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Chapter 26. Kidnapping (3)


But I don’t want to be in the same room as that cold S-Class…


“Kang Changho-ssi, now that I think about it, I don’t think we need to fight. I will surrender.”


I raised both hands and slowly stepped back.


On the other hand, Kang Changho followed me and made the gap smaller.




Well, even if it’s just me, he can’t believe the words of a guy who escaped once.


It’s a dangerous situation. Kang Changho acted as if he would run forward at any moment. 




And the time when Kang Changho clenched his stupidly large fist tightly.


I thought I could hear air leaking from somewhere in this room. Am I mistaken?


“Boss~ I’m here.”


No, I’m not mistaken. 


There’s a really cold wind blowing from the wall on the right.


With a poor Korean language. 


Everyone’s eyes turn as they hear it. 


A gate that hadn’t been there before was open on the wall we were looking at.


To be exact, it is a yellow-green magic passage that resembles a gate.


“Oh my. It’s exactly 12 o’clock. Because I heard that you are really strict when it comes to keeping appointments on time.”


Then, someone pops out of the magic passage.


If there’s an old man acting so friendly, he must be an enemy, right?


I froze, keeping a close watch on the suddenly appearing awakened person, but Kang Changho’s reaction was in contrast to this. 


“Aha, is this person the transporter?”


Kang Changho even dropped his fight with me and approached him warmly.


“I heard that among those who possess space movement skills, it is rare to be able to move people. Anyway, I can’t believe I got to see it directly like this.” 


The S-Class awakener, who stands at the top of the hunters, willingly bows his head and shakes hands.


What a generous treatment.


“Welcome to Korea.”


“Aah, yes.”


When Kang Changho greeted him, the space traveler hesitated and held the other person’s hand.




But I didn’t expect this would be the magician’s dying wish.


Even after seeing it for myself, I couldn’t believe what had happened in front of my eyes.




As soon as the awakened person grabbed his hand, Kang Changho grabbed the side of the magician’s head with his free hand and threw him straight into the wall…




Rumble, part of the wall collapses.


The space traveler’s head was slammed into the cement floor again by Kang Changho, as if to confirm the kill. 


It happened in about 3 seconds.


“H, heuk! You, what are you doing now…!” 


Suddenly, the floor and walls turn red, making it look like a painting by a modern artist.


As everyone was shocked, Kang Changho said while wiping his bloody hands off the transporter.


“It must have cost a lot of money and time to deal with this one bug.”


“What did you say?” 


“Because the space movement awakeners will run away if you let your guard down even a little.” 


It’s hard to grab a chance.


Then Kang Changho muttered and looked down at the awakened person he had killed before declaring to the kidnappers.


“Originally, we didn’t want to care about whether you were smuggling or illegally occupying the gate.” 


The old man’s complexion turned pale at the S-Class hunter’s words. 


“But it’s a different story when an awakened person is smuggling in my area from overseas.”


With these words, Kang Changho attacks them.




“R, run away to the gate…!” 


The members of the criminal organization were literally helpless.


Would the association have created a separate rank called S for no reason? 


Originally, this world only had hunter ranks from A to F in alphabetical order, but it is said that new levels were belatedly created due to the magicians, who started appearing one by one. 


An incredibly powerful Hunter that shouldn’t be compared to people below the A-Class level. 




That is the magician who exists at the top of the Earth’s food chain.


I nodded as I watched Kang Changho kill the kidnappers one by one.


He’s pretty good at it for a primitive wizard. As expected, let’s not be mean to Kang Changho.




But wait. 


I didn’t know because I was distracted by the bloodshed, but when I suddenly raised my head, I heard a strange sound outside.


A loud siren sound that keeps going




Kang Changho, who was half-killing the owner of this place, stops his actions and looks back.


“Did you call the police?”


Ah, that’s right. 


“I did.”


When I immediately said yes, Kang Changho made a strange expression.


Anyway, it seems clear that he doesn’t like this situation. 


Kang Changho left the unconscious boss and approached me. 


And he gave me some light words. 


“Hunter Kim Kiryeo, I’m telling you in advance, but don’t try to get me involved with this organization.”




“I just stopped them because some people were selling Korean awakeners overseas. Do you understand?”


I know because I witnessed him betray the kidnappers.


Perhaps the reason Kang Changho became a VIP was to catch them off guard and meet the transporter. 


“That’s what the police do.”


But questions still remain.


According to Kim Kiryeo’s knowledge, there was a separate profession on this planet that punished criminals.


There’s no need to step up directly, right? 


“If you knew how slow they usually are, you wouldn’t say that.”




“I’m not specifically trying to blame the police. Most of the awakened people who used to be public officials have moved to the Hunter industry, so there is nothing we can do due to the manpower shortage.” 


“I don’t know what you’re saying.”


“You don’t know?” 


Kang Changho narrows his eyes.


“Originally, they are the ones who would have taken several days just to find this place.”


After listening to him, my stomach feels cold. What did you just say?


“But this time it was too fast.”




“It looks like our Hunter Kim Kiryeo did something to it.” 


The S-Class hunter looked me up and down, then walked away with a small snort. 


“I’m quite curious as to what you’re thinking. But since it’s late, I won’t bother to ask.”


Kang Changho headed into the hallway and disappeared shortly afterwards.


I watched that scene blankly, and only came to my senses after 3 seconds.


The other person was acting so naturally that I didn’t even notice…




Come to think of it, where is that punk going now?




I thought when I heard the siren of a police car nearby.


The body of a space traveler and his head have been smashed.


An old man bleeding profusely.


As a bonus, the state of this room is that about three seriously injured people are lying unconscious.


That damn S-Class quickly ran away.


Then, of course, the situation unfolds as follows.


“Hands up! It’s the police!”


“Huh, what is this place again? It’s completely bloody!”


“From now on, if you use your awakening ability, you will be subject to heavier punishment. Do you understand?”


People who arrived soon surrounded the surrounding area.


The police take turns looking at the unconscious people and at me and shouting in surprise.


“You b*stard, what did you do to the victim you kidnapped!”


It would be nice if this simply ended with an incident like, ‘I had a hard time testifying on my own instead of Kang Changho.’


“I am the reporter.”


“Don’t move! As of now, you are in violation of the Special Act on Awakening Crimes…” 


“I am the reporter.”


The police were very firm, even if they misunderstood something. They started to arrest me roughly by putting handcuffs on my wrists.


“No, I can’t believe it.”


How can you treat a good alien like this?


Still, it’s fortunate that this criminal treatment didn’t last long.


A few minutes later, as the police led me out of the building, I saw a familiar face.


“Hunter Kim Kiryeo, why are you wearing handcuffs?”


I spoke calmly to the Earthling, who had a puzzled expression on her face.


“That’s what I’m saying. Seonwoo Yeon-ssi.” 


It seems that Ahn Yoonseung safely received my text message.




[Yoonseung-ah, I’m Kiryeo, and I’m sorry, but I’ve been kidnapped right now.

However, I had no idea where this was, so I contacted you. If you know someone like Seonwoo Yeon in the association, would you please ask them to find me?]


[I asked because I thought you would be able to contact the association because you are an A-Class.]


[(A picture of the front camera)]




About 20 minutes ago.


Late at night.


An urgent call came to Seonwoo Yeon, who was buried in bed. 




The caller is the A-Class Hunter Ahn Yoonseung. 


They met often for work and were close. 


“What did you say? Who was kidnapped… Kim Kiryeo? Did Hunter Kim Kiryeo get kidnapped?” 


But the news that Ahn Yoonseung delivered was shocking. 


An F-Class hunter was kidnapped.


No matter how chaotic the world has become due to the Gate, incidents of people being kidnapped are not common.


“Hunter Ahn Yoonseung, please calm down. I’ll get in touch with him right now.” 


Ahn Yoonseung is a polite college student. 


He will not contact her late at night unless there is a special reason, and he’s definitely not the type of person to make prank calls. 


So Seonwoo Yeon was convinced of the seriousness of the situation.


There were no more hesitations. She activated her skill as soon as she received the call.


‘The location is not far from here. With this, I can join the police even if I leave in my car.’


That’s how Seonwoo Yeon showed up. 


“Is there really a missing person in this direction?”


In a different way, Seonwoo Yeon’s contribution turned out to be a great move.


“Go straight down the path like this. I’m sure.”


The building site where Kim Kiryeo was taken was in a deep mountain valley that was hard to get to, even with radio waves, which made it hard to track him down.


It was a situation when the search almost ended without anyone finding the building.


“It’s this building! Can you see the protruding part here on the first floor? That’s the room.”


She can’t believe that this abandoned, crumbling building is still running.


It is a scene filled with anxiety.


“Please go quickly!”


Although Seonwoo Yeon was a B-Class hunter, she wasn’t a hunter suitable for combat. 


This is because the only skill that she can use is tracking magic.


So she stayed outside to avoid interfering with rescue operations…


‘Please, I hope you are safe.’


Did these prayers reach heaven?




Fortunately, the investigation team successfully rescued the abductees.


There were some small problems in the process.


“Hunter Kim Kiryeo, why are you wearing handcuffs?”


“That’s what I’m saying. Seonwoo Yeon-ssi.” 


Anyway, all she has to do is explain the whole story, and Kim Kiryeo was released from custody without difficulty. 


“Thank you for your help. But why can’t I see Yoonseung?” 


“Hunter Ahn Yoonseung is currently suppressing a dungeon break that occurred outside the city. I heard he received your text while he was on the way.” 


She thought everything had worked out well at this point.


But after a while.


A strange current began to circulate at the scene at the moment the identification of the kidnapper was revealed by a police officer.


“Wait, aren’t these guys wanted human traffickers?”


In recent years, the police have had a big headache.


This is because a new criminal organization has appeared that kidnaps awakened people and traffics them overseas.


Furthermore, they cleverly hid the identities of their leaders in order to avoid being tracked by searchers like Seonwoo Yeon.


Because neither the name nor the country are true, it’s obvious that the skill won’t work.


It’s even hard to find the gang members, and that will only lead to cutting off the tail. In the end, the investigation continued sluggishly for a while.


But this place was none other than their secret meeting place! 


‘Besides, the organization is already on the verge of destruction?’


Seonwoo Yeon was surprised by the evidence that was discovered one after another. 


With the exception of some of them who were arrested while trying to flee, all of the kidnappers in this building were either unconscious or seriously injured.


“It wasn’t me, it was that madman Kang Changho who did it.” 


Kim Kiryeo made this excuse in the beginning.


Then, when a pile of unconscious awakened people were found near the second floor, he secretly changed his statement. 


“It was because I was trying to protect myself.”


…Now that she thinks about it, this guy doesn’t have any scars. 


‘What is it?’


A gang member who was knocked down by someone.


The organization’s boss’s room was filled with blood.


The F-Class hunter who was found not at the exit, but in the room in question…


Seonwoo Yeon, who was trying to organize her thoughts, couldn’t bring herself to open her mouth.


Is it true that Kim Kiryeo was really kidnapped?


Does he really have nothing to do with any of this?


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Hello, I want to inform you that I will be moving this novel to another website. So, after chapter 43, there won't be any updates of this novel on this website, but you can find the latest updates in the new website on NU page. I hope you'll continue to show your support. Thank you!

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