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2:30 p.m


It’s a drowsy time to digest lunch.


The policeman who was dispatched after receiving a drunken person report returned to the police station.


He took out a cup of cold canned coffee and yawned.




He’s going crazy because he’s so sleepy at this hour.


The policeman thought so and went back to his seat. But for some reason, it was noisy inside today.


“What’s wrong with someone who knows everything?”


“I’m sorry.”


“Huh! Is it because the country is having a hard time? Now even young people like this are eating without paying.”


The policeman glances at them.


After hearing the story, it seems like the young man who was caught ate a bowl of soup at a restaurant without paying for it.


Seeing that he dyed his hair yellow, he doesn’t know if he is a so-called juvenile delinquent.


The policeman looked at the person who had been caught, recalling his prejudiced thoughts.


But somehow. Looking at this closely, he looks pretty familiar.


“H, huh?”




“You’re that person from earlier!”


He put down the coffee in his hand and strode along.


How can there be such a coincidence?


“Aren’t you Hunter-nim?”


The Hunter who caught the Beginner Killer is being investigated for eating without paying!


The police officer smiled and greeted him warmly.




“Don’t do that next time~”


“I really forgot. I have money at home. I have 8,000 won in my piggy bank…”


“Since it’s your first offense, I’ll just give you a warning and release you.”


“I’ll make sure to deliver the money to the store later!”


I swept away my surprised heart.


In my view, I could see the interior of the rough police station.




Did I take life in outer space too lightly?


I didn’t expect to be taken away within hours of coming to Earth.


Fortunately, this kind earthling solved all the problems in no time.


“Can I go back now?”


“Yes, but before you go…”


After completing the document, the policeman said this.


“Your name is Kim Kiryeo, right?”




‘Looking at what you just said during the investigation, it seems that you are not a registered Hunter, so how did you defeat the Witch Beast earlier?”


So, what association are you talking about?


I have nothing to answer. So I kept my silence, and the policeman who saw this opened his mouth with a face saying ‘Then’.


“Hasn’t it been a while since you Awakened? Did you just Awaken?”


This earthman is quite nice.


So it’s okay to ask questions like this, right?


“…What is Awakening?”


Then the policeman suddenly raised his voice. I don’t know why, but he seemed excited by himself.


“No, as expected, you know nothing! That’s why you left without collecting the corpse because you were confused earlier! “




“It’s not like this, go to the awakening test center right now! The monster you just caught is a C-Class. C-Class!”


What kind of awakening is like that?


“How great this is! Wow, I envy you as much as the lottery!”


Is it a concept that people on Earth should know?


“The test fee is free, so don’t worry. It’s close to here. Make sure to go! Make sure you get tested! Okay?”


I didn’t want to show off as an alien for no reason.


So I obediently accepted the pamphlet the police officer gave me, and I was able to get out of the police station right away.


“It’s really close from here.”


As I went down the stairs to the entrance, I looked at the map the policeman gave me.


Awakening test Center….


“He’s talking like that, should I go?”


It wasn’t difficult to get to the location on the map.


It was a brain that couldn’t even think of its own name, but fortunately it had the ability to find its way.


In 15 minutes.


I arrived at a white building built nearby.


And when I arrived at the building, a memory came to mind.


“Huh? What is it? Kim Kiryeo has been here before?”


Awakening Test Center.


These letters are familiar.


I stared intently at the sign at the entrance, and there was someone approaching me.


“Is there something you need with the Association?”


A high-pitched voice that flows into my hearing.


Although there was no subject, the question was clearly directed in this direction and my head naturally turned.


“I see you again. Hello.”




There was Seon Wooyeon in a suit.


It was easy to remember because it looked the same as the one I saw in the morning.


“You’re Wooyeon-ssi, right? Hello.”


I greeted her as naturally as possible to appeal as an earthling.


Then, Seon Wooyeon smiled and shook her head.


“My last name is Seonwoo, and my name is Yeon.” (T/n : So I will change it to Seonwoo Yeon from now on.)




“It’s a two letter surname.”


Why is this rule about calling people names different from Kim Kiryeo’s?




Without giving me a chance to ask a question, she continued the conversation.


“Can I get it now? Hunter’s ID?”


Ah, really.


Come to think of it, I lied earlier about bringing my Hunter ID.


Fortunately, I have now recovered some of the memory of the corpse by seeing the signboard of the awakening Test center. 


So now I can say for sure.


“I’m sorry for earlier. I was confused and said that, but actually I don’t have a Hunter ID.”


“No wonder you didn’t come back.”


I continued to explain by tracing the memories that came to mind.


“But I registered for awakening. I tested it here. But I guess I was disappointed with the test results and didn’t apply for a physical card.”




“I remembered now. My awakening level is F.”


“Yeah. F-Class.”


I remembered.


Kim Kiryeo was an F-Class Awakener on Earth during his lifetime.


“You’re F-Class?”


I nodded at her question.




In front of the Seoul Awakening Test Center.


Seonwoo Yeon, who came out of the dungeon by-products processing plant in the annex of Awakening Test Center’s building, had a chance meeting on the way home.


This morning, she encountered the mysterious Hunter who stole the Beginner Killer again.


‘I was going to report it because it looked like he was unregistered, but I saw that he was officially a hunter?’


Seonwoo Yeon had a sense of responsibility in her own way as she received a salary from the nation.


So, she was worried that the Awakener in front of her might be doing something illegal.


Talking to him like this was originally a fact check before reporting.


“You’re F-Class…?”


But she never imagined such an answer.


The person who caught and killed a C-Class monster without a single scratch was actually placed at the bottom of the Hunter class!


“Then how did you catch the Beginner Killer?”


“Of course it’s pure luck.”




“The stupid bird hit its head on the ground by itself.”


A Beginner killer who has not adapted to the external environment accidentally committed suicide…


It is honestly not impossible to assume that the other person is telling the truth.


There was also a real case.


But Seonwoo Yeon didn’t believe what he said.




On the contrary, doubts grew.


‘This person is F-Class? Besides, a rookie who hasn’t even got a hunter’s ID?’


Seonwoo Yeon didn’t simply judge that he was a C-Class hunter because he had the dead body of a Beginner Killer.


What stood out more intensely than anything else in her eyes was Kim Kiryeo’s expression.


‘A monster several times bigger than his body came running at him, but he didn’t look frightened at all. Rather….’


The sound of gulp, swallowing saliva rang in her ears.


‘Didn’t he look as relaxed as if he’d just killed hundreds of C-class monsters?’


When he recalls Kim Kiryeo at the time, the only thing that comes to mind is that stiff expressionless expression.


Looking back now, it seems that he had even the aloofness characteristic of a Higher Awakener, so how could she believe that he was F-class?


‘Why are you trying to cheat on your grade?’


Seonwoo Yeon decided to let this situation pass smoothly first.


Most of those who hide their Awakening Values are dangerous elements with something illegal in mind…


“Haha, that’s right. You’re lucky. Beginner killers have low intelligence.”


For Seonwoo Yeon, the number one priority is….


Getting out of this place safely for now.


The employee, who had been in a businesslike manner every day, suddenly let out an awkward laugh.


Then, while watching the situation, the alien wearing the shell of Kim Kiryeo— thought.


‘Earthlings express emotions by moving their facial muscles in detail. I’d have to learn those expressions to show intimacy, too.’


He understands a little bit about the way this place communicates, but there is one thing he can’t do.


‘Oh~ How many muscles are there? It’s hard! I can never do it right now.’


The alien pilot on board the robot, which is said to be the corpse of an earthling, was weak in detailed control.


In other words, Kim Kiryeo doesn’t yet have the ability to make facial expressions.


That was all.


“Oh, wait a minute.”


“What’s the matter?”


After a while.


Seonwoo Yeon seemed to be trying to finish the conversation in a hurry, but when it was time to part ways, she called the other person over.


She seemed rather nervous.


“So… what’s your name?”


“I’m Kim Kiryeo.”


“That’s right, Kiryeo-ssi. There’s something I forgot to give you.”


Hunter Seonwoo Yeon nodded and immediately took out a wallet from her pocket.


At the time, Kiryeo thought he would be given a business card, but what he got was something completely different.




“Take this.”


One 50,000 won bill painted in gold.


Seonwoo Yeon suddenly held out.


Giving money as a greeting? Where in the universe is there such a good culture?


“Why are you giving it to me?”


Kim Kiryeo asked a question in bewilderment, and Seonwoo Yeon readily answered.


“Because it’s your money.”




“You left the Beginner Killer’s body as it was in the morning. I had no choice but to dispose of it.”


This means that selling the monster bird will make money.


Kim Kiryeo looked down at the money he received.


50,000 won. The food that he eats without paying in the morning is 8,000 won per piece. Then…


‘This fluttering paper is enough for 6 soups!’


He finished calculating the units in an instant and his eyes shone.


This was not the end.


“I, I can’t believe that the bird is worth this much money. Are feathers expensive?”


“No. Beginner killers have a particularly fragile body, so they have no commercial value. Instead, this time they were objects with magic stones.”


“Magic stone?”


“Yes. You were lucky, as you say.”


As Seonwoo Yeon explained, Kim Kiryeo paused for a moment.


‘With 600,000 won, I don’t have to worry about starving for a while.’


But when he thought about it, there were a few things to consider.


“Wait a minute. 600,000 won? But is my share only 50,000 won?”


Seonwoo Yeon answered gently as if it was an expected question.


It’s just the way she talks, but it’s soft.


“Because I took care of the road and fence damage costs incurred when you caught the Beginner Killer in my name.”




“If anyone hadn’t fled, they would have been legally granted hunter protection.”


“I’m sorry.”


Kiryeo bowed his head.


Then Seonwoo Yeon relaxed her expression and greeted him.


“Then have a good afternoon.”


The hunter in a suit seemed to have nothing more to say. She quietly turned and went on her way.


Kim Kiryeo looked at the figure and clasped the 50,000 won bill in his hand.


“In my hometown, that’s a bird. It was nothing short of a flying bug on the road.”


He murmured in a disheartened voice.


“It’s such a weak creature.”


One Beginner Killer costs 600,000 won…


“600,000 by twisting those chicken hairs,”


He needs money to make a living.


Besides, the reason why he settled on this earth was for a happy life, so he needed more and more money to enjoy an ideal life.




I should become a Hunter.


Kim Kiryeo suddenly thought of that.


Later, at a press conference, without knowing how to regret this choice forever…


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Hello, I want to inform you that I will be moving this novel to another website. So, after chapter 43, there won't be any updates of this novel on this website, but you can find the latest updates in the new website on NU page. I hope you'll continue to show your support. Thank you!

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