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Author: WhatTheFlo Editor: Flo

What, wasn’t this heaven…?


S-class master Eui-jin thought he was dead, but he wakes up as Ho-hyun, a C-rank guide with the same face.

Han Seo-jin:

“This isn’t skinship, it’s guiding, so please guide properly.”

Joo Ho-hyun:

“Han Seo-jin, you… ugh! Do you need this much guiding?”

Hohyeon who doesn’t want to live as a C-level guide at a center where he can’t find freedom, ended up making a forced contact with a madman he met in chance.

Seong San-ha:

“Wandering around with a face that resembles Kang Eui-jin, what else can I do but put a lease on him?”

Joo Ho-hyun:

“Pay attention to me! You’re just going out and look for Kang Eui-jin at a time like this?”

Let’s run away

I wanted to make potions and set up a studio in a secluded place free of all accommodations after clearing the main quest where unlocking previous skills is the reward but..

[ The owner is nearby. ]

[ You cannot refuse an order. ]

Espers, Seong San-ha and even the third force. Will Ho-hyun be able to safely escape from them?





1) Seong San-ha – The young guild leader of the Cheon Rang Guild who appeared like a comet. Even his appearance was holy S-class healer, but his appearance and personality were not proportional. He is interested enough to find out the waist size of “Kang Eui-jin,” which competing guild Nox had hiddin within the guild and did not show. At first, he felt offended seeing Joo Ho-hyun, whose face resembles him, but after being entangled, he signed a contract with Ho-hyun through < Leash of [tnote keyword=”Laelaps”]Laelaps was a Greek mythological dog that never failed to catch what it was hunting.[/tnote]>.


2) Han Seo-jin – The S-class Esper of Team Ravn and the grandson of the Esper Association president. He has the psyhic ability to read people by skin-contact, but only Joo Ho-hyun’s memory cannot be read. At first, Joo Ho-hyun, who lost his memory, drew a line with honorifics and acted cranky, but gradually wound up. He’s polite and careful about crossing the line, but enough to put the only exception to Joo Ho-hyun.


3) Tae Jae-heon – Nox’s guild leader and [tnote keyword=”dog lover”]Trash lover[/tnote]. He recognized the talent of the Eui-jin early on, recruited [tnote keyword=”it”]It means the talent here[/tnote] himself himself, locked it in his own greenhouse, and controlled it. When he was finally going to get his hands on Kang Eui-jin that he had raised since he was young, he was hit in the back of his head and lost him forever.



Joo Ho-hyun (Kang Eui-jin) – The only S-class potion master in the world with a slightly lower level of social skills and self-esteem. His natural temperament is not easy, and he has a simple aspect of running with goals rather than trivial things. Eui-jin, whose potion was everything in the world, escapes from Nox, who has been suppressed all his life, and is possessed by Joo Ho-hyun, a guide at the center controlled by the state. A meaningful quest that suddenly came to mind with Joo Ho-hyun, a striking resemblance. Kang Eui-jin’s skills and Joo Ho-hyun’s skills are in a situation where he couldn’t handle both of them properly, but Ho-hyun decides to run away from the place that controls him again.


When you want to see karma claps back to shitty people who are a [tnote keyword=”corpse”]basically saying they’re nothing without ability and pride[/tnote] expect for their ability and pride. When you wonder who will eventually take over the place that the people who used to be the top priority and the centre of the world secretly gave up.


Empathy phrase:
“What’s important? They’re both me anyway.”


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