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Chapter 37. Terrorism (4)


Seonwoo Yeon lived an ordinary life. 


It was a life that couldn’t even be mentioned in the opening line of a self-introduction—growing up under a strict father and a gentle mother. 


However, Seonwoo Yeon was satisfied with her life. 


She wakes up in the morning and goes to school.


After she completes her studies, she helps her parents with their work.


Her home ran a tea garden, so she would often find herself spending time in the vast tea fields. 


Seonwoo Yeon especially loved this green tea field.


It was very pleasant to smell the distinct and comforting aroma of green tea emanating from hands that had touched young tea leaves all day long as sunset approached.


“My daughter, don’t think about your mother and do whatever you want to do.”


After being persuaded by her parents, who didn’t want their children to endure the hardships of farming, she decided to give up the idea of taking over the family business.


In her younger days, Seonwoo Yeon still liked tea. 


So, on that day too, as soon as it was weekend morning, she worked hard to help her parents.




Even now, that day from seven years ago feels vivid and alive.


The face of her mother was wrinkled but brightened up with a wide smile


A monster that bites her mother like a swift tiger and runs away.


And her father was yelling at a monster.


Her father runs into the passageway that shines so brightly that it hurts her eyes to save her mother. 


She also follows behind. 




What on earth should she do then? 


Should she have stopped her parents from taking care of the tea leaves until the weekend? 


Or maybe, if she had acted quickly before, they should all have left this field together and run away to a distant place? 




There is a deep hole in Seonwoo Yeon’s memory. 


No matter how many times she tried to remember, she couldn’t remember this moment. 


When she just closes my eyes and opens them. 


Her family and the life she loved so much are now at the gate, covered in blood, and nothing else is left…




Dungeon Shock occurred around the world.


This day was the day when Seonwoo Yeon awakened as a B-Class hunter. 


It was also a day that left behind wounds that couldn’t be washed away


Seonwoo Yeon no longer wants to see that green tea field. 


Because she didn’t like her own life anymore.




It’s terrible.


“Hic, hic.”


“Seonwoo Yeon-ssi, can you hear me?”


He thought he was alive because there was a B-Class hunter, but he never thought things would turn out this way. 


Even at this moment, Seon Woo Yeon couldn’t control her breath and was trapped in anxiety, and Kim Giryeo thought about this as he saw this. 


‘If she doesn’t calm down, we’re all dead.’ 


He can’t abandon B-Class hunters like this.


Among those present here, only Seonwoo Yeon can confront the monsters of the B-Class gate. 




Kim Kiryeo had no choice but to take action.


Let’s first resolve the pitiful lungs of that magician who’s in danger. 


“Seonwoo Yeon-ssi! Stop breathing through your mouth.”




“Exhale slowly through your nose, not your mouth. Come to your senses!”




Kim Kiryeo firmly grabbed her shoulder. And he repeatedly said this while showing his own fingers.


“Inhale until you get enough air into your lungs. Now, I’ll count 4 seconds, so do it slowly.” 


To be honest, he gave up half of his life.


If Seonwoo Yeon feels this action as a threat and counterattacks, his arm bones will be shattered in an instant…


‘I’m scared to death. I don’t want to see Kim Kiryeo’s disassembly show.’


Fortunately, the situation he was worried about didn’t happen 


Seonwoo Yeon, not knowing what to do, was just holding onto her clothes, but upon hearing Kiryeo’s counting, she quickly regained normal breathing 


“Did you calm down?”


Kim Kiryeo carefully pulled his hand away and looked at his opponent’s complexion. 


Although she was still pale, she seemed to be able to communicate now.


“If you’ve calmed down, listen to me carefully from now on. This is a B-Class gate. ” 




“But that police officer is D-Class and I am F-Class, so you are the only one who can actually catch monsters.” 


Kim Kiryeo conveyed the fact that you are the only hope.


Then Seonwoo Yeon cries and shakes her head. 


“I can’t. I can’t do that.” 


“No, why can’t you do it? You’re hunting around fine outside, like a Beginner Killer.” 


“That’s because it’s C-Class. I’ve never fought a monster of the same level…!” 


This is more serious than he thought. 


“Can’t Kiryeo-ssi just help? Yes? Please.” 


“Hunter Seonwoo Yeon, please just calm down. I’m an F-Class.” 


“Are you saying that after coming all the way here? Why are you doing this to me? Help me! Me!” 


Seonwoo Yeon raised her voice and began to get angry. 


She was angry because Kiryeo didn’t resolve the situation.


What was the reason for calling him in the first place? 


As she said before, it is common not to hire an appraiser for dangerous sites. 


However, Kim Kiryeo is suspected of faking his rank and illegally entering and exiting the higher-level gate. 


Seonwoo Yeon thought that the other person was hiding his abilities.


So she called him here to get help in an emergency. 


‘No, why doesn’t she believe I’m F-Class even after re-examining my awakening?’ 


However, Kim Kiryeo was also puzzled.


Anyway, it’s a fact that they have a low-rank awakener on this side.


So all he could do was calmly explain the situation. 


The explanation is that this gate has a very small number of monsters, and he will provide good support by her side, so she should be able to finish the attack sufficiently.




But despite this effort, her attitude didn’t change. 


“You know that too. I’m a searcher. Other than that, I don’t have any skills to use, so what can I do!”


While shouting these words, Seonwoo Yeon began silently shedding tears.


Unfortunately, she wasn’t moved by the Earth-style expression of emotion. 


Rather, she was angry. 


“Are you sure you can’t do it? If Seonwoo Yeon doesn’t come forward, everyone here will die?” 


“I can’t.” 


“No, you can.” 


“I can’t. I can’t. I can’t do it!” 


Because this Earthling is now telling a big lie.


‘If she stays this slow, I will also die.’


There are no enemies near the lakeside right now. However, if even one B-Class monster appears, it’s over for us here!


Facing the terror of death, he too found nothing visible before his eyes.


‘Why are you doing this?’


So Kiryeo gripped the opponent’s shoulders and spoke loudly, frustrated by Seonwoo Yeon’s frustrating behaviors. 


“Come to your senses, Seonwoo Yeon! You didn’t awaken as a searcher!” 




“Your true awakening type is the wind attribute. Am I wrong?” 


Then Seonwoo Yeon opened his eyes wide and stopped breathing. Yeah. Actually. 


“Where on earth can there be an awakened person as powerful as you on a planet with such a thick atmosphere!”


This person has been hiding the attribute of her birth until now. 


From deep within her bones, she was inherently a magician skilled at manipulating the air.


Kim Kiryeo knew this from the first time they met, but he didn’t feel the need to mention it until now, so he remained silent about it.


“How did you…!” 


However, Seonwoo Yeon’s next response was a surprise. 


“I am… I never lied!” 


“What did you say?” 


“I can’t use my skills. The awakening ability doesn’t appear.” 


The B-Class hunter had tears dripping down her pale face.


“Because it was the monster that created the wind, which killed my parents.” 




“When I try to use a skill, it reminds me of that time and the skill doesn’t activate at all…I can’t really use my abilities.”


Oh my.


‘There was no case like this in my hometown.’


Kiryeo froze when he heard those words.


Because of a psychological problem, magic doesn’t come out at all. It was truly a characteristic of a primitive wizard who had just discovered magical power.


Kim Kiryeo pauses for a moment in thought, then kneels down on one knee. 


And then he made eye contact with the B-Class hunter. 


“Hunter Seonwoo Yeon.” 


The informal language he had spat out of anger had already subsided. 


“As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with your body. In other words, you can use your awakening ability whenever you want.”


Seonwoo Yeon is a key player who is more important than anyone else in conquering this gate. 


He had to convince her.


“If you get your skills back, you will be able to easily kill this gate’s monster.” 




“You are the strongest hunter among the awakened people in your class. We can get out of here alive! Trust me.”


A voice without wavering. 


Nevertheless, Seonwoo Yeon couldn’t easily change her attitude because of the thoughts crossing her mind.


‘Is Kim Kiryeo a trustworthy hunter?’


Seonwoo Yeon thought the answer to this question was ‘no.’


‘If you’re not just an F-Class hunter, why are you ignoring this situation?’


It was that kind of moment.




“Kyaaak! Run!!”


Screams erupted from where the missing people had gathered. I urgently looked up and saw a monster flying from inside a dark cave. 




Damp cave. A monster with wings spread wide.


It’s the same as the accident she experienced in the past. She couldn’t move. 


“Seonwoo Yeon-ssi, run! Hey, run!” 


Kim Kiryeo, on the other hand, tried shaking Seonwoo Yeon, who had stiffened, several times before giving up. 


‘Tsk, a living person should live; Is there any other way?’


But the problem is that this gate monster has a clever behavior pattern.




Its characteristic is that it doesn’t attack strong opponents carelessly but rather hunts weak prey first.  


‘No, why are you bothering me instead of leaving that appetizing B-Class?’


A flying monster covered in ash-colored scales swoops in.


He ran away in a hurry, but the distance from the monster narrowed. 


Eventually, Kiryeo shouted his last words while being surrounded.  


“Hunter Seonwoo Yeon! Help me!” 


She was so panicked that she couldn’t hear that voice.


However, following that moment, the incident that occurred became the turning point.


Seonwoo Yeon’s consciousness, which had been deeply submerged, was roughly pulled up to sea level.




Suddenly, blood splatters in the air.


The flying-type monster pierced the man’s shoulder with its hook-like tail tip


Despite being so far away, the sound of his shoulder blade breaking felt vividly real




At this moment, Seonwoo Yeon was struck by one thought 


“Hunter Kim Kiryeo.” 


How did this happen?




No way. Was that person really just a weakling? 


Confusion immediately rushes in.


Just a moment ago, she was reflecting on the man’s actions so far and had complex doubts, but the bright red blood that burst out of Kiryeo’s body was enough to blow all of those doubts beyond her consciousness. 


Seonwoo Yeon was shocked and stood up. 


However, Kim Kiryeo was already caught in the monster’s hook and was rising high. 


“A, argh.” 


If things continue like this, that monster will grab its prey and run away.


They will go into a deep cave and brutally kill him.


Just like the deaths of those she loved. 


‘Stop it.’


Once again, the horrific scene from that day overlaps with reality. 


Seonwoo Yeon immediately ran towards the monster. 


There surged a sharp pain in her chest, as if it were exploding  


“Please, stop!”


This wasn’t just a simple pain. 


It was a reaction that occurs when concentrated mana is exposed to the atmosphere through the respiratory system. 


In other words, Seonwoo Yeon was so shocked by the situation that happened in front of her that she unconsciously cast magic. 


If she could go back to that day seven years ago, it would be the very ability she wanted to use to protect her parents. 




A wind blew from somewhere.




The flow of air eventually turned into sharp claws, cutting off the scales of the iron-clad monster like sheets of paper.


The B-Class monster is torn apart and dies a gruesome death.


But Seonwoo Yeon ran forward without even having time to check it.


Because Kim Kiryeo is falling down.

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  1. Oh my… That was brutal.
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