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Wait, maybe it’s better?


I calmly looked back at the situation I was in.


Suddenly, a huge red bird appeared in the middle of the road. In addition, this bird blocked the child who was trying to pass through the alley.




When the bird screamed a tearing horrible scream while it threatened…. 


“Kyaaaaa! Moooom!”


Soon there is a loud noise.


The crying child instinctively ran away to survive, but the bird snapped at the child’s bag.


It stopped the opponent in an instant.




But fortunately, the bird didn’t seem as hungry as I was.


The huge bird only plays by touching the child with its beak. And it didn’t show any sign of killing and eating it.


‘That’s amazing! So there are birds in such a distant galaxy! That theory was really right! It is said that many species of creatures on planets with magical powers will resemble us…!’


I caught a glimpse of their fight and was filled with excitement for a moment.




Still, I should slowly calm down.


Anyway, there’s a bird in front of me right now.


‘It’s certainly in the memory of this corpse. Yeah. I have a body that can eat birds.’


I finally met a wild animal as a target.


And I, as the most powerful wizard of the era, could kill that monster just by clearing my throat.


‘When I finish adapting the magic power on this little planet. It’s not difficult to rule.’


Then, the only question left is how long it will be until I can use magic again…




That was the moment.


As I focused my gaze on the huge bird’s wings as it chased the fleeing child, a strange shimmer was seen near its feathers.


And that wasn’t all.


At the same time, from under my feet…


In other words, I felt something rising from the ground of this planet.




A thick cold liquid.


The feeling of going through the cells of the body one by one.




It’s magic.


I felt magic. For the first time since reincarnating, I sensed the magic power of the planet Earth.   


“Is this Earth’s magic power?” 


I screamed.


Then I immediately fell on the asphalt floor and bent my limbs like a dog. It can’t be helped. 


No, oh my. The planet Earth’s magic.




That’s a lot.


It’s really, really, really a lot!


“No, that’s why I adapted so quickly. I was wondering how many seconds it’s been since I came, and I already felt mana…!”


The magic adaptation period is the time it takes to perceive the mana of a new environment. 


But there’s no way the gap is that big on Earth.


If other planets are dipping their feet into bucket-sized magical power, this place is like a swimming pool, where people are dumped into a pool of mana!


“No way. Is this for real? Gosh, how can there be such a piece of gold land!”


I was thrilled and bent down to lick the ground.


It’s a fortune!


There’s nothing I can’t do in such a magical place!


But wait.




When I lost myself in the sweetness of magical power. I could feel the quiet gaze from afar.


“Kiik? Kiik.”




When I looked at it belatedly, the child and the monster bird in front of me had stopped fighting and were staring at me.


Yeah. I deserve it.


The guy who suddenly appeared screamed and crawled on all fours on the ground.


‘I drew attention for no reason.’


Ehem. I got up awkwardly from my seat.


Originally, I was going to escape naturally. 


“A, ah…!” 


But the situation didn’t go that way.


Soon after, the child under the shadow of the monster bird opened his trembling mouth.




He shouted, looking straight at me.


And he added a few words.


“H, help me…” 


The child sounded scared, and the huge bird was rolling its eyes as it was watching him from behind.


“Help me!” 


It seems that earthlings receive such an education? If something dangerous happens, seek help from an adult passing by.


Phew, of all the people to ask for help, why do you ask this kind of alien?


“Help you?” 


“The beast… S, save me! Uncle!” 


And what if the alien hadn’t happened to be a great wizard like me?


I answered in a relaxed manner.


“Okay, let me help you.”


When the little earthling heard that, he cried and was happy.




But the expression was also brief.


I immediately pointed to the translucent plastic bag the child was holding in his hand. The thing that kid enjoyed eating earlier.


“If I catch that bird, will you give it to me in return?”




“I’m talking about that. That thing!”

If there’s something to go, there should be something to come.


When I spoke strongly, the child was dumbfounded and answered immediately.


“Ice cream? T, this is what I was eating…” 



“I, I’ll give it to you! I’ll give it to you! Please save me!”


This is kind of bad.


Until a monster bird that was snooping around made a sound. The child jumped forward in surprise.


‘Run with your back in front of predators?’


As he started running toward me, the giant bird flapped its wings and rose into the air.


The monster bird flew down towards the child at rapid speed, like an arrow being shot.


“Hey! Get out of my way!”


I immediately stepped forward as if protecting a child. The claws of the giant bird rushed right in front of my eyes, but I wasn’t afraid.




If it’s me, the 1st Wizard Chief who took over the defense of a planet, I can separate his bones and flesh with a single gesture… but the magic didn’t come out.




I was hesitant in an instant.


In contrast to the wind magic I confidently cast, it misfired…


The giant bird’s claws tore through the brick wall that stood next to it.




Yeah, this was the first roar.




The bird flew again.


Then it started circling above my head with a high-pitched cry.


While I was stepping forward, the kid in the hat quickly ran away.


In other words, this side has become a new target for the monster.


“Haha, what is it? Am I nervous because it’s a new environment? I’ve been through all these things. Haha.”


I laughed off my previous mistake.


Then I stretched out my hand again, and cast magic at the monster circling in the air.


Explosive magic, water-attribute magic, spirit magic, and curse magic.


After 10 seconds of trying different types of magic, I finally realized.


“T, the magic doesn’t work…?”




This can’t be happening? It’s not working? No way. No magic!


“Why? What happened!”


But there’s plenty of mana around me? Obviously, the magic formula was correct, but no matter what the problem was, the magic didn’t come out at all.


That means…




I have no way of defending myself right now.


And under the shadow of that gigantic (and presumably carnivorous) bird.




The worry didn’t last long.


“Help me. Please save me!” 




I screamed for help and ran like the little earthlings did.


Damn it!



“Crazy Planet! Such a trash planet that goes around the natural world!”


It’s really scary.


That giant bird was hungry after playing with a child, and it chased me with a bloody force different from before. 


Damn, how can I hunt such a big guy when I can’t even use magic? 




But the disgraceful struggle is also brief. 


I finally identified the sense of incompatibility that I felt right after reincarnation.




There was a gruesome sound of wind above.


This was the sound of a monstrous bird descending, its sharp beak capable of piercing the slender Earthlings at any moment.


When I saw that, I was terrified and increased my running speed, but…


Suddenly, a terrible pain came up from the right kneecap.




I fell down on the cement floor without warning.


Yes, this body.


‘I have a problem with my legs…’


It’s a body that shouldn’t run.


For a moment, my head cooled down.


A monster bird is flying in with the intention of piercing me, and I can’t believe I’m falling on a flat ground with nothing.


This is the end.




I closed my eyes reflexively.




At the same time, a tremendous noise hit my ears. It was mixed with the sound of a hard awl piercing through a bone.






“…Why doesn’t it hurt?”


But wait, there’s no pain.


I opened my eyes for a moment. Then there was a shocking appearance.




A monster bird hangs limp right above where my head used to be.


If I look closely… Its beak is stuck on the gray paved ground.


No matter how fast it hit the ground, there were small holes around it, like a meteorite.




I tapped the fallen bird with my foot. However, when I saw the bird without moving, my doubts soon turned into conviction.


“Did you hit your head on the ground alone?”


Is it because it’s a bird brain? (T/n : 새대가리 Means stupid or foolish.)




This monster originally flew in with the idea of piercing my upper body. At tremendous speed.


But when I tripped up suddenly in a place where there were no obstacles, did I fall straight to the empty ground? 


“Looking at the angle at which it was stuck, that’s it, right?” 


I stared dumbfounded at the bird who died of a concussion. 


A bird that flies at a dangerous angle and crashes itself into the ground?


It makes me want to hear an earth scholar explain how such a stupid creature came about.




Anyway, was it lucky that I fell?


I was relieved. As soon as I let go of my anxiety like that, the forgotten pain came back.




Drrrt. The stomach screams.


Come to think of it, this all happened while I was trying to find food.


‘It must be an edible bird, right?’


I carefully raised the bird that had fallen to the ground.


There was no particular place to hold it, so my hand naturally went to the bird’s slender neck.


‘Because it’s a species on the same planet. Clearly, the structure of amino acids…’


But at the time when I started observing the bird.


There was a sudden commotion from the corner of the alley.


Naturally, I turned my head in the direction of the sound.




“Mister Police! Quick! Quick!”


“Oh! You can’t take the lead.”


“Some Uncle got caught instead of me! You can’t be late!” 


Between the alleys of a one-room village with a complex structure.


About three people are running.


The woman with straight black hair, who was running in the front, frowned at the child’s voice.


There must have been casualties.


She was currently on her way to the scene after receiving a report.


It was an incident in which a Beginner Killer, a C-Class monster from a nearby gate, escaped outside.


‘Please, I hope I’m not late!’


Beginner Killer, a bird monster that grows wild in the sandy desert gate.


The Beginner Killer was initially classified as an E-Class monster.


The reason was that it had a soft body that could deal with the general firearms of the earth that didn’t contain magical power.


However, at some point, Beginner Killer’s rank received an explosive upgrade.


“Are you sure this is the last location?”




“You stay here because it’s dangerous.”


A Beginner Killer who caught beginner hunters off guard with a stupid face and a frail body.


He was actually a monster who could gain speed the moment he jumped over a missile.


Hunters below C-Class die instantly without even having time to see the monster fly.


“I’ll take action right away…”


But at this moment.


Hunters belonging to the association witnessed a strange scene at the place where they were dispatched.




A bad omen that killed numerous hunters and got the nickname ‘killer’.


The huge bird was drooping in the hands of a man.


“Y, you…”


A monster with a speed that is hard to catch with the eyes, let alone hold with hands…


It was caught and killed by that cold-faced man.


‘Could it be that he caught it and hit it to death?’


Hunter stopped and reflexively scanned the potholes around him.


It was after that that she met eyes with a mysterious, thin man.


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Hello, I want to inform you that I will be moving this novel to another website. So, after chapter 43, there won't be any updates of this novel on this website, but you can find the latest updates in the new website on NU page. I hope you'll continue to show your support. Thank you!

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  1. I’m like 90% sure they won’t let him eat that bird, so I hope they give him something else to eat…