Please Kill Me Vol. 1 Chapter 2.5 - R19

Author: Eica

From that day on, we couldn’t go a single day without clinging to each other anywhere and everywhere. And eventually, we repeated the act of thrusting and being thrust into each other until we both exploded, falling into a pitiful state of ruin.

It didn’t end with lying on the bed and receiving him; we even did it with him behind me in the bathtub. I would lie down for a moment, feeling drowsy and taking a nap, only to find his thick member slipping between my buttocks, causing my body to arch and tremble like two spoons entangled together. It all felt so natural.

The boundary between night and day became blurred, and I repeated the cycle of being consumed by him multiple times a day, losing consciousness as if in a trance. He still fed me the best food. Perhaps that’s why my breasts kept growing. One day, I noticed that my breasts had become quite heavy.

On that day, I was straddling him. It was after dozens of repetitions of him thrusting from behind and penetrating from the side. At some point, Lambert embraced me and placed me on top of him. Now, whenever his hand touched me, my lower region would become wet and open up, and sitting on top of him, with his massive organ penetrating deep into the center, felt incredibly cozy.

As I moved back and forth, a different pleasure from when he had been thrusting and penetrating took over me. I was engrossed in the fun of adjusting the depth and angle while shaking up and down, and as my once firm breasts swayed, I felt a slight pang of pain.

My eyes were still covered by the lace blindfold. Naked, sitting on top of Lambert, I continued to feel the extreme pleasure within me. Moving back and forth, swaying my breasts, I kept making Lambert’s member grow even larger. Lambert reached out his arm and grabbed one of my swaying breasts.


While intense pleasure surged from below, the moment he grasped my breast, I winced and brushed away his hand. Startled, Lambert sat up. I, who had been still holding onto his member, lying on my back, let go and rested on my back.

“I’ll suck you. Your breasts seem swollen.”

As Lambert’s member slipped out from below, I felt a greater emptiness than the pain in my breasts. I desired for him to thrust and fill me again, but I held my lips and tried to wait a little longer. Sucking my breast would make my insides sticky again, and I anticipated that when he sucked, Lambert would become impatient and his member would stiffen and penetrate me eagerly.

“Ah, it hurts.”

Sucking my breasts was not something new, but I felt a somewhat dull pain. Despite starting with initial excitement, several days and weeks had passed without any bleeding occurring again.

“They’ve become darker. Bigger. Firmer. It feels like they swell more the more I suck.”

Even though I couldn’t use my eyes, I wanted to throw away the lace blindfold. Lambert, who expressed concern about my breasts, tried to gently soothe my nipples with his fingertips instead of using his tongue. My nipples became particularly sensitive, and it felt like something thick and rigid was emerging within the swollen and hardened breasts, just as Lambert described.

“Just stop teasing and penetrate me from below, Lambert.”

I wanted to forget the pain in my breasts. The swelling wasn’t limited to just my breasts. My entire lower body was already filled with anticipation for Lambert. I spread my legs wider and pulled him closer. He entered me once again. Filled with a sense of completeness, I forgot about the pain in my breasts.


* * *


It wasn’t just my breasts that had changed. All of my desires had reached a point of almost explosive hunger, both in terms of appetite and sexual appetite. I was plagued by strange cravings that made me feel like I would vomit if I didn’t eat constantly.

Lambert, who accepted me as I was, constantly brought me various foods that I desired and fed me. My sensitivity and tantrums were intensifying. My breasts became heavier and the pain was so severe that even the soft silk of my dress couldn’t bear it. Even the newly fitted dresses couldn’t handle my breasts, which were growing frighteningly large.

Unleashing my breasts from their restraints and exposing the swollen mound, I ate like an animal tormented by endless hunger. And once I finished eating, I immediately yearned to be consumed by Lambert. It was only when his erect penis penetrated me, filling me up, that I felt a fleeting sense of release from all those intense cravings and frustrations.

Then, one day, I discovered what had taken center stage in all of my transformations. It was during the moments right after I had screamed in ecstasy, feeling Lambert intensely as he kneeled behind me and thrust into me.

The intense feeling of climax, accompanied by the sensation of my stomach tensing and hardening, quickly subsided. Without realizing it, I finished my climax and hastily pulled Lambert out, who still maintained a significant volume, and crouched down.

Lambert sensed my peculiarity and wrapped his arms around my back from behind. With my belly still swollen, I felt movement coming from within.

Clearly, whatever it was, it was giving me signs of life.

Something had taken shape inside my belly, resonating with vibrations. 

From within my breasts that burdened me so heavily and made me sensitive, I could feel the milk ducts piercing me. Some of what he had poured into me countless times flowed out, dirtying the space between my legs, but some had clearly penetrated deep and settled in.

I couldn’t say anything.

It wasn’t unpleasant.

Instinctively, I was pleased by it.

Yet, instinctively, I was also afraid of it.

I knew my belly would swell as if about to burst, and that my breast would continue to grow endlessly heavy. The image of my mother, bleeding in front of me and overcoming the verge of death, flashed through my mind. I crouched down, crying and sobbing. He held me tightly. As he embraced me, it felt like he was comforting everything that was harbored within me. But still, I couldn’t say anything.



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