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Chapter 30. Beginner Hunter



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Item Name: Twin Guardian Angels

Location of acquisition: White Maze (EX) 

Classification: Equipment

Description: A bracelet-shaped item, limited to 2 times…



The day after the illegal entry to the gate was blocked.


I laid on the blanket, idled away, and lowered the cell phone screen.


Collecting hunter information every morning has now become a part of my daily routine.


“Have the people of Earth finally finished analyzing the magic tools?”


I alternately looked at the item information posted on the site and the bracelet I was holding.


‘For some reason, it is said there has been no information so far. So that means this bracelet first appeared in that EX-Class dungeon.’


It seems that the name of this object is Twin Guardian Angels.


‘I kept it because I was worried that Jung Haseong might contact me again just in case. I guess I should give up at this point, right?’


I fiddled with a magic tool I had never used before and wore it quickly.


Then, the magic tool fit perfectly, as if it had been born with Kiryeo’s wrist from the beginning.


‘Good. This is enough insurance.’


Then here’s the problem.


Why did I finally wear the magic tools that I had been keeping like a Shinju Danji? (t/n : Shinju means the ancestral god, and Danji is the body symbolizing the ancestral god, which means the ancestral pot.)


The answer is that today was the day to carry out an experiment that was a little bit dangerous.


‘Phew, I never thought there would come a day in my life when I would feel nervous because I didn’t have a bodyguard.’


Even though I grumbled, I diligently completed my preparations. 


The atmosphere was so serious that one might have thought that I was trying to prevent a catastrophe comparable to world destruction… 


Actually, the place I arrived at was like this.


[F-Class Gate (031-F6)] 


The lowest danger. 


A den where demonic beasts gather who are so weak that ordinary humans can catch them with clubs. F-Class gate! 


I tilted my head as I looked at the sign hanging in front of the entrance.


So, the Earth’s gate is divided into the Blue Gate and the Red Gate. 


This is a Blue Gate, which is a gate that doesn’t have a boss for it. 


‘General type Ⅱ.’


Small monsters constantly reappear in the wide-open field.


When a specific number of monsters are defeated, the gate closes. 


I made sure to review the information I had learned in advance.


‘Since entering here is pretty much free, it’s perfect as a practice field.’ 


I came here today to hunt.


‘I’m finally living up to my name as a Hunter.’


A powerful method of making money has been blocked due to Seonwoo Yeon’s warning…


Now that things are like this, I want to earn a living by catching F-class monsters that match my level.




The inside of the gate we soon entered was a meadow with endless flat grass.


“There is. The monsters.” 


The scenery was as beautiful as a painting, but when I saw the creature right away, I had to swallow my dry saliva.


“Kkiiieek. Kkkieeek…” 


“Whoa, is that a cry?” 


That is the ‘broken goat’, the inhabitants of this gate. 


I think they named it that way because the snout makes a sound like a violin with a broken string.




It has a fairly gentle face, but even though it looks like that, it is a dangerous monster competing for first or second place among the F-Classes.


So it makes a lot of money.


With that thought in mind, I popped open the lid of the magic booster. Now it’s time to experiment with attack magic. 


“Hnng, kiiiek…!”




By the time the boosters flow through the esophagus, the monsters happen to look this way. 


But it was already too late. Because my magic casting speed is faster than anyone else on Earth.




I try to put my index finger forward. From the tip of the finger, a small ball of fire formed and was shot like a bullet.


It’s done. The fireball was a success!






But about two seconds later.


Eventually, the bold fireball bullet vanished into thin air after getting buried in the goat’s fur.


I was at a loss for a moment.




This is…the fireball?




“Damn it, I knew this would happen!”


The F-Class magic power is like this. 


I started running away at full speed. The goat chasing me was burning like a cigarette and was burning like a person in a bad mood. 


But fortunately, they didn’t follow me beyond the gate.






I ran out of the gate and caught my breath. Damn it. Is Kim Kiryeo’s magic power condition more serious than expected?


“Whoo, whoo.”


Moreover, this guy’s body has such trashy lung capacity that it looks like he will die if he jumps even a little.


Because of this, I couldn’t breathe for a long time.




But at the time. 


“Ooh! How long has it been?”


I stopped panting and lifted my head as a voice struck my ears.


“Hello! It’s been a while! Whoa, I see that you’re still active as a Hunter?”


Short hair, black eyes.


A simple design striped t-shirt with blue stripes.


“Do you remember? That, back when we both just got our hunter qualifications… We went to the same gate! Right?”


When I first saw this man, I didn’t know who he was, but as we talked, more and more of an afterimage came to mind.


“I’m Jaehyun, the team leader at that time.”


I don’t remember everything exactly.


But I could feel that what this man was saying was true.


“I think Hyung’s name is Kiryeo, right?”


This means that he is someone who knows Kim Kiryeo from when he was alive…? 


Instead of opening my mouth, I decided to observe the situation for a moment.




What was Kim Kiryeo’s original personality like?


“At that time, we both panicked and ran away. Hahaha! We’re just in front of an F-Class final boss!” 


Just by listening to the current conversation, it sounds like he wasn’t even a brave hero.


“Anyway, I was so nervous because it was my first attack.”


Anyway, people on this Earth talk a lot.


“But Hyung, what brought you to this gate? No way, solo play?”


Does this guy even know that the person in front of him is an alien wearing the skin of a corpse?


I watched him pitifully and barely opened my mouth.


“Yes. I’m here to hunt for a moment.”


“Ey~ you’re doing it again. Did you forget? Hyung was supposed to talk informally to me.”


Damn it, did I do that?


“Ah, sorry. I’ve been a bit forgetful these days.”


My hands are sweaty because I don’t know when or where I might make a mistake.


I felt very uncomfortable talking to him.


However, it was difficult to leave this place carelessly in this situation.


‘A person who knew the owner of this body.’


A gap in memory due to the failure of reincarnation magic. This might be an opportunity to fill that hole.


“Then I’ll say it again. Jaehyun-ah…?”




He smiles brightly as I carefully say the next word.


 “Ah, right! Anyway, it was fate that we met like this.”


But after a while.


I received an unexpected offer from this friendly hunter.


“Hyung, would you like to team up with me today?”




“It’s really hard to be alone here~ You were catching your breath in front of the gate earlier.”




“There just happens to be an empty spot on our side!”


According to Jaehyun’s following explanation, one of the hunters who was supposed to work was absent without notice.


“Do you see there? I’m working with the team, and the team leader is D-Class.”


There were about three heavily armed hunters standing where he pointed.


The person called D-Class is probably an awakened person holding that huge axe. 


He possessed the greatest magical power of all these little guys.


“How is it? If Hyung agrees, we can enter the gate right away.”


Group hunting. 


Certainly, for weak mammals, there is no tactic more effective than forming a group.


But, nevertheless.


“Sorry, I was just about to go home.”


What came out of my mouth was refusal. This is because I have already taken today’s worth of magic power boosters. 


“I can’t hunt anymore because I’ve used up all my mana.”




“You know that. For an F-Class like me, it’s over with a few skills.” 


Haa. I intentionally sighed and expressed my regret.


But at this time. Jaehyun, who had been quietly listening to me, suddenly opened his mouth. 


“It doesn’t matter to us? I wasn’t trying to find someone to hunt anyway.”




“I forgot to tell you, but the person who is absent is actually the porter.”


“The porter?”


“Yes, yes. So everyone was worried about whether they should carry backpacks and work inconveniently.” 


Jaehyun now bowed his head and made a request.


“Hyung, if it’s okay, please help me temporarily just this time. I will pay you a good daily wage. Yes?”


Well, as long as it’s only carrying their luggage… 




“Thank you!”


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to see how a typical hunter team works.


I eventually accepted his offer. What followed was a brief greeting with the team members.


And after a while and 3 hours of hunting, I evaluated this team after safely leaving the gate.


‘It’s well balanced.’


The team Jaehyun introduced was more complete than expected.


When two people with magic that makes monsters hostile grab their attention on the battlefield, the magicians in the rear end the enemy with long-distance shooting.


 ‘Simple, but comfortable and safe.’


It’s similar to seeing skilled primitives hunt mammoths.


I reflected on today’s events and adjusted my heavy backpack.


The weight of my bag made my legs shake for a moment.




But at this time, the bag I was carrying suddenly became lighter. 


“Now that the hunt is over, please give me your backpack! I’ll carry it to the check in station.” 


It was because the team’s leader, D-Class Hunter, lifted the handle of the bag. 


I glanced up at the huge man. Then the opponent laughed.


“Anyway, I survived thanks to you. No, who knew that an irresponsible porter would be absent on the same day? Right?”


“Ah, yes.” 


“Besides, I really like Hyung. I thought you would get tired quickly because you were so skinny. Phew, you’re very good at lifting his luggage.”


He patted me on the back and let out an excited voice.


“Oh, I feel like it. I already wanted to give you a lot since Jaehyun said he knew someone…” 


And right after.


The D-Class hunter took out his wallet from his pocket, carefully counted the bills in it, and gave it to me. 


One, two, three, and four of 50,000 won. How much is it all?


“It’s too much for a porter’s daily wage.” 


“As a last-minute substitute, there should be a bonus like this.” 


As I stood there in a daze, the D-Class hunter laughed out loud again and said.


“Oh, by any chance, are you free tomorrow too?”


“The time?” 


“There are still gates reserved in advance. But it’s a hassle to find a new porter now…” 


As I listened to the story, it seemed like they were having trouble because of an irresponsible porter who suddenly quit.


“I just wish I could go with Kiryeo-ssi, who is good at your job. Huh? What do you think?”


The offer is to be a porter for one more day.


First of all, they have good skills.


I finished the hunt today with a steady pace, so if I were to attack the same F-Class gate, there wouldn’t be any danger in terms of difficulty. 


“Hmm, okay.” 


Therefore, I nodded without hesitation. 


As a result of logical analysis, the work was accepted. 


I definitely didn’t agree because the pay they gave me was so high.






“Hey, are you sure?”


Kim Kiryeo took the money and left. 


After confirming that he was gone, the D-Class hunter turned his head and urged his teammate.


Then the person wearing the striped T-shirt spoke in a whisper.


“I told you it’s true. The thing on that kid’s wrist is 100% that EX-Class gate item.” 


“Are you sure about this?” 


“The bracelet information was released yesterday; do you think the imitation has already been released?” 




“Hyung-nim, as expected, let’s go with that guy next time.” 


Jaehyun’s lips suddenly turned up in a sneer.


“That punk’s legs are so bad that he can’t even run properly. It happened before, too. I guess he had to force himself for the sake of money?” 


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