasts against the blanket. Her body, pinned beneath his hand, trembled as desire was relieved. A heated yet chilling gaze observed her movements. A voice spoke in disbelief.

“Are you trying to do it alone?”

Before she could respond, the hand on her waist dropped. Instead, she was simultaneously lifted off her stomach and turned back to face the ceiling.

But Lulu still couldn’t move. Before she knew it, Ervandas had trapped her body firmly between his legs and began to remove his clothes.

In the blink of an eye, his clothes fell to the floor, revealing a body that had been trained to its limits for a long time.


As Lulu beheld the exposed body under the moonlight, she swallowed nervously. It was Ervandas’ body, one she often saw. Wasn’t it she who eagerly approached and hugged him every time he bathed?

She had even pressed her hand against it a few times. Of course, each time, Ervandas would panic and push Lulu away, asking what she was doing.

Lulu felt a tightening sensation in her stomach at the sight of his body. Though it was nothing new to her, the perfectly sculpted muscles cast shadows in the moonlight.

Lulu unconsciously raised her hand as she observed his muscles, hardened by excitement, moving in sync with his rough breath.

Her slender fingers lightly brushed against the solid muscles, which boasted a straight and robust contour.

Normally, he would have slapped away that hand, but today, Ervandas leaned down and offered his chest to Lulu as if to invite further touch. This unusual generosity allowed Lulu to grope his body to her heart’s content. Then, her fingers found his nipple.

In the book Lulu had read, it was written that this part of a man served no purpose and was a useless organ. Was that truly the case?

‘I liked it, though.’

Recalling the tingling sensation she had felt whenever Ervandas touched her, Lulu explored his body in the same way. 


With a short sound, his body jerked violently, his muscles flexing even more clearly under the strain.

The intense reaction took Lulu by surprise. Following what he had done to her a while ago, she caressed and scratched his body, the heat intensifying with each exhale from Ervandas.

While his trained body firmly withstood her delicate frame that was less than half his size, the trembling only grew more pronounced. Then, remembering his hand that hadn’t stopped when she told him to, Lulu gripped his nipple and twisted it in frustration.


Ervandas leaned down, one arm on Lulu’s side, as if he were about to collapse. Seeing that, Lulu began doubting the accuracy of the book.

To think it claimed it was useless. It’s not true. I enjoy it so much.

Ervandas’s face was contorted with pleasure. A bead of sweat from his body dripped down onto her belly.


As he slowly moved his body, Ervandas’s languid breath lingered on Lulu’s neck. Lulu, still resting her hand on his chest, was now unsure of what to do, her eyes shifting anxiously.

“You’re a fast learner.”

Ervandas chuckled at how Lulu had imitated his actions flawlessly. In that moment, Lulu had a gut feeling that she had made a big mistake.

“Well then, I’ll teach you something else.”

Despite never having done it before, he felt confident that he could teach her well.

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