Please Kill Me Chapter 0 - Prelude

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Author: Eica

< Prelude >



Close your eyes, Dahlia, with your eyes closed like that, try to feel me

I will be your hand

I will be your eyes

Don’t think about anything

Just let yourself relax

I will wait until you warm up into me

I will save you

I will embrace you

I’ll wrap my arms around your tired body and breathe my warmth into you.

I will softly caress you

I will give you rest from your cursed life, your dreadful daily life

I will give you dreamless sleep

You just need to fall asleep in my arms and open your mouth only when you want something to eat

You don’t even have to open your eyes

You don’t have to spread your legs

It’s okay to just relax

It’s fine if you lie on your side or even if you lie face down, I can still penetrate you

When you get tired of swallowing the thing that melt sweetly in your mouth, I can also give you something heavy

But I won’t force it down your throat

Because your narrow insides are more comfortable to me




His whisper was gentle and sweet.

His movements were smooth and fluid.

Always fast and relentless, a constant repetition

Yet every moment was passionate and new.

So I did as he said.

I let go of all my strength, as if devoid of thoughts or will.

I moaned without restraint every night, no, even during the day, pouring out clear springs without ever ceasing.

When I screamed at the peak of pure pleasure, I was sure,

I was happy.

Now, Lambert, I will give it back to you.

This utter bliss.

Don’t open your eyes, Lambert, don’t open them, and just lick.

Suck a little harder.

Author's Thoughts

Hello, everyone~!!! Eica here~ Thank you for having the time to read my translations.

Despite my shortcomings in translating this, I hope everyone of you will have a good time reading this.

For any mistakes, you can comment down below, or you can ping me at discord.

You can support me on ko-fi. And please rate this on NU. Any comments of yours will be appreciated. And though I may not reply, rest assured that I am reading and anticipating each and every comment of yours.

Once again, thank you, everyone~!!! Happy reading~!!!

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