My Master Doesn’t Bite People Chapter 3.2 - Have you gone mad, Master?

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Chapter 3 Part 2

Have you gone mad, Master?


Lucy hastily loaded a toolbox onto her favorite serving cart and started pushing the cart, running as fast as she could.

As her speed increased, she could slide one foot onto the cart and glide forward, allowing her to reach the central staircase faster than running.

Lucy grabbed only the toolbox from the cart and ran up the stairs. The sound of the tools rattling and clanging echoed through the corridor.

‘What if he’s trapped under a bookshelf? I couldn’t find a crowbar… No, first I need to assess the situation and then figure out a plan!’

She couldn’t assume the worst-case scenario just yet. As she approached closer to Scar’s bedroom, his voice was clearly heard.

“… Get lost!”

Is there someone else?! Could it be a burglar?!

Lucy took out a hammer from the toolbox and forcefully kicked the door open.

“Master… Huh?!”

The second-floor bedroom looked vastly different from the last time she saw it. Every breath she took stirred up clouds of dust, and there was a gaping hole in the ceiling, revealing the night sky. Debris had fallen and accumulated precisely where Scar’s bed used to be, forming a pile.

Lucy was overcome with despair. She hurriedly ran towards the heap of rubble and shouted.

“Master! Master! Are you alive?!”

She had just heard his voice moments ago, so there was a glimmer of hope that he might still be alive. Lucy began clearing away the smaller debris and continued to speak.

“Master, if you’re alive, please respond!”

With a rumbling sound, small brick-like debris tumbled down next to the bed. Now, only large debris remained that Lucy couldn’t move with her own strength.

Between the rubble, Scar’s right arm emerged. Lucy grabbed his hand and felt his pulse. It was still warm.

“Master, please wake up…!”

At that moment, with a thud, more debris fell from the ceiling. And then…


Ah, this familiar sensation.

A small lump of stone struck Lucy’s forehead, causing a sharp pain.

‘So, this is why they barricade accident scenes. I see, I see…’

Lucy, lamenting her own foolishness, fainted while holding Scar’s hand.


.*. *. *. *. *. *.


Lucy woke up in a sunlit mansion garden. Although it wasn’t a grand mansion, it was still a sizable estate that required around 20 employees. Lucy blinked her eyes and looked around.

‘Why am I here? Where is Master?’

Sparrows chirped in the yard, and warm sunlight poured in. Unknowingly, it was a place that made her feel like taking a nap.

‘… Ah, it’s a dream.’

Realizing that it was a dream due to the surreal and disconnected scenery, Lucy crossed the yard and entered the house. Inside the house, there was no one around.

I don’t need a house like this… A house with blue doors and roof, two rooms, a slightly spacious kitchen, and a small yard would be enough…

As Lucy was evaluating the house, she heard the sound of rattling chains coming from somewhere. It was such a clear sound that she couldn’t ignore it.

‘Are they keeping a dog chained up?’

Lucy searched the house to find the source of the sound. As she approached the stairs leading from the main hall to the basement, the sound of chains became even clearer.

With her ears perked up, as she descended into the basement, she heard the desperate screams of a frightened child.

“Stop, pl-please, don’t do it…”

Was the child being chased by a dog?

In that case, she had to rescue the child as soon as possible. Forgetting that this was a dream, Lucy ran to find the source of the sound and soon arrived at an iron door at the end of the corridor. With all her strength, Lucy kicked open the iron door.

“Are you okay?!”


She heard the desperate voice of a boy.

The sight before Lucy was completely different from what she had expected. First, instead of a dog, a thin, malnourished boy was chained to the bed. Dozens of tubes were inserted into his body, giving the impression of a patient at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, she noticed that the tubes were connected to vials containing red liquid, which was dripping steadily. They were extracting blood from him.

“W-What is all this… Are you okay?”

“You, you, how did you…?”

The child stuttered and couldn’t continue his sentence. He tried to turn his body, but there was someone sitting on top of him, preventing him from doing so.

“Who are you??”

A middle-aged man with honey-colored, disheveled hair glared at Lucy. He was atop the child, attempting to inflict new wounds on the boy’s body. Lucy shouted.

“What on earth are you doing?!”

A complex plan to rescue the child didn’t come to mind. When Lucy struck the man with all her might with a body blow, he fell to the side without any resistance. His pale and frail appearance made him resemble a hermit who only lived indoors.

‘I should be able to win.’

Before Lucy could rejoice, the man leaped off the bed and began brandishing a black knife in his hand. With a hoarse voice, he shouted.

“Get lost! You maid.”



A thin line appeared on Lucy’s arm, and red blood began to flow. The wound seemed shallow enough to provide temporary relief, but soon the injured area darkened, and the blood started to bubble and boil. It wasn’t an ordinary knife.


The tied-up boy shouted with concern in his eyes. Fading in and out of consciousness due to the pain, Lucy thought.

‘… Right, didn’t I bring a toolbox?’

As Lucy had that thought, a hammer appeared in her hand. There was no time to think twice. Lucy exerted all her remaining strength and struck the man’s hand with full force.


With a clang, the knife fell to the floor. As the man clutched his swollen hand and knelt down, the top of his head came into view.

It was a perfect opportunity. Lucy clenched her teeth and struck him on the crown of his head, a bang echoing through the small room.


The man slumped forward like a broken weather vane. Lucy briefly looked down, still holding the hammer, but he no longer moved. Whether he was dead or alive was unknown.

Huu, huu.”

Lucy threw the hammer aside and approached the child, starting to remove each tube embedded in his body. With a sound of a pook accompanying the removal of each tube, blood spurted from the child’s skin.


“Does it hurt? It’ll be over soon.”

Although Lucy said those words, she began to hesitate about whether it was safe to remove all the tubes. There were just too many tubes.

‘If I remove them all, wouldn’t it be like getting stabbed by a hedgehog?’

As Lucy imagined the child with punctured holes, her heart sank heavily, but it was an unnecessary worry. The wounds on the child, where blood had spurted, quickly healed and soon turned back into its pristine condition. It was a strange occurrence.

‘Anything is possible in dreams, huh?’

Leaving the blinking boy next to her, Lucy rummaged through the toolbox and picked up a bolt cutter. She then proceeded to cut through the iron chains that bound the child’s limbs, one by one.

Clang! Clang!

Could this be the most beautiful sound in the world? As each limb became free, the child looked at the sight as if unable to believe it. He lifted his body and blinked his eyes, carefully examining his own body. Lucy spoke.

“Are you okay?”

She took off her apron and wrapped it around the lower half of the child’s body, then gazed at him attentively. Though a bit bruised, he didn’t appear to be on the verge of immediate death. Lucy thought, patting her chest.

‘Upon closer inspection, he bears a striking resemblance to the master.’

Black hair, red eyes with a vertical slit, and a tail. It was evident that the child was a mixed dragon.

‘Is it because I haven’t seen any other men lately, except for the master?’


The man sprawled on the floor began groaning and writhing. It was clear that he was about to wake up.

“Let’s go.”

Lucy held the child in her arms and sprinted up the stairs. Being in a dream, he didn’t feel heavy at all.

“In the end, it’s an escaping dream~! Dreams like this are really not great, huh?”

She just wanted to escape from this mansion for now. The boy in her arms watched the mansion grow distant. Soon, the mansion turned into a dot and disappeared from view.



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