Please Kill Me Vol. 2 Chapter 2.4 - R19

Author: Eica

Dahlia was increasingly overwhelmed by intense emotions, hunger, and fatigue. As a result, she would sometimes take a bite of the food I had carefully prepared and then stop eating, or on some days, she would devour her plate as if licking it clean, behaving like a demanding baby to take care of. However, I found her endearing in every way.

Her breasts, clearly filled with milk, and her round, protruding belly started to appear incredibly beautiful. Her nipples grew tremendously and became thicker, often demanding that I suckle with vigor. And I would suckle with all my heart. One day, she mentioned that sucking too hard made her belly ache, so I softened my touch, gently nibbling and licking.

As soon as I started suckling, Dahlia would spread her legs wide open. Between her spread legs, as if to show how much I had made her wet with my suckling, her fluids flowed abundantly. Somehow, Dahlia’s sexual desire became even more intense, and it seemed like all her blood rushed to her intimate area. It was always moist and reddened, engorged. It was inevitable that when I saw it, my own enlarged member had to fill and satisfy it.

Dahlia requested that I make her lose consciousness by passionately and deeply pleasuring her, over and over again, as she demanded. I enthusiastically complied. For me, diving into her swollen and tightly constricted intimate area, even after doing it multiple times, never lost its appeal.

However, at some point, I hesitated a little before engaging in rough thrusts, wondering if her swollen belly, so massive that it would be hard to get down on all fours, making it difficult for her to accommodate me.

“No, I want to. It’s okay, Lambert. I want it so badly, so keep thrusting.”

Dahlia pleaded, her buttocks shaking and swollen as big as her breasts. However, I had already satisfied her in the morning, again at lunchtime, and even in the afternoon, multiple times.

“The moon is bright, Dahlia. Your body feels so hot. Let’s cool off in the night air. I’ll hold you.”

I lifted Dahlia into my arms. Holding her, carrying my baby inside her, and strolling through the garden on a moonlit night brought me immense joy.

“The night has descended. It’s all shades of indigo. Try smelling the fragrance from the Secretia Woods. It feels like the Menearis flowers, which alleviate pain during childbirth, are blooming too. I’ve decided to gather them all tomorrow. I’ll dry them in the autumn sun.”

Unknowingly, I whispered those words. Speaking of the existence of our baby with my own mouth filled my heart with a deeper sense of satisfaction and pride.

“I don’t want you to be in pain. But I can’t help but love a part of you.”

Having heard and read about the pain women go through during childbirth, I also felt fear for the suffering she would soon experience. However, instinctively, I kissed her swollen belly, which had grown so prominently. I already loved the existence inside it.

At that moment, the front of Dahlia’s dress and the area around her swollen breasts became wet and glistening. The scent of milk filled the air. I gently sucked on her nipple, still covered by the damp dress. It was moist. It felt like the baby could come out at any moment. I wanted to take Dahlia back to the house and lay her on the bed. However, Dahlia insisted on remaining in the meadow. Then, she fell sideways but spread her legs wide open.

“Lambert, my lower part is drenched too. Help me clean it up a little. Right now.”

With a body weakened compared to before, Dahlia couldn’t handle her overwhelming desire and seductively pleaded with me. Seeing her struggle to lift one leg in the air, I couldn’t resist any longer. Worried that she might lose her balance, I supported one of her legs, and in return, she wriggled and desired to devour me with her crimson, dripping vulva, as the white moonlight poured down. Unconsciously, I thrust and continued to thrust, unable to do anything but penetrate and fill her.

Ah, it feels so good.”

I, too, was nothing more than a beast at that moment. When tempted, my genitals erect immediately, relentlessly thrusting into the female’s depths, continuously and limitlessly until I ejaculated.

Dahlia moaned and twisted her body. We both particularly enjoyed the sensation of thrusting deeper from behind. With each climax, I wished I could die in that state, but at the same time, I felt grateful to Dahlia, the owner of my body, for keeping me alive.


* * *


Feeling that Dahlia could give birth to a baby at any time, I collected and dried Menearis flowers, and prepared everything necessary for the baby’s arrival. I sent away the servants and tried to bring in a midwife, but Dahlia refused.

Although I was afraid, somehow I felt that the two of us could handle it. Dahlia demanded intimacy from me until just before giving birth. As her belly swelled to a critical point, Dahlia wanted to give birth quickly.

During my childhood spent in my great Aunt’s mansion, I read the books on the shelves whenever I could. Since I had no one to talk to, omnivorous reading was my only hobby. I had also read a book about obstetrics at that time. Among its contents, it was mentioned that to facilitate the birth of a woman about to give birth, she could receive help from her husband. It was written that when a woman accepts a man’s penis during sexual intercourse, her vagina becomes the birth canal through which the baby is brought into the world. It was also written that stimulating that area and inserting semen could expedite childbirth.

Sometimes, I vigorously stimulated her to the point of nearing delivery, but I also worried that the baby might come out prematurely. However, Dahlia, who could no longer bear the size of her belly, spread her legs and pleaded to give birth quickly.

It had been a long time since stimulating Dahlia’s genitals vigorously, making her experience an orgasm, became a daily routine for her to fall into a deep sleep. So, after putting her to sleep again, the next morning I saw the first snow that painted the whole world white. My mood became surprisingly calm, but at the same time, I felt a certain excitement, and I wanted to quickly share the news with her, even though she couldn’t see it.

However, Dahlia was squatting on the bed, groaning in pain. She had bitten her lower lip so hard that it was bleeding. I let her bite the leather strap and instinctively spread her legs, providing support for her body as she exerted force, but despite our efforts, there was no sign of the baby coming out.

Suddenly, I came to my senses and placed the dried Menearis flower branches under her nose, even floating them in boiled water to fill the bedroom, but it didn’t seem to alleviate Dahlia’s pain. Instead, I wanted to feel the pain myself, but just by watching her suffering from excruciating pain as if her whole body was being torn apart, I felt as if my own body was being torn apart. However, in the end, it was Dahlia, the woman I loved, who was pouring out blood and sweat, writhing in agony, not me.

I would never ejaculate inside her again. No matter how overwhelmed by ecstasy, I would never release a single drop of semen inside her. I made that vow hundreds of times. It felt as if I was pouring out all the blood from my body due to the endless excruciating pain. Dahlia, pale and unable to scream anymore, seemed like she would simply die. I felt like I could never put her in a carriage in that state. I wondered if I should whip Gillios, the fastest horse, without mercy, and call a midwife from the neighboring village. However, I couldn’t leave Dahlia alone while she scratched my arm or grabbed my neck and exerted force, her forehead soaked in sweat and screaming, clutching my chest.

Knowing that enduring that terrible agony together was all I could do, my heart was torn apart, and it felt like my whole body was engulfed in flames. 

Now, when I no longer knew what to do and felt like I was losing my mind, at that moment, as she was pouring out blood and the size of the dark red hole was expanding vertically, wet strands of hair came into view. Then, a small, bright red head of a baby suddenly popped out.

It was the birth of our daughter, Ines Elizabeth Rose.



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