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Chapter 23. I Was the Strongest Archmage, but in This World I Am a Low-Level Hunter.


Yeah, well. 


Just because I’m the Great Magician doesn’t mean I never go through failure. 


“Thank you for your cooperation. I think you can leave today.”


This cleared me of all charges.


Hunter Seonwoo Yeon saw the test results and apologized for causing trouble.


I nodded and said that it was okay.


‘Thanks to you, I’m glad I found out quickly.’


I’m really fine.


The tears will fill up and my cornea will become moist, but it’s okay anyway.




But then.


Seonwoo Yeon, who was wary of me, made an unexpected suggestion.


“Excuse me, let me take you home.”




“Low-level awakened people may feel dizzy after the test.”


I guess I was really shocked too. I can’t believe people on Earth are this concerned about me.


“Or should we go to the hospital?” 


Seonwoo Yeon takes out her car keys and asks carefully. I answered.


“Thank you for your words, but it’s okay.” 


I bowed to Seonwoo Yeon and went on my way.


Walking from the Awakening Test Center to Kim Kiryeo’s house takes about 15 minutes. First, I wanted to cool down my head while walking.


Let’s not forget. I am Alphauri’s greatest wizard.


‘I’m sure I can solve this problem someday.’


The clear sky caught my eye as I walked slowly and thought about different things. 




Soon I stopped in place again.


It was because a rat has been following me since a while ago.


“Is there anything left to do?”


When I look back, I see Seonwoo Yeon. 


The person was standing a few steps behind me with an embarrassed expression.






This was the sentence that came to mind when Seonwoo Yeon saw the test results. 


“Awakening value 14. F-Class category.” 


It couldn’t be more certain because it was measured using new, accurate devices.


Seonwoo Yeon couldn’t believe that number for a while. 


‘That Hunter’s rank is really F-Class?’


So what was the Beginner Killer incident? And why did Jung Haseong report him?  


‘I’m sure I’ve confiscated all his belongings.’


Seonwoo Yeon frowned. 


To be honest, not all of the charges have been cleared yet. What kind of era is it now?


In today’s modern society, superpowers and monsters are real, and there is a possibility that people may have used ingenious items to hide their awakened value.


But that’s just a possibility.


“I think you can leave today.”


The association’s regulations can no longer bind him.


Seonwoo Yeon had no choice but to follow the regulations and liberate Kim Kiryeo. 


However, this man leaves an unpleasant feeling even after the test is over. 


‘What is this?’


She felt this right after the examination… 


Kim Kiryeo’s attitude was a bit strange.


His conversational skills had greatly decreased for some reason, and he seemed to be standing at a distance with his hands in his pockets and staring at the wall for a while.


‘No way, is he dizzy?’


There is only one thing she can guess. 


A side effect from the test that is occasionally seen by low-level awakened people. 


If Kim Kiryeo was suffering from dizziness, Seonwoo Yeon thought that she should be responsible for it. 


He was re-examined because of her.


‘What if he falls alone on the street?’


In the end, Seonwoo Yeon made a decision in a complicated state while partly doubting Kim Kiryeo and partly being worried about him.


She decided to accompany Kim Kiryeo until he returned home safely.


“Is there anything left to do?”


Even though the person in question seemed to disagree with this.


“I’m sorry. As expected, I’m worried. I will only accompany you to the front of the building.”


Seonwoo Yeon didn’t back down.


Even when that F-Class Hunter glanced at her with his unique, eerie ‘Sambaegan’ eyes, she approached him without giving up. 


“Do as you please. Then.” 


But thankfully, there wasn’t much trouble.


Kim Kiryeo, just like when he was brought here, willingly followed Seonwoo Yeon’s words.  


He always reacts calmly and politely.


He is a man who has no weak spots. That’s why it felt even colder.


‘Is he really F-Class? I think he would have become a capable hunter if his awakening value had been a little higher.’ 


Why am I regretting this?


Seonwoo Yeon returned from her brief appreciation and focused on her work.


Right now, the most important thing is to get Hunter Kim Kiryeo safely back home. 


“Seonwoo Yeon-ssi.”


But why? 


She thought it would be quiet like this until he got home. Surprisingly, the other Hunter was the first to start the conversation. 




“Come to think of it, I have a question.”


“Please tell me.” 


“You came to my house today. How did you know I was home? It’s broad daylight on a weekday.”


This is a question she often hears. 


Seonwoo Yeon started answering without difficulty. To be precise, it was like a self-introduction.


“This is my awakening skill. The official name is [Search].”




“If you search on pixywiki, you will find more detailed information…” 


There is no Wi-Fi here, so it would be better to explain it in words.


“Simply put, it’s tracking ability. I can know where an object or person is in real time.”


B-Class Hunter. Seonwoo Yeon. 


This awakened person’s rank as a hunter was quite high, and the skills she possessed were extremely useful. 


This [Search] skill was able to find the target even if it was at the end of the Korean peninsula or even if it was hidden at the gate.


“My main job is to track criminals using search skills.”


Kim Kiryeo was silent after hearing this, and only spoke quietly a while later.


“Then when we first met…”


“Yes. I confirmed with your skills that you ran away.”


Kim Kiryeo closes his mouth again. 


‘You’re stabbing the person involved too, right?’


Seeing this reaction strengthens the assumption that he has something behind him.


He is physically capable of dealing with a Beginner Killer, flees when he sees an association employee, and even moves the seemingly hardhearted Jung Haseong himself.…


A person like this is really just an F-Class?


‘I know but I don’t really understand.’


Seonwoo Yeon felt uneasy.


Should she have doubts about him? She kept thinking about it.


But it was then. 






Kim Kiryeo suddenly stopped in place.


Thanks to this, Seonwoo Yeon also stopped walking, and when she wondered what the reason was…


‘Dog? No, if I look closely, it’s a raccoon.’


There is something at the end of Kim Kiryeo’s gaze. 


The shape of an animal lying stretched out in the middle of the road. 


That was the dead body of a wild animal.


It appeared that it had been trampled to death by something like a motorcycle or a car. 


“Ugh, what is this? Disgusting.” 


A student walking from the opposite alley saw the mutilated body, was horrified, and moved to the side.


It’s a common reaction.


Although Seonwoo Yeon felt bad for the racoon, she planned to quietly walk by, just like the other student. 


“What are you doing?”




Kim Kiryeo walked with long strides to the place where the dead body was. 


Then he bent down, picked up the animal that everyone was ignoring, and spoke softly.


“Such a precious thing is carelessly lying on the street… What a waste.”


Was it a waste?


She must have misheard when he said, ‘What a waste’, right?


Seonwoo Yeon briefly corrected him and began to stop him. 


“H, Hunter Kim Kiryeo. It looks like it has been dead for a while, but if you touch it like that, for hygiene reasons…”


The corpse that has begun to decompose is hideous and filthy.


So, they don’t touch them voluntarily; instead, they avoid them and look at them like they’re trash.


However, Kim Kiryeo held the body in his arms without any hesitation.


“All I have to do is clean it, and that’s it.” 


A voice without hesitation…


“Then I’ll just leave now.”


“Huh, yes?”


“If we turn this alley, it’s my house. We’re all here.”


Seonwoo Yeon was blank for a moment, then listened to what the other person said and belatedly nodded her head.


As he said, they had already arrived at their destination a long time ago. 


“P, please take care.”


Kim Kiryeo went into a nearby alley with the dead mammal. 


Seonwoo Yeon watched his figure move away with her eyes and thought quietly.


‘You want to take it and bury it.’ 


Someone who picks up the dead bodies of animals they see on the road without turning a blind eye.


This Kim Kiryeo’s action left a strong impression in Seonwoo Yeon’s mind.


‘So you have a warm side.’


If this B-Class hunter had the skill to read thoughts, the impression would have been quite different. 


‘What kind of jackpot is this! I like Earth like this. Biological samples are everywhere!’


Kim Kiryeo’s most confident major magic is Golem-related magic.


And in his hometown, golem materials were largely divided into two types.


One is a ‘weapon golem’ assembled from rock and metal one by one.


The rest are ‘organic golems’ that use the golem material given by God and animal corpses. 


‘When I complete the magic amplifier, let’s try magic here first.’


To put it simply, he picked up a test subject in good condition because it was abandoned.


After completing the experiment, he planned to hold a funeral for the shell according to Earth ethics. Wouldn’t that be a better ending for the raccoon lying on the lonely road? 


Perhaps the speculation that Kim Kiryeo may have a frugal personality is true. 




“Do you know the news?”


“What news?”


“I heard there was someone who broke the Magic Tower guild maze last week.”


“Oh, really? Who’s the one who passed?”


“I don’t know! That person is not famous.” 


“Even the △△△ hunter gave up and left that maze. How did that person break it? It’s crazy.” 


The modern era is an information society.


The production and distribution of information directly creates value in the form of money.


This was no exception in the Hunter industry, so they were always sensitive to the news.


New gates, new items, new skills…


However, the one with the highest value is information about human resources.


“Hey, Head of Department Kim. You got a call earlier, right? I heard that an F-Class hunter did a re-examination the other day, and there is a really good thing.” 


“Ah, yes. Users of analysis skills have appeared for the first time in a while.”


“Anyway, it’s a good thing I put people in the association.”


A small wind began to rise in a corner of Seoul.


Saving Ahn Yoonseung from an A-Class golem was a small-scale incident, and the victim remained silent after the interview, so the impact wasn’t large…


One day.


Karma for telling lies about knocking out Jung Haseong.


And the eyewitness accounts of being the first to clear the Magic Tower’s maze ended up getting mixed up. 


They say there is an F-class hunter who understands the trials of the famously vicious Magic Tower and even understands the weaknesses of high-level awakened people!


Who would have known that rumors would develop to this point?


This was the butterfly effect.


Even two days after Kim Kiryeo’s awakening re-examination. 


Awakeners have come to practice it after seeing an Internet post saying that it is convenient to do activities if they report their skills to the association.


“An F-class hunter with advanced analysis skills.”


Eventually, this small rumor which was shared only by a few people, reached the ears of one group.


Who is that organization…




Clank, clank, clank.


There was a sound like a rusty garage shutter being closed.


I tried moving my body in the dark.


However, my hands and feet were tied together with strong, thin wire ties. The harder I tried to move, the more my skin hurt.


Blood is flowing from my wrist.


The fishy smell of metal tickled my nose. But this is not the smell of blood. 


‘It looks like there’s a lot of things in the room that are identical to the chair I’m tied to. An iron chair.’


First, let me start with the conclusion.




I was kidnapped.


How did things end up like this?


I slowly thought back on what had happened before I was taken in.

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