My Master Doesn’t Bite People Chapter 2.2 - I'm Good at Cooking, Master (2)

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Chapter 2 Part 2

I’m Good at Cooking, Master.


When the footsteps stopped, Lucy turned around and looked at Scar. Wrapped in bandages all over her body, she looked like a mummy. In that state, she started cutting carrots and putting them into a large pot.

“I checked the food storage, but there wasn’t anything fresh, so I could only make vegetable stew. But since it’s autumn, I thought a warm broth would be nice. Next time when we have meat, I’ll make meat stew for you, Master.”

There were more than one or two things he was curious about, but Scar decided to start with the biggest question.

“… Why didn’t you leave?”

Lucy stirred the pot while responding.

“I came here to work.”

“After all that?”

Scar took another slow look at Lucy’s appearance. The way she was wrapped in bandages like a mummy was a bit over-the-top, but the fact remained that she was caught up in his magic. Lucy nodded as she tasted the stew.

“It’s fine if you cover the medical expenses. Ah! Under the premise that you won’t blow up the building again.”

“I don’t hire humans with hair color like yours.”

Scar uttered coldly. Lucy turned her head with a tilt.

“Hair color? The job posting didn’t mention such a condition…”

“I made the decision after seeing you.”

Lucy became even more confused.

“Why is it? Did an ex-lover of yours have a similar hair color to mine? Is that why you dislike seeing it…”

“Something like that.”

It was a dreadful analogy, but Scar saw no reason to explain it further to her. He rummaged through his coat pocket, intending to give Lucy a day’s wages and medical expenses to send her away. At that moment, as if she had made up her mind, Lucy shouted.

“Then… I’ll shave my head!”

Scar ended up tearing his own robe pocket wide open.

“Are you crazy?!”

“Ah…, If you give that to me, I can sew it back up. I’m good at sewing.”

“Are you out of your mind?!”

Scar had never seen a woman willing to shave her head for a job. 

How much money did she need?

Lucy put her hands down, picked up the kitchen knife, and said.

“It’s cheap when you consider that my salary includes the cost of my hair. Besides the master, there’s no one else who will see my hair… and I won’t be going out either… Since dyeing costs money and requires continuous maintenance, it’s better to shave it.”

Scar’s gaze was fixated on Lucy’s left hand. He noticed a shimmering worn-out ring.

‘A married woman shaving her head? Working here?’

Cold sweat dripped down his face from confusion and guilt. Lucy, feeling embarrassed to reveal her modest dreams to someone who owned a grand mansion, nervously twisted her hair and mumbled.

“Even if it’s small… I want to have… a home…”

Scar quickly grasped the situation.

‘She’s willing to sacrifice for a newlywed house. But if she shaves her head, she won’t be able to live as a newlywed for a few years.’

He urgently changed the subject.

“It’s not the hair, it’s the face I dislike!”

“Then I’ll cover it up.”

As if anticipating it, Lucy took out a handkerchief from her apron and tied it behind her head. A mummy maid was born.

“Why did you put on the bandages like that?!”

“I thought you might consider hiring me for the guilt of causing serious injury…”


“Come on, I’m not serious. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to cook if I’m seriously injured. Ah, it’s done.”

Lucy took out the pot from the fireplace and poured the simmering stew into a bowl. The rising steam and the faint aroma of tomatoes stimulated his appetite.

“Would you like to have it in the dining hall? Though it’s still cold there as the fire hasn’t been lit yet.”

The dining hall was located right next to the kitchen. It was a grand space adorned with a long table, exquisite paintings, and artistic carpets. However, while the space was large and spacious, it would take a considerable amount of time to warm up, and by then the stew would have cooled down. Without hesitation, Scar nodded.

“… I’ll eat here.”

Originally, the kitchen was a space reserved for the servants. Even if one were the owner, entering the kitchen was a rare occurrence, as there was a strict distinction of status. However, Scar didn’t care.

“You’re quite an unusual person, Master.”

As Lucy set up water and tableware on the table, she spoke.

“Then I’ll serve you.”

Scar stared at the mummy maid as he took a seat on the chair. Soon, a warm vegetable stew was placed in front of him.

“While you enjoy your meal, I will be organizing the food storage.”

The master and the servant couldn’t dine together. Lucy quickly turned her body towards the basement stairs. And at that moment…



A clear sound resonated in the kitchen. The body was honest. As Lucy stiffened with embarrassment, Scar sighed and spoke.

“… Give me your letter of introduction.”


It meant that he seriously considered hiring Lucy. Lucy looked down at the floor and spoke hesitantly.

“… Well, I have 15 years of experience this year… but I never had the opportunity to receive a letter of introduction because I always had to leave my previous workplaces in a hurry.”

This was definitely a significant deduction point. A maid needed to work for at least a year to receive a letter of introduction from her employer, which would guarantee their identity and work history. However, Lucy didn’t have a single one.

“Is it because you have a strange personality or lack of perseverance? I won’t consider someone like that.”

Lucy hurriedly explained.

“No! It’s not that… It’s just that… I always ended up in uncomfortable situations at my previous workplaces due to relationships between a man and a woman. As a married person, I didn’t want to get involved in such things. That’s why…”

“Should I believe that now?”

“Really! Even if it kills me, I don’t want to get involved in romantic relationships at work! If we came here to work, then we should focus on work.”

“… Hmm.”

A maid who despised relationships between a man and a woman. This was the kind of person Scar wanted, but he couldn’t determine how much of Lucy’s words he should believe.

While Scar pondered deeply, Lucy’s stomach started singing without a care. She was embarrassed, but since she couldn’t leave this place, she thought about dancing as if she were crazy. That’s when it happened.

“… You’re married, right?”

Scar asked in a low voice.

“Yes, yes!”

Lucy answered with her heart trembling. It was the only lie she had ever told.

“Do you have a sense of virtue?”

“Yes…? I have as much as an ordinary person would.”

Could it be that he was looking for a woman who didn’t exist? Lucy recalled the words of the job placement agency employee. If she could seduce the dragon, she would earn a fortune. However, Lucy didn’t want to earn money through such methods, so she anxiously waited for Scar’s reaction.

Scar nodded as if things were going well. 

“You can work here if we write a contract.”

He took out a piece of parchment from his pocket and placed it on the table.


Lucy rushed forward to Scar and carefully examined the contract he was offering. Unless there were strange conditions, she had to sign it before he changed his mind.


「Employment Contract



Is this some kind of strange contract or demand? Lucy felt puzzled but tried not to show it, biting her lip. She then signed the document with the feather pen that Scar handed her. Scar, seemingly satisfied, tucked the contract into his pocket.

“You should eat too.”

“Please call me Lucy.”

“Lu… well, anything is fine.”

Scar turned his face quickly, seeming embarrassed. After seeing the contract, Lucy noticed that Scar started to appear more guarded, like a cautious young lady.

She almost blurted out, “You’re cute,” without realizing it, but she quickly bit her lip again, preventing her true thoughts from slipping out. It wasn’t something she should say to a fussy employer. 

Lucy swiftly stood up and served herself the stew in front of the pot. Then, she cautiously sat across from Scar.

“Sit beside me, not in front.”


Sitting beside him would make it harder for Scar to see her face clearly. Lucy quickly moved to sit beside Scar. It was only then that Scar took a spoonful of stew and, after a moment, put it into his mouth.

The soup had a rich flavor, infused with the tanginess of tomatoes, and it was deliciously robust without being overly salty. The potatoes and carrots were cooked to perfection, easily breaking apart without the need for much chewing. It was a taste that could only be achieved through long and meticulous simmering.

Lucy anxiously watched Scar’s profile, wondering if the food would suit his palate. Finally, Scar spoke up.

“It’s delicious.”


“It’s really delicious.”

No further conversation was exchanged. The kitchen was filled with the sounds of stew being cooled and swallowed. Warmth enveloped the kitchen space.



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