The Seed Thief Vol. 2 Chapter 4.11

Author: Gumi

Her head snapped back, and her mouth fell open. Tears welled in her eyes as the rough movements felt like stabbing.

“Er, ah, it hurts. Stop, stop…….”

The movements were so violent that she questioned if the person above her was really Er. Could it be someone else? Lulu whimpered in fear at the unfamiliarity.

“Er, please…….”

Lulu begged, tears streaming down her face. At that moment, Ervandas’ movements stopped like a lie. When he lifted his face, Lulu met his gaze.

His blue irises, filled with fiery passion, stared back at her. And within those eyes, Lulu could read his remorse toward her.

“I’m sorry.”

A sunken voice reached her ears.

“I, I… to you…”

Ervandas’s face darkened like a sinner realizing what he had done. As he tried to pull away from their deeply interlocked bodies, Lulu instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist.

At her unexpected behavior, his body collapsed and his penis, which had almost slipped out, was thrust back deeply with the fluid inside spilled out.

His cock was still swollen and monstrous, a silent warning that any further movement would undoubtedly result in releasing inside.

In his still-clouded mind, unable to think clearly, the knowledge learned in the royal palace resurfaced. If he were to pour them into Lulu now…

The image of an unfamiliar face he had once imagined flashed by. A little child that seemed to be a mixture of him and Lulu.

Should he pour them inside her?

His gaze glimmered ominously as he held Lulu close. His lower body writhed tremendously as if it had reached its limit. That’s when Lulu’s hands gently cupped his cheeks, and with tear-filled eyes, she softly spoke.

“Are you okay, Er?”


Ervandas was left speechless by Lulu’s words. Who was worrying about whom?

Of course, it was not without pain. Engulfed in brain-burning pleasure, it was not an easy task to push through the narrow gap. Still, the pleasure outweighed any discomfort.

But he shouldn’t be the only one caught up in such emotions. It seemed he had failed to serve Lulu properly.

What was she thinking right now, and how difficult it must be for her?

Holding on to all his rationality, Ervandas slowly withdrew his waist. The tightly bitten pillar was exposed, covered in lewd bodily fluids.


Ervandas trembled as he withdrew his alter ego with difficulty. At the same time, a milky semen spurted over Lulu’s belly. It was an intense climax. Evidence of their primal desire splattered across Lulu’s abdomen, creating a lascivious painting.

Beneath him, Lulu gasped for breath.

The throbbing sensation lingered on the insides, even after he had left. The hand that had held onto Ervandas’ arm groped her belly.

A milky and dense liquid. It was the human seed that she had longed for. Yet, despite having what she had desired, Lulu was not happy. It was because of Ervandas’ dark expression as he looked at her.

It wasn’t just darkness. He was filled with fear as if he had done a great wrong.


Lulu was worried by the look on Ervandas’s face. Was it as difficult for him as it was for her? But it wasn’t just the pain.

Throughout their time together, he had never touched or embraced her first. It had always been her who approached. So it felt nice now that Er had held her first.

‘It’s not like it hurt.’

Indeed, it was arduous and painful, but if that were the sole reason, she would have pushed him away, even using magic if necessary. What made it bearable was not only the joy of him initiating contact but also the subtle sensations that gradually blossomed deep within her.

When Er moved inside her, it gradually grew in size. A tingling, yet dizzying sensation, resembling pleasure. She wanted to feel it more vividly. However, before she could fully grasp it, Er withdrew, and anguish flickered across his face.

Lulu felt a bit sad. She wondered if the emotions she felt were exclusively her own.

Unable to hide her feelings, Lulu asked directly.

“Did you hate it?”

“What are you…”

“Did you hate entering me?”

Ervandas was taken aback by Lulu’s words. How could that be? It was his worry.

“It’s not like that. It’s…”

“I like it.”


Ervandas’s eyes widened at her words.

“It hurts. It’s painful and hard… But even so, being this close to Er…”

Lulu, as she always had, pulled his neck closer and whispered.

“I want more.”

The sweet words made his guilt-ridden heart feel like a lie. The God of the New World loved him and forgave him so lightly for everything he had done.

And… still wanted him.

Ervandas embraced Lulu and lifted her body, causing her to let out a short whimper.

His fingers hesitated as they touched her back, grazing the slightly exposed skin. Among the blankets inside the house, the softest ones were all washed and placed on Lulu’s bed while he used the rough ones.

He believed it was only natural since he always used the roughest fabrics in the temple. In contrast, Lulu’s skin was so delicate that it would turn red from a slight brush against a tree. So, wasn’t it obvious for her to use the softest ones?

But now, moving on the rough fabric on the floor, it was no wonder it was painful.

‘You endured it well.’

Usually, a single thorn prick on her fingertip would make her roll around in pain. Yet, despite her skin being rubbed so red, she didn’t say anything.

Ervandas stood up, still holding her in his arms, and immediately headed toward Lulu’s room. Pushing the slightly ajar door with his body, he entered and placed Lulu on the neatly arranged bed, all prepared in the morning.

Kept her firmly in his arms, of course.

“You said you wanted more.”

She looked much more relaxed now that nothing was rubbing against her back like there had been on the floor.

“I’m glad. I feel the same way.”

Lulu wanted him, and he wanted her as well. The beneath, which had seemed to die down, felt a surge of strength again.

He laid Lulu flatly on the bed and once again settled himself between her legs. Then, he grasped his stiffened penis and pressed it against her dripping wet cunt.


Perhaps due to recalling the discomfort from earlier, Lulu bit her lip and exerted strength throughout her body.

This might become even more painful.

Concerned about Lulu’s well-being, Ervandas placed his hand on her chest. Their first intercourse in the living room earlier had taught him something new.

Grabbing the soft flesh, he slowly moved his hand. Lulu’s waist quivered slightly as the circular motions stimulated her. Without stopping his hand, Ervandas planted a kiss on her forehead. And then, on her eyes, her nose, her endearing lips.

With each light kiss, the tension in her body slowly eased. Ervandas seized the opportunity.


The head, rubbing against the entrance, slid inside the slick interior. The forceful thrust made Lulu’s chest surge.


Her body, which had relaxed a bit, tensed up. Buried deep inside her, Ervandas didn’t move recklessly as before. He remained still, patiently waiting for Lulu to regulate her breath.

As she gradually grew accustomed to the pain, Ervandas began to move slightly. This time, he didn’t want to feel it alone. He wanted Lulu to also experience the overwhelming pleasure and climax.

The bed creaked in response as Ervandas started to move. It was a small bed for him but a big one for Lulu. The worn-out wooden bed, offering little space for both of them, became their whole world at this moment.

Ervandas sped up his movements, satisfied in a world filled solely with Lulu and himself.

Inside her, which he had explored once before, became even more familiar to him, faster than before. Ervandas gripped Lulu’s trembling legs, wrapped them around his waist, and thrust inside.

“Ah, ah! Hng!”

With each firm thrust, Lulu’s moans echoed. But soon, those moans began to blend with ecstatic cries.

When he drove deep and then rotated his hips, Lulu bobbed her head wildly as if signaling her limit. Ervandas scraped and prodded every corner of her insides for a long time.

Gradually, with the same rush of ejaculation as a moment ago, he swelled even more below. Lulu’s inner depths greedily tightened around the intruder as if urging him to unleash everything. Ervandas’s pulse raced in his throbbing neck.

Their breaths became one; the time had come.

Just before he could ejaculate in his hazy mind, Ervandas pulled himself out with utmost patience. As if missing the comforting warmth of her body, he pressed his body against Lulu’s and released what he had been holding in.



An intense cum ensued between their sweaty, pressed bellies. Ervandas rhythmically moved his hips while gripping Lulu’s wrists. He expelled every last drop of his semen onto Lulu’s smooth, flat stomach.

A languid sigh escaped them as they reached climax together. Ervandas slowly lifted his hips, accompanied by squelching sounds with frothy cum drenched their bellies.

Staring at the sight they had created, their eyes soon met. They soon smiled and sought each other’s lips.

Before long, the wooden bed let out another creak.

That sound persisted until daylight broke.

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