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Chapter 35. Terrorism (2)


There is no need to keep any more details hidden because they have promised to work together.


Seonwoo Yeon slowly began to explain the main point of the incident. 




After leaving the restaurant.


“There are terrorists.”


These were the first words she uttered. 


“In Korea?”


“Yes, in Korea.”


The man reacts as if it were his first time hearing it.


It is natural since it has not yet been made known to the media.


“But the method is a bit special. It’s not like they’re trying to commit terrorism with a bomb or something.”


“Then with what…”




Seonwoo Yeon said solemnly while standing with her arms crossed. 


“We just recently found out about a circumstance where someone caused an artificial dungeon break.”




“In other words, what we need to catch is this Dungeon Breaker terrorist.” 


A phenomenon where unknown creatures that exist beyond the gate are released into the streets.


Why was this called Dungeon Break?


The reason lies in the characteristics of the gate.


This is because a passageway that had another world inside, known as the ‘normal gate’ or ‘blue gate,’ had time bomb-like rules. 


“Dungeon Break was artificially created…?”


Usually 7 to 10 days.


If the scale is small, 3 to 5 days.


If the Blue Gate is left unexplored for the above period of time, the entrance will be destroyed.


Boom like a supernova! The dungeon explodes and disappears as all of the monsters inside rush into the city at once.


So this was called ‘Dungeon Break’.


In addition, this phenomenon served as an opportunity for mankind to develop technology to explore the gates.  


“How is that possible?” 


But he can’t believe the person who caused this terrifying accident appears.


Seonwoo Yeon frowned at Kim Kiryeo’s question. And shook her head. 


“We don’t know either. We have to find out now.”


Anyway, since it’s a gate-related terrorist attack, we’re going to investigate the gate.


Kim Kiryeo easily understands the situation.


But there was still one small question that remained in this process.


“Wait a minute; when the dungeon break occurs, the existing gate disappears. Then there would be nothing to investigate?”


Although Seonwoo Yeon quickly answered that question.


“That’s why I said the criminals left traces.”




“The gate didn’t disappear.” 


They are surrounded by moist air.


Nevertheless, Seonwoo Yeon spit out a sentence that was drier than ever. 


“Not long ago, there was a dungeon break incident where a large number of fire-attributed monsters appeared from outside the city, and the dungeon they came from still remains.”




“That too… with the inside empty.”


This was the identity of the place that Seonwoo Yeon wanted to request an investigation into. 




Terrorists, human traffickers, and hunters of their own kind.


Actually, there aren’t any gangsters, but isn’t Korea the most dangerous neighborhood? 


‘Should I go abroad?’


I was killing time by biting my nails out of anxiety.


Today is that day.


A day to help Seonwoo Yeon with her work. 


“Hunter Kim Kiryeo? Are you here already?”


“I took a taxi.”


When the appointed time arrived, an association employee appeared just in time.


I pointed behind Seonwoo Yeon as soon as I saw her face. The blue passage that shines brightly over the police line. 


“Then shall we enter now?”


“Yes. Then, you can go in with the person in charge over there.”


“What about you, Seonwoo Yeon-ssi?” 


“I will be waiting outside the gate. You know it’s a searcher. I’m not an awakened person suitable to provide protection.” 




An investigation was conducted on a B-class gate located close to Seoul, which is the location where a lava field appears. 


A weak awakened person like Kim Kiryeo would have died if the B-class monster even touched him, but fortunately there is no danger right now. 


‘It’s really empty inside.’


That’s right, just like I heard in advance, there weren’t any monsters. 


I heard that the boss was killed by the dungeon break subjugation team, but how did the gate remain without collapsing? 


‘It wasn’t even like there was a living person inside.’


It just happens to be a good opportunity.


Since I had previously been quite interested in the Earth Gate, I decided to do my best to investigate. 


And a few hours later,.


The result of sweating profusely in the lava field. What results have I achieved?




“Did you find something?”


I went outside after completing the investigation, leaving the damp dungeon air behind.


It was then that Seonwoo Yeon, who was waiting outside, came up to me and said this as her first word. 


“I have some bad news.”


“What is it?”


“I think it will be difficult to know who the criminal is.”


After hearing this…Seonwoo Yeon began to look at me as if I were some kind of bug.


No, I really don’t know, so what should I do? 


“There are no clues left to confirm the identity, and there are no signs of manipulation in the dungeon.”


As expected, was it the root of the problem when I ordered Kalguksu and steamed dumplings last time? 


Well, if I can’t pay for food, you’re probably going to get angry. 


A coldness flowed from Seonwoo Yeon’s face. 


I tried pretending like I wasn’t scared after seeing that and continued speaking slowly.


“Instead, I found something strange.”


“What is it?”


“This gate over here.”


Tuk, tuk. 


Seonwoo Yeon’s mind quickly focuses on the blue passage in front of us as I point to it. 


“The magician…No, I mean, it looks like a passage that was forcibly opened by an awakened person? So what I want to say is, it’s a fake exit.”  




“As you know, it’s really unstable.” 


At the same time, Seonwoo Yeon’s eyes widened, but I continued speaking without paying any attention. 


“If I were to explain it all, it would be too long, so let’s summarize it briefly. That terrorist.”


Wuung. Even at this moment, the blue passage was making a strange sound and lighting up the space.


“They know how to create new entrances and exits to the dungeon.” 




“Of course, there must be a way to close the original passageway. Because even this has been changed.”


It is surprising that such manipulation is performed on the gate, which is an unknown space.


However, even though I found out this information, I couldn’t brag about it carelessly. 


“Do you mean enlarging or narrowing the passageway? Why did the criminal do that?”


“I’m not sure. No matter how I look at it, this has no connection with Dungeon Break.” 


The results of careful analysis of the gate.


I could think of a few ways to intentionally cause dungeon breaks.


So I could speak with more confidence.


The number of passages has nothing to do with dungeon breaks. 




Moreover, even if it’s like that, to annoy and irritate people with the passage…


“Seonwoo Yeon-ssi. This is not the first time a ‘strange’ dungeon break occurred, right?”


“Ah, yes.” 


Seonwoo Yeon soon explained. 


This year, there were three dungeons that suddenly exploded, even though there was a lot of time left.


So, that means there are at least three suspected criminal records. 


“They didn’t leave any evidence in the last crime, but this time they drew attention by creating an empty gate like this?” 


What is their intention? 


“Hunter Kim Kiryeo, could it be that the criminals from the first incident are not the same ones from this one?” 


There were some plausible claims, but these were just speculations.


‘Are the magicians of Earth conducting various experiments out of curiosity? It’s a very likely story. Because all magicians are that big.’




As expected, this punk’s magical power is the problem. 


If I had more mana, I could use various research methods.


For example, brainwashing all the people in this area to tell only the truth….


‘But I can’t even use the confession spell anymore, and the portable lighter is stronger than my fireball.’


Tsk, this damn body. 


The inconveniences of being reincarnated as a low-level hunter are not tolerable. 


“There is no way to know right now.”


Anyway, this is the end of the investigation.


I pointed to the gate with the police line and gave a brief warning to Seonwoo Yyeon. 


I have no idea what kind of terrorist was responsible for this, but that punk didn’t have a very strong skill anyway. 


“Ah right, Seonwoo Yeon-ssi. You must not enter this gate from now on.”




“I told you earlier. The fake passageway is unstable.”


“That means…”


“The exit probably won’t last even a day before it disappears.”


There is no one who can predict what will happen to the dungeon, which has been forcibly held on by an artificial passage that was created by someone and has lost its exit.


If I hadn’t come early, the innocent police officer might have been trapped in another world.


Seonwoo Yeon must have realized this since her face grew pale for a moment before she muttered quietly. 


“Thank you so much for your cooperation.”


Thanks to this, I was able to eat beef today.


But this was my final result.


Before long, the empty gate disappeared from the world.


“Hunter Kim Kiryeo, I’m sorry for contacting you so late. You were right. The entrance… it has disappeared.”


We lost our only clue to track down the criminal.


Moreover, as of this day, terrorist incidents have also stopped…


It was unavoidable that the following investigation would become slow.


The period of time promised to help Seonwoo Yeon with her work is two weeks. 


However, as time passed, the number of days when I didn’t even receive a call from the other person gradually increased. 




[We have to deliver some unfortunate news. The police searched the park where missing person A was last found on the 9th, but eventually…]


[This is breaking news. Another victim of the recent Eunpyeong-gu disappearance cases…]


[Police, “Establishment of a special investigation headquarters… We will do our best to search for missing people.”]


A few meaningless days have passed.


“The world is in chaos~.”


I was lazing around with nothing to do.


When was the time when I was busy walking around the field with the long-haired hunter, and why did I suddenly become like this?


That’s because there’s no place to use my appraisal skills anymore. 


After the gate disappeared, the investigation fell into thin air.


Thanks to that, I have time to fiddle with my phone.


“Everyone is talking about it these days.”


I thought idly while watching the news video on the screen.


In fact, another major incident happened in Korea at the same time that Seonwoo Yeon was chasing terrorists. 


Are there as many as seven missing citizens living in Eunpyeong-gu who are not related to each other? 


‘Didn’t they kidnap them from somewhere else?’


I thought for a moment about the possibility of being kidnapped, but the probability wasn’t high.


The victims have two things in common.


This was because their actual residence was Eunpyeong-gu and they were a non-awakened person.


‘They’re just ordinary people with no magical power, so who on earth…?’


It was at this time that I was alone and filled with questions.


-Ding♩ Tiririring♩♬


A new bell sound that has been pre-set rings in the studio. 


At the same time, the news I was watching automatically stopped.


It seems like I got a phone call.


[Seonwoo Yeon ☎]


I pressed the receive button without hesitation.


“Yes, this is Kim Kiryeo.”


What followed was an ordinary phone call.


“Yes, yes.” 


It wasn’t particularly long. Seonwoo Yeon always keeps things short when talking about her business. 


“Yes~I understand.”




After the call was over, I mumbled as I looked at my phone’s screen, which had been turned off.


“No, damn it. While I was watching the news, I briefly felt curious about the situation, but I never said I wanted to solve the case myself.” 


I have some bad news.


As the investigation into the Eunpyeong-gu disappearance case begins in earnest, Seonwoo Yeon, who has searcher skills, is said to have been urgently selected as an investigator. 


In other words, because the contract stated that I would ‘help Seonwoo Yeon with her work for two weeks,’ I became involved in this work as well. 


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