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The next day. 


[Ahn Yoonseung, when he was asked about the transition gate for the first time to A-Class or above, “I don’t know.”…]


“This Good Daily punk, how can you pull out a headline like this?”


Tak, a man who was checking an online newspaper on his desktop, nervously puts down the mouse.


Then Hunter, who was sitting on the leather sofa, flinched.


“It looks okay to me…”


“What do you mean it’s okay? At first glance, it reads as if you answered bluntly that this matter was none of your business.”


“But that’s not what the article is about at all?”


“Do you think people will read all the long articles?”


The head department of the Neo Sisters Guild grumbled for a moment, then returned to the glass table and sat down on the sofa. Across from him was Ahn Yoonseung, who had recovered through treatment from a healer.


“Yoonseung-ah, did you have to do this?”


He sighed as he looked at the scratches left on Ahn Yoonseung’s body.


“That…I know that some other hunter caught the monster, not you. But you said you don’t even know the hunter’s name. Besides, if he’s stronger than you, there’s no way he wouldn’t be famous… But look. There’s no one who knows him even if they hear his description.”




“Something is strange. He may be an unregistered person, so why did you have to mention such a hunter?”




“It’s fortunate that reporters’ attention is focused on the scoop about A-class monsters. Otherwise…” 


“Haa, Sir.”


“I’m saying this because I’m thinking of you, Yoonseung-ah.”


The head of the department adjusted his glasses and tried to gently persuade him.


“This will only hurt your career. Who would like the news that you went to investigate an F-class gate mutation and ended up being carried away broken? Huh?”




“You should have just said you caught the golem.”


Even A-Class hunters can have a negative impact on their image if they show weakness, and this can be a loss when forming a new team.


After that, many sentences poured in, but the young man was still stubborn.


“I’m sorry. But I had to be honest. Because this is the minimum courtesy for that hunter.”


Ahn Yoonseung put down the paper cup he was holding in his hand and said. 


“Besides, that guy, he was never the kind of person to do illegal things.”


“Are you sure?”


“That’s right. He’s an awakened person with that level of skill, but if there was something stopping him, would he have let me live?” 




“He was a good person. I’d like to give a reward…” 


When Yoonseung explained, the head of the department eventually respected his wishes. 


Yeah. This article is nothing. Ahn Yoonseung is still young. The public will focus on his potential rather than his failure. 


“If that’s true, I understand. Then, you should go. Take a good rest for a while.”


“Thank you.” 


Soon, Ahn Yoonseung left the room. The head of the department quietly returned to the computer monitor. And he was lost in thought as he rolled the mouse wheel. 


“There is a hunter who easily kills a golem that Ahn Yoonseung’s team was unable to deal with.” 


Dyed hair. Heavy Sambaegan eyes. (t/n : Sambaegan is a Korean term used to describe eyes which have the sclera (white area) visible on the left, right, and bottom.) 


He recalls what Ahn Yoonseung said about the hunter’s characteristics.


‘It can’t be S-Class, but he’s probably a high-ranking awakening in A-Class, but seeing that his name is not known here, is he a hunter who quietly settled in the countryside?’


Or working abroad?


There were many guesses, but none of them were accurate. The only thing that is certain is that, according to Ahn Yoonseung’s testimony, his opponent is a considerable big shot.


The head of the department slid back down the mouse wheel.


If there really was a hunter with such a strong and good personality, he wanted to meet him.


A skinny, blonde man. Where is he, and what is he doing now? 




“Earthlings are Gods!”


A studio near Mapo-gu.


A pseudo-religious group-like slogan flows through the quiet room.


“God is real! And on Earth!”


I was crouched down in a small room, and in my hand was a black rectangular object about 5.5 inches long.


First of all, let me begin with the conclusion.


“The Earthling who created the smartphone is a God!”


I am currently praising the inhabitants of this planet with great praise.


The reason was simple. It was because Kim Kiryeo finally remembered how to unlock his belongings.


“I’m not a privileged class, but I can access information at will? Is it heaven?” 


The starting point was an incident that happened yesterday. 


After finding out that there was a gate that I shouldn’t enter, I returned home and was lost in thought. 


—What do you mean by illegal trespassing! I almost got caught by the police again. I don’t think I can do this.


Walking around the Earth with a lack of knowledge… Yeah. I will admit it. 


In hindsight, it really wasn’t a good idea. So I changed my top priority. 


I put off regaining my magic and earning money for the time being and began gathering information.


And just as I was wondering where to absorb the information, the memory of Kim Kiryeo’s cell phone came back.


“The earthlings are Gods!” 


I come back to the current situation.


‘What should I search for this time? What should I do?’


It’s already been three hours since I’ve been fiddling with my cell phone. The information I obtained in the meantime was as follows.


‘There was a little misunderstanding.’


  1. The gate I entered is not private property.
  2. Entry restrictions vary for each gate.
  3. Ahn Yoonseung was not a petty thief…


The most important thing is the gate entrance part.


I looked into it carefully and found out that Korea is a country that strictly manages awakened people, so even entering the gate requires permission for each person.


If so, it would be good to investigate the permit directly for future activities.


“Let’s go to the Hunter Association first.”


I charged my warm cell phone and stretched out.


‘Oops! I forgot to search about Golem.’


I later remembered the keyword I had missed in my search, but my phone’s battery was only at 2%.


So, I just thought about it in my head and prepared to leave.


‘Now that I think about it, we passed the same path in the cave. Why did the golem not react when I passed by, but it woke up in front of Yoonseung’s group?’






…·For reference, the curiosity about this golem is resolved in an unexpected way after a lot of time has passed. Even genius alien wizards tend to forget what he was searching for.




The Korean Hunter Association.


The more popular name is Hunter Association.


Kiryeo’s house is quite close to here. With that in mind, I entered the first floor of the building.


“I’m here to get a Hunter’s ID.” 


“Do you have any history of awakening tests?”


“Yes. It would have been done in June of last year.”


I was prepared for it to take a long time because there were so many people, but surprisingly, the goal was achieved quickly.


This is because the receptionist tapped the keyboard a few times and returned my resident registration card, saying, “The process is complete.”


“My nutritional cost…” 


In this process, 1.5 Gukbap were lost for the Hunter ID issuance fee…


Anyway, I diligently headed to my next destination.


“Hello. Is this the place where the new Hunter orientation is held?”


The association’s system was kinder than I thought.


The Hunter Association was basically providing basic training for new awakeners.


It’s not mandatory to take the class, but since it’s free, there’s no reason not to take it, right? 


‘I’m curious about the contents.’


We soon arrived at an F-Class gate. 


I followed the association staff I met there and entered the gate.


Inside, several hunters who arrived first were gathered, and soon a staff member in uniform began a brief safety training.


“—That’s all I need to inform you.”


‘In summary, it means don’t behave rashly in front of monsters.’


The safety training was boring but, fortunately, not long.


Then, I thought I would finally practice hunting, but I tilted my head at the employee’s actions that followed.


“We will first provide the equipment.”


He handed me a black object.


It looks similar to Kiryeo’s cell phone, but the size and thickness are like bricks.


“What is this?”


When I saw that and reflexively asked a question, I felt people’s attention focused on me.


Oh my, I guess I look like an alien?


“You don’t know? It’s a cheap analyzer. Pixy Glass technology has been applied. I’ll show you how to use it right away.”


Pixy Glass.


That word somehow feels familiar.


“If you’ve all received it, I hope you can use your lens to illuminate the monster in front of you.”


There is a saying that it is better to watch something once than just hear about it 100 times. So I did as I was told.


‘That’s the monster at this gate…’


– Beep.


Then the black box printed red letters like a digital clock.


[Poison Butterfly]

[Grade: F]




Although the information was short, it was enough to guess the device’s role.


Aha. Earthlings don’t use magic to identify their enemies—they use tools! 


“All analyzers output information based on data provided by international organizations, and support not only monster but also item search functions.”




“It’s about finding useful resources. First, everyone looks around and tries it out.”


Is it the human race’s magic tool?


I was interested in the new toy and looked around intently.


– Beep.



It has no meaning when it illuminates people. 



[Heated fruit]


This is the item identification function, right? The name comes out when I hold the red fruit close to the lens.


Well, of course it will recognize this too.


– Beep.





“What is this?


I turned the lens of the analyzer to the ground and watched it quietly. But there’s no response.


‘They say it classifies useful resources.’


Why can’t I recognize this soil?


Actually, the reason was easy to guess.


‘Is it only detecting the presence of mana?’


Distinguish between what is valuable and what is not in the presence or absence of magic power.


Although it is simple, it is a method that is significantly less accurate.


‘I heard my hometown was like that in the past.’


I got down on one knee and reached out to the ground. I felt the texture of crumbly soil.




Soil that looks ordinary at first glance. But I knew its value.


‘I guess people here don’t know about absorbents?’ 


At the bottom of the gate used as a training center for beginners, there is a rare substance that absorbs mana!




I thought as I clutched a handful of dirt in my hands.


It’s even more strange. If it were a world where magic had developed even a little, there would be no way for them not to know what was mixed here.


Why am I the only one who recognizes this?


There was a thought that crossed my mind for a moment.


“Excuse me.”


I called an association worker who was nearby. And I said straight away.


“I have a question.”


“Yes, please tell me.”


“When did awakenings first occur in Korea?”




I haven’t searched for it exactly, but I can tell by my feelings.


Perhaps the ‘awakened person’ on Earth means the same thing as the ‘wizard’ I use.


‘A person who creates mysterious phenomena using magical power.’


And when did Earthlings start using magic?


“That was seven years ago. Because of the Dungeon Shock that occurred seven years ago, awakened people appeared all over the world.”


The answer almost frightened me.


Because my hometown was about 60,000 years old with magic.




That’s right.


In fact, I have been with primitive magicians all this time.


That’s why the people here couldn’t even recognize this precious magic ingredient!




No wonder I thought it was weird because all the tools here are electric… 


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Hello, I want to inform you that I will be moving this novel to another website. So, after chapter 43, there won't be any updates of this novel on this website, but you can find the latest updates in the new website on NU page. I hope you'll continue to show your support. Thank you!

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